Saturday, May 2, 2015

Smokey Glam Makeup Tutorial {Date Night, Prom, GNO}

I am seriously loving this eye makeup. I felt SO glam, the lashes definitely make a big impact. Speaking [writing?] of these lashes, while they are gorgeous, they are by far the most difficult lashes to deal with. The band is really thick and stiff, they remind me of the cheapy plastic lashes you can buy off EBay in the way they feel, except the bank is even thicker.

I bought the KoKo lashes off Amazon in a 5 pack. Would I buy them again? No. Do they look amazing? Yes. I'm going to figure out a Red Cherry pair or combination that resembles this because these just do. not. work.

I filmed this video in March right after I dyed my own hair [missing my ombre right now]. Sadly, only one full face picture was good enough to share. All the others were crazy washed out. I used my studio lights because I felt there wasn't enough light from the window, with my damn vanity mirror in the way. I'm going to be redecorating & rearranging my dressing room now that busy season is pretty much over. Would you be interested in seeing an update, probably a blog post?

Products Used:
Smashbox on the Rocks Vanilla [LE] eyeshadow with ELF angled brush
MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow with MAC 213 brush
Smashbox on the Rocks Bourbon [LE] eyeshadow with MAC 217 brush
MAC Tempting eyeshadow with random shading brush
MAC Tete a Tint [LE] eyeshadow with MAC 224 brush
MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow with MAC 219 brush
MAC Prism with MAC 136 brush [LE]
Anastasia Contour Kit in Vanilla with Real Techniques Setting brush

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Resolution Fail: Collective Haul + Blog Updates!

It's official. I am 100% off my no spend busy season. In my defense, my busy season started to die down earlier this month.... but really, I couldn't pass up some of great deals. I have been really good at not buying random things, without thought.... so that's a plus... right?

Side note, have you noticed any changes with my blog? *hint hint* Header, post title, signature & sizing of pics.... Ok those aren't hints, I gave away the whole shabang. I am seriously excited about some of the design changes I've made to my blog. It was high time I did it! I recently have learned a couple CSS tricks from this blogger that have revamped my blog. I am by no means a code or programmer expert. I would definitely recommend checking out I Can Build A Blog for any other bloggers out there who want to up their game from just the regular Blogger template. I just wanted to share this wonderful site, sharing is caring! Let me know what you think of the changes I've made... I plan to do more but it's a work in progress (debit WIP, credit free time).

I filmed this haul last weekend & found that the Studio Fix Powder did end up breaking me out. I knew that one of the Studio Fix foundations broke me out back in the day and low and behold, I got these cystic pimples. It gave me a lovely finish & even coverage but I can do without the zits, thanks. Back to MAC you go.... I'm still on the search for a high coverage powder foundation. I'm going to give the Tarte Amazonian Powder foundation a try. At least you can see the coverage it gives in these pictures, I need to figure out what ingredient my face dislikes.

Products Mentioned:

I completely forgot to include a few things. I bought a couple of items from Lush which I will probably write a post about. But the most important thing I forgot to include was this cute mug Mike got me for Valentine's Day. It's HUGE.


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Saturday, April 18, 2015

What's In My Work Bag: Henri Bendel Carlyle E/W Tote

There is just something about Henri Bendel's Carlyle collection that makes me fall in love. You know I have a deep love for my Carlyle Satchel and today I'm sharing what's in my Carlyle Tote. This is an E/W (east to west) tote meaning it's wide horizontally, compared to N/S which would be vertically long.

 I use the Carlyle Tote as my work bag and it sure can hold a bit of things. The quality of the leather & it's durability has been impressive. I was nervous to get a lighter colored bag, considering my disastrous Rebecca Minkoff MAC that was in a bone color. But the Carlyle Tote has held up well & the color is still true after a few months of use.

Items Mentioned:

Henri Bendel Carlyle Tote
(in Pink (dying over this), Cream & Mint)
Kikki K Planner (purchased on EBay)

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Makeup Tutorial {Talk Thru & Chit Chat - Juicy's Teeth Cleaning, etc.}

Sorry for not posting anything last week! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know Juicy had her teeth cleaned last Saturday (as you'll find out during my chit chat throughout this video). I started editing this to go up last weekend and Juicy got sick after her teeth cleaning so that obviously took precedence.

The actual teeth cleaning apparently went well. I picked her up and she was a little groggy but otherwise fine. She ate a full meal Saturday evening & got a full dosage of insulin but was super gasey all night. Then she woke up early Sunday and threw up all over the carpet. TMI she was vomiting & diarrheaing all day Easter into Monday & there was blood in her stool. I took her back to the vet on Sunday & all the tests the ran came back fine (glucose, pancreatitis, electrolytes). The vet thought it was the stress of the operation and maybe the pain medications that attributed to her bloody stool. They put her on fluids just to help and gave her some antibiotics. She came home later that afternoon & the vomit/diarrhea continued.

Long story short, she ended up not eating for almost 36 hours. I felt awful and helpless all over again... it was around this time last year that she became really sick from pancreatitis & when we found out she was diabetic. Monday I took her back to the vet since she wasn't getting any better. They ended up force feeding her & giving her anti-acid reflux medication. That evening, Mike and I force fed her and forced her pills down her throat (I hate doing this). Over the next couple days, her appetite slowly increased & I'm happy to tell y'all that she is doing a lot better :) She is eating her full meals, no additional bouts of vomiting or diarrhea & her poop has hardened up with no blood in it! I can't even express how happy I was when she pooped out a little log... so weird but true. I really want to thank y'all for all your encouragement, support, prayers & positive thoughts. I truly appreciate it & love y'all for being my support system!

So back to this video.... I filmed in on April 3rd for timeline reference & did a talk through/ chit chat style tutorial again rather than voice overs. I like doing the talk through tutorials because I feel like I can connect better with y'all & y'all can see more of my personality. Only downside is I'm a talker so they tend to run long.... in any case, I hope y'all enjoy :)

The Makeup
Contour & Highlight: Anastasia Contour Kit using NARS Ita Brush
Blush: MAC Dollymix
Lips: MAC Spirit Lipstick + Cargo Lipgloss

Natural Lighting

And of course, more gratuitous photos of me & my Juicy. I don't normally wear lipgloss so she was ALL about it. She kept trying to lick it off my lips when my face would get close, as you can see with her licking her lips in the first picture LOL.... she seriously brings so much joy to my life.

With Love,

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Beachy Waves Tutorial + Review Ft. Irresistible Me Sapphire Wand

As y'all may have known, I cut my hair to get rid of most of the old ombre and dyed it dark brown using a box dye. I'm still getting used to the length, although I know it's not super short. It's grown out since I got it cut so it's not as wispy at the ends as I complained in this post.

I really love a good beachy waves hairstyle. Irresistible Me approached me a couple months ago and offered me the Sapphire 8 in 1 Wand to try out and review at my discretion. I seriously LOVE this curling wand, it's my favorite wand in my stash. I know you're probably wondering what makes this wand any better than others on the market. As far as the results of the wand, I didn't notice any difference between this wand and the NuMe Lustrum wand I used in a previous video.

However, what makes the Irresistible Me Sapphire 8 in 1 Wand my fave are a couple of features. First off, I love that the wand has a digital screen showing the temperature of the wand. It heats up pretty quickly (within 2 minutes to 370 degrees) and when it's at the desired temperature, the screen turns from blue to green. Other wands I own don't have this feature so I'm always guessing when it's ready for me to use.

The second feature I love is the silicone/rubber tip on the barrels. I don't wear the heat protecting gloves with any hair tool because it gets in my way and is super awkward for me to wear. This protected tip allows me to hold the ends and not worry about getting burned. This way I can hold out about an inch of hair from the barrel to get my beachy waves, I normally do about 2 inches mainly due to not wanting to get my fingers burned. 

If y'all watched my wavy hair tutorial from 2007, you know I almost never use the clip on a regular curling wand. I'm so glad that since then, I've been able to try out a couple different wands, the NuMe Lustrum Wand and Irresistible Me Sapphire 8 in 1 Wand. Of the two wand sets, I prefer the Irresistible Me Sapphire 8 in 1 Wand mainly because of the two features I mentioned. 

If you're interested in the Irresistible Me Sapphire 8 in 1 Wand, it costs $199 and Irresistible Me was kind enough to provide a 10% off code for y'all: IrresistibleStephie. Thank you Irresistible Me for providing the wand for review & for the discount code! 

I don't get any commission off any of the sales and I'm not being paid to provide this review. These are my honest opinions & I seriously would never bullshit y'all about a product (pardon my French). Just to go off on a tangent, if y'all know me well, you know I am SUPER picky about where I spend my money. I get horrible buyer's remorse and I would never recommend a product I personally wouldn't put good money down on. We work hard for our money!! Anyways, I just wanted to say that because I do like reviewing products but will never go against my own integrity and morals just to get products sent to me.

I hope this tutorial and review were helpful! Thank y'all so much for watching & reading, I really do appreciate y'all!

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