MAC Review - Alexander McQueen

MAC released the Alexander McQueen collection today, so I went and checked it out. I must say I like it, not lovessss it right now. Perhaps it will grow on me? I do like the paint pots a lot & the MSF, but I still think Mattene is a better collection. Y'all know how I was raving and raving about Mattene? Well, hopefully I'll end up doing that for McQueen, we shall see :)

What I Bought:

Other Worldly Paint Pot
Electro Sky Paint Pot
Pharaoh Paint Pot
Haunting e/s
Nile e/s
Pagan e/s
Masque l/s
Nothingless l/g
Black Karat Kohl Power
Jealous Kohl Power
New Vegas MSF

Here are my video reviews of the McQueen Collection. It's in two parts because I couldn't fit it all into one 10 minute video. Hopefully y'all will watch it & not become too bored :D

MAC Review - Alexander McQueen Collection (Part 1)

MAC Review - Alexander McQueen Collection (Part 2)

When I tried on Masque lipstick at the MAC store, it seemed similar to Out to Shock, just with less pink in it. I really liked how it looked. I tried on the other lipstick (Archetype) but it didn't even show up on me besides a slight golden sheen.

Nothingless lipglass is very pretty, it adds just a slight amount of shimmer. White Magic was also nice, but it didn't hold my attention too much. It didn't have any noticeable pigmentation on my lips, so I passed on it.


I love the paint pots that came out. They are all a cream formula, so there isn't any pearls or shimmer in the cream. It looks great with the corresponding eyeshadow or with another shadow, such as a Matte^2 shadow.


Two more kohl power pencils were released. Feline is also from the Blue Storm Collection so I already bought that one. I did get the Jealous and Black Karat Kohl Power pencils. Jealous looks amazing! I'm including some swatches of Jealous vs. Mystery and Black Karat vs. Orpheus.


The eyeshadows are really pretty, they all are a Satin finish. They are slightly similar to some shadows released, besides that some are more shimmery than the McQueen shadows.


Lastly, I bought the New Vegas MSF. It does look different than the Gold Spill MSF released in the Flashtronic Collection. Gold Spill has more of a chunky glitter, and New Vegas has more fine particles. Also, New Vegas is a pretty golden beige highlight. I know it's a repromote from another collection & from what I've heard, it may be sold out quickly, so if you like it, be sure to get it.

I hope y'all liked it! I'm in the process of editing two videos, a green & teal video, and a blue video for my ate Lurve. Thanks for checking in!


  1. Wow girl you bought everything.. I'm so jealous lol I hope you don't mind me asking but Where do you get all this money from? Lol you baller haha K thanks for the review :) Ttyls

  2. nice haul! i noticed you have a link to the macpro site. are you a member? if so, what do you have to do to get a membership?

  3. lyna: i have a part-time job at a sushi restaurant :)

    lo: i freelance when i have the chance so i got a membership. i believe you can get one if you are in the beauty industry (hair stylist, model, actress, photographer, nail tech, makeup artist, etc). if you like, you can check out the reqs on the macpro website.

  4. nice haul Stephie! Yeah I just loved the Masque lipstick myself, it's a nice nudish pink. This collection didn't wow me so much like some of the others, but I did like the paint pots although I probably wouldn't use them very much so I skipped on those, but I think I might go back and get otherworldy just because it's gorgeous!

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  6. OMG we're exactly the same! Lol I work at a sushi restaurant too! I actually work at two different sushi restaurants.. lol haha! Our MAC in Canada is more expensive than it is in the US (i dont know why).. if I were to buy as much as you bought it would come out to $220 plus tax.. so around $240 and our canadian dollar is the same as the us dollar right now! :( I guess I spend all my money on clothes and shoes.. like sweaters and UGG boots lol stupid winter :( Anyways.. I'll be going out to MAC today.. not going to get much :'( Lol K take care

  7. Nice haul! I really like your makeup in the tutorial video... what products did you used? Thx.

  8. i was wearing the smoking eyes quad. i applied satin taupe e/s all over the lid, showstopper e/s (i think that's its name, the brown matte one) in the outer corner blended into the crease, and next to nothing e/s as a highlight. it seemed the most appropriate for my business meeting :)

  9. Thanks for the review, Stephie! You look gorgeous as usual! Anyway, I was having the same question lynav posed, lol. girl, u seem to buy most of the products from each collection...which makes me feel uber envious!! :P For me, I try to split it between clothes and makeup so that my closet won't be too lonely. Lately, I've been running out of space in the closet and maybe it's time to spend more on makeup! The tips that u get from your job must be great! I work part-time as a receptionist at a plastic surgeon's office so it's definitely fun but compares to what im spending each month on self-indulging stuff, lol, i seriously am broke! >_< anyway, looking forward to your tuts soon!

    p.s. i went out and bought some of the mattene ls yesterday. first on my list was the 40s pink b/c it looks so pretty on u! :P they were out of some matte2 e/s in the pans, so i was very annoyed w/ myself for waiting that long! thought i could save up some money for the holiday antiquitease collection. we're having an exclusive early release event 10/14 this sunday at south coast plaza near where i live, so im definitely going to that!!!


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