Friday, October 2, 2015

Everyday Makeup Routine + The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell Foundation Review

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Hi y'all! It's been a while since I shared my everyday makeup routine. I like wearing makeup that brings out my natural features on the daily. Plus, let's be honest, in the morning I'm so bleary eyed that I just manage to get this on my face in about 20 minutes. I treasure my beauty sleep too much to spend it on blending eyeshadows. I hope you find this helpful in some way :)

ABH Brow Powder Duo in Dark Brown

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

VLOG #08 | 4th of July + Pineapple Mojito Recipe + Juicy's Play Date

Mike and I stayed at the Omni at Amelia Island during our honeymoon and my favorite drink there was the Cold Fusion at Rum + Tequila Experience. Basically, it's a pineapple mojito. Mojitos are one of my favorite adult beverages, so I decided I needed to recreate this at home. I got the ingredients from the Rum + Tequila Experience menu and used the measurements from Cupcake & Cashmere's Blackberry Mojito recipe. It turned out perfect and delicious! It would even be delicious without the rum for my non-alcoholic or underage readers.

On a side note, I came across the Better Drinking Culture through Instagram randomly one day which I am totally supporting. Back in my younger days, I'd overindulge but as I've gotten older, I refuse to be slowed down by a hangover or not remember everything about an outing. I am loving making my own drinks at home because I know exactly what and how much of something is being put into each drink. Just something I wanted to share with y'all in case you are interested :)

Pineapple Mojito Recipe
[makes 2 cocktails]
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer Outfits For Work | STYLE

Summers in Texas last until late October (at least in my humble opinion). I don't know why I choose to live in Texas (actually I do but I digress) because I get so overheated very easily.

Summer outfits are typically skirts and dresses with breathable fabrics. I put together a few of my favorite outfits to wear, especially during the summer. I normally will throw on a cardigan or sweater at the office but left them out so you can see the bare bones of the outfit. I chose to make this video without a voiceover so I can write it all out instead of talking through... plus I am wearing my clear retainer 24/7 and I don't feel like lisping my way through #letsbehonest

Outfit #1
Marshalls Dress
BaubleBar Rose Gold Necklace | similar
Enzo Angiolini Bow Pumps | similar

I really haven't shopped at Marshalls but was intrigued after one of my YouTube besties kept talking about how fab it was... I am so glad (my wallet not really) that she shared about it because there are some really chic pieces for a super affordable price. This dress was only $20. I love the blush lace fabric and layered top. It's so girly and chic.... I bought it in a medium.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dressing Room Update - August 2015

As Carrie Bradshaw said, I like my money right where I can see it..... hanging in my closet. The hubby and I started getting my dressing room/ walk in closet together earlier this summer and thought I'd share our progress :) This has been a dream in the making! We built our house in January 2013 and it's taken me this long to get started. I'm really REALLY picky so it's a miracle that I was able to make up my mind on what I wanted.
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Get Ready With Me [Makeup, Hair & Outfit]: Greek Goddess

I have been loving this daytime, matte smokey eye. It's super wearable, no liner or falsies necessary. I filmed this video about a month ago and I was totally feeling the straight hair for a bit. I haven't straightened my hair in years and really liked the results.

I was mainly inspired to use MAC Embark. It's such a lovely reddish-brown color that really brings out the warmth in brown eyes. Also, I wanted to get more use out of my Anastasia Contour Kit because honestly, otherwise I only use 2 colors out of the kit.

* Vanilla - brow highlight
* Java - crease
* Fawn - cheek contour
* Sand - inner corner & cheek highlight
Vincent Longo Bi-Brow Powder

Real Techniques Detailing Brush
Sutra Magno Turbo Flat Iron

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

How to Get a Job With the Big 4 (Resume, Getting an Interview, Interview & Internship/Entry Level Job Tips)

To continue with my career series on YouTube, I wanted to share some tips and things I did that landed me an internship then a full-time job with a Big 4 firm. In this video, I share some tips on what to do in college to build your resume and intrigue future employers. Also, I share when to start looking for internships with the Big 4, networking tips, interviewing tips (including important things to do mid and after the interview) and best practices for interns or entry level positions.

 These tips I learned from professors, fellow accounting students and me stumbling through the interview and internship process. As you can probably tell, one of the tips that really helped me out was preparing a "rolodex" of experiences. You can tell that tip was given to me by an older professor LOL

Background on me, if you're new to my blog and YouTube... (hello), I went to a smaller branch of the University of Texas system. At the time, all the Big 4 firms and many mid-tier/local firms recruited from my university. However, compared to the amount of students offered internships from big schools like Texas A&M, UT Austin, SMU and TCU, the students offered internships from my school were really small. So I am very thankful and fortunate to have the opportunity to get an interview with these firms on campus. If you're from a school that the firms do not recruit from, I would suggest applying directly on their websites.

I thought it would be fun to share some old pictures from Beta Alpha Psi and networking events back during my college days. Do any of y'all remember when my hair was this strawberry blonde/ orange? Hahahaha....

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