From School Sweet to Party SweetER - Blues

Because I love my Ate Lurve :) I tried my best to create a look that could be used with the MAC Delft Paint Pot. Since I don't own it (surprise!) I used Royal Wink Fluidline.

I originally went to school with just the bare minimum, face stuff with eyeliner and mascara. So if you ever are in a rush to go from your sweet school face to sweeter party face, I hope my video gives you some ideas.

Another of my addictions, Red Bull. I know it's not good in large amounts, but I try to not drink them as much. They're great for cramming days though! Plus, it tastes like liquified sour gummy worms :) yummmay!

Victoria Secret Oil Blot Sheets
MAC Renewal Defense Charged Water
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC20 (252 brush)
MAC Studio Tech Foundation NC35 (252 brush)
Giorgio Armani Micro-fil Powder (129 brush)
MAC Mellow Rave Highlight Powder (168 brush)
MAC Whim Blush (168 brush)
MAC Star! Iridescent Powder (168 brush)

MAC Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader (Shiseido 6 brush)
MAC Royal Wink Fluidline (242 brush)
MAC Beige-ing Shadestick
MAC Moonflower e/s (ghetto big fluffy brush)
MAC Bang on Blue e/s (239 brush)
MAC Moon's Reflection e/s (239 brush)
MAC Blue Storm e/s (239 brush)
MAC Freshwater e/s (219 brush)
MAC Brule e/s (217 brush)
MAC Mystery Kohl Power
MAC Graphblack Technakohl Liner
Covergirl Lash Exact Mascara

MAC Pink Edge Lipglass Pencil
MAC Bountiful Plushglass

Quietdrive "Time After Time"
Rhianna featuring Ne-Yo "Hate That I Love You"


  1. You got bangs! or maybe you got them a long time ago and hid them in your hair pouff. It looks super cute!

    Anyhoo, nice tutorial and easy on the Red Bull... even though its healthier than coke I believe.


  2. i've always had bangs, but yeah i was hiding them in my hair pouf. back in may, i let my honie cut my bangs... BAD idea lol :) i then went to a psycho hairdresser who cut my bangs really really short. they finally started to grow out and i tried to get another stylist in LA to fix them but she made them short again and stringy!!! aghhhh!!! so they've been growing out... i miss them :( lol they aren't too bad now, but still a little too short

  3. What a fun look!
    Kinda reminds me of the blue makeup on Jessica Alba's eyes in Rise of the Silver Surfer.

    Great job :)

  4. hey gorgeous i absolutely adore your blog =) im luving all the looks and can't wait to try some of them out, keep up the good work!

  5. both looks great and i see the background change, much easier on the eye! ^_^

  6. jusl: yeah i'm glad someone else thought the same because when i first installed the other layout, it did seem slightly bright but i wasn't sure if it was just me :) but i like the new layout now, i lovessss leopard print!

    and thank you all ladies! y'all are awesome!

  7. Great tut ate :) And mmm Red Bull! :D

  8. You look pretty in blue... unlike me! Great work!

    I was wondering, does the UDPP makes your eyeshadow stay on long? Does it crease?

  9. out of all the foundations that you use, which one do you like best?

  10. great tutorial! btw, u have flawless skin!! what do u use?

  11. did anyone ever tell you that you kinda look like that pinay actress named Aubrey Miles...you're pretty! I'm straight ok...haha...i just love the way you put on your make up...good job!

  12. dorksta: udpp doesn't crease at all & keeps my shadows vibrant all day. i always wear it even when i wear a paint pot. i just layer the paint pot over the udpp and the udpp helps it last all day and acts as my highlight color base :)

    anony1: i love my giorgio armani luminous silk foundation. i don't wear it often because i like to use it on special occasions. second to that is MAC studio tech.

    anony2: i use the clinique three step system. i use the dramatically different lotion at night because it's very heavy on me & mac studio moisture fix in the morning.

    trish: actually one person said that before in a recent comment on my blog! i had to google her because i don't know her..... but i'm totally flattered because she's gorgeous! :)

  13. hey stephie! i looove your hair! its soo pretty! and btw your tutorials has helped me soo so much! thanks for posting and making videos~
    also i have a request (if its not too much trouble) can you do a tutorial for the mod eyes look~ thank you :)

  14. I agree, this hairdo makes u look absolutely gorgeous in that soft, sweet kind of girl-next-door way!!! not a lot of people can pull off blue b/c it tends to reminisce of those 80s days but u did a fantastic job, as always! i adore the look!!! thanks a lot for posting, babe, and for taking your time out to do it!! ^-^

  15. Hi :)

    Im really starting to like ur blog now and I'm learning heaps! Its really cool to see ur hobbies etc. I just had a question about the new Mac Mattene collection. Are there any nude coloured lipstick shades that you would recommend? Something that really washes out your lips because mine is really pigmented and most 'nude' lipsticks still stand out too much.

    Thanks again!

  16. i think flattering is a really nice nude color with a slight hint of pink. also cafe matte looks like a nice nude color (caramel) but i haven't tried it out personally.

    a trick i use (and that i used for my mod doll look which is my profile picture) is to put concealer on before i put my lipstick on. my lips are really pigmented so the concealer helps neutralize my lips and then you can see the actual color of the lipstick.

  17. i love love love this look! the color is sooo vibrant! off topic, i noticed you liked reading historical romance novels. have you tried diana gabaldon's outlander series? it's a great read! it has romance, history, adventure, mystery, and even fantasy... check her out when you can. keep up the great work! you always look so pretty!

  18. hi stephie! i was wondering.. for mac pro do u have to pay for the membership ?

  19. anony1: wow thanks for the recommendation. i haven't checked out her books... YET! i absolutely love Julie Garwood, Betina Krahn, & Judith McNaught. but i will check her out fo sho! :)

    anony2: yes, the mac pro membership fee is $35 per year... it totally makes itself up though with all the benefits (classes, pro-to-pro, discounts, etc).

  20. yup leopard skin looks totally hot with the hot pink you have.

    i went to the Mac stand today they dont sell "MAC Renewal Defense Charged Water", here in london.
    I did buy fluidline though!

    btw.. i been using clinique 3-step for 4-5 years.. but had major breakouts recently, i'm a skin type two, is there any other skin care you use as well?

    finding your tutorials very useful, and theres loads of looks, i try to recreate!

  21. that's cool! are you a professional makeup artist that's how you got your membership?

  22. i'm not a pro, i freelance though so i guess i had enough credentials to get a membership... i consider myself lucky :D lol but seriously, i do makeup for some organization at school when we have an event.

  23. You're making me want to try Giorgio Armani cosmetics...


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