Rhianna Concert!

Yesterday I went to the Rhianna Concert at my university with two of my closest gal pals. This was my very first concert to go to, ever :) so I was super excited.
I took my accounting exam after lunch and I'm pretty sure I did good on it. Anyways, I came home & got ready. I made a new tutorial video using the Gentle Fumes Quad so y'all can take a look at that later on my youtube page (link on the side). Me & the girls ate out at Cheddars & headed over to the concert hall. I was super mad when I saw a sign that said we couldn't take in our bags and cameras so I had to leave them in the car. I only had my Sidekick3 and keys with me but when we go to our seats, I saw that some people had gotten their cameras in. I was so freaking mad, but I wasn't allowed to go and get it. Oh well, I did get a few pics on my phone but since we were in the balcony, I didn't get any good pictures of Rhianna :( Oh pooie. I had fun though even though we had to wait an hour after the opening act for Rhianna to come out, but she apologized later. The opening guy was some obscure wanna-be Reggae singer. He was singing this one song and was like "If you want weed to be legalized, wave you phone in the air.." What the hell?!?!?! Only a few people actually did that, but still, is he allowed to promote something like that? Eh.... weird. It was fun & I can't wait for the next concert I go to.


  1. You guys looked so cute! I'm digging your yellow tube top! @-@

  2. i'm glad you had fun at your concert!! tee hehehe.... you'd be surprised how many people want weed legalized. I was at a Rock the bells concert and people were smokin' in front of the cops!! craziness!!! Oh i love the eyes too!! Great job on the first try!!

  3. sounds like fun! I missed out on it. Looks like we went to the same school, that's cool.


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