FOTD 10.28.07 & New Items

I've been wearing my McQueen shadows a lot. I like them by themselves, instead of trying to put all three color together. In my last video, I was wearing Haunting e/s over Other Worldly paint pot. I tried out my Nile e/s over Elektro Sky paint pot. I find that Nile is a lot more chalky than Haunting. Nile, in consistency, seems similar to Bang on Blue. If you can tell in the pictures I took, the shadow doesn't look as opaque as when I wore the Haunting e/s. Mind you, this was after a five hour shift at the restaurant. However, my eye shadow looked the same as it did when I applied it in a rush this morning. Oh well.

Another thing too is that for some reason, I broke out all over my nose. Not the extremely noticeable ones, but the ouchie, under the skin ones. I have no idea why that happened. I'm hoping it's from stress because the only new product I've been using on my face is MAC Prep + Prime Skin... it works great and helps the application of foundation. I'm seriously hoping it isn't from that, but for now I've put the primer away until my skin clears up.


MAC Studio Tech NC35
Giorgio Armani Micro-fil Loose Powder
MAC Sunbasque Blush

MAC Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader (please don't mind my ugly brows, I need a wax)
MAC Elektro Sky Paint Pot (only up to my crease)
MAC Nile e/s
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
MAC Smolder Eye Kohl Pencil
Shiseido Mascara Base & Lifting Mascara

MAC Tenderbaby Tendertone


Yesterday I went to the MAC store to hook some of my friends up with some makeup. I told them, it's not my fault if you get a makeup addiction!.... Well it kind of is... heheheh ;P My honie will be mad if his lil sister gets into makeup the way I am.... at least there will be more in the family like that :D Anyways, they bought eyeshadows, while I got the following....

I got a brush palette and three new blushes. Dollymix is one I've been lemming. Sunbasque is what my future-sister-in-law got (Phuong, the one in my party pictures) and it was used on me on my last makeover so I decided to get one as well. Then my friend Vega wanted Prism Blush because the MUA recommended it. It looks boring in the pan, but on her.... OMGOSH! Her cheekbones POPPED! It was delish.... so I got it :) The full-size 168 is uber soft, about 100% softer than the SE one I have... and the 227 is one I've wanted, it looks great for highlighting.

I bought the three pigments from the Antiquitease Color Collection. I don't have many pigments, but have tons of shadows so I think I'll be getting more piggies soon. I didn't buy one of the palettes because I don't find any of the colors truly unique.... I'm not sure if I want to drop $36 on colors that I can find a dupe of later. I just like the packaging :) I may end up waiting for the palettes to go on sale at a CCO, which is where I bought my Holiday '06 Intense Eyes Palette. I'd rather save my money for the pigments, sparkle eye liners, and cream shadows (I want them all!). My Graphblack Technakohl Liner ran out yesterday... may it rest in peace :) So I bought Smolder Eye Kohl (opthamologist approved for the waterline) to try it out and if I don't like it, I'll go back to my Graphblack. I also got Fascinating because I don't have a white liner.... so I can finally record my Mod Doll video now :D What else, oh Uppity Fluidline. This was just a whim purchase. Do I really need a gold fluidline? Will I ever wear it? We'll just have to see, but I do see it being a beautiful base :)

I received these amazing pigment samples from my sister :) If y'all want to get some great pigment samples, check out her blog here. I got pigment samples of Teal, Blue, Sweet Sienna, and Your Ladyship. I love them, thank you Nessa-babe! <3333 br="" you="">


On another note, I've become addicted to reading Dawn Yang's blog. I think she's gorgeous! And her lifestyle seems like it's a ton of fun! I have never known about her or Arissa until a reader commented about Arissa in my last post on Dawn Yang.

I looked at Arissa Friendster and I think she's also gorgeous! OMG and I love her style, she seems like she is pretty rich with all the high-end items she has... I'm not saying that's a bad thing, it seems like a nice life to live! Of course that will probably always be a fantasy of mine, to be rich without a worry in the world. I can dream right? But reality isn't bad either....

Anywhoodle, the reason I bring her up is because the commenter who gave me her link said that Dawn was trying to look like Arissa. After seeing Arissa's pictures, (only having seen Dawn's pictures first before finding about Arissa), I must say they do seem similar, but I don't think Dawn is trying to copy Arissa. I don't know, I prolly don't have enough info... but it doesn't really matter to me. I like both of their blogs & think they both are gorgeous. What I especially LOVE about them both is how the chunk up the deuces :) LOL of course I would love that! They seem to have amazing and fun lives, and I think it's fun how they share it with others.... but that's me.

Alrighty, enough babbling. I gotta sleep now, so good night!


  1. Great Haul! I just got the 227 brush and I love it! It's a great blender brush. I'm a hello kitty fanatic too. I just bought a hello kitty makeup mirror that's lighted.

  2. Hi! I just wanted to comment on your makeup skills! You're almost a pro! Anyways, while reading your blog, I checked out Dawn and Arissa's blogs and they seem to live very fun lives! I have to admit I sometimes like to read people's blogs too. If you like Dawn and Arissa's, you should check out kittycaht.com. Her site's on hiatus right now but you can look through her archives, she seems to live a privileged life style too similar to Dawn's with alot of traveling and fun. You can also find her older archives at kittycaht.blogspot.com and she's also on youtube too. Let me know what you think!

  3. oOOh nice haul sis! I am loving it! I see you got the full-sized pigments, aren't they gorgeous!??? I can't wait till Curiositease comes out with the piggie sets! I am excited!

  4. I love Dawn Yang as well, her blog is great and she's super gorgeous, intelligent, and living a fun life! Hmm i also don't think she is trying to copy Arissa. Anyway similarities are bound to happen with some ppl right. i read somewhere that Arissa got jealous and was the one who started spreading that rumor, but not very sure how true.

    Anyway love your makeup skills they're terrific! You have so many pigments, really tempting me to go on a makeup buying spree!

  5. I am new to ur blog and i must say ur makeup skill is mind blowing. I have a q and it is ot.

    I have a question about an asian sunscreen which everyone seems to be raving about.sofina uv lucent - is it the best & the most popular in all of asia?? apparently it is very light and not greasy at all.

    any suggestions.I'd appreciate any input from all the lovely ladies here. ty:)

  6. hi distinque! great blog you've got going :) i can't wait to see more posts... what a cute mirror! can you post a pic on your blog? where did you find it? i want i want! :P

    anony1: i'll check out her site, thanks for the link! :)

    ate: i know, i fell in love with the piggies you sent me so i had to have the full-size lol :) i can't wait for the piggie sents also! i wish it came in now now now!

    anony2: go on the makeup spree, you know you want to :) hehehehe i'm not helping am i? :D

    anony3: i think i've heard of it... is it the korean brand that jessica alba is promoting? i'm not really all that sure since i don't have any products strictly from asia... i'd love to hear more about it though too, so hopefully someone else has a clue!

  7. i love your eyeshadow & the new products you got! :D

  8. Love everything you bought Stephie! I have a couple of questions for you. I notice that sometimes you use brushes with the white bristles and sometimes with the black or brown bristles...what is the difference? Which do you prefer for eyeshadow application?

    Also I've just started using the shadestick as a base and I notice that of course the color comes out brighter and truer with the base but on areas where there is no base the color looks different and there is almost a line of demarcation and makes it hard to blend. Do you apply your paintpots or shadesticks up to the brows or do you stop at the crease? I just ordered painterly and can't wait to use it but I'm not sure if I know how to correctly. Any advice would be great! Thanks

  9. Stephie! How do you like the pigments? I want to purchase them all! What do you use pigments for? Can you use them as eyeshadow? Did you buy any of the mineralized eyeshadows?

  10. that liner wing is amazing! you used to say you needed a tutorial on it but from the looks of it you don't need one anymore :) what liner brush do you use btw?

  11. primer can clog your pores and stuff.... try using Smashbox photo finish or bare essentuals prime time.

  12. i use a mac paint in the tube... not sure what the "official" name is... hahaha... and my eye makeup still wears off in a few hours... i can't BELIEVE yours stays like that after a five hour work shift!!! seriously, i go nuts. i wear the pigments, wet or dry, the mineralize e/s, the regular e/s, the powerpoint eyeliners water/smudge proof, yet my eye makeup looks like crap in a couple of hours! what am i doing wrong?!

  13. dawn yang is rilly pretty but i like ur blog better. :]

  14. Very Pretty Stephie! You have to tell us how you like Uppity..I've been eyeing it because it's such a pretty color, but hmm how often will I use it? lol

  15. the prism blush looks great...i might need to check that out next time i go to MAC! im so excited for the mod doll look tutorial. i looooooooooved that look on you.

  16. hey stephie, im going to a wedding next next friday, and i was wondering if you could put together a makeup look that i can use for the wedding? i was thinking more of a classy look.. with the warmer colors. charcoal, peach, beige? something like that. if you could, thatd be great! :)

  17. Another fab job as usual! I loooove how you matched the blue shadow with a yellow outfit. It's all about primary colors baby! :D

    I'm glad you gained something from my blog...an addiction to Dawn Yang's blog :P Seriously, who wouldn't want Dawn Yang or Arissa's life? Hot, rich, fun, intelligent...Where do I sign up?!

    As for sunscreen, Asian brands rock! I personally haven't tried Sofina, but here's a tip - look out for those that say "SPF ___+++" The triple plus means it protects against UVA and UVB rays. Most of them (Asian sunscreens) are formulated to be watery in texture so as not to clog pores and eliminate stickiness. Hope that helps!

  18. arissa real pretty, i think she looks more korean then chinese!!

    you dont like sushi?

    i love that stuff and the korean food looks delicious!!

    oooo my request for wednesday is how to do the makeup in your blogspot profile pic.. i really like that look!


  19. love it! ur eyes are so big and pretty and you have a gorgous complexion. what is your skin regimen? do you break out easily? overall u look beautiful

  20. i don't understand why people keep on saying that arissa looks more korean than chinese. so does that mean only koreans can look pretty and chinese can't?

    anyways, steph i love your blog. your makeup skills is amazing! keep on doing what you do best! :)

  21. yes ladies, the mod doll look is definitely going to be my next makeup tutorial! i've been meaning to do it for MONTHS now... lol so i'm so glad y'all are patient enough to wait... not too much longer, just until my exam is over on thursday!

    thanks dorksta! you're always such a sweetie :)

    anony1: the color of the bristles don't really matter to me, i use different colored brushes because mac makes different colored brush hairs... i think it has something to do with what kind of animal hair it is coming from. i don't see a difference in application with a white or dark colored brush, they all work amazing :) my fave shadow placement brush is the 239 and for blending it's a tie between the 217 and 224. the only thing i don't like about white haired brushes is that they get stained and i don't like them looking dirty :( but the good thing is that you can see how much product you have on the brush :)

    it depends on what colored base i'm using. i always apply udpp from lashline to brow since it blends right into my skintone and it acts as a base for higlight and for my paints (not that the paints or shadesticks need a base). i think you can do the same with painterly since it is a nude color. i also do the same for rubenesque p/p and stillife paint because though they are colored, they are natural enough to go on my whole eye area and add shimmer. indianwood is the same if you have a darker skintone. with colored bases like the new mcqueen paint pots, blackground, greenstroke, fresco rose, sea me shadestick etc, i only apply it up to or past my crease (depending on how far up i'm bringing my shadows) so that my whole eye (lash to brow) isn't just color. hth!

    anony2: pigments are great. they give such awesome color, the only downside is that if you aren't careful, you can get crazy amounts of fallout while applying. i'm in the process of buying some mixing medium so that i can use my pigments wet, but you can moisten your brush then tap it into some pigment and pack it onto your eye before sweeping. i use it on my eyes, some can be used on the lips and face for a highlight. i own almost all of the mineralized e/s from the antiquitease collection besides mi'lady... i'm not that into red eye shadow... i'm going to do some looks with them once i'm done with my tests on thursday.

    arashi: thank you! yeah i got too impatient for a liner tutorial so i just practiced a bit.. it's not great but at least i'm getting there... slowly :) i'm using the 266 brush.

    anony3: thank you for the advice. i was using smashbox but wanted to try out mac since i <3 mac. i'm really hoping it's just stress otherwise i have to go back to smashbox.

    mandee: hmm... that sounds like a pickle :D sorry i'm craving them right now for some reason... anywhoodle, try packing the shadows on more. what i do is before sweeping the shadows or pigments, i pack it onto the area i want it in a dabbing motion, then sweep it out, it helps to really get the powders to stay... otherwise.... maybe it's the primer? i like to ensure my paints or bases are dry before applying shadows on top, then you won't be taking part of the primer off when applying the shadows.

    simply: lol me too! i'm not sure if it will even show up on me :D we'll see and i'll definitely let y'all know!

    anony4: i'll definitely try something for you!

    thank you faux fashionista... i LOVE her blog :D

    bananaz: oh girl, i literally just BROKE OUT on my nose like nobodies bees wax... it sucks, it hasn't happened for such a long time.. maybe it's that time again, you know what i mean. i use cliniques 3 step system. i used to use proactive but i didn't feel like paying for that every month or so.... i'm looking into some mac skincare and will let y'all know about that later.

    anony5: of course that doesn't mean koreans are more beautiful than chinese... all races are beautiful! maybe they are saying that arissa's features look more korean.. i dunnno really! i'm glad you like my blog :)

    now i'm back to studying y'all! shame on y'all for side-tracking me.... hehehehe you know i'm playing... <3 y'all! hope you all are having a great night :D

  22. thanks for all the hardwork you put in to sharing all this 411! AND the tutorials, i love 'em steph! i know you said you didn't purchase any of the holiday palettes, but i was wondering if you knew how the smokey eyes in royal assets compares to the smoke signals palettes.

    also steph, i was wondering if you could one day do a pro/con on the foundations that you do own... bc i've noticed you have a lot of the foundations i'm lemming. haha

    thanks! :)

  23. i agree that Arissa is gorgeous! I don't think she looks korean because her eyes are so big. I think dawn yang is scary looking though. She looks so plastic. I like your blog stephie cuz you're so genuine and down to earth...not to mention pretty :)

  24. Hi stephie,

    I like your fotd so much.. I am thinking of getting either one of the mcQueen collection. Which one do you like better? The Haunting or the Nile?


  25. i always love ur rocking fotd's!! they're so chic and fun to do! btw, just wanna say thanks for doing the brush set review. i got the face brush set before your vid was posted but it definitely gave me some info about the quality. stylistic collection is coming out w/ some brush sets too. i want to see how that will do.

    so what did u do for fun on halloween, girlie? post up your halloween night face, whether u did anything or not. :P ooh, dollymix looks gorgeous on u. it's one of my favs too!! i just got 5 more blushes from CCO, all in the permanent collection. CCO rocks! ^-^

    p.s. what exactly did you do w/ ur 227 brush? i've heard about the blender brush but i've never used it before.


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