Yeah, I'm Just A Bitch

I have no clue what is going on with me recently. I've been taking a lot of things personal for reasons that are left unknown to me. I have no no no no clue why.... maybe I'm just PMSing.

I have this weird thing that if I feel sort of left out or snubbed, I go into total bitch mode. Usually I'm able to control my emotions, but for the past week I've been like a piece of dynamite... anything will set me off. I probably need to catch up on sleep since tests were keeping me up and stressing me out. I have another on Tuesday so aghhh again.

I don't know, I think I've been in bitch mode since I started talking to some people on ABB and on other sites. I mean, it's really hard to get the actual meaning of someone's statement through the internet & I probably do misinterpret them. Anyways, I've gotten a few critical statements recently which have pissed the hell out of me. I just wanted to reach over and slap whoever said it. But oh well. I mean, if someone has a problem with something I'm wearing, I couldn't give a hoot. It's not like I need everyone to like the looks I make. Some people just need to learn how to word their statements, or maybe they just say it like that to be rude... no clue. I've gotten a few questions as to why I'm a "featured writer" on ABB. Because I was asked, that's why!!! God, I wish some would just come out and say what they mean. "Your makeup looks like ass" would be more appreciated than some covert stab in the back. "I should be on the weblog instead of you" would be even better. Go ahead, I really don't care.

Whatevs. This is totally pointless writing this and I'm just all pissy. I'll go to sleep now so maybe I'll actually wake up on the right side of the bed.


  1. hey stephie, such a lovely (and very pink) blog you have!

    i too, think it's the mixture of exams and anti-ABBers that's contributing to your current disposition. try not to worry about those anti-ABBers so much because their sole purpose is to bring you down and make you feel like crap by stabbing your self-esteem. SO DON'T LET THEM SUCCEED! whenever you feel down, just remember all the girls out there who love and appreciate your work, and who'll support you no matter what. (i'm not sucking ass - hasn't this been proven in the past? just go back and read all your feedback=]) flamers are flamers because they're spiteful, jealous and INSECURE! so don't let them ever bring you down stephie! never! *GRRRRR*

  2. Hey Chicka... it's LoRs from ABB!! You inspired me to start posting on that site!! hahaha it gave me reason to play with my makeup... which sometimes i hate doing. Keep your head up and never let them get you down. Bitches are always gonna talk shit. Its because they WISHED they could do their makeup as good as you.... or maybe they wished they had the amount of stuff you have? I get LOTS of shit talkers... but i just smile and come up with something witty to say in return!! hahaha again.. don't let them get you down.

  3. You and your bf are too cute. I know what you mean about the indirect mean comments. Oh well. Can't let 'em get the best of you! Hope you get better. :D

  4. Hey Stephie, love your posts on ABB. Whatever you do, don't take those comments from those posters personally! To everyone else reading, their comments say so much about them, and nothing about you!


  5. hey stephie! you say whatevs too! :)


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