Matte2, Plushlash, & New Packaging of Falsies

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I did my MAC Matte2 haul last Saturday and picked up some Plushlash mascara and a couple of the new falsies that came out with new packaging. First off, I LOVE the new Matte2 collection. They are permanent colors, so you don't need to worry about running off to buy them right now. I say, save up some money for Mattene (October 4th) & Alexander McQueen (October 11th).

I couldn't help myself, I seriously could not wait to get my grubby hands on the new shadows. They are fabulous, really! Matte2 shadows are very easy to apply, buttery in texture, and give off great pigmentation without crazy amounts of application. The colors released are: (*are the ones I bought)

blanc type - creamy beige
tete-a-tint - caramel brown
brown script - warm chestnut brown
handwritten - rich chocolate brown
poison pen - deep midtone purple with grey*
prussian - deep sea blue
copperplate - muted midtone grey
graphology - dark black grey with a hint of purple
signed, sealed - black maroon
typographic - asphalt black
post haste - bright berry pink*
pen `n' pink - pastel pale pink*
newly minted - rich sea green (2nd fave)*
flourishing - rich moss green
fig 1 - eggplant purple*
clarity - rich aqua (my fave)*

Here are my swatches that I did while at the MAC store. I'm sorry I didn't get all of the colors in. I did swatch Pen 'N' Pink on the very left of the picture, but you really couldn't see it. I'm not sure if I'll be keeping this one, but I really thought it looked nice next to Post Haste so hopefully I can make it work. All I did on these swatches was to take one of the q-tips they had in the store, swipe it once through the shadow, then in a circular motion blended the color onto my hand. Some of the shadows don't look as vibrant simly because I didn't pack it on enough, but it still gave great pigmentation (at least in my opinion with the other Matte shadows I've used).

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So you can see the difference, I swatched a new Matte2 shadow (Fig 1) against a normal Matte shadow (Violet Trance). I rubbed my clean ring finger once around the pot, then put it on my skin. The matte shadow was dry and grainy feeling; also, when I wiped my finger off on a makeup cloth, it came of super easy in one wipe. In contrast, the matte2 shadow was soft and buttery feeling, much better than the matte shadow. When I wiped the matte2 shadow off, it took a few tries to get my finger cleaned (both without using a base). I was pleasantly surprised :) In the natural lighting, you can't really tell a difference, but in the artificial light I hope you can see that the depositing of the shadow is much thicker with the Matte2 shadow.

Natural Light:
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Artificial Light:
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Next on my haul, I got the Plushblack Plushlash Mascara. Now I must tell you, while I think MAC can do no wrong (for the most part) in their products, their mascara and I have not gotten along. I've used Zoomlash and had no volume, clumping, running, and it took out my curl in about a second. Then I used Loud Lash & had similar results. I didn't love either of them which caused me to branch out into Shiseido (which I LOVE). I have high expectations for this product since the new patented brush has gotten rave reviews. I think you're supposed to use the v-shaped side to apply the mascara, then the flatter, rounder side to add volume...... lol as you can see, I'm clueless. I'll try out that technique and see if I like it......

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Last, I got a couple pairs of falsies. I love MAC falsies, but after finding Ardell lashes for like $3.00, I don't really want to buy too many MAC ones. I could not pass up on these two though. I bought the #2 and #34 lashes. The new packaging is great because it's more of an upward sloping package. I would have such a hard time taking the falsies out before, but now it looks really easy. Also for comparison's sake, I took a picture of the new vs. old packaging.

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I'll post my FOTDs soon & link them as well on this entry. If y'all have any questions, feel free to ask!

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  1. Oh Stephie... You just convinced me that I need Matte^2. O_O


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