Hair Pouf & Nightime Skin Routine Video

I'm going to be posting my video tutorials that I've created thus far in separate posts, so y'all please be patient. My reason being that I will be creating links on the side bar that will allow people to jump to a certain section, such as FOTDs or Tutorials, and I want them all to be posted before I do that. If y'all have already seen it, then just ignore it, but if not, go ahead and check them out :D LOL I'm hoping that in the future, new readers will be able to navigate my blog easily. I'm no pro at this so please have mercy :P

Originally created on September 12, 2007

I had a few questions about how I did my hair pouf and decided to make a video. This was my first talking tutorial so I was very nervous for some reason :D Also, I did this at nighttime so my lighting was BADDDDD and I'm sorry for that. Hopefully y'all can still see and understand me!

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  1. hehe in london we call hair pouf, "quiffs"


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