Q&A Request and C-Shock Tutorial

Bright bright colors! LOL anyways, a user on youtube asked for a C-Shock Tutorial... she kept asking me like 5 times even though I had replied to her each time. So y'all should know that if I reply to you, you don't really need to keep asking me twice a day. I'm not joking, that's how it was.... not that I mind too much, just that you probably have better things to do than to keep asking me. Sorry about that, its just a peeve of mine.

First though, I've received a lot of questions that are pretty similar to each other, and I would just like to address them all on a video so that I don't have to keep writing the same thing to each question. So watch this video if you like... and send me any questions about me or makeup or whatevs... like I said, rude ones won't be acknowledged. I'll be recording my answers next Wednsday (10/24/07) so send them to my email, on my blog, on my youtube, or whatever :)


Alright, on with the makeup! I was able to use all the colors besides Eyepopping... I couldn't figure out a place to put that shadow :)

I'm actually really happy with the look because Going Bananas e/s has been a pain in the rear-end for me to use... but I think I worked it out!

FACE (done before the video)
MAC Studio Finish Concealer (252 brush)
MAC Studio Tech (190 brush)
Giorgio Armani Powder (181se brush)
MAC Fleurry Blush (168 brush)

MAC Pharaoh Paint Pot (242 brush)
MAC Other Worldly Paint Pot (242 brush)
MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot (clean ring finger)
MAC Going Bananas e/s (239 brush)
MAC Wondergrass e/s (239 brush)
MAC Bang on Blue e/s (239 brush)
MAC Big T e/s (224 brush)
MAC Fab & Flashy e/s (224 brush)
MAC Romping e/s (219 brush)
MAC Passionate e/s (219 brush)
MAC Rose Blanc e/s (213 brush)
MAC Clear Brow Finisher
MAC Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader (Shiseido #6 brush)
MAC Jealous Kohl Power Pencil
MAC Graphblack Technakohl Liner
Sephora Mascara (forgot name)

Out to Shock Lipstick

Phantom Planet "Anthem"
Robin Thicke "Lost Without You"
Dan Powell "Pieces of My Heart"

Oh and for those who haven't known me long, unlike my ladies at ABB who have seen my FOTDs like crazy..., I do wear a lot of color :D


  1. geez woman, you've been busy. i cant believe you crank all this stuff out in the midst of midterms...good luck!

    you wear color on your lids beautifully. thanks for all your hard work!

  2. This reminds me of the look you did for the Holiday 06 Intense palette!! Lots of intense colors (and definitely the longest list of e/s i've seen u used :P) and somehow they work so great on u!! grrr, im envious...sometimes the whole rainbow thing just doesn't quite work on me. beautiful as usual!! thanks babe!

  3. Awesome colorful look Stephie!! I should get the Romping e/s when I had the chance :-(

    I love the 2nd song by the way!

  4. heyy i just found your site through ricebunny's. i love it. n ur really pretty <3

  5. Thats a really nice blend of colors.... oh my...

  6. girl i found ur site through ricebunny's... i love it! you're so pretty. just a quick question, wut do u line ur bottom eyes with ? is it liquid or pencil??

  7. oh snap i didnt realize that it doesnt show until you approve it. myy badd for typing the same stuff twice.

    u can delete this now. lol

  8. abercrombie: hey! i line my bottom lashes with a MAC Technakohl Liner Pencil....

    i didn't know how you found me through ricebunny because i usually just read her stuff. i lovesss her but i don't comment because SO many do, and i don't ever think i'll get a reply. but then i saw that chat thing... i didn't realize so many people thought i was "ew" :(

  9. aw, u can't win em all. some people think mr. bean is cute, some people like the michael jackson white look - everyone's different.

    anywhos, i like ur work almost all the time except this time the purplish/pink colour underneath the eyes doesn't do so well for me. kinda makes the eye seem blotchy or something. any shade of red/pink underneath the eyes should be avoided i think

  10. People think you're "ew?"

    I likes. I'm not sure I like the bottom though. I think if I were to replicate it I'd use a lighter, brighter color. From far away, the color you chose gives a slight "I have dark circles and I'm tired" look in your full face pic. :X

  11. Oh wow, I didn't realize my blog's under your links area. :) Thanks sweet'ums.

  12. i read it on ricebunny's blog on some chat yak thingie on the side. someone linked my blog and then some person named "ew" said "i think stephienese is ewwwww" or something like that. oh well.

    thanks ladies for the cc! i was thinking that something was off, i looked tired and boo, but now i know why! i've gotten a lot of comments about pink/red shadows on the lower lashline. now i know it's a bad thing to do! thank y'all.

  13. oh yeah i added in the blogs that i usually lurk at :) just to share the joy of reading so many different ones! :)

  14. hahaha people hating on you just means that you got something people are jealous about! ;P

  15. A great look, as usual. :) I haven't really had time to watch all of the tutorials lately because my work hours has been very long lately due to about 30 projects vying for my attention, and our office LAN doesn't allow youtube videos on my free moments at work (drat it).

    I do have a tutorial request though, which hopefully you could help me out with because I admire how you can mix bright bright colors and still make them look suitable for day-time:
    See, I have Parrot, A Bluer Blue, Teal pigment, and some other similar bright electric blues and teals and I've never been able to wear them for a day-time look for various reasons.

    So, my tutorial request: quick one using Parrot or a similar color with some other colors or whatever and make them into a look suitable for wear in a corporate office. Hope to see this in the future, and thanks for sharing your wonderful tutorials. I'm really learning a lot from them. ;)

    (Sorry, I'm really long-winded. :D)

  16. hi jane :)

    i'd be happy to do a look with a color similar to parrot since i don't have it.. i'm so jealous of you i want it soo badly! i hear that MAC is going to rerelease a lot of popular LE stuff sometime at the end of the year as a limited edition thing... if they do i'm definietly snatching me up one of them!

  17. Hi Stephie, just start to look at your makeup tutorials. They are great! Love every one of them.
    Just few questions i would like to ask u... how come you have so much eyeliners? How can you even decide which one to use? You also mention when you go to school, you usually just wear eyeliner and mascara. I always have problem w/ eyeliner smearing after couple hr. Do you have any tips on that?

  18. i don't think ur "ew". ur makeup technique is awesome. some people just can't handle it. haha.

  19. i love ur make up tutorial...it ricks

  20. im pretty late but im a new reader and this look is gorgeous! love it!


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