Current Work Bag: Teddy Blake Caty Stampatto

I have been on the search for a gray handbag and was thrilled when Teddy Blake offered to send a bag for me to review. I loved the design of the Caty Stampatto since it is reminiscent of my ultimate dream bag (one day). I have an entire video sharing my thoughts on her including what's in my work bag. I brought her on a recent business trip to Atlanta and she was the perfect traveling companion :)

I picked up this skirt during the July 4th sale from LOFT (60% off y'all) and it fits like a glove. I love the strips and mosaic print. I purchased it in the regular inseam because I have been loving longer pencil skirt lengths. Plus it fits right into the rest of my wardrobe. Blush, gray and stripes!!

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Makeup For Work: Full Coverage Foundation

Funny story, if you watched my recent vlog, you know I had a nightmare of a morning last week. That same day, I was helping with a proposal for work and needed to include my headshot in my bio (first time I had to make a bio for work, which was kinda cool hehe). Needless to say, I was NOT headshot ready, hair was in a pony tail, no way to salvage it unless I wet & styled it (thanks humidity & power outage). Face was all sweaty from battling my garage door (who knew it was SO complicated to manually open an electronic garage door ughhh).

There was NO way I was going to take a picture to include in a work project with THAT mess.... so we used a photo from when I started at my firm. Braces and all :) But it looked professional....

Anyways, it feels very apropos to share my full coverage foundation routine and how I do the rest of my makeup for work. This is the makeup I'll be wearing when I do get my headshot done, just will try to not sweat in the garage for an hour beforehand :) The video is on my YouTube channel if you'd like to see how I apply it all!

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Casual Friday: Blues & Nudes

Happy Friday y'all! Thank goodness for jeans on Friday. Thank goodness for it being FRIDAY!! I feel like I always say this but I feel like work has not slowed down. I'm hoping to catch a break and work some 40 hour weeks for a good amount of time.... that's not too much to ask is it? Life in public accounting......

Anywho, I love pairing skinny jeans with a structured blazer, I always feel so lady like :) Peplum is definitely my favorite silhouette. It helps to hide any extra love for those of us without washboard abs. Throw it all together with my favorite heel and I feel like a more elevated version of casual Friday.

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Romping Around

Happy Memorial Day y'all! I want to start by first thanking the women and men of our country who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of our freedom. I often take for granted the liberties I have since this is what I'm used to. Many of the things and conditions I'm in right now came from hard work on my own part but it would not be possible without the freedom we have being Americans.

I'm often outraged and say "that can't be possible" when I see injustices on the news or in documentaries about basic liberties like not having the freedom to choose your way of life.... mainly because I have not witnessed it in this lifetime. As I've grown older, I am more humbled and thankful for the opportunities and freedom of choice I (and others) have.

Mike and I have been enjoying our day and relaxing. Selling off items that collect dust and deserve a new home. Going to my morning yoga class & catching up with a long time friend. Taking a light nap in the middle of the day and a mini Sonic Oreo Blast. Now I'm off to get some food for us to cook up for tonight. It's been a great day and a very nice, long weekend. I'm kind of getting bored so I'm glad to get back to work tomorrow as well as explore some upcoming opportunities that have dropped in my lap....

It's been a WHILE since I shopped at Old Navy and I forgot how inexpensive yet stylish their clothes can be. This romper is super breezy and comfortable. It wrinkles a little easily when you sit down in it for a while but I find that happens to me a lot in any romper.

These sunglasses are less than $20 and are a duo mirrored effect of pink/green. Kind of a weird combo but I still like them. I can be very careless with my sunglasses so I can't shell out a ton of money on a pair... at least not yet ;) I hope you all had a great Memorial Day!!

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