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Hi y'all! How is the year almost over?! Is it just me or the older you get the faster time flies? It makes me cherish the time I spend with my loved ones, knowing that at any moment, everything can change.

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Dressing Room Update - Elfa Closet System

Hi y'all! It's been about a year since I did a dressing room update and I have a hankering to move things around in the next few months so might as well share how the dressing room looks right now.

Since my last update, we have added an Elfa / Ikea system to the other wall of the room. I mainly use this side for longer pieces (like my maxi dresses and dusters), blazers and jackets. I added a few drawers to hold my lady garments and athleisure wear. I bought this valet rod from the Container Store and use it to hang the following day's outfit, during the days I actually plan ahead which - let's be honest - are far and few between :) It gives the dressing room almost like a store feel, so I can trick myself into shopping my closet and not an actual store hehe.

Knowing what I wanted this wall for, we designed and purchased a custom Elfa plan during one of their sales. I actually purchased everything over a span of 3 visits, whenever they had their 30% off sale. Took a bit of patience but it was well worth it. To border the Elfa system, we bought the skinny versions of the Billy bookcases from Ikea. The Elfa system definitely cost more than the other side of the room but I wanted some versatility in case I changed my mind. I can always add more drawers, add shelves, more hanging space, etc. with the Elfa system.

Mike DIY'ed this island from three Ikea bookshelves. When it's not piled high with clothes, I like using it to showcase my perfumes and jewelry. I plan on adding a glass or mirror counter-top soon.

I've been spending this holiday weekend decluttering and reorganizing my dressing room and office. It's crazy how much stuff can accumulate over the years! Does anyone else have a hard time parting ways with things? I just posted my Christian Louboutin Decollete pumps on Poshmark if anyone is interested in purchasing. They don't get any loving from me so I think it's time for them to go to a loving home :) Anyways, hope y'all enjoyed my little update, now going back to decluttering!


Casual Friday Mom Jeans + Networking

Hi y'all! I remember growing up, my mom would take my sister and I to networking events - usually at hotels or convention centers - and while she did her networking thang, we'd sit in the lobby hanging out. That was my idea of networking for the longest time. People getting together, talking about I don't even know what and being super bored. Not very mature but that's from a 10 year old's viewpoint. Soooo..... (might be wondering why she brought us with her, that's the life when you don't have other family in the area but I digress).

Over the past year, I have started networking at my job, internally and externally, and I've learned a few valuable lessons. Be involved with organizations that you are truly interested in then the networking part comes naturally. Go into networking with the goal to build relationships rather than seeing it as "who can I meet to bring in business". You never know, one person you meet might refer you to another person, that's the magic of networking!

This week I connected with the head of a local association. Not accounting or audit related but within an industry I focus in at work. Funny enough, I went to an event with some work peeps a couple of weeks ago, met a couple of people organically and exchanged business cards. One of those people connected me to this person and now we may have more opportunities to build relationships with others in my industry who eventually may need a public accounting firm for something. Anywho, I felt SUPER pumped about it. So if you're like me and have never really been into networking, give it a try! Do it with an association you have an interest in and you may just find you like it too :)

I have been obsessed with mom jeans lately and I love styling them for workwear. Casual Friday is upon us and this has been a go to outfit as of late. I bought these from ASOS while they were on sale. I've already gotten so much wear out of them. A total steal!! My top is actually a crop top which makes for a perfect tuck into something high-waisted. This blazer I bought on sale years ago and finally got the sleeves taken in. Now it's a fave piece in my closet. If you're able to get your hands on these wedges, be sure to size up a half if you have regular to wide feet. I love the studs and espadrille-esque sole.


That's A Wrap

Hi y'all! Busy season is over which means I have my life back!! Dramatic much.... but my fellow public accountants understand my pain. It is always hard to get back into a routine after busy season. For 4 1/2 months I'm 99% focused on work, eat take out for most meals and work most weekends. When work starts to slow down, I have this weird feeling of discontentment because I feel like I should be "doing" something. It is the weirdest thing and I'm working through it. I have to remind myself that work is not my entire life. I have to remind myself to find balance, to enjoy my hobbies, to eat healthy(ish) food, to enjoy the moment, to be present and to remember why I even do what I do in the first place. It's the strangest feeling but yo girl is getting past it. This weekend I got to reconnect with the hubby, have meaningful conversations and watch movies. We went to the new Mitsuwa in Dallas and hubby was so excited with all the sashimi he's about to eat. Gotta enjoy the small things in life :)

Now onto the outfit... this blouse is one of my favorites. You can wear it tucked into skirts or over ponte leggings with it's tulip hem (great for covering the CT). I fell in love with the wrap scallop details of my skirt but I find it very inconvenient. I felt like I was going to give everyone quite the show if I didn't keep checking the skirt flaps. These mules were one of my staple pieces in my fall/winter wardrobe. I love how versatile they are - wearing them with a skirt makes it an easy transition into spring. They come in butterscotch too - on my wish list!

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