McQueen Makeover

As I said, I'm going to post pictures of my McQueen Makeover. My first makeover at MAC was from the Blue Storm collection and though it wasn't bad, it wasn't dramatic. Last Thursday when I bought the McQueen Collection, I was flipping through some face charts and saw this look. I wasn't able to take a picture of the face chart, but it was absolutely gorgeous! The only exception was the the liner winged out in the inner corner instead of the outer.... sounds weird, but it looked fabulous!

I love it, but there are a few things that I didn't like too much. For one thing, on the left side of my face, I think she didn't blend in the contour color of my cheeks well so it looks like a streak of color. And she set my face with Studio Fix Powder and didn't blend in the powder on the left side, so you can see a blotch of white lol :) My skin must have gotten darker because I wear NC30 in Studio Fix Fluid, but when she used the Studio Fix Powder in NC30 on me it totally washed me out. It may also be the combination of Strobe Cream... the luminescent particles may be why I look so.... white :D Anyways, I like the Studio Fix Powder stuff, I'll probably get it in NC35 later. Oh and the Strobe Cream is great, it makes me glow in real life, but taking a picture just looks too disco ball-ish.

What really ticks me off with makeovers is the lashes. In my opinion, lashes are one of the most important features, especially for Asians since for the most part, our lashes are straight. Anyways, she didn't curl my lashes which bugs me because just curling your lashes can make your eyes 100 times bigger! I curled them myself when I got home & added some of my Shiseido Mascara since I HATE MAC mascaras. I'm looking forward to the Mascara X coming out with the Holiday stuff, but from my past experiences with Zoomlash, Loud Lash, and Plushlash, I don't expect any miracles. Alright, on with the pictures!

Strobe Cream - 190 brush
Studio Fix NC30 - 129 brush
Sunbasque Blush (apples) - maybe the 116 brush
Honour Blush (contour) - maybe the 116 brush

Cinnamon Brow Finisher
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader - 266 brush
Studio Finish Concealer NW15 (from crease to brow as base & to even out skintone) - 252 brush
Luna Cream Color Base (in crease as base) - 252 brush
Pharaoh Paint Pot (base in crease) - 266 brush
Elektro Sky Paint Pot (on lid as base) - 252 brush
Nile e/s (first layer of color near the lashline) - 252 brush
Aquadisiac e/s (they were out of Haunting e/s, second layer of color) - 266 brush
Pagan e/s (third layer of color in crease) - 266 brush
Some Highlighting e/s - forgot which brush
Black Liquid Liner (upper lashline)
Graphblack Technakohl Liner (waterline)
Black Zoomlash

Mother Pearl Cremestick Liner (outer liner)
New Money Cremestick Liner (inside the other liner)
Nothingless Lipglass (blended with 311 brush)

I know I'm such a camera-whore :) Don't Hate :D
So what do y'all think? I want to recreate this look sometime in the future.

Usually with makeovers, you have to pay $50 which you can spend on products. I bought some Prep + Prime for skin... I use Smashbox, but I might as well stick with MAC :)... also I bought a sharpener, 266 & 224 brush. I'm loving the full-size version of both. I have the SE ones, and the 224se is too harsh on my skin, but I LOVE the full-size one. I'll be doing a video on the differences from the brush sets to the full-size ones soon. Anyways, here's the pic:

That's it... I'll be posting a few videos soon!


  1. Love the makeover! The foundation looks too white on you tho...might be the strobe cream. I wish that the MA could have used lip products with more color. I mean I know the eyes are colorful but mayb a nudish pink? Flattering with a sparky pink lipgloss? But do recreate the look adding your touch to it! Another tutorial perhaps?...:) I love those - Distinque

  2. the makeover looks great, esp the combination of e/s colours. But I agree the foundation washes you out quite a bit.
    For the makeover, do you have to spend the $50 right away or can you keep some of it for another day (like having store credit)?

  3. wow you look pretty!

    i didn't know that in order to get a makeover you spend 50 bucks on products! haha i might try that next time! maybe when i go to mac next weeks to buy my brushes :D

  4. arashi: i know right, the foundation was totally not my shade. oh wellers :D i think you have to pay $50 right there. they don't have store credit to my knowledge.... but also on my appointment card, she wrote "3 item purchase" & my makeover artist told me the requirements change at times. So you may have to buy $50 of stuff right then or just 3 items, depending on the store.

    dorksta: you should totally do it! it's really fun, i felt like a model (pshhh yeah right) and i was noticing her style of applying makeup. so i can start to do certain tricks from what i learned :D

  5. did you pick the colors for the makeover or did the artist(according to eye color)?

    the colors look fabulous on you girl! love the scarf btw ;)

  6. hi stephie. i love the radial effect of the e/s. you look so pretty. :)

    how was you marketing exam? i bet you did great. :)


  7. You look gorgeous as usual, in spite of the weird color of the foundation on you, though I think you do a way better job than the MA who did your makeover at blending the eyeshadow. :D

    Makeover stories from MAC stores in the US make me envious because I find some of the MAs at MAC here are totally NOT good at all (judging from their own terrible make-up tsk tsk...)

  8. 1tigress: i just picked the look from some face charts that i saw. the face chart already had the colors on it besides my foundation color. you can get whatever you want when you do the makeover, off a face chart or just from your imagination :)

    skye: thanks for asking sweetums! i don't know yet, i get the results on monday. if i get an 82 i'll still have an A because our last exam i got a 98 (with a 10 point curve, wooot!). i'm hoping he curves again. but i was uber exhausted when i was taking the exam. i had only like 5 hours of sleep and i was up since 6:30 am until my exam at 1:00 pm studying. i think i put too much pressure on myself.

    jane: lol thanks :) yeah i though the aquadisiac could have been blended better but oh wellio. hahah a lot of people tell me i do my makeup better than when i get a makeover. i think it's because i'm used to my face :)

  9. great make over.. i can tell the women didnt blend in the fondation properly though!

  10. Foundatiion was definitely whiter than your skintone! Other than that, I like the look! I didn't think the McQueen collection can be practical for me to use all together at the same time...I'm too into the smokey look lol. You look gorgeous as always, dear.

    p.s. don't u just love the full size brushes? My collection consists of full size only b/c well, they look nicer and more proffessional than the short, hahah. I finally caved in to get the face brush set in the antiquitease collection b/c the gold handles are just GORGEOUS!!!! can't wait to get them on the 25th!

  11. first of all, 50 bucks for that piece of crap you call a makeover? lol total waste. no offense, but the colors dont really suit your skin tone. Also, it isnt really blended very well at all. looks like its been done by a no0ob

  12. anon: i bought $50 worth of products, so it's not bad actually... i like buying new products so it wasn't all a loss.

  13. Are those brushes a silver color??? I have never seen silver full sized ones!!!!

  14. alma: no, they're black :) the flash just made it look silver....

  15. stephie you are awesome! i was wondering if you can do a review on the mac charge waters when you have time? or what do you think of them and which one do you like best. i have the blue "youth aura" one but i think it's making me break out! it's weird cuz my skin is NOT sensitive at all and i rarely break out... i do love how it "resets" my makeup and makes my face look fresh tho. but it's causing me to break out, unfortunately... bummer... thnx!

  16. Heather/ebonyamberjadeNovember 13, 2007 at 12:47 AM

    oh my god. I LOVE the McQueen collection... I was hesitant about it at first, but I am sold. What was it she used on the lower lashline? Haunting? And the cheek color is really flattering. And so is the lipliner/ lip gloss combination. She put concealer, then luna, then the paint pots, then eyeshadows on your eyes. It seems like a lot of work, but very worthwhile.

  17. Hi Stephie!

    I agree with everybody and yourself about the foundation...so weird, because usually, MA's make me look too dark! Lol. And the eyelashes! That pisses me off too! D: I don't know if it's because it's a sanitation issue, or they're just nervous curling other people's lashes, or what...but I hate it when my lashes don't get curled. Definite no go for Asian eyes.

    The look is beautiful on you, though. The colors are vibrant, especially Other Wordly. It's a great color for you, and the lips are blended so nicely. =D


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