I am stressed. Yep.

I have another marketing exam this Wednsday, and I have yet to study for it. I have no clue what is wrong with me at my new university. In my old college, I was such a good student. And right now I feel like I'm sinking which sucks sucks sucks. I had a 4.0 and now I'm struggling. I need to get my act together. I think I can make another 4.0 if I straighten up now. Uh... I think if I sleep now & get up early, all should be well.

On another note, I got a makeover at MAC today. I didn't feel like getting the Holiday Collection makeover so I got a McQueen collection makeover that La Vonda (the MUA) made that was absolutley GORGEOUS! I'm too lazy to post pics but I'll be doing that soon. I seriously loved it.

Then I was taking a break from studying and tried doing my hair in the same manner as Pursebuzz's Wavy Hair tutorial except I don't have the Enzo whatever curler. I used this curling iron that I bought from Revlon that was 3 in a pack for $15. I know, I'm such a cheapo hahaahaaa, and I was going to throw it out and buy a Helen of Troy or Hot Tools one. Anyways, I tried it, clamp and all. I just wrapped my hair around the whole rod without lifting the clamp on top of my hair. It didn't turn out too bad :) I'm going to try some more. Seriously, I can't go running around with nice makeup and wacko hair :D

Anywhoodle, good night!


  1. Hi girl, cheer up. You're a smart girl, I'm sure you'll do better than fine. It's hard to tolerate yourself when u've been at the top, lol :P. In hs, I'm all about efforts and making the grades. In university, haha, i can't quite say I'm the say now. I've procrastinated way more than ever...-_-" which sucks because I miss my studious attitude now and then, lol.

    anyway, don't know if u've seen the antiquitease collection in person yet. I've just gotten the chance at the South Coast Plaza exclusive release event. Bought tons of stuff! Wondering if u have seen them too so I can hear your thoughts! they're such lovely treasures! definitely try out the Queen's Sin lipstick! It's amazing!!! anyway, can't wait for your alexander mcqueen look! ^-^

    p.s. u always look darn fine no matter how kooky the hair is, lol...not that it ever was. :P

  2. do you have to pay for a makeover at mac?

  3. as much as i love ABB, i'm so happy you started your own blog! you are genuine, sweet, and interesting. :)

  4. aw cant wait to see the pictures! :) did u take pics of ur hair too?

  5. angie: thanks dear :)

    nothing ever happens over here in texas and the pro store is an hour away so i just go to my freestanding store. they did have the collection there, but not out, but i did get a sneak peek at them after my makeover. i couldn't buy anything until thursday though. i'm not really that in love with the collection. i may get the pigments, gold fluidline, a couple mes's.... and maybe some lipsticks, but i'm thinking i may skip the l/s just because i bought the mattene ones so recently. if i see a color i don't have though..... yep i'll get it :)

    anonymous: usually you have to make an appointment before hand. just ask them if they have any events coming up and sign up for it. you have to pay $50 which you can use to buy products.... so it pretty much is a great deal all around!

    blueprint: thanks sweetums! i recorded the video you requested and i should be getting it done soon after my marketing exam tomorrow!

    lyna: i didn't take pictures of my hair last night, and i slept on it.... so the waves came out. i tried to retouch them this morning but my hair was all flat and bleh. oh well. i did take pictures from this morning for a tut video i made... so i'll probably post those pics. as i said, it isn't good but oh wellio :D

  6. Cheer up Stephie! I'm assuming you transfered from a community college to the unversity that you're at now right? Well, of course it'll be a huge shock in terms of culture, and with the grades! You're classes are probably a lot bigger, and you probably have a lot more students that are at different years in college. Relax...you'll do good.

    And take this from a workin girl -- grades are seriously not everything. You'll get a great job to maintain your MAC habit! =)

  7. !!! i feel kind of bad that i even made a request to begin with, and you did it so freaking fast.

    amazing. thanks!! i'm all worked up now. ^_^

  8. you can curl hair with a really good straightener.. such as GHD or CHI, mine came with the dvd and its pretty easy to do...

    i think you would look really good with loose waves in your hair, and tip is to french plait it after you washed your hair and sleep in it over night and instant waves!

  9. leelee: yep you summed it up :) i think i'm getting the hang of things.... and yeah i better get a good job for my MAC addiction :D

    blueprint: no it's no problem at all! like i said, ABB is my first home so of course y'all get a little more special attention :)

    jusl: i tried to do that with my ghetto straigtener lol and it didn't work out good. i'm trying to get a CHI straightener but i have to stop spending it on makeup first.... :D

  10. I just adore your tutorials. Can you tell us what hair products you use and your skincare routine?

    Also, what type of camera do you use, and when you film, do you use natural light? Thanks, and stay focused and strong. Things will be dandy.

  11. cheer up girl! you'll do better!

    can't wait to see pics & videos! i've been dying to see another one of your tutorials (:

  12. Hey, I read a lot of your entries at asianbeautyblog =]

    Good luck on your marketing exam! procrastination will hurt you so don't fall behind.


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