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Any other Final Fantasy 7 fans in the house?!?!?! :D

Asides from MAC, I'm a total addict to FF games. And my all-time favorite game EVER is Final Fantasy 7. I'm not quite sure what it is about the game that entices me. Maybe it's the dramatic love triangle or complex strategical features.... I don't know, I love it.

I started out thinking it was a total joke. My brother was playing it on the computer (yes FF7 on the PC), and I thought he was just a total dork. This was when I was in, oh I'd say 5th or 6th grade... I don't quite remember when it was. I tried it out one day (my parents refused to buy us a gaming system because we would get too distracted), and yes I was hooked. I'm kind of thinking there's something subliminal in the game, since most people I know seem to love it (those who have played it). Anyways, the PC game was very unstable, and when I got up to Cosmo Canyon, my game would freeze once I got into the astronomy lab. So there I was, stuck. I kept trying over and over again to get it to work, but it wouldn't. I gave up and put my love of FF7 on a hiatus for a good 6 or 7 years.

Anyways, I moved back to LA for those years (not due to the game, psshhh come on!), then in 2005 I moved back to TX to start college. I didn't plan to play the game again so I just asked my brother if he still had it, just to see it for old times' sake. He did, so I read the manual thing & felt my affection for the game to come up again. So I popped it into my mom's laptop & holy camoly it worked! So there I was again, a 17 year old college freshman, playing a kids game (what some say it is to be). As always, the damn game kept giving me difficulties, technologically speaking, shutting down, freezing, etc etc.

Then the fateful day came, BLACK FRIDAY of last year. PS2s were on sale so I swiped one up because I'd never had my own gaming station. Stupidly I grabbed up the Final Fantasy 7 Dirge of Cerberus ($50) game as well because I thought it would have the same battle scenarios, you know go into a whole different battle screen instead of having to try shooting people whic I don't like. Anyways, you have to shoot people and run around... ugh it's not my thing. I like more of a story and not so much of having to click a million things at once. Total waste of my money and I still have it and stare at it with disappointment. I also picked up FFX, FFX-2, & Xenosaga.

But I digress, so I got into a whole bidding war on Ebay to get my FF7 PSX game. Damn those things are expensive! Seroiusly, poeple are making big bucks off the original PS1 game as well as the "Greatest Hits" version which to my knowledge is just the same game released again due to popular demand... I may be wrong. I finally won my game for $60 (my honie thought I was a lunatic), as well as TWO FF8 games. Two because the first one I bought for like $20 didn't have the booklet thing in it & I'm really anal about things like that so I bought another for the same price. And I bought an FF9 I think it is... I have yet to open it.

Anyways back to my FF7. I had a bitch of a time finding a memory card that would work with my PS2 platform and save my FF games. After purchasing 3 or 4 off ebay that didn't work because they had to be modified or whatever, a friend of mine offered me his old PSX memory card :D I was super happy. I played my game to my hearts content, except here's the weird thing.

I've already watched the FF7 Advent Children movie so I'm pretty sure I know the ending to the game. But for some reason, each time I get to the last mission, going to the mountain to fight Sephiroth, I have a sudden urge to not play anymore. I'm guessing I don't want the game to end LOL wow I'm a dork.

I hope y'all get a semi-look into my mind. I have other addictions besides makeup so don't judge a book by it's cover eh?

The main reason I wanted to ramble is because of this video:

There's been a few discussions on it on FFForums.net Some people say it's just a demo of the PS3's capabilities. Some say they are remaking the game to improve the graphics. I agree with the latter. That's like the main reason I want a PS3 is because of this game and a few other FF games coming out on PS3. I hope they aren't modifying the story line or battle techniques... JUST the graphics and maybe add some voices on the characters. But that's all I want! LOL anyways, just thought I'd share :)


  1. Oh god, I want a PS3 so badly. The wireless controllers alone are impressive enough for me to splurge. I have the Wii. It's fun, but I want something new to play with! I've never been a FF fan myself. I didn't like takin turns to kill a monster... so impatient! But even I can appreciate the awesome graphics and characters. I'm definitely a Zelda FANatic myself. :) How I miss being a kid and playing games all day...

  2. i know! i miss it too :( i keep thinking that when i do have down-time, i want to play but then i end up doing something makeup related :D

  3. Lol, i don't play FF but i like watching it whenever the CG comes on. those romantic scenes are wayyy too romantic to miss hahah. it's just too cute! i don't remember what ff7 is like but my favorite (after watching my bro played and constant dropping in to see the CGS) is the one that has yuna (i think that's her name...-_-"). btw, is it just me or do the girls in FF are always in slutty clothings? lol.

    i agree w/ feifei, Wii is really fun! have u tried it yet?

  4. yuna is in FF10 and 10-2. i love that one too :)

    i haven't tried out wii but my honie did at the mall.... it looks alright. i want the ps3 more though! hehehe

    i have no clue why the girls always look like that. not all of them are slutty clothed but at least one in each game is hahaha....

  5. That vid is extremely old. It was just a demo graphic demo for the release of PS3. How do I know? I went to the game convention in Penn when they showed graphic sketches and vids of how well PS3 graphics was going to catch the eyes of gamers. PS3 unfortunately did not do so well on release. Not only did the system lack games, but there was a big error on the console itself. I too am I HUGE FF7 fan, my main love for it is the story behind Sephiroth.

  6. P.S. It will be a crime to redo the original FF7 storyline. It's bad enough they made a game based on Vincent who I think is a total crap shit in the entire game. RED XIII FTW as well!

  7. If you enjoy FF AMVs, please check out the ones I created last yr. I have yet to create another due to the lack of inspiration on FFXII. I don't enjoy playing it as much. I also think FFX's battle controls sucked, but the storyline was extremely too romantic for an FF trilogy.

    My FF AMVs: http://www.youtube.com/user/tifamyspace

  8. Cloud is and always will be the COOLEST and best looking male character in all the FF games/movies! No one can beat his kool-ness =]
    yes..thats my ramble on FF.
    Its true to never judge a book by its cover. I would've never guessed your other passion besides makeup would be FF. Thats super kool thou...i have the most random obsessions too!


  9. lurve: that's so awesome! i was watching the tribute to rinoa and squall but had to stop because i don't want to spoil the ending :) yeah i'm weird. i got to the near end of ff8 and stopped because i don't want it to end! lol!

    wow i am so jealous that you saw that at the convention. i would have loved it! i just thought that if they put so much effort to show the fixed graphics that they would go all the way. but i keep hoping that they will at least update the graphics of ff7 like in the movie. that would be awesome!

    i know, i was so pissed off when i saw that it was about vincent.... wtf?!!?!?! but i don't understand what you mean about red... i guess because i didn't get far into the dirge of cerberus game.

    you're great! i love the amvs you created and how you cleared the pictures so well. i love tifa! i always name her stephanie... i know i'm such a loser :D i have yet to play ff12... i really want to try it though. i did enjoy ff10, i think because i'm such a romantic at heart that i don't care that its more sappy than the others. what did annoy me every now and again was tidus' voice & laugh.... what the hellzzzz?!?!?! hehe..

    so the ps3 isn't that great huh? what about ff13 coming out on it. i mean if they are releasing more ff games, i definitley want to play them. hopefully sony can fix whatever problems are in the ps3s.

    Pris: i know i love cloud! i would totally date him if he were real.... shows you what a nerd i am. but yeah i do have other random obsessions that i'll be sharing soon :)

  10. yr totally not alone stephie! when i read yr interests in the sidebar i took a doubletake when i saw that FF games were an obsession of yrs! i've played FF1, FF5, FF6, FF7, FF8, FF10, FF10-2 and FF12. FF7 is still by far my favourite and i replay it every so often cos i'm crazy. (and i'm 21) i just hate breeding chocobos though! anyway it is really sad when you finish the game...but oh well, you do need to eventually, some time. anyway it has great replay value so i'm sure you'll be revisiting it sometime again in the future. mac and ff addicts unite!

  11. Alas, there are no plans to remake 7 (although it would be KICK ASS); a friend of mine is the QA manager over at Square-Enix in LA, and as he knows what they're working on for the next year at least...sadness :(

    Anyway, if you can, you should try to pick up FF9 as well - the graphics are better, and the story is very sweet. And FF12 has pirates and a new battle system, so you might like that as well, but it was really too political - story wise, at least - for me personally! (Although woo for pirates. SKY pirates, even.)

    For sure FF13 is coming out on the PS3, and from what I've heard, it's supposed to be very cool (at least graphically).

  12. Stephie, you have awesome taste. I love my PS2!! Yes, I too am a total FF seriers nerd and if what you say is true, I'm about to grab me a PS3! Between makeup, my PS2, my Wii, and my GameCube, I'm fully occupied. And Wow, too. Heh. Nerd, I am.


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