Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gunmetal Blues Makeup Tutorial

After editing this video, I got a little sad seeing my longer, ombre hair :( 

Back in December I was able to pick up the Smashbox On The Rocks Palette at Nordstrom for only $18! I couldn't pass up this deal. I love deep, jewel toned shades. Once I saw the gunmetal & sapphire shadows in the palette, I knew I had to try them out together. I especially love blue eyeshadow because they make my brown eyes pop. This is such an easy way to transition into wearing colorful eyeshadow.... pop that baby on your lower lashline!

Products Used:
Eyebrow highlight: Smashbox On the Rocks Palette - Opus  
Crease: Anastasia Contour Kit - Fawn
Lid: Smashbox On the Rocks Palette - Obsidian 
Lower lashline: Smashbox On the Rocks Palette - Sapphires 
Tearduct highlight: Smashbox On the Rocks Palette - Mist 
Lashline & waterline: MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Falsies: Red Cherry #42 
Mascara (upper lashes): Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Mascara
Mascara base: Shiseido Mascara Base
Mascara (lower lashes): LORAC Pro Mascara
Contour: Anastasia Contour Kit - Fawn
Face highlight: Anastasia Contour Kit - Vanilla

Sunday, March 15, 2015

How to Build a Work Wardrobe - Business Casual Essentials

I have gotten a couple of requests to share my thoughts on essential career/corporate/business casual pieces or how to build a work wardrobe. I know, coming straight out of college & maybe not having a mentor who knows the essentials can be daunting... but that's why I'm here :)

Today I'm sharing key pieces to buy to start building your work/corporate/business casual wardrobe as well as tips & things to keep in mind while shopping. Also, I'm going to get a little TMI and talk about the undergarments including a shaping thong that helps keep blouses tucked in. And yes.... I explain how to keep your blouse tucked into your skirt in GRAPHIC detail (well not too graphic). I hope I was able to help someone out in this girl talk video!

First off, let's talk makeup. I really liked the makeup I wore while filming... the bright eye, flirty lashes & subtle lip made me feel like warmer weather is just around the corner. I surely hope warm weather is here to stay in Dallas. I used to think I liked cold weather but, let's be honest, I don't at all. I'm ready for some heat!!!!

The Makeup
Blush: MAC Dollymix
Contour & Highlight: Anastasia Contour Kit

Building Your Work Wardrobe & Essential Business Casual Pieces
One of the keys to building your work wardrobe is to buy essential pieces that are the foundation of your outfits. This way, you can easily mix and match these pieces. Then as you continue to buy pieces for your closet, you can add those to the foundation pieces. Below are the items I mentioned in my video:

Heels: Ann Taylor Perfect Pump (similar here & here)
Flats: Halogen Gaia Flat (similar)
Skirt: LOFT Scuba Skirt
Pants: LOFT Pants (similar here & here)
Blouse: H&M (similar)
Shell: Target (similar here & here)
Cardigan: LOFT (similar here & here)
Suit Jacket: Ann Taylor (similar here & here)
Dress: Stitch Appeal - Kahill Dress (use code STEPHIENESE to get 20% off all items)
Opaque Tights: Target
Pantyhose: Nordstrom
Camisole: Nordstrom
Half Slip: Target
Full Slip: Free People
Shaping Thong: Yummie
Scarf: Moon Cats (use code STEPHIENESE30OFF to get 30% off all items)
Statement Necklace: HRH Collection Super Classic Gauge

Next I wanted to give y'all ideas on mixing & matching, These are your essential outfits. Very bare bones & minimal so accessorizing is always a good idea. Personally, my jewelry is normally minimal. I personally like to throw on a lipstick and call it a day. I keep my outfits pretty classic & either throw in a printed top, a detailed skirt, cute footwear or metal link jewelry. For more outfit inspiration, check out my other workwear posts.

 Blouse + Skirt + Heels

Blouse + Pants + Heels

 Blouse + Pants + Flats

Cardigan + Shell + Pants + Flats

Cardigan + Shell + Pants + Flats + Scarf

Cardigan + Shell + Skirt + Heels + Scarf

 Cardigan + Shell + Skirt + Heels

Sheath Dress + Heels
This dress is from Stitch Appeal & is their Kahill dress. I seriously can't get over how well this dress fits me! I love that the darts hit me perfectly at my natural waist. Designs like this can be hit or miss with a dress off the rack depending on your torso length. Also, the sleeves fit beautifully, not tight like most other dresses with sleeves (which is why I normally avoid them). The material is high quality, thick yet flexible & soft. Last but not least is that the lining is completely attached and is just as soft as the dress! I don't have any other dresses like this which I am SUPER impressed by. I know their clothing is on the high end price range but I truly love the quality of the dress. For a custom fit, I think the price is reasonable considering it would be similar in price if you bought a dress of comparable quality, then got it tailored. 

If you are interested in this dress, don't forget to use code STEPHIENESE to get 20% off. I don't get any commission or anything like that, Stitch Appeal was kind enough to provide this code..... which I may just use myself lol

Shipping is free on orders over $75 and all returns are free of charge. Also, they have a generous refund policy. If you're unsatisfied with the clothing, you can return it within 10 business days to receive a full refund. Or if it's small alterations that need to be done, they will either credit you the cost of alterations to be done locally or send you another piece with the alterations completed. For more FAQs, check out their website.


I hope this video was helpful! Juicy & I hope y'all have a great week!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Golden Everyday Makeup Tutorial (Work Appropriate)

I have been using my Anastasia Contour Kit as base colors in my eye makeup. I only use a couple of the powder for contouring/highlighting my face & was on the brink of returning it. I think I'll keep it but probably won't end up repurchasing.

Since filming this tutorial, I have returned the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel. I purchased it right before my no spend period all due to the hype. The fragrance in this product was so overwhelming & clung to my face all day. I think it gave me a nice bronzed finish but it's not cheap so back it went.

I have been loving this makeup for an everyday work look. I feel put together and bright eyed. Plus, it's quick & easy, just what I like. I can't even express how easy an everyday makeup look is with long lashes!!! Love my Revitalash! I need to do an update for y'all though soon. I have this huge gap in my lashes BUT I'm not overly concerned. If you watched my review video, it happens but they always grow back.

Products Used:
Brows: Vincent Longo Bi-Brow Powder in Brunette
Brow bone: Anastasia Contour Kit in Sand
Crease & lower lash line: Anastasia Contour Kit in Java
Lid: Smashbox On The Rocks Palette in Nutmeg
Highlight inner corners: LORAC Pocket Pro Palette in Nude
Mascara primer: Shisiedo Mascara Base (applied off camera)
Mascara: LORAC Pro Mascara (applied off camera)
Under eye powder: Anastasia Contour Kit in Banana
Blush: Cargo in Coral 
Highlight: Anastasia Contour Kit in Vanilla
Lipstick: MAC Verve

Monday, March 2, 2015

Venting: I Hate My Hair

You ever get one of those days when you feel super negative about yourself? Over the weekend I had one of those days.

I finished working a little early & was determined to get a couple of videos recorded.

I recently cut my hair to get rid of my old ombre. I never noticed how damaged my hair was until I did. I went to my normal hair stylist & I really feel like she was trying to get me to pay an extra $60 to dye my hair back to my natural color. I don't know, I feel like I'm super stingy with where my money goes these days. I guess being all grown up & having bills & taking care of family takes precedence over being more frivolous with my money. Anyways, I didn't want to pay that much just to go back to my natural color. HELLO, I can get box dye for like $10 at the store & do it myself. So anyways, she kept making comments about "the hairstyle would look good if your hair wasn't this color". In actuality, once I got home I felt like the ends were WAY too thinned out & wispy looking. The bangs I wanted look awful. I hate it.

I dyed my hair using box dye & silly me, I kept the color on my entire head the same amount of time, roots to tip. My tips were really light from the ombre so by the time I washed it all out, my ends were like so dark, like black instead of dark brown. It's washed out over the past few weeks.

In any case, I was trying out a curling wand & I don't know if it's the barrel size I used or that my tips are crazy dry, it turned out a hot mess. I then tried to do another video with the hairstyle & looking back at the footage 1) my hair looked like shit & 2) my lighting was all bad.

So basically I felt super insecure about myself & it showed through on my video. The whole point of me doing my blog & YouTube is for fun. So as long as it's still fun, I'll keep doing it.

This has been my philosophy since day one in blogging & YouTubing (I guess I should start saying vlogging). I took breaks from my blog & YouTube when it became more of a hassle than fun. This is my hobby, the thing I like to do on my free time so why screw around with it if it feels more like a job?

I was just SO frustrated that I wasted a few hours of my time and have nothing to show for it. Ugh I'm being so negative about it. But just being honest. I'm sure I'll bounce back, just some dumb shit I'm dealing with in general that I don't feel like writing about so my hair being a hot mess is so low on my list... it's just the only thing I feel like sharing haha. Why can't life be a little easier like when I used to complain about school?!?

Ok enough of my negativeness... just needed to vent. I'll be posting one of my stockpiled videos sometime this week. After this one, I'll only have one other prerecorded video left.... then I gotta get back into making videos on the regular. Hoping I can keep it up with it still being busy season for another 2 months.

Thanks for listening & letting me get some catharsis.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Handbag Collection

I realize I'm quite a talker so I hope y'all don't mind me gabbing in this video!

As requested, I'm sharing with y'all my handbag collection. I didn't include a few of my clutch purses because I forgot to grab them out of my closet. I mentioned that I sold a few of my bags at a resale shop which I was able to use towards my newest purse, the Henri Bendel Carlyle Tote. I've been using the tote for close to a month now and really love it! I'll be doing a video on that in the next month.

I'm sharing pictures of how each bag looks against my size, I'm 5'1 for reference. I hope this was interesting for y'all! I'll try to add links for any that I can find online.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Big Texas Hair Tutorial (For Medium to Long Hair)

As you can probably tell by the Christmas tree in the background, rearranged room & my mention of watching a Cowboys game, this video was filmed in early January. I recently cut my hair & dyed it back to my natural color but this video kind of made me miss both the length & ombre :(

This tutorial is over how I get my big Texas hair. I don't wear this on a daily basis because I'm too lazy in the morning (let's be honest) but for special occasions like going out, parties or holidays, I like to give my hair a bit of lift. I personally do not find any major damage by teasing my hair. In all honesty, if I don't tease my hair, it's flat and limp because of all the weight.

Products Mentioned or Wearing: