Bad Day? Something to Turn Your Frown Upside Down

I was having a sort of bad day, in real life and online. But after stumbling upon this "experiment", it's safe to say that I'll be going to sleep with a smile. Hilarious, it really is!

Funny experiment

Check it out, so friggin funny!

Oh and I love this skit by Mad TV! When I first saw it I friggin laughed my booty off. I always joke with my honie about it, can I have yo numba? LOL if you haven't seen it, I hope it makes you laugh.

And another one... not as funny as the first but still funny!

Good night! I hope it put a smile on your face... it sure did for me :D


  1. glad you enjoyed it!

    come back soon.


  2. lol, they ARE FUNNY!!! thanks for sharing and hope u went to bed happy. i saw ur "mood" in myspace last night and it said "stephie is pissed off" and "aggravated", lol. was wondering what the heck happened! well, in any case, it's friday, so HAPPY FRIDAY! there's a reason to be in a good mood today!

  3. haha that xanga post is JOKES...

  4. Stephie,

    can i have yo numba?
    can i have yo numba?
    can i have the 10 digits that comprise yo numba?
    can i have it?

    thanks for the laughs ;)

  5. from Snugglebunny ABB:

    hey stephie!

    thank you so much for changing the pink to the black. i can read everything now :D *hug*

    can't wait to see more of your pretty work =3

  6. :\ If the online stuff is Ricebunny Xanga chat related... bullocks! Whoever made those comments is an utter moron who seems to place RB on a pedestal (which is a joke in itself). There's no point in comparing, since the two of you have different styles and blog about different things. Glad you're laughin' it off though. :)

  7. feifei: yeah it was. someone commented me that they found me through her blog... and i checked to see how since even though i read her work and love it, i've never actually commented. then i saw that chat something or other.... i didn't realize anyone even knew me besides ABB and youtubers and specktrans... i don't like that anyone thinks i'm trying to compare with her because i love her blog and her tips. but oh well, gotta shake it off :)

  8. what do you use to remove liner on the waterline?


    those are sooo HILARIOUS!!! i don't think i've ever laughed that hard b/c these are sooo ACCURATE!!! i have been in that situation so many times & they NEVER give up! hahaha these videos are soo true!

    i watched them twice yesterday then later showed my mom & sister and watched them twice w/ them again and then watched them AGAIN today when i got off of work!

    i'm sharing them w/ all my friends!
    thanks so much!!!
    stephie, you MADE MY WEEKEND!

  10. anon1: i use MAC wipes to remove all of my makeup, and it is gentle so i use it on my eye area as well.

    anon2: LMFAO! i'm so glad you liked it :) yeah sometimes we just need a little humor to lift our spirits... it's so funny i can't get over it :D

  11. ignore those comments. i think u're beautiful. ur eyes are gorgeous. :)

  12. Hi Stephie! Please don't let people get you down, it's really not worth it. I think it's cool that you're so willing to help people and it sucks that some people are rude and say mean things. But forget that and stay strong as you are and we'll always support you!


  13. they never stop comparing do they??? pay no attention to them =P!

    oh yea i tried your neutral with a pop of blue look today.. except i only put blue on top. it looks good!! i tried this a few years back but people weren't used to seeing that type of look i guess.. well anywhos... keep doin' your thing!! ♥

  14. oh... my..... god..... the personal ad. Un- believable. f*ckin HILARIOUS!!!!


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