Dressing Room Update - Part 3

If you've been following my vlogs then these updates won't be a huge surprise to you. BUT if you don't, that's okay too :)  I wanted to share with my blog friends how we finished one side of the closet.

More exciting news, I bought the final pieces to complete the other wall of my room from the Container Store (shocker, I know, branching out from the IKEA family) so another update will be coming within the next couple months... I just need to catch Mike on a good weekend so he can put it up for me otherwise I'd have massive holes all over my wall.... If you're looking to get a closet system started, the Container Store is having 30% off elfa, which is what I bought, until February 15th.

For the last piece of this wall, I wanted a section to hang my longer wardrobe pieces. We used the same exact brackets. The rods and shelves are the exact same as the tops/bottoms section except they're just a little smaller.



What I'm Wearing

Thank goodness for the athleisure trend! For years I have been wearing the "pretend I'm going to work out outfit but really I'm not" but now I can just say that I'm wearing athleisure :)  No more lies about heading to the gym, I can just wear my favorite stretchy pants and LIVE.

Ok, it's really not that serious but I really do enjoy wearing these knit leggings every single chance I get. I have three separate pairs of them, I like them so much. They wear like a legging but are thick so that if the wind blew your shirt up, you wouldn't be flashing anyone. And thank goodness for LOFT's petite sizing! They are the perfect length and fit. I wear a medium petite in them and the seam makes for a nice, almost skin tight fit. LOVE is an understatement.

I've complained about Mike complaining that I need to wear more comfortable shoes when we go about our business. Does he just not get that sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort for a stunning pair of shoes?!?! Men.

I do love these Nike Free sneakers though. For the longest time I have hated wearing sneakers outside of the gym because I felt so clunky in them. These Nikes are super lightweight and feel like I'm not even wearing shoes, my preferred footwear (it's the Filipina in me, my parents always had us barefoot around the house).

I threw my essentials into my khaki colored Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody, which is one of my favorite handbag styles EVER, and we're off to run errands in comfort. Thanks athleisure ;)


Four Years Later - Office Trench

I am a blog photo amateur. Mike is such a supportive husband so he and I go out and take photos together. On this particular day, the wind was blowing like cray so I was constantly flipping my hair out of my face while Mike would jokingly shout “stop being unprofessional”. But seriously, it’s already weird (for me at least since I’m still new-ish to this) to be in public taking photos plus fighting with my hair to stop being crazy… it’s just a mess.

Now that I’m done with THAT tangent, when I was in the Big 4, I had a client in this area of Fort Worth. We were working 80 – 100 hours for 7 months straight (literally, I’m not being dramatic this time). I lived at the Omni and Mike and Juicy would stay the night with me so at least I saw them for 5 or 6 hours before going back to work. Just the thought of it makes me cringe.

These rocks were the place my friends and I would go to calm down, so we aptly named them the calming rocks. Really this was the calming courtyard because we’d take walks up and down the walkway when we were at the point of breaking down. Despite those memories, I have a love for this area and sitting in this area makes me feel so calm *wooooosaaaaaa*

I liked coming back to this area, 4 years later and seeing how far I’ve come in my career and as a young lady in general. Making new memories in this area with an outfit of my favorite things… best way to reminisce.

What I’m Wearing
Target Mossimo Side Split Tee | SheIn Trench Coat | LOFT Seamed Ponte Pants | Ivanka Trump Carra Pumps | Henri Bendel Carlyle Satchel [similar tote on sale!]


Boots With The Fur

This is my expression when I hear someone use the word "basic" in the negative connotation that's been super popular these days. How is "basic" a bad thing? Basic to me means classic & essential. If you don't have a strong foundation in whatever aspect of life, you're lost. I think someone's style is representative of their personality and uniqueness. If you like UGG boots, wear them! If you like PSL's (I don't but you do you), drink them! 

...... Honestly though, this face is because just as we started shooting, it starting raining and it was like 40 degrees out. JOY.

It finally became more wintry after Christmas... we had a 70 degree Christmas this year... so I broke out my boots and vest while I have a chance to wear them :) I'm going back to work on Monday so enjoying these casual days.

What I'm Wearing: