Femme Gold and Black

I got a request from my girl Blueprint on ABB to create this look. Of course, since ABB is my first home, I try to get them done quickly.... I forgot to add that I put some New Vegas MSF on my lids as well to give it some extra pigment.

Anyways, I actually had never used my Gorgeous Gold e/s. It's a pretty color, but I think if I wear this look again, I'll want to add an even more gold color, maybe some gold glitter would make it yummier :)

FACE (done before the video)
MAC Studio Finish Concealer (252 brush)
MAC Studio Tech (190 brush)
GA Micro-fil Powder (181se brush)
MAC Emote Blush (168 brush)
MAC Fleurry Blush (168 brush)
MAC New Vegas MSF (168 brush)

MAC Indianwood Paint Pot (242 brush)
MAC Gorgeous Gold e/s (252 brush)
MAC Cloudburst e/s (217 brush)
MAC Brule e/s (224 brush)
MAC Carbon e/s (219 brush)
MAC Photograveure Technakohl Liner
MAC Nightfish Fluidline (266 brush)
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

MAC Masque Lipstick
MAC Nothingless Lipglass

Jo Omeara "What Hurts The Most"
8mm "Forever and Ever Amen"
Brightwood "Sit Still"


  1. looks good babe!
    awesome awesome tutorials! how do you come out with so many so fast? lol im glad you do because i love love love them! :) love the hair and makeup together in this one! take care! :)

  2. STEPHIE! IT'S PERFECT! i want to hug youuuuuu!

    i'm going to go and try my best to get my paws on new vegas msf, and im def getting that paint pot (my first one!) thanks so much - i'll try to take pics when i (attempt) to recreate this. this was so awesome of you - thanks. <3<3<3

  3. Damn...I can't hardly catch up w/ all your vids! lol..what happened to "slowing down" when u talked about it a couple of days back? :P well, the more the better!!! keep 'em coming!! I just love it when I check your blog/youtube and there are like 2-3 of them at the same time! makes me feel like hitting a jackpot lol :P.

    anyway, this is definitely a more softer smokey out of all your vids. i adore it! thanks hun!

  4. i love this gold and black look. Its perfect. But i agree with you on the gold glitter to add a little umphhh to it. Good luck on ur midterms stephie!


  5. Hey Stephie!

    this is Snugglebunny from ABB =)

    I love reading your blogs but I can't read them that well because my eyes actually hurt seeing the hot pink and leopard together XD

    I really hope I didn't sound rude there Stephie because I honestly wasn't trying to be. I just got really dizzy in reading so I decided to ask if you're able to change the color to a softer one so it won't be as harsh to the eyes.

    I'm not quite sure if anyone else has the same problem as me. Maybe I just have sensitive eyes? I don't know ^^()

    but anyhoo, I really hope you aren't mad at me for asking of the layout color change. I just really like reading your blog and being able to read it without my eyes seeing swirlies after my eyes get off the monitor screen lol.

    keep up the great work and makeup! thank you!

  6. I just wanna say that your hair looks awesome!!! :)

  7. angie: yeah i know, so much for slowing down :) naw i finished my marketing exam and i don't have exams until next next week. so i just wanted to celebrate :)

    snugglebunny: you haven't been the only one. one other person said my other layout, the black and white stripes, was too much on the eyes so i'll try to figure out how to fix this one!

    anonymous: thank you :)

  8. wow, your hair looks great! did you curl with a straightening iron? what product did you use?

    anyhoo, keep up the GREAT work and good luck on your exams! i was an accounting major, too!

  9. i used a curling iron... i'll have to do a tutorial on it :) i actually got the idea from pursebuzz and lynav on youtube. but i guess it wouldn't hurt to put up my own way of doing it :)

    i used my revlon curling iron (it saved itself from my trash can, which it was just days away from being sent into), then set it with some hairspray... i don't remember the same of it right now since i'm not at my house. also i attempted to add some volume at the top with some bed head stuff. i'll have to show y'all it later.

  10. Lots of tips and articles on the exam thematic here


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