Spring Layers

Hi y'all! It's still been a bit chilly in Texas so light layers are a must. I just LOVE how it starts off cold then is in the upper 70s..... super fun (ok, I'll get off the sarcasm train).

My current favorite piece of outerwear has been this knit coat (I like to call it my cardicoat) from Chicwish. The knit material makes it cozy & light. For extra warmth, I always have an oversized scarf with me to use as a scarf, shawl or even a blanket.

I guess I better break out some of my lighter pieces from my wardrobe.... I'm just sad to say goodbye to cold weather especially with not having a winter at all this year :(

What I'm Wearing:



Happy Easter y'all! This dress is the epitome of spring. Light, floral and pastels..... I knew I wanted to break it out ASAP when I received it from Chicwish. The high neck collar and gauzy material just reminds me of spring, it's such a pretty, feminine piece I'm excited to add to my wardrobe.

If you've been a long time reader or subbie of mine, you know I'm very VERY picky about anything touching my neck so I don't see this dress doing too well with me once it starts to get super hot. But for right now, while it's still a tiny bit chilly, the neckline doesn't bother me.

I paired the dress with the t-strap heeled sandals I got last year. They aren't the most comfortable sandal I've ever tried. The strap tends to rub against my baby toe so I don't recommend them for lots of walking. But they are such a minimalist heeled sandal, I can't help but love them.


Plum Faux Fur

Growing up, my mom had a black faux fur coat and I always wanted to have one of my own. I decided to be nice and not take it from her (she literally has coats that are 20+ years old).... but during Black Friday, H&M was having a pretty good deal on some of their faux fur coats. I picked up this deep plum faux fur coat for $30. Score!

On a chilly night out, I like to throw this on for warmth and an added pop of color. Black is my go to for nights out and I love that this plum shade gives just a little color without being too intense.


Dressing Room Update - Part 3

If you've been following my vlogs then these updates won't be a huge surprise to you. BUT if you don't, that's okay too :)  I wanted to share with my blog friends how we finished one side of the closet.

More exciting news, I bought the final pieces to complete the other wall of my room from the Container Store (shocker, I know, branching out from the IKEA family) so another update will be coming within the next couple months... I just need to catch Mike on a good weekend so he can put it up for me otherwise I'd have massive holes all over my wall.... If you're looking to get a closet system started, the Container Store is having 30% off elfa, which is what I bought, until February 15th.

For the last piece of this wall, I wanted a section to hang my longer wardrobe pieces. We used the same exact brackets. The rods and shelves are the exact same as the tops/bottoms section except they're just a little smaller.