Shopping Therapy & Brushes

I've been under some stress recently, so I decided to vent some of my pent-up energy.... at the mall :)

I needed to buy a new top for a presentation I'm doing for my leadership class. I need some fashion advice y'all. I really loved the idea of wearing a cute button-up shirt with a tie. I bought the blouse for $15 and the tie for around $43, both are from Express. I need to ask my honie to tie the tie for me because I don't know how... I just BSed it for the picture :D I may try searching for it on youtube.

Here's where I need some help, I can't decide on which skirt I should wear with this top.

^ This one I bought from Express a few months ago. It's not high-waisted, it hits more like mid-waist. I'm thinking that I shouldn't wear this one with the shirt and tie because of the plaid design on it.

^ I bought this black skirt from Forever 21 a while back. Also it hits mid-waist.

^Now should I wear these shoes? They are my favorite heels, and they are really comfy compared to most heels I've worn. I'm not that comfortable wearing heels, I'm more of a flats girl, but I think I should wear heels for this look. Do y'all think this would look okay, or do I need to go out and buy some black heels?

Along with the Express purchase I made, I stopped by MAC to look at the Mineralized Eye Shadows that came out with the Antiquitease Color Collection. I must say, they are much more pigmented than the mes's that were released with the Flashtronic collection. I loved all of them, but the Mi Lady one. I don't know, red just isn't a color I want to wear on my eyes. I may change my mind, but I doubt it.

Then I checked up on the Matte2 shadows. In my McQueen makeover, the MAC Artist used Tete-A-Tint and I loved it. The sweet sales lady helped me out and put some Tete-A-Tint in my crease and Typographic in the outer crease/corner to smoke it out. It was very subtle, but professional :) I'm probably going to wear that look for the presentation (and I'll probably video it because I've gotten a few requests to do work looks). I picked up those two shadows and Prussian. The SA said it would look good as a liner, so I'm going to try that.

Lastly, I said before that I want to invest in more brushes. For the past two days, I have experimented with using the 187se and Studio Fix Fluid. I got a request to do it, but since I'd never used this technique before, I had to try it out before promoting it. Anyways, I love the results. It really does give an airbrushed look. I bet it would work with other foundations. Anywhoodle, I got a 187, then bought a 150 for powder. The SA suggested a 136 brush for blush. Originally I was going to buy a 168 or 109 brush (they are contour brushes), but she applied Trace Gold Blush with the 136 brush and it looked amazing. It is flat-sided so you just tap it onto your cheeks... I really liked the results. I probably will end up getting a contour brush later, but I'm happy with the purchase. And on a whim I bought a 219 brush.

I plan to buy another 239 brush, 222 brush, 188 brush, and 287 brush (I think it's the name, it's the large fluffy brush). But that's later... for now, here's the haul.

The Sales Agent told me to wash the brushes before I use them. I washed them with some Tressemme (sp?) shampoo in the palm of my hand and just swept the brush back & forth, then washed it point downwards so the water didn't get into the glue area. I've been getting a load of requests to do a brush cleaning tutorial, but I can't do it since I don't have a tripod..... BUT Mathieu Francis (aka A Boy Wearing Makeup) has a great video showing how he cleans his brushes. I follow his tips, and that's how I do it... so check out his video if you want to know more!


I really like looking at other people's blogs. I was on The Faux Fashionista's blog, and she had an entry of some blogs she was reading. One in particular caught my attention. I don't know why this girl looks so familiar, I think a member on ABB wrote something about plastic surgery and that this girl got it... but don't take my word for it. If I'm thinking of the wrong girl, please no one get offended! In any case, I think she's super gorgeous! I love her eyes! Dawn Yong

Anyways, I'm off to do some accounting homework. I hope y'all have a good night!


  1. I like the black skirt! I'm not much of a colorful sandal type of person but since it's comfortable for you I guess you should use it. I think it'll look nice with black peek toe wedges? or some point toe pumps? just some suggestions. I just ordered the 222 this morning...sucks I don't have a Mac Pro Store near me (it's on another island)and I heard great things about it. I got my 239 a few weeks ago....love it! Enkoremakeup does a great tutorial on brush cleaning, he also does a tutorial on how to make brush cleanser..it's super easy. I tried it and I love it cause I'm not spending so much on brush cleaner which I use on a daily basis. - Distinque

  2. wow that's a lot of goodies you've got! guess i don't need to do a review on the mineralized e/s anymore eh? haha well have fun playing with those stuff! :D

  3. go for the black skirt!!! havent read the entire entry yet.. but that girl has pretty eyes... and did you think you look like namie amuro a bit? she's mixed race not too sure what.

    Distinque: i use baby shampoo to clean my brushes, and let mine dry naturally it really keeps the brushes soft

  4. Hm... Black skirt!

    The shoes may be comfy, but it might clash. Unless you accessorize with a similar colored bag.

    I love the way Dawn looks sometimes. Other times she's a tad pasty looking; almost to the point of looking like her skin's translucent. :X She is the one with surgery, but I think she denies it. I don't see the big deal. So many people have things done, it's so acceptable now.

  5. Oh... and Mi'Lady is a red shadow? HMMMM... I'm gonna be a lady bug for Halloween, so that might come in handy. :p

  6. Yep the black shirt. I think there's too much geometry going on with the plaid skirt and the top.

    I'm a colour matcher so since there wasn't any pink (or am I wrong in saying this?) in the top, I recommend black heels! Getting black heels is a good investment. They're a standard all-purpose-for-work kinda shoe and all girls should have a pair ;)

  7. Oh and Dawn Yang has had plastic surgery! And she's a massive cam whore lol

  8. Stephie, this is part two of question from last time. I would really like your input on this.

    I'm doubting whether I should go and purchase the brush sets this Thursday (Oct 25 when it comes out). I had intended on getting at most 2 out of the 3 holiday '07 brush sets because I wanted to try them out, just like what you did with the novel twist collection brush sets. And also to have them as substitution for the full size ones for now until I can afford to purchase the full size ones.

    However, the problem comes in is that I already have at least 20 brushes from Sally's and Target which I would like to trash once I start collecting MAC full size brushes (because they're not soft or very precise). Thus, I'm hesitant to purchase the sets because I might not be satisfy with their qualities compare to the full sizes. And then leading to me leaving them on the side just as the Sally's and Target brushes and jump onto wanting to purchase the full sizes meaning I bought them for nothing.

    Also do you think the any of the sets are worth purchasing?
    * 168SE large angled contour (white)
    * 187SE duo fibre
    * 190SE foundation
    * 194SE concealer
    * 209SE eyeliner
    * 212SE flat definer (straight across, similar to 266)
    * 217SE blending (white)
    * 252SE large shader brush (light brown)
    * 275SE medium angled shading (brown)
    * 129SE powder/blush
    * 219SE pencil
    * 239SE eye shading (white)
    * 266SE small angle brush

    I'm mainly tempted to purchase the FACE set (because of the 187!!) but it seems like the face set you purchased from Novel Twist, you're already replacing the special edition brushes with the full size ones.

    I would say the black pencil skirt since your tie is black. Plus your shirt is already striped and combining it with the gray checker/stripped skirt might seem too much. But if you think the black tie, black stripes and black skirt is just too dark and too heavy for that day. Then go with the gray skirt since it gives a lighter mood.

    You can probably wear those heels if you go with the black skirt. But I don't have much of an opinion on this. Because for a presentation to spend that much on the tie and shirt already and having to buy heels (which mostly you will spend a lot more money if you want comfy heels).. err I just don't know. But if you think it's worth it and this presentation gives you an excuse to buy some hot black heels then go ahead =)

    And oh on the subject of cleaning brushes. I love aboywearingmakeup but the way he clean his brushes (other than the kabuki) I thought wasn't thorough enough. Just by wiping a brush on a towel with the brush cleaner, in my opinion, only cleanses the outside but the middle /inside of that hair. I believe you should at least give the hairs of the brush a rinse after doing that.


  9. Stephie thank you so much for the update about the SFF application with the 187 brush, I tried my 188 the other day and it worked very well, and now I'm not so sure I'll get the 187, but I'll get for sure the 219 and maybe the 109, not sure yet!!

    btw I love Prussian e/s, I was soo not into blues, never wore them, until I went for my Matte2 haul and the Mac MA applied Prussian on my lower lashline and on outer corner V, with Newly Minted on lids, the bright oif Newly Minted with the dark navy of the Prussian really made my eyes pop!!

    I cannot wait to see some videos of you wearing the new MES you got, I really cannot choose which to get of those!

    Ohh and I prefer the 2nd skirt with your shirt!

  10. yeap..she did get extensive plastic surgery...you should've seen what she looked like before! anyhoo even though she has the doe eyed look going on, she really looks weird in real life...like, not normal and she's also way too pale. i'm not just being bitchy but it's true! many of my friends have seen her in rl, and say so. i think you look way prettier than she does anyways. also, great haul!

  11. nice haul~! i think if you wear the black skirt, those shoes work but if you wear the other skirt, black pumps might work better?

    and yes, that's the girl who supposedly got a lot of plastic surgery done. there's even a website cataloging each thing she got done lol.

  12. Hey Stephie, I think you should go with the black pencil skirt.

  13. Oooh I'm so envious of the Antiquitease purchases you've made! Grr I hate the late international release date.

    Ok for the fashion advice, If your presentation is for a managerial type of class, I'd suggest going for the black skirt, because black always looks more put-together and confident. I think black heels would be great for this look also. I'm a very staid office worker, so for presentations, I like to keep my own outfits very conservative, so if your panel or teacher is like that, you might want to get pumps to go with your outfit. I buy my black pumps from Nine West, and the stiletto heels make any type of legs look hawt hawt hawt! :D

    I hope you find that useful. Giving this type of advice takes me back to my college days as well. LOL

  14. oh i forgot to add... that i think you should go with the black skirt! lol. if the shoes are comfortable you could wear it (:

  15. wow thank you all so much! it's unanimous, black skirt it is :D i'll try to find some nice black pumps, but if all else fails, i'll stick with my comfy shoes.

    distinque: i'm going to go shopping for some black heels today. i have a pair from enzo something or other that i've never worn and i don't like them at all. i saw some super cute peep toe heels at naturalizer yesterday, maybe i'll get those! :)

    dorksta: i would love to see a review from you though! i know, i'm an impatient girl :D i think i will be using the black skirt thanks :D

    jusl: are you asking if i think i look like namie amuro or dawn yong looks like namie amuro? i just googled namie amuro, and she's really pretty. you know who looks like her, lynav for real! at least a litle! :)

    feifei: how cool, a ladybug! if you can, can you take pics? i would love to see the makeup you do with it :)

    ying_chick: thank you! i will definitely go out and buy some black heels. i'm thinking maybe dsw or something... not sure yet but i'll be sure to take pics. i really like dawn's blog, i guess because i'm a person who loves to see pictures (and take pictures)... i don't mind if anyone is a camera-whore :D

    hang: i agree with you on the brush cleaning. i spoke with my mac artist yesterday at the mall and she said that wiping them is fine for a daily touch up, but at least once a month we should deep clean all the brushes, in a similar manner as aboywearingmakeup.

    gah i know i spent a lot already on the shirt and tie! :( but i do think some black heels would be a good investment :D i'll look around for a good price today, hopefully i can find something nice! i just hate how some black shoes are too granny looking.... oh well wish me luck please :)

    i will be recording a video tonight so that y'all can see my opinion on the brush sets. yeah they are a great starter set and great for travel.... but as you know, you get what you pay for. it's not going to be as good as the full-size ones, but they aren't bad for the price!
    sophia: i want to get the 188 for blush as well... just to try it out. i think i'm going to be using the 187 now for foundation :) i love it! i'm going to try out that look you just described now that i have both :)

    candy: i agree that she is pretty pale, but i still think she's very pretty :) i know she probably looks different in real life.... i think everyone does because in pics we are all usually posing :P oh well hehehe i've never seen anyone online in real life, i think it would be interesting to see them walking around instead of just on the net!

  16. Hello Stephi, I've visited your blog a few times. Thanks a lot for putting the effort to make all the tutorials for people like me - who are not very good with makeups. I think your skills have exceeded many MAC artists I've encountered, and most of them tend "clown" me up. lol

    As for the outfit, I agree with the rest of the girls. The black skirt will be more suitable with shirt and tie. The plaid skirt with clash with the stripes on your shirt (also your tie). If you have trouble finding a pair of affordable yet cute pumps try look around at Target, they have this black peek-toe pumps that look very chic and sophisticated.



  17. i think you look like namie...

    ok shoe wise if you have anything like my shoes here.. it totally go with the outfit...


    lynav looks like another japanese singer... satomi i think her name is...

  18. hi! i just stumbled upon this blog somehow.. and ive been reading it for the past week. pretty interesting stuff youve got here! :)

    you spend SOOOOO much money on makeup though. it seems as though you have like 1000000 similar shades of eyeshadow though. haha. how do you manage the money girl!

  19. agh i don't have anytime at all the buy new shoes today! oh well :( i'm sure i can make it work out well :D

    i know i spend a lot on makeup :( such a bad habit!

  20. Hmm Steph, I'm not sure if this will work, but since they're your fave shoes you could try it out -Wear opaque black tights with the shoes and the black skirt.

    If all else fails, turn to Target :P The last time I bought pumps from there they were like $7 (clearance, yay!)

    Dawn Yang is pretty, isn't she? And an intelligent writer too. But I have a feeling that candy may be right about her looking weird in real life :S

    I have posted illustrated tutorials on a local forum before, but they're really basic and no where as good as yours, so I look forward to seeing the videos.

    p.s.Do post a full-body picture of your outfit!

  21. Definitely black skirt! You don't wanna mix stripes with plaids ><

    And woo! great haul Stephie, maybe do a small video review of the full size vs. se brushes? I got the novel twist se set and I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and purchase full sized brushes..hmm my poor wallet :P

  22. Oh stephie, now you have me obsessed with Dawn yang! lol I hope your blog gets as popular as hers and people start sending you free stuff too! you deserve it for being so sweet and making these tuts for us =)

    sorry, forgot my google accont password lol

  23. this may be too late, but i'd go w/ the black skirt too. :P anyway, i didn't get mi'lady either b/c of the red e/s but i love the rest of them!!! the antiquitease silver and gold brush sets are out too, don't know if u r planning to get them either? i got the face brush set w/ the gold handles. they are absolutely gorgeous. never had short ones before, so we'll see how they do. btw, that dawn yang girl's eyes are soo lovely, like in anime!

  24. i wasn't really too big on makeup until i found your blog. i was wondering how much an eyeshadow pot from mac normally costs, and what you would suggest to buy from there ...like the basic/essentials.


  25. i also think the black skirt would make the outfit look really cute,,,and for the sandals...idk,i think it will bring more attention to your shoes rather than the whole outfit.

  26. She had a lot of plastic surgery on her face.

  27. go with the black skirt! :)
    not a big fan of the shoes though.
    black wedges would look alot better and wedges are comfortable :)

  28. Hi Stephie, been hanging out at your blog for over a week now and I have to say a big thank you for posting all those great tutorials. I'm a huge MAC fan and I've got shitloads (and i mean shitloads) of MAC stuff..that I never use for fear that I'll look like someone punched me in the eye! LOl Now that I've your tutorials...I feel safer. So kudos girl!
    Oh and one thing i have to add, dawn yang...major fake. She's had so much work done on her, people have labelled her michael jackson! hee hee...I agree that most people have had stuff done and are proud of it...but her...she refuses to admit that she has :) How i know so much? I'm from the same country as her and she's had major negative press about her. Poor thing really, but nothing that isn't undeserved. As for you my dear chica, you're a naturale!

  29. DAWN has def had heaps of plastic surgery. She denied it until too many of her ex-classmates started speaking out and she didn't really have a choice. Up til today, she has not admitted to having work done, but she did post pics of herself previously on her blog saying she doesn't think she looks all that bad previously. most ppl think she's trying to look like arissa http://www.friendster.com/photos/1738992/0/245096312#pic=0102146534
    even the way she poses is so similar to arissa.


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