Brush Set vs. Full-Size Brushes & Random Cam-Whore Moments :D

Kind of late but I did a review of the brush sets (not Holiday because I don't have them, so I improvised) against full-size brushes. I've gotten a lot of questions on whether or not it's a good idea to buy brush sets, and I think it is. You get 5 or so brushes for the price of one 187 brush plus a cute clutch or carrying case. The brushes give you a good idea on which full-size brushes you may want. So here's my review, though somewhat rushed.... it's in two parts so if you are patient enough, watch both please :D I really did try to time myself, but it's hard to cram that much into 10 mintues!

Part Uno

Part Dos


At the planetarium (sp?) at my university :D This was my presentation group, Shawn and Ashley.... sweet people! We were getting ready for the presentation... quite a stressful time!

Random camera-whore moment in my car :D Y'all can see another of my obsessions, BIG sunglasses! LOL


From Tuesday:

I tried out the new MAC Family Silver Mineralized Eye Shadow, the lighter color on the lid with the darker color to deepen the outer corner and crease.... I'm going to try my others soon wet.... I likie!


Waiting for my study group.


Presentation Day

Thank you ladies for your help on finding my outfit! I wish I had time to buy some black wedges, but I didn't so I stuck with my colorful shoes :D I added the sweater because it was FREEZING! Lol :D

From Pro...

To Bum in one day :D After class I changed into my oversized sweats.... oh so comfy!
Yeah I look like crap, but I don't really care.


Then Today

My honie and I ate some good Hot and Sour Soup... mmmm was SO good! Especially since it's been really cold recently. I love this weather!

Mmmmmm, damn good soup!

Well I'm going out tonight with one of my BFFs, hopefully I can post more pics later!


  1. Cute outfit! It kinda looks like a school girl outfit haha. Too bad you didn't have time to buy black shoes though cuz the purple ones dont go so well with it. Also, I think you should never wear shoes with a strap in front when wearing a dress/ skirt. But that's just my opinion.

    And I don't like that peace thing you do. Haha, sorry! don't get offended. But other than that, you're a very cute girl. =)

  2. Hey! I stumbled onto your blog from You Tube and I have to say that you are awesome at what you do, I think your skills are BETTER than the MAC makeup artists at the mall! Have you ever thought of applying at working at MAC? I'm sure they'd love to have someone with your skills and knowledge of their products to work for MAC. As for your cam-whore moments, have you ever thought of modeling because you sure are photogenic and natural in front of the camera! Sorry for the long comment and keep up the good work!
    &hearts a fellow MAC addict

  3. I love the pic of you on the steps. Kinda reminds me of Ricebunny.

  4. I love hot n sour soup! hehe. I love the pics of you sitting on the stairs! :D I just got my brush sets and they're sooo pretty!

  5. Hey there Stephie!

    Thanks so much for the awesome review! I was so happy someone took the time out and compared the full size brushes to the special edition brushes. I recieved the face brush set so I hope I like it! They are really soft! LOL so I hope they can keep their shape!

    Thanks again!


  6. anony1: yeah i wish i did have time to get some black shoes, but i didn't.... so i just winged it with what i did have... but now i'm on the look-out for some good black shoes :) and about the peace sign, to each his own. i'm sure more people out there don't like it but even before i posted videos on youtube, i've done that with my friends... it's kinda like out thing as a group :) but i appreciate your honest opinion, especially since you aren't offending at all! :)

    anony2: i've thought about applying for MAC but i'm going to hold off on that until i get even more experience. i can whip out a natural look pretty easily, but i'm still struggling on applying bolder and more colorful looks on my client.... so practice practice practice! once i feel confident enough, i'll try :) i think it would be a very rewarding job, at least until i finish college.

    feifei: oh no! i really don't want to stir up any conflict because of it! i didn't even think about that.... gosh i don't think i can take anymore negativity from that area! i love her and respect her, just some of her fans seem to think i'm her wannabe... i'll prolly just take it down to nip any controversy in the butt.

    dorksta & donad: thank y'all! i'm so happy that some people appreciate the videos i do :)

  7. hey stephie. you're beautiful! don't mind those who say otherwise (esp in that xanga site.... hmph...) you're smart and pretty and really helpful. all those negativity just come from jealousy. keep up the good work! :)


  8. awww you looked so adorable! even in your sweats! haha I love sweats and velour suits, so comfy!

  9. Love the outfit it was very cute& the gray sweater made it look even more put together. I thought the shoes didn't match too well with the outfit though, you should've worn your blue flats from the step pictures. Those imo would've been much more cuter although the colorful shoes did add some playful/flirtiness to the outfit. :)

    You shouldn't delete the picture on the steps bc 1) RB doesn't have any pics like that soo I dont see why anyone would think RB! by looking at them and 2) Why show her obnoxious fans that they actually got to you? All the stupid rude things they said about you was uncalled for and ridiculous. Dont let it get to you or change bc of it.

    Love the sunnies!

  10. hey stephie!

    i love the pictures you take of the close up eye shots! makes it look like those pictures in fashion magazines! real artistic in a way and i love the colors of the eyeshadows you use! keep em going!

    and i like your peace thing you do! =D

  11. thanks for posting the comparison vid, Stephie! i've been waiting for it ever since u announced that u'd do one. :P damn internet, i can't view them right now for some reason..grr. just got my face brush set today so im hoping they're just as good as my full size ones besides being cute and adorable, lol. btw, did i tell u i always adore your sense of style? it's classy, cute, and casual. love love!!! luv ya tons for always updating! ^-^

    that soup looks soo good...i'd wish for some chilly weather right now in socal. it's been humid and what w/ all the firestorms, it's ashy, polluted, AND humid...*gags*. but yeah, it's a tragedy for those who lose their homes.

  12. Hi Stephie!

    I am a keen follower of your blog and love your video tutorials! I regularly post on Handbag.com beauty forums and there are quite a few of us who are MAC obsessed on there! Anyway, I have posted your you tube videos for the reviews of the Holiday brush sets on the forum as I know a lot of girls will find it helpful, I hope you don't mind?

    Keep up the great work!

  13. Aww Stephie the soup looks delicious!!! I love soups!
    Love the pic with your oversized sweats :-) And the huge sunglasses look amazing on you I wish I could wear them and look as good on me too

    What e/l did you use with your Family Silver look??

  14. Hello Stephie !
    You've got a fan from France :D (Maybe i should say "one more fan from France", I don't know xD)
    Thank you so much for your tuts, u seem to be a very nice girl and the stair pictures are very beautiful, I love the 1st one :D
    It reminds me of RB's photo too but I love you both :D
    Keep going on :) !

  15. don't take the picture off! its so cute and i love it! :) and i dont understand why ANYONE would think that you are a RB wannabe, shes going for the whole "natural" look while you always put on the more bold and colorful looks which are smiply amazing btw! :) all the obnoxious rb fans can just.. shove it. lol

  16. hey steph! great videos as always....

    just wondering have you tried the urban decay eyeshadow transforming lotion????

    i was thinking of buying it.. i brought myself the primer potion and i think its excellent stuff!

    i need help, i use my mac fluidline with a eyeliner brush, but was wondering what angle brush i should buy?

    thanks a bunch


  17. I love how you do your eye makeup. It's so gorgeous! I was wondering the family silver eye shadow did you use it wet or dry?

    I also think you're the cutest thing. You kind of remind me of this Korean singer Hyori. Not face-wise but more how you carry your mouth and nose. I know that sounds weird... lol~

  18. i have a question. whats the story behind that pic(part of your lyt;very top of the pg) of you with a bunch of gals about to apply eyeshadow onto someone?

  19. Lemme just tell you how much I enjoyed your video lol. It was very cute how you had to rush through everything XD. Anyway, I don't think I'll be getting any of the brush sets just because I'd rather have the better quality full sized brushes. I have the Novel Twist Pro set and while I do like the 187se, the sucker bleeds black when I wash it. *sigh* You do get what you pay for after all.

    Oh and hope you did well on your presentation! Love the outfit, the shoes however...at any rate you still looked cute lol.

    Can't wait for more videos, keep on doing your thing girl~

  20. Skye: thank you. i'm just an average person, so i still have feelings... which i think some people have decided to ignore. just because we're writing over the internet doesn't mean people just can relinquish their manners. i've never been approached by some random person (in real life) and been put down in such an uncouth manner... its just disappointing. especially since i'm also a fan of RB. now i don't even check up on her site... i'll stick to her youtube channel.

    vanessa: i know it's so comfy to wear sweats or velour suits :) i still am trying to find another one that fits me lol

    angie: i'm keeping you in my prayers! be safe out there.... i can't even imagine what its like right now!

    fizzy: that's totally fine with me :) i'm going to check out that forum now, i've never heard of it before!

    sophia: i don't really remember, but i think it was Nightfish Fluidline :)

    karin: howdy from texas :D how's the weather in france?

    jusl: i haven't tried it yet sorry! but as far as angled liner brushes go, i'd suggest a 266.... awesome brush! :D

    alyssa: i used it dry today.... i tried using one of them wet today.... it didn't turn out much different :D so i'll have to give it another try later.

    anony: oh that's just me doing makeup on my bday party (also my future sister-in-laws bday as well as my honie.... we put our partys together)... it was just a fun setting so i did my honie's sister's makeup. those are her friends watching on lol

    simply: the presentation was.... bleh! yeah, i changed my mind, i'm not buying the brush sets, i'd rather get two shadow sets :D i'll have to update y'all on the presentation later... i'm too lazy right now hehehe just got off work after a 6 hour shift *yawns*

  21. Stephie, I love it how you don't get into drama. I Really really respect that :D You bring your own flavor and thats what matters the most, hon :]

    (I'm itsizzy from ABB)

  22. Hey Stephie,

    Thank you so much for posting so much pretty looks on your blog and on Spectra.net. Keep it coming! =)

    I'm loving the Family Silver look! Lol and I love Hot and Sour Soup too!!!! I like it super hot! =X

    -Viv (ViV04 from Spectra)

  23. Seriously girl, wearing those shoes with that gray jersey totally pulls it together. I like love you review of the brush sets, so helpful! Do you know what would be really useful, if you just wrote a short comparison that would be so useful like: 109 Full size is great, 109SE not as tapered. I love your face when u get the phone call :)
    And and could we pleasee have the recipe for the soup, looks yummy.

  24. Hi Stephie! You're look from Tuesday.. what base did you use?

  25. Thanks so much for the review of the MAC brush sets, I was wondering if it was really worth it because of the price (it seemed a little too good to be true) but now I'm definitely ordering one if only to try the brushes before I get the full size versions.

    I did have a quick question, what would you say was your favorite brush(es)?( the one(s) you can't live without! )

  26. Huh it's all grey and it's getting cold in France *sniffs*, thank you for asking hehe :D
    It misses the rain for having the typical Paris bad weather :[

    I'll keep visiting ur blog and will try to post a comment once in a while ^^,

    Bai Bai :D


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