I Need to Find a New Hobby

I've been into makeup and makeup application since May.... and right now I feel like I've hit a makeup - block. I have a few more videos to edit, but I just haven't felt like doing it.

I also started to realize how much money I spend on makeup.... it's ridiculous. I am going to start cutting back. I have a lot of makeup already that I can work with, so I'm going to try and not buy as much as I have been. What I do want to invest in is some more brushes. Not the brush set ones, but actual full-sized brushes. I don't like some of the SE brushes that I got from the Novel Twist collection. Like the 129 brush, it feels really harsh and it sheds like a cat. At the store, the full-sized brush is super soft.

Also, editing makeup videos take such a long time. I need to concentrate on my schoolwork. So hopefully I can cut down.


  1. I know MAC can definitely leave your wallet empty..but no more makeup videos? You still have to be able to do one whenever a new collection comes out that's all I ask..hehe I love watching your videos, so just know all the hard work you go to edit them pays off!

  2. you said that when lining the waterline using kohl pencil is the best. which MAC eye pencil do you prefer to line the waterline: Eye Kohl, Kohl Eye Power Pencil or TechnaKohl Liner? also, how can i remove the liner from the waterline?

  3. i've been into MAC since forever and was a big time collector, especially w/ e/s. bought all of them, for some i paid ridiculus amounts of money, then never used them b/c i had some safe colors or didn't have the time to do fancy stuff or they just didn't work w/ my skintone and/or style. but i was so addicted that thinking about the upcoming collections made me hyperventilate and lose sleep. how am i gonna buy all these, how am i gonna pay for all that.

    so i sold half of my e/s stash and started buying only what i know i'll use and it is such a relief. i'm still a big mac addict but i don't feel like i have to own every single item. like for a whole year i'm not going to buy any lip stuff b/c they go bad the quickest and i always pick the same pinky nudey beige colors :-))

    as for the brushes, i looove brushes, and they change so much in the overall apperance/application. i'm kinda anal about having all long handled brushes so i never bought any sets. more stuff for palettes imo. :-D

  4. love your blog! and your SOOO PRETTY!!
    anyways.. can you do something about the black and white stripes? it makes my eyes go real funny after i stare at the screen for a while.

  5. i totally agree with you! ever since i started to read livejournal and watch the mac tutorials on youtube, i've spent way WAY too much money on mac- especially on ebay to get things i missed out on... and then to remedy that, i started to go nuts when new collections came out! ARGH. but i think now- ive tried really really hard to restrain myself like you did with the mcqueen collection. in any case though, your tutorials are wonderful and i thought id let you know that your hard work is def appreciated!

  6. Hi Stephie, got to your blog via Specktra. I guess I agree with you about needing to find a new hobby... When I look at my traincases, I keep thinking that all the money I spent on my MAC and various other brands I use is enough to build a house for both of our household helpers in the Philippines. :O

    However, I do love watching your tutorials! They really give me ideas on how to do my own make-up, especially when you do looks from an LE collection from MAC (I just don't have the patience to buy up entire collections), I love trying to re-create them using similar colors from MUFE and MAC. Hopefully, even if you're cutting back on your make-up spending, you'd still be posting tutorials, FOTDs and videos.

    By the way, best of luck on your studies. Maraming salamat sa mga tutorial mo. :)

  7. I too have lately lost tons of interest in spending money on makeup. I've made orders almost every week and have yet to use them all. I noticed how much nicer I look with less colorful eye makeup too *shrugs* must be the change of season lol A break is always good Stephie, besides fall and winter outfits/bags/shoes are so much cuter to invest money on during the yr ;) Or maybe that's just me hehe

  8. chastity: i'll keep trying to do videos. i just really need to cut down on buying a whole bunch of products. like the shadows i swatched for mcqueen, they are super similar, though not exactly the same.

    anonymous: all three of them can be used on the waterline, but the kohl power pencils smudge like crazy on me. i haven't actually tried out the eye kohls but i love technakohl liners.

    jusl: i know, after i put it up and looked at it for a while, it looked really weird. i'm looking for a new layout so i'll try to fix it asap!

    thanks for the support ladies!

  9. lurve: i know. i'm so into buying new clothes and boots right now. i'll probably be passing on a lot of the holiday collection besides the stuff that aren't permanent, like something called diamond powder... depending on if i like it.

  10. Stephie,
    I have brushes from Target and from Sally Beauty Supply but as cheap as they are they're not the softest thing. I'm planning on getting one or two of the brushes sets from the Mac Holiday collection.. which sets would you recommend in terms of brush quality since you have the brushes from the Novel Twist collections and which one isn't worth it and you would rather me getting the full size.


  11. hang: i'm not really sure which brushes are in each brush set. what i did with the novel twist brushes was to try them out and then base my decision on the brushes i liked in the brush set to invest in the full-size ones. i really don't like the 129 and 168 se brushes in the novel twist brush sets. they shed like crazy and feel very harsh. its totally different touching the full-size ones at the mac store. i think the eye brushes are pretty comparable to the full-size ones. it's just the face brushes that i don't like.

  12. "When I look at my traincases, I keep thinking that all the money I spent on my MAC and various other brands I use is enough to build a house for both of our household helpers in the Philippines. :O"

    for some reason i find the phrase above very offensive... maybe it's just me but i don't know...

    anyway, you are great stephie and your hardwork is very much appreciated. good luck with school.:)

    Skye :)

  13. skye: thanks! i guess i've been letting one or two negative comments get to me so it makes me not want to post things. i think i should concentrate on the positive feedback i'm getting, which outnumbers the negative exponentially.

    & i'm not sure if she was meaning to come off as offensive. i took it as a figure of speech.... but we all interpret things differently.

  14. Love your blog....I can totally empathize with your "cutting back" and the SE brushes. I purchased the Novel Twist brush set and they certainly aren't the same.

    New to the MAC world since June and I too have waaay too much. So focus on things that matter and keep perfecting your already amazing skills. Many blessings!

  15. why did u change ur blog's layout? this is one is soo...Woaw! 8S

  16. it's not ridicoulous!!!xD

  17. I know it cost a lot of money, but PLEASE continue your video. You are so good!!!
    I very love your style.
    Buy a little bit less and be more careful in your choices.


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