Cracks Are Everywhere!

I'm not talking about drugs so chill :)

I've been seeing a lot of cracks recently and think it's just too funny to pass up.

The first crack isn't that funny really, it's quite sad really. I was running late for class a few weeks ago, so I parked in the extremely expensive parking garage to run to class. The pillars are so close to where you're supposed to park, but usually I'm able to manuever quite well. I was probably not paying enough attention, so while I backed up, my passenger side mirror got hit and it was bent all the way back. I was so freaked out that I ruined the whole contraption, like the mechanical moving part, but I checked and the only think f-ed up was the mirror. Thank God! That saved me at least $100 right there. My honie and I ordered a mirror so we can just crack the rest of the mirror off, then replace it. It's so sad :( I love my Pathfinder, since it's the first car that's ALL MINE :P


Now this kind of crack is funny :D I did take a picture, but I don't want to be mean, so I won't post it. But it's okay to describe right?

EDIT: Ok I'm posting the picture now.... it's not really that bad I think. I like her umbrella though, my honie bought me one just like that, but yellow.

I have no idea how or why, but for the past two weeks I've been seeing a lot of cracks. Not because I'm looking for them, but they seem to present themselves in my vicinity. Don't be childish now, I'm not saying that people are randomly mooning me or anything. It just totally confounds me how a person can have such a large portion of their booty showing without feeling at least a BREEZE!

A couple of weeks ago, one customer in my restaurant was sitting down. My friend came laughing over to me and told me to look at the customer, just look, but didn't tell me why. I walked by and looked at the customer (whose back was to me) and literally a good 2 inches of crack was showing! I looked away quickly, but just that moment of glancing, I could see too much for comfort. My friend and I started laughing later, joking that we could walk by and drop some chopsticks down there :D I'm not trying to be mean, it was just funny. How can someone not feel the air on their booty, especially when waitstaff are rushing by?

Today, my honie & I were walking to the parking lot, when we saw this girl with a really cute paper umbrella, the kind you see in that geisha movie. It was really pretty, and it reminded me of the umbrella my honie got me. Anyways, since the girls back was to us and she was walking in front of us, we obviously could see anything on her backside. Her bagpack was causing her skirt to ride up and again, crack could be seen. She then adjusted it and kept walking.... not 10 seconds later, it rode up again. I thought it was funny so I took a picture, but it would be too mean to show.

Anyways, I think it's not as bad as the crotch flashing going on in Hollywood. I mean, this can happen to anyone, so I don't mean to be cruel about it... it was just something I found funny.... that's all.


Alrighty then.... moving on to some other stuff. This was my FOTD from yesterday. I love Newly Minted e/s... it seriously is my favorite green right now. It's just too yummy!

I tried out putting white liner on my waterline, supposedly it's supposed to brighten the eyes? What do y'all think, does it look okay or should I return it?

FACE (All MAC unless otherwise stated)

Prep + Prime Skin
Studio Tech
Studio Finish Concealer
GA Powder
Sunbasque Blush


Tete-A-Tine e/s (in crease with 217)
Newly Minted e/s (lid with 239)
Brule e/s (highlight with 227)
Nightfish Fluidline (upper and lower lashline with 266)
Fascinating Eye Kohl Pencil (waterline)
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader (Shisiedo #6)
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara


Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm
Soft Lust l/s

I don't know why, but I always like the side angle :P

I look cross-eyed hehehehe

Ohhh blurrry... but I gottsta post it since it's the only one I'm chunking up the deuces :D


Today's FOTD was a bit brighter, fun too :)


Prep + Prime Skin
Fast Response Eye Cream
Studio Fix Fluid
Stuido Finish Concealer
GA Powder
Emote Blush (contour)
Dollymix Blush
New Vegas MSF (highlight)


UDPP (base lashline to brow)
Beige-ing Shadestick (base lower lashline)
Other Worldly Paint Pot (base lashline to crease)
Aquadisiac e/s (inner lid with 239 & inner lower lashline with 219)
Steamy e/s (outer lid with 239)
Blue Storm e/s (crease with 219 blended with 224 & outer lower lashline with 219)
Your Ladyship Pigment PRETTY! (highlight with 227)
Blacktrack Fluidline (upper lashline with 266)
Smolder Eye Kohl (waterline)
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader (Shiseido #6)
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara


Tenderbaby Tendertone
Touchpoint 3D Glass


Okay enough procrastination! I'm going to to my studies. I promise promise promise, a new video is coming soon... and y'all know what it is! MOD DOLL! :D


  1. hahaha I love that crack story..haha are you smoking crack to be showing that much crack??? LOL.

  2. Haha, nice stories. I've been having some similar incidents, except in my case it's thongs. And pretty nasty-looking ones, too! Haha.

    I'm sure I'm not the first to tell you this, but your skin looks incredibly beautiful. Do you have any tips on keeping pimples or the red marks that comes after pimples away?

    Looking forward to your next post!

  3. hey stephie! thanks for readin my posts. I really think you should keep the white eyeliner. It really makes a difference. That's on my next order from maccosmetics. It sucks that there's no freestanding store on my island so I need to order them in order to use my mac pro card. I like the way that you used otherwordly as a base it really made the color pop because I've used aquadisiac(sp?) and it doesn't pop like yours does. Thanks for the tip:) I'm looking forward for your next tutorial

  4. Love Love Love the white liner on your waterline. Really makes a difference. Can't wait for your next tutorial!

  5. stephie, you look super cute with the blue e/s look! you remind me of Barbie..i hope you are not offended by me saying that. 8S
    i have f/l in blacktrack and i'm horrible at it! *sighs*

    Every time i try 2 put it on the line is NEVA smooth like yours!! I've watched all of your tutorials but still don't know how your eyeliners are always so perfect! overall, you are a pro! need to say no more. hehehe
    Have a great day!

  6. lmao at the crack story :-) and i like the white liner, i think it really opens your eyes and also goes really well with your blue shadow, i would say keep it for when you are doing your lighter looks.

  7. lol about the cracks! and yes, i think the white eyeliner looks beautiful. I'm so excited for Mod Doll- thank you so much for making these videos for us!!! Have a Happy Halloween, Stephie! ~Gemma

  8. I love your FOTD!! keep them coming! BTW, how's the fast response eyecream? i'm sorta lemming it!

  9. i love both looks. looks fresh and HoT! amazing how you wear those makeup and you don't break out. lucky girl

  10. i love your makeup! :D

    the cracks are funny! there's actually a crack on the side mirror of my cousin's car too coz while we were away in california, black kids broke it somehow. haha.

    can't wait to see your new video!

  11. stephie! i'm linking you on my blog, i hope you don't mind! also..love the makeup!

  12. why are you so worried about beieng mean? why dont u loosen up a little, in every sentence your all "not tryyna be mean" blah blah.. gah id hate to be your friend. you seem like youve never had fun in your life. your too goody goody, and thats a bad thing. no wonder why your boyfriend is a loser

  13. i loooove the blue look, you just look stunning with it. it gives your eyes the "wow" pop factor. how did you line your eyes for that look?

  14. i love the second look tons stephie! so bright && pretty. i was also wondering where you got that yellow tee and what it means? lol its rilly cute!

  15. vanessa: lol i'm glad you liked it :D

    lauren: i don't even know why people have lost a sense of style :D hehehe it's funny for me though! i really don't have any tips for pimples..... i really need to get more informed on skincare. whenever i get pimples though, i put on my St. Ives Mineral Clay Firming Mask. it seems to help :)

    distinque: that sucks there's no freestanding store over there! good thing you have a pro card though :) i love your blog, i'm going to link it to mine, if you don't mind :D

    anony1 & chiara: thank you :)

    ruby: thanks you are so sweet :) i know when i first started out with fluidline, it took me a long time to get it okay. even now it's not as perfect as others out there, but i'm getting some where. what kind of brush do you use? sometimes that can make a huge difference, i always use a 266 or 209, but the 266 is better for me. i'm not offended at all about the barbie look, i actually have a look that i do that i like to call the "Asian Barbie" look :) i'll do something on that later!

    mandy: thanks for your input! i think i will keep it, i haven't figured out exactly how i like to use it, but oh well, practice practice practice :)

    gemma: thank you dear! happy halloween to you too! i hope you have a safe one!

    iamgrape1119: i got a sample of it from the MAC store on my last haul, so far i really like it. it seems to depuff my sleepy eyes and it makes putting on concealer a lot more smooth. i might get a full-size one soon. i'll try to take pics so that y'all can see the results!

    bananaz: thank you :) i do break out every now and again, especially during my monthly and times of stress. i was stressed out recently and broke out like crazy on my nose... but its going away now!

    d0rksta: that sucks about their window... i hope it's fixed soon!

    mary: hey girl! i've missed you on abb. i've been looking for your blog again, so i can link it to mine as well :)

    sookie: i lined the upper lashline with blacktrack fluidline and a 266 brush. then i applied smolder eye kohl to the waterline :)

    dee: i bought the tee from delias. i think it says something like "i heart peace" at least that's what it said in the catalog.

  16. "why are you so worried about beieng mean? why dont u loosen up a little, in every sentence your all "not tryyna be mean" blah blah.. gah id hate to be your friend. you seem like youve never had fun in your life. your too goody goody, and thats a bad thing. no wonder why your boyfriend is a loser"

    i'd rather be a goody goody than an ass like you. how about you actually put your name on your comment, are you scared of being found out wimp? i care about other people's feelings, unlike you who are just plain rude. if you don't like me and my goody goody attitude, don't come on my blog. don't read my entries. grow up instead of trying to make me feel bad, what are you, 10 years old? you need to learn manners. just because it's the internet doesn't mean you can go around spilling filth all over the place. and don't even try to pretend that you know me or how i am in real life. i would hate to have a friend like you, a person who judges them constantly and who would rather change the person instead of liking them for who they are. i don't even have to stand up for my man because anyone who knows him knows he has a good heart and smart mind. get off my blog.

  17. i'm trying to read your yellow tee all i can see is "i love" in chinese...

    haha i take ppl cracks for fun too... some just gross me out soo much!

  18. I don't think you're trying to be a goody goody...just because you're considerate and sensitive to other people's feelings doesn't make you a bad person. The reason why I like your blog so much is because you seem genuinely interested in helping girls with their makeup and stuff as opposed to being vain and narcissistic like other girls on the internet. Don't change who you are Stephie! Continue being sweet and continue those tutorials that I look forward to so much ;)

  19. first off, happy halloween stephienese! cool, i def. love the white eyeliner waterline on you. i personally love white eyeliners myself and i enjoy reading your "crack" stories, it cracks me up ahaha.

  20. oh yeah, i've seen lotsa cracks myself too. it's pretty gross.

  21. The white liner makes you look even more gorgeous! Keeeep it :] I was wondering if you can post your skin regime because you're so flawless. Thanks love!

  22. OH I was just about to ask you what you thought about white eyeliner, perfect timing :). I am new to this white eyeliner thing too. I just bought one about two weeks ago.. Yet when I tried it on, it looked quite odd on me. I was wondering if it only looks good on certain eyes? It looks good on you and on Tyra Banks (she says "The best investment for a woman is white eyeliner!").. I'm not sure what it is. I think I'm either just not used to it... or maybe I'm not putting it on right? Silly question but..is there really a right way to apply it?

    Besides all that, funny post =). Sorry if I rambled Lol.

  23. LOL gotta love the cracks..

    I was at a food court place at the uni I work at and I passed by this guy..good looking, fit..passed by his backside and OH MY DAMN! It was a good 4 INCHES of crack >< And lemme tell you..it was hairy. I won't go into details..although I think I've already given out tmi.

    Anyway, love the first FOTD! The l/s looks great, must get :D


  24. hahaha this was a funny post!
    cant wait for the mod look! :)
    and i just really want to thank you for all your help~ i'm sure its tiring to keep posting and making tutorials but really you've helped me a lot~ and i'm sure other girls feel the same way~ ignore all the haters their just jealous~

  25. Hey Stephie! Of course you can link my site to yours. That's be awesome. Thanks so much!! (=

    Oh & sorry to hear about your side mirror but the crack stories are pretty funny. hehe :D

  26. ahahaha, the crack story is SO CUTE!

  27. =[[[[[
    i wanna see a vid on the blue look its gorgeous!

  28. these looks are fantastic! your lips look stunning, i wish mine looked like that!



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