Holiday '06 Intense Eyes Palette Tutorial

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Originally created on September 24, 2007

This tutorial was originally requested by Jannax. I found this palette at a CCO so if you want it, I'd go ahead and find it there :D The Cosmetics Company Outlet it a freaking GOLD MINE of LE MAC products, I swear :)

FACE (done before the video except blush)
Smashbox Photo Primer
MAC Renewal Defense Charged Water
MAC Studio Finish Concealer
MAC Studio Tech
Giorgio Armani Micro-fil Loose Powder
MAC Emote Blush (contour)
MAC Fleurry Blush
MAC Belightful Iridescent Powder

MAC Clear Brow Finisher
MAC Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader
MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot
MAC Beige-ing Shadestick
MAC Holiday '06 Intense Eyes Palette:
- With A Twist
- Nightbird
- Gallant
- Till Daybreak
- Phloof!
MAC Nightfish Fluidline
MAC Graphblack Technakohl Liner
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

MAC Love, Henri l/s
MAC Energy 3D Glass

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  1. I am pretty new to putting on eyeshadow. What is UDPP? And what type of brushes did you use to put on the eyeshadows?


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