MAC Review - Mattene Collection

MAC released the Mattene Collection this past Thursday, October 4th. Of course, as the MAC Addict I am, I went right after my class to check them out. I LOVE them, they are so soft and they are such a great, matte finish. Plus, if you use the Matte2 and Mattene Collections together, you'll be so in for Fall :)

I did a video review over the ones I bought here... I forgot to add Flattering, which I will go over in my next tutorial video. Flattering is a pink beige & I love it :)


Artificial Light:

Natural Light:

40s Pink - Midtone neutral pink

Flattering - Beige Pink

Poise - Yellow Pink

Powersuit - Vibrant Yellow Pink

Seriously Rich - Bright Red Pink

Classic Dame - Blood Red

You Say Tomato - Tomato Red


  1. hey steph, i've linked your video on my page, hope its okay. if it's not, let me know k.

    btw, great review.

  2. thanks, i'm fine with you linking my video.... i know it's pretty long :)

  3. MAC should pay you for all your reveiws cause I will be hitting the MAC counter today thanks to you. I love you tutorials they are just what I ahve been looking for.

  4. thanks again for the videso stephie! i'm really glad you're doing these. I used to watch pursebuzz a lot, but she doesn't do as many videos anymore, so i'm so glad you are! please keep making videos!

  5. Hi Stephie! Haha the teal pigment is gorgeous!! You should definitely get it, although I rarely can use teal, it's just so pretty that it's a MUST have! I am thinking about getting the Mattene lipsticks in Rougette and Poise, I went there from my previous haul and completely forgot those because I was too busy being a kid in a candy store swatching the piggies!

  6. Hello! Thanks for the inspiring videos. I am new to make up (especially the mäc level;-) and I am confused about all the different kinds of brushes and their purposes. Would you, perhaps, make a video explaining the "how to" with different brushes, the advantages of certain brushes or so? Thanks a lot in advance.

  7. hey stephie, its Pris and im one of your subscribers from youtube (lalalovely). These mattene colours look amazing on you! I hope you can do a tutorial that would match the those bold colours, like the "classic eye" you talked about in the review. Thanks for all your help, keep them coming!


  8. hi Stephie! I see that you have an engagement ring on. Can you do a tutorial for Bridal Makeup?? That would be so helpful.

    Thanks! Melanie

  9. Thanks for your comments on my blog! I love your work too! And these Mattene swatches are great, Poise and Flattering will be in my line of fire in my pursuit of the perfect nude pout.

    Take care!


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