Requested Tutorial - Green & Teal

Just to answer any concerns on whether or not I'm going to stop making videos all-together, no I won't be. Like someone commented, I'm going to be cutting down as far as expenses go & I'll try to be more careful with the things I buy. For example, I don't really need like 5 different shades of light teal... lol :) So don't fear, my tutorials will still be coming out, maybe not at such a fast pace, but they won't disappear.

Also, I have to admit that I fell victim to a negative person who was commenting on my blog. It's so weird how one small, insignificant, rude, and cowardly person can seem to outway the majority of positive feedback. This is why I've enabled moderated comments, so that I am the only one who will see this scumbag's filth.

While I'm in the mood to address you, you cowardly anonymous piece of trash, I might as well open up a whole can of worms on your ass. This is not addressed to my friendly anons, just this ONE person whose comments I've deleted yet I suspect I'll be hearing back from.

First off, how obsessive of you to contemplate the size of my man's package! Wow, what a jealous nutcase you must be. Why don't YOU grow a pair and put your name on your comments? Even though I don't know you, at least stop hiding behind the "veil of secrecy". I bet you couldn't say such rude comments to my face so you hide like the coward that you are.

Secondly, who are you calling mi chang? Even though I'm not Viet, I know what that means, and have you NOT seen the color of my skin. You seriously are just plain unaware and illiterate to say the same thing over and over and OVER again. "Du ma may cuc" or "du ma may an cuc mi chang". It gets really old after saying the same thing again and again.

I don't really care that you are talking smack against me. What really pisses me off is attacking my man. So if you think you can keep doing that, think again. Go ahead and say shit about me. I don't care. But don't go talking like that about my honie, because if I ever met you in person, I'd kick you scrawny little cowardly ass. As my fellow ABBer Yoshi said in her video addressed to all the flamers chasing her from ABB to her own site, FIND A HOBBY you fucking coward.

Alright, so I hope I don't have to repeat myself again and I don't plan on addressing this issue again. For those out there who don't like what I do, don't come onto my blog and don't watch my videos. Grow up instead of trying to tear me or anyone else down because it won't work.

For my supporters, that's been a real point of anger for me for the past few days, but I've decided that after writing that, I won't address anymore low-lifes. I moderate all my comments, so any rude, non-constructive ones will be deleted.

Back to more postivie things, I recorded this tutorial last Saturday (Oct 6), and I just finished editing it. Mainly because I didn't have much time to do it. I have another that I recorded as well this past Wednsday (Oct 10) for my Ate Lurve, and I'm going to try and finish editing it today.

I got this request from Shexy Kristin, a green & teal makeup look. Also, I added just a slight extra review on one lipstick that I forgot to go over in my Mattene review, the Flattering Mattene Lipstick.

I know I'm a total camera-whore >.<

MAC Studio Finish Concealer (252 brush)
MAC Studio Tech (190se brush)
Giorgio Armani Micro-fil Loose Powder (129se brush)
MAC Quiver Pearlizer (181se brush)

MAC Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader (Shiseido #6 brush)
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Lucky Jade Shadestick
MAC Silverbleu Shadestick
MAC Juxt e/s (239 brush)
MAC Big T e/s (239 brush)
MAC Humid e/s (239 brush)
MAC Swimming e/s (219se brush)
MAC Mystery Kohl Power Pencil
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

MAC Softnote Tendertone
MAC Flattering Mattene Lipstick

BSB "Inconsolable" (their new single!!!!)
Hyori Lee "Hey Girl"
Hyori Lee "Butterfly"

And just because I wish we all could live in peace.

I ended up changing my top & curling my hair. I seriously can't do my hair :( I think I need to buy a better curling iron or let my hair grow out more because I hate how it looks shorter instead of curled spiraly if you know what I mean.


I did like how my hair looked in the back. I know it's not comparable to others, but for me, it's a start :) Also, I just had to show my Disco Dollies Bow! It's Hello Kitty :) I own 6 of them currently & plan on buying more in the future :) they are super super cute!

Check out Leesha's website at http://www.discodolliesbows.com
Also for the youtubers out there, she also is on YT under xsparkage as well as on Specktra.net & I absolutley LOVE the bows!

I know that was pretty dang long! I'll let y'all know when I have the other video finished.


  1. Good for you girlie. You tell em!

    Some people just can't stand to see other people happy. Although they don't deserve it, all we can do is pity them.

    Anywho, back to the topic at hand.
    AMAZING job with the new video.
    I also have dark eyes like you
    so it's nice to get tips on what colors help enhance them.

    Keep up the great work girlie.
    Looking forward to your next video ;)


  2. thanks girl, i appreciate it :)

  3. You're great! Please never let the haters bring you down. Jealousy is just a sign of low self-esteem & that's the only way those kind of people can make themselves feel better about themselves. You are absolutely beautiful & very talented for a non-pro. Please keep up what you are doing because you're awesome.

    -fellow filipina texan!

  4. love this tutorial.. and your curly hair is super cute! :)

    Girl don't even bother with that bs.. shes just jealous because your beautiful. :)

    ttyls byee

  5. ABBers get a lot of stalkers, but I'm pretty sure it's all one person. Just stay strong ate! I've actually been feeling quiet exhausted from online drama even when they aren't directed to me. I just can't trust anyone on the forums, sites and blogs I frequent nowadays. They can keep trying to put us down, but eventually they'll grow tired of their own behaviors. You and I are pretty alike, very sensitive when it's something to do with our significant others or family/friends. I mostly laugh at the messages I get from 'Anonymous' peoples rude comments, but when it's a direct insult towards another person in my life I get affected. It's my weakness. I think it's great you stick up for your honie :) I'd do the same. Fuck the losers who come to your blog and try to put you down, karma is sweeter than revenge.

    I like your hair curly. I find that when I had shorter hair is was easier to curl than with my long hair now :s Great look btw. I can't wait for my delft tut ;)

  6. love the look and videos you make! what shade is you MAC concealer? you have flawless skin btw :)

  7. lol three pinay comments in a row :) yay!

    lyna: girl i really want to do my hair the way you do it. my honie's sister can do her hair like that as well, but my hair won't cooperate like that! .... so i'm waiting until it grows out more :)

    ate lurve: i know right?!??! i don't care what people say about me, but when they go after someone i love, well i'll come after them with my claws out lol :D i'm uploading your video right now! hehehe

    anonymous: i use nc20 and i'm usually an nc30-35. when i bought my concealer, they didn't have nc25 so i had to settle for nc20 which works out too.

  8. Stephie,

    You’re young, pretty and you are talented so don’t listen the jealous people and continue what you like to do.

    I’m not so young (I’m 29) and I would like to do what you do, but I’m not good as you are and I’m shy. Some people need you like models.

    Don’t pay attention to bad comments. All the people on web have to deal with critics, it takes part of the career lol!

    Sorry for my English, I’m French.

    I’m telling you, continue you’re good job.

  9. Hey Stephie...

    People have nothing better to do than sit at the computer all day making ruthless comments. They're just jealous coz they don't got a life... unlike you. But yeah you go girl! (:

    I think I know how to subscribe to your blog now so yay! haha.

    That bow is soooo cute! And your hair too. Keep up the good work! (:

  10. Hey, you go girl! Don't let negative anon comments get you down; there's always gonna be someone around there trying to bring you down, and it's great that you're not listening to any of that crap.

    On the other hand, that's a great video that I hope to try out soon! I have a bunch of teals and shimmery blues and I've never really thought of pairing them with greens, so I'll definitely try this one out. :)

  11. Hi stephie! I'm so sorry people have been mean to you on your blog. Please don't let it get to you- I LOVE your blog and look forward to reading it much more than the other makeup blogs out there because you do such a thorough job and always post great pictures. Don't let any low-lifes get you down. They are just obsessing over you (obviously if they keep reading you blog) and are jealous of how pretty, smart and talented you are! Keep up the good work! -Gemma

  12. Hey Stephie! Its me doniad from you know where! :o) I'm really happy to see your blog up! I usually check it every few days to see any new tuts etc. After reading this topic, I'm so sorry that you had to go through this. Some people are just so cowardly, they'll do anything to make themselves feel better. What a**holes. Well if this person, or shall I say a**hole comes back just remember that you have the rest of us here supporting you and what you do and we thank you for it all.

    See you around stephie!

  13. You go girl!! Tell off that retarded person! >=)
    I'm so happy your posting all those tutorial vids. soo excited to see more makeup action =) keep it up stephie

    P.S I got a mattene lipstick in Flattering a couple of days ago and i lovesss it =) After your review I just knew I had to get one and noww... TAADAA pretty lips and all =)


  14. hi i am visiting through asianbeautyblog & specktra. i saw you write about making spiral curls. i used to have the problem until i found a spiral curler from sharper image - they don't have it on their website but it looks similar to this except it's blue & black http://www.ulta.com/control/product/~product_id=2091229

  15. hi i am visting your site through asianbeautyblog & specktra. i know what you mean about making spiral curls. i had the same problem until i found a spiral curler at sharper image. they don't have it on their website but it looks like this http://www.ulta.com/control/product/~product_id=2091229 except it's black & a periwinkle blue. i'm sure this one would work well too. hope it works for you! =D

  16. On those pics, you look like Eva Longoria. Amazing !!!

  17. what shade of the armani powder do you use? i've been contemplating buying it too...i've heard such good things about their stuff.
    p.s. you know you're hot when you got haters! <3

  18. sookie: thanks so much! i've going to check them out :)

    josay: i only started hearing that after i joing asian beauty blog. i mean it's totally flattering, but i just don't see it :P thanks though!

    anony: i use shade 02. you should definitely check ga products out, they are awesome!

  19. the bows are soo cute.. i'm not Vietnamese but i did understand those words.... that anon blogger wrote!
    dont listen to them attention seekers!

  20. Icks, sorry about the flaming, babe. Like I've been told repeatedly, it comes with the territory. :| Despite how...uncomforting or whatever else that phrase may sound, it is true. And to flip it into the positive side, seriously - they're paying a LOT of attention to you, and what you're saying.


  21. Sorry about the haters, babe. Like I've been told, it just comes with the territory. As...uncomforting as that phrase may sound, it is the truth. On the positive side, just remember - by them posting, it means that 1) they're paying rather close attention to you, and 2) they really do care what you have to say. :D

  22. Hey girl, I love the way you do your make up. I just recently started to get into make up and found out that the brand of make up you use is really important. You can't use some cheap drugstore eyeshadow if you want to get the look you do. But anywho, I just had a question on the colors you pick. How do you know which colors go good together and how to blend them? It would be great if you could help me out. Thanks^^


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