2 in 1 Day - Wavy Hair and Burgundy/Silver Tutorials

Last night after work, I got off at 11pm, our bartender was celebrating his birthday. Originally I hadn't planned on going because I don't really know him that much. I only started working at the sushi restaurant in May and my honie's little sister is a hostess there (been there over a year). Also, our friend who is a hostess, MyMy, has worked there for a while too. Anyways, I went because Phuong wouldn't go unless I went, and Mymy wouldn't go unless Phuong went. Phuong and I had to work that night so right at 11pm I rushed home to change, literally taking less than minutes, touched up on the eyeliner and added some blot powder.

Anyways, it was kind of different. Most people think I'm some kind of party girl, when in actuality, I've lived a very VERY sheltered life. My parents are extremely protective so I haven't had much experience with going to parties, drinking, and whatever else goes on in those parties. It was really weird. Our bartender and his friends are big-time party animals.... and are total players... not bf material. I thank God that I found myself a great man! Overall, it was a good night, just us girls :)

Okay... onto the beauty stuff from today.........

I got a lot of requests to show how I did my hair in the Femme Gold & Black video. Just to let everyone know, I would never know how to do my hair like this if it wasn't for LynaV (check out her blog in my links area) and Pursebuzz. As you might know, I'm not too big on hair, I'd rather have nice makeup than hair :) It can always go back into a ponytail or something.

Anyways, Pursebuzz has a video using her Enzo Milano clampless curler. Her video can be found here: Pursebuzz

I've had my ghetto curler for almost a year now, and I've had such bad experiences with it. I bought it at a grocery store, Revlon 3 curlers for $15 :) I know, cheapooooo. I've attempted to use it with the clamp, but only my ends get curled, like in a previous entry. So this is the best way for me to use my curler, so hopefully it will help someone out there!

What I Used:
Revlon Curler 1 1/4"
John Frieda 100% Shine Mist
Matrix Vavoom Hair Spray
Bed Head Cocky hair stuff


My video for the makeup I had on in the beginning of the previous tutorial is being uploaded right now. I'll be linking it here once its done.

Monique, transplantclub on youtube, asked me to do this tutorial a while back. I know it took long enough, but I do hope y'all like t!

MAC Prep + Prime Face
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC20 (252 brush)
MAC Studio Tech NC35 (clean sponge)
Giorgio Armani Micro-fil Powder 2 (181se brush)
MAC Ablaze Blush (168 brush)

MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot (242 brush)
MAC Beige-ing Shadestick
MAC Cranberry e/s (239 brush)
MAC Romping e/s (239 brush)
MAC Knight Divine e/s (239 brush)
MAC Silver Ring e/s (219 brush)
MAC Orpheus Kohl Power
MAC Graphblack Technakohl Liner
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara
MAC Clear Brow Finisher
MAC Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader (Shiseido 6 brush)

MAC Whirl Lip Liner
MAC Love, Henri Lipstick


  1. U look really sophisticated w/ wavy hair. I can't never get to be wavy or curly b/c it's so damn straight! grrr...neways, i do something very similar to that burgundy look and it's one of my most overused. I always do something like that every weekend out of habit. -_-"

  2. loving the eyelashes!

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting :) You look amazing!

    Btw, I have a suggestion about the hair - you could try back combing the underside of the top and middle sections (near the roots) after curling, before applying the thickening paste. That would make the volume stay longer.

    Another alternative would be to crimp those sections with a crimping iron instead of backcombing. This would definitely work, but like you I'm more of a makeup + clothes person, so I'd just rather have my hair in a ponytail...

  4. your hair looks so healthy in your hair tutorial. what shampoo and conditioner do you use?

  5. I like the pretty eye make-up! Must try this one soon, though I'm not really big on red-toned e/s because of my wrinkles (eeek!)

  6. you look kind of like hyori, the koeran singer, in some angles! i love your eyemakeup! you should definitely consider working as a professional makeup artist for the stars.

  7. hey stephie! the hair and makeup look great as usual! :) thanks for mentioning my name! you really didnt have to! :D anyways.. some of my viewers have been asking me to do a hair tut on our wavy hair look.. and i thought it would be cool if i just posted my video to yours as a response! let me know if its all good! :)

  8. first off to my sweet anon: thank you for your advice and support. you're right, it is in the eye of the beholder... i just need to develop a thicker skin i guess. it's just hurtful to hear people bash me when they don't even know me, calling me a bitch and whatnot. anyways, i'll be sure to do the request you asked for :) again, thank you <3

    angie: thanks girlie! i've never used burgundy besides in my moonbathe looks, and i definitely like it. it's just tricky because i think if i don't blend it right, i'll look like someone punched me hehehe XD

    jusl: thank you! :)

    the faux fashionista: i'll definitely try out the tips you gave me... i'm such a newbie at hair! lol :) my friend just told me about backcombing, i'm going to give it a try with the tips you gave :)

    anonymous2: i use bath and body works shampoo and conditioner in moonlight path... its my fave smell so i try to drench myself in it heheheh :) & it actually works really well! it's suprising but it makes my hair clean and soft....

    jane: you don't have wrinkles woman! at least not from what i can see :) i know, i tend to shy away from red-toned eye shadows but its always fun to try out something new! if i'm courageous enough, i'm going to try out the MAC flammeable paint! IF i'm brave enough lol XD

    anonymous3: wow thank you! i love hyori and i am trying to grow out my hair so it can be styled similar to hers. i really want to do makeup in the fashion industry (i dream to be like sudan on antm), and i plan on going to makeup school after i get my master's in accounting... i know that being a makeup artist isn't the most stable job, so i always like a back-up :)

    lynav: that would be fine with me :) i actually am going to post mine also as a video response to pursebuzz because i heard on her video to send it in.... you, me, and vanessa could be the amazing pinay trio :)

    nessababy: thank you ate :D i seriously want to fly to LA just to shop with you!!!!

  9. aww i could've done that with my curling iron! too bad i don't know how to put the clamp back on. it's cool though. haha.

    i love your makeup & hair! so pretty! great job! :D

  10. Hey Stephie,

    Just wanted to let you know that I think you're awesome! You seem so down to earth, and not so vain like some of the other ladies on ABB.
    Keep up the great work and it's always exciting to see what your nxt creation is!

  11. i LOVE how those people on ricebunny's chatterbox have all been to ur page and go back there to bash u even though she's made a comment that you are very helpful. i love how they don't have enough balls to post stuff on ur page to ur face, neither. i guess they think they're hardcore with the keyboard. lol would you relaly want approval of losers like that anyway??

    keep up the good work, gorgeous

  12. ah i finally got my head round on who you remind me of.. know namie amuro the japanese singer????

  13. debbie: yeah i saw that box over there. i wanted to reply but it wasn't the place. i respect and look up to rice bunny, she's been an inspiration for me because she's such an artistic person (which i am not). it was her videos as well as May's videos that really inspired me to try out new things with makeup. i don't want to go on her page and create trouble by replying to all the negative comments about me. these people don't even know me and say things like "she seems like a bitch". Seems like! how would they know if they've never even talked to me? calling me ugly, fat lipped, or whatever.... if they want to come onto my page and say it to me, that's fine. at least say in to my "ugly, fat lipped" face, you know?

    truth be told, i'm tired of trying to make people happy with what i do. i only want to concentrate on helping the people who appreciate the time i give. it's not like i don't have better things to do, it's just that i like helping people. i like watching other people's videos too, it's not like i'm trying to be the next pursebuzz or ricebunny. they're my inspiration and i am still a fan of them as well as may. so yeah whatevs to the people who don't like me. i was going to write an entry about that and let them comment to my face about it, but really they aren't important enough to write a whole entry on. i'd rather make another video for those i love out there!

    jusl: i've heard of her but i'm going to google her now to see :)

  14. ^ i meant to add that it's her page, and it made me mad that people were abusing the chat box thing. she usually replies to helpfully but it just became an all out bitch-fest on there. it's her page and it's just a shame that some readers use it in a way that could affect actual rb fans. i don't want to read about other people on her page, i just want to see her replies and get help straight from her if i ever needed it. ok that's enough.

  15. hey i was wondering if you can do a review on the brush sets and the regular brush sets soon!! i'm planning on getting some this weekned!!

  16. hi stephie, i actually found your blog because of ricebunny's cbox thing and i really like you! i think you are so pretty and talented & i have learned from you! i love your make up tips, they even work on my non-asian face. I just wanted to let you know that i appreciate what you do & that i am now a fan! Keep your head up, who cares about the haters? they hate because they're jealous.

  17. tara: i plan on doing one tomorrow.... i want to get it done before thusrday so i'll get my bum working on it! :)

    anonymous: it's nice to know some good has come from my name bashing on the chat box. i appreciate it :) i'm trying my best to not let the negativity affect me, but sometimes its hard. you wouldn't think such rudeness could affect you when it's on the internet, but it does. i'm just taking it right now, and hopefully i'll grow some thicker skin.

  18. Hey Stephie, love the wavy hair tut. I just tried it out today actually! It didn't turn out as fab as it looks on you but I was still happy with the results..I guess it gave me a reason to pull my cheap-o curling iron out and put it to some use.

    Anyway, keep on doin' your thing, we love seeing what you come up with!

  19. Stephie, just to let you know, I was inspired to post a photo tutorial for creating big curls/waves (without the use of a curling iron) after reading your post. I'm still working on it right now, but I hope to post it soon :)

  20. Beautiful makeup and hair! Im a poor college student who cant afford very expensive makeup, but would still like to try the look. Do you have any suggestions for substitutes? Also Im a little scared of using a red toned shadow,how could i make it work with have light skin and eyes? Thanks and i look forward to seeing more of your tutorials.
    <3 Lauren


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