Cocomotion - One Eyeshadow Tutorial

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Originally posted on September 30, 2007

I created this tutorial at the request of Ava on ABB to use one eyeshadow. I picked Cocomotion because it gives off many different colors in different lighting. It looks like you blended different colors together without having to do so, which is a plus in my books. Cocomotion is a LE pigment from the Rushmetal collection, and I LOVESSSS it!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
MAC Astral Rays Glimmershimmer
mixed with....
MAC Select Tints NC40
Giorgio Armani Micro-fil Loose Powder
Benefit Dallas Blush

MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot
MAC Beige-ing Shadestick
MAC Astral Rays Charged Water (to wet my brush b4 applying Cocomotion)
MAC Cocomotion Pigment
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
MAC Engraved Powerpoint Pencil
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

MAC Tenderbaby Tendertone
MAC Perfectly Pink Lipglass


  1. this has got to be one of my favorite looks stephie, thanks for the tutorial :) it's so simple yet pretty!

    i thought it was really cute when you got that phone call and you sniffled right afterwards :) hahaha


  2. ah one more thing ! i was wondering what foundation brush (is it a LE from MAC or diff brand?) you used and also what brush you used for your fluidline :) thanks!


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