I really should be studying right now. I have my business law exam tomorrow at 10 AM, then on Thursday I have my finance exam at 9:30 AM. I don't even know what my problem is right now. When I was at my community college, I worked my booty off studying and my grades reflected that, I had a 4.0 GPA. Then I come to university and my whole studying routine was shot. I usually read my books right after the class or even before, but here I haven't been. Sometimes because I get distracted, and sometimes because I have no time.

What really bugs me is that I studied for my marketing exam, I really did. I'm the kind of person who wants perfection. So I took the exam and thought it was such an easy exam, surely I got an A. The next class my prof hands back the exams saying the range was from 28 - 92%. I'm used to being in the higher percentile, so when my prof said something about "this guy was a grade maker" or something like that to an Asian guy, I was thinking, "well more than one person may have gotten it." He gives me my exam and what do I find? An 88%. What the helllllll?!?!?! I really did not expect to miss more than 3-4 questions (50 all in all). He then said that a few questions were iffy so we would add 10 percent to our grade.... so basically in the books it will be a 98%... which still means someone beat me. I know I'm being an egotistical perfectionist, but damn if my effort meant a thing! Aghhhhh... it just makes me want to work harder.

Work has been kind of annoying. Actually very annoying. I'm a waitress at a Japanese restaurant, and we used to make good money on tips, but since school started people don't come out to eat as often. Or we just get the high school students who come in to eat sushi & since they probably don't work too much, they don't tip well. It's understandable. No, what has been annoying me is that some people at work expect me to be this nice, affiable person, even when I'm pmsing or am stressed out. I'm the go-to girl for covering people, or finding people to cover for a friend. Uh, sometimes I wish I could just be a bitch or something so they'd stop asking me hahaha :P Okay that's a bit too extreme. Last week I worked 5 nights in a row, including one full day shift. Maybe that doesn't seem like much, but compound that with 16 credit hours and 2 parents who expect me to have A's (and one conscience that DEMANDS a 4.0), and you've got yourself a stressss-o-rama. Not only that, but a co-worker of mine that I like, but who gets on my nerves sometimes, was complaining that since she didn't have enough $ to pay for tuition this semester, she was going to work. She wanted more shifts (she's been working for about 3 weeks or so), but literally EVERY week she calls me and asks if I'll cover her.

I really should go back to studying. I figure if I study tonight for my blaw exam, tomorrow I'll study for my finance & I should be alright. Alright, enough complaining.... night y'all!

P.S. You know what, to stop myself from playing on the computer, I'm going to give my laptop to my Honie (who is bringing me some McDonalds... I know, unhealthy, but I crave what I
crave) so I won't be tempted by y'all to stay on! :D


  1. hey good luck with your exams.i'm a finance major as well.you said you go to school in texas.do u by any chance go to uh? it would be so cool if we went to the same school.

  2. no, i'm in the dfw area :D but it's always nice to meet a fellow texan!

  3. *hugs* school is always stressful whenever we demand more out of ourselves. Ive been procrastinating for the longest time, and its about one month's time away from my real exams but ive not started studying; about 1 week more to finish off 5 assignments and im barely there. *shrugs*

    Btw, i wanted to ask u if you post up some pics of your lippie and blushers, i love your makeup collection!!!

  4. Hi stephie! I'm a big fan of your postings on Makeupalley/Asian Beauty Blog. I'm so glad you started your own blog! Good luck on your exam- I know how it feels to be a perfectionist and how it is with those filipino parents who want those A's- don't worry, you'll do great!

  5. Best of luck for your exams! So you're a finance major? I hate dealing w/ numbers, so that's why I'm in psych! Anyways, lol, I totally know what you meant. I used to be so competitive and such a perfectionist too but lately, college life has been getting to me in the last 2 years, lol. Oh, and about your job, if you're like me, it's really hard to say no but if u don't, your co-workers will keep using u as the go-to girl. >-< Nehoo, once you're done w/ the tests, come back and show us some more FOTDs or tuts!! ^-^

  6. I know what you mean about procrastinating. I just bought my books for all my classes and I tried to read the chapters the teacher assigned, but I ended up falling asleep. Haha. I SHOULD be reading now, but I'm waaaaay too lazy. It's hard to do stuff when they're not very interesting. Anyways, good luck with your exams!

  7. hi stephie! don't beat yourself up so much! perhaps you need some time to adjust to your new school and new professors.
    i'm similar to you in that i demand A's too but after awhile, i realized the whole point of going to college was to learn about the basics of my profession. While getting good grades are important, they're not the sole reason employers base their decision on (which is the other reason to go to college - get a good job) Also, as far as you know, you're actually doing better than most of the students in your class.
    As for work, learn to say NO! sometimes you need to put yourself first in front of others. you don't have to take on someone else's responsibility if you don't want to.
    sorry if i sound like i'm lecturing but it comes from experience. =)

  8. hi nancy! i really appreciate the advice. i like learning a new perspective about my problems & i just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to give it to me :)

  9. hay! first of all let me say wow! you are one talented chika, obviously some people will just see make-up as well..make-up but its a way of expressing yourself, very much like art - it is art! i love how you create all those different looks, your really talented! and i also wish you luck on any exams coming up! im a freshman and like your parents my parents expect me to do really well! how do you manage to stay focused and motivated to study??! cheers girl! keep up that ambition!


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