Keep Faith

I have family in So Cal, and they are in my prayers every single day and night. So are the thousands of other families who had to evacuate their homes. Please keep all of the families whose lives have been affected by the wildfires in your prayers.

I never gave enough credit to fire fighters and volunteers who battle natural phenomenons as this one. I think they deserve a lot of recognition for their efforts. I now have so much respect for people who put themselves in danger to help others. What better action can anyone do?

In any case, they all deserve our support and prayers.


  1. I cant beleive whats happening there, its so sad. You know pursebuzz is from southern cali..

  2. Stephie, I am also praying for the families affected by this tragedy. I hope your family is well. Thanks for putting up this post. The more prayers, the better. Take care.

  3. They are in my prayers!

    BTW, I just made the video review on the mineralized e/s today & I'll edit it later since my cousin is using the comp. The movie maker on this comp sucks!

  4. God bless them

    I live in Australia so we're threatened with what we call "bush fires" every year. It's an ongoing problem as we are such a dry nation - summer temperatures can get up to 45 degrees celcius = 113F for you lot.

    Hope your family and every one else's stays safe

  5. Hope your family's alright Stephie. I'm actually pretty close to the fires, and the air is just terrible..ash everywhere, just makes it difficult to breathe. Sky's all red and everything has a weird yellow/grey/orange glow to it. I just hope the firefighters can contain and extinguish it quickly. My thoughts go out to anyone else out there that has been suffering through the fires.

  6. i read about this in the paper.... my prayers go out to the people out there


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