"You Know What? It Ain't No Thang, It's A Hairflip!"

No matter what anyone says, I find Chris Crocker HILARIOUS! Seriously, I just watch one or two vids, and I'm laughing :D At or with him, I'm laughing so it's all good.

One of my friends on myspace sent me this video, to help cheer me up. It worked. Watch it, it really is funny, at least to me. I was flipping my hair along with him :P Yeah I'm a dorkus.

So in my last post I said I was going out with one of my BFFs. We went out to Korea Town to check out this super cute gift shop filled with Hello Kitty, Mashi Muru (sp?), Pucca, and whatnot.... I got a nice smelling air freshner for my car, smells like strawberries (not that strong and overbearing smell, but yummy smell) and it's shaped like HK :D I also got an HK doll to hang from my rearview mirror, HK bill fold, and HK antennae ball thingie.... Yeah I love HK lol..

There was a really fun photo machine to take sticker pictures... so we had at it. It was super fun! I have no clue why I came out so ghostly pale in the pictures... weird!

I get along with camera-whores quite well :D

My friend (the guy) is going through a hard time right now, so his fave song right now is "Pimp Slap Dat Hoe" by Soulja Boy.... LOL I wonder why..... So that was the theme of the next few pics.

Just a random picture :D My friends can call me a bitch when I am one... which is seldom hahahahaha! Really though, if you deserve it, I'll be it.

Some what of an FOTD:
MAC Face Stuff (don't remember)
Ardel Lacies Falsies (I don't like them, they are weird looking in the inner corner)
MAC Classic Dame Mattene Lipstick

My BFF, Brenda, and I showing off our new toys. Hello Kitty now hangs fro my rearview mirror, she brings a smile to my face each time I look at her :D

Adding to the mural in the stick picture booth thing.

Random camera-whoring. You see, I get along with camera-whores. :X

Showing off my cowboys boots.

The Wall of Shame :)

This was our first time trying out Korean food at a local Korean restaurant, Korea House. All in all, I wasn't that impressed. I once read a book in 5th grade called If It Hadn't Been For Yoon Jun by Marie G. Lee and in it she talked about kimchi. I expected it to be sour and spicy, but the kimchi at this restaurant smelled like mangos (?????) and tasted like nothing. LOL but the beef was nice and tender... the hot pot thing was just odd.... and the dumplings weren't half bad!

The noodles, quite yummy really.


California Roll (I work for a sushi restaurant but hate sushi...)

The beef and "hot pot".

Before the waitress took the picture she was like "KIMCHI!!!!" bahahahaha...

My girl Brenda is running for Miss Vietnam USA :) She'll win :D


So that was my night (last Thursday actually). I really needed some time to just chill and forget about my worries. It helped :)

I have two exams this week, a business law test on Wednsday, and a finance exam on Thursday... so I might be MIA until afterwards. I'll try to record a tutorial soon, but I've added an update box on the left side of my page to show y'all what I plan on doing... not in that order. It's more of a reminder for me :)

Alright, y'all don't forget to....



  1. I'm not comparing... but you are soo much prettier than ricebunny. She's not pretty at all, just cute.

  2. you guys look so cute in those pics!! 8D .. btw...is your friend viet?? man, she sure has some crazy tan skin for a viet person. hehehe
    also, were u serious when you said that your friend is running for miss VN??? FTW!!!! 8D

    looking forward to your next tutorial.

  3. ^ while i appreciate the complement, i must say, with a lot of effort to not be offending because i'm not trying to be, that i'm not into the whole comparison. even though you didn't mean to compare, you did.... and i have a lot of anger towards the whole ricebunny thing (not towards RB herself, but the whole call me names thing going on by some of her fans). i think she's beautiful, but that's my opinion and you are entitled to yours.... so this next part isn't really directed towards you, but to any of her fans who happen to stalk my blog even though they despise me so....

    just for clarification since i stupidly looked at the chatbox on her xanga, i don't hate RB. i'm a huge fan of hers but since some of her other fans have decided to insult and demean me, i haven't been looking at her webpage. how anyone could surmise that i hate her is beyond me. i've never said something bad about her, because frankly i have nothing bad to say about her! she's a sweet, pretty, and helpful person. it's just some of her fans who have decided that i'm a "bitch" even though they don't know me at all, and who say i suck without giving a reason.

    what i'm trying to say is that i don't want the readers of my blog to stoop to their level. there's enough of those people who make superficial opinions about a person they've never met and think that bashing them online makes them a bigger person.

    in my honest opinion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. some people may think i'm fugly, fine. some may not like the makeup i wear, whatevs. i can't make everyone happy and obviously there's going to be immature jerks out there (not directed to my friendly anon).

    anyways, to my anon, you seem like you have good intentions and i didn't mean to go off on a bitching-tangent there :P i just want you to know that i'm not attacking you at all, just when i read your comment, i was inspired to address some annoyances. i'll probably have to record something so the cowards can see that i'm a real person with actual feelings.

    (btw for the haters out there, if you want to talk smack about me, say it to my FACE and leave RB's chatbox alone, that way REAL fans can get her help and not have to read your bitchings.)

  4. ruby: yeah she's viet :D a lot of people think she's filipino or cambodian XD which makes her mad lol.... yeah she's running for the miss vietnam usa pagent... whichever one is going to be held in Las Vegas this year. what does ftw mean btw?

  5. aww those pics are cute! & i love hello kitty! i hate sushi too. haha.

    i can't wait to see your collection. i was going to do mine coz someone requested it but maybe i'll just wait till i have more. haha.

  6. hey stephie!!!
    i actually youtube-ed miss vietnam and there was a video and your friend was in it. hehehe i hope she goes well it in. yeah, at first i thought she did look abit filo. hehehe but she has a gorgeous smile.

    ftw...means For the win! its like me saying 'awesome'. hehe

    why are people comparing you and RB? I find that both you and RB have TWO completely DIFFERENT style. so the whole thing about copying is completely non-sense.

  7. ruby: how cool! can you post the link to it? i'm looking on youtube but i can't find her :D

  8. Hi sis! Yeah I hoping those metal x eyeshadows are good! I think they can be both an eyeshadow with more vibrancy as well as a base for eyeshadows..hmm but I think they might be better off as eyeshadows. I just hope they don't crease!

    Awww you are so sweet! Thanks for the compliment, but I love the looks YOU do! I love watching your videos because you are too cute! Pretty girl! I hope you are having a great weekend! I am glad you got the pigments, and yes we should definitely hang out whenever you are back in LA! We would have so much fun shopping for what else.....makeup! HAHA

    Oh! And the brush is OK, it's not as soft as I want it to be, but it's not hard or prickly or anything, just feels weird, I think perhaps because it's obviously not as heavy as other brushes so it sorta feels cheap. I am now using it just for applying bronzer. :(

    But I am going back tomorrow to get that buffer brush that has been staring at me!

  9. here is the link:

    she only appears for like 3seconds, but then again, she's only introducing herself. hhehe.
    she appears just abit after the 1st min. 8D By all mean, u can watch the whole thing if you want just that they speak viet during the 1st min.
    cheers 8D

  10. Awww, this post makes me feel homesick for Korea! Those food pictures look so good! If the kimchee you ate wasn't sour and spicy, it probably was a weak version. Hahaha. You need to get some fermented kimchee. Your eyes will water but your mouth will sing!

  11. Hey Girl
    haha you are soo cute love the pics!
    Where did you get that Hello Kitty I need that!!! :)


  12. hey stephie. :)

    first of all, good luck with your exams. you would own them i bet.. :)

    second, i have also been discouraged in checking RB's blog because of some of her readers. they can be really mean and rude and what's puzzling is that the comparison came out of nowhere. sure you both do blogs but neither of you two mentioned names (or if anyone has, i'm sure it's nothing negative). it's great that you took the initiative to warn your readers not to go down their level. i also understand that it's not RB's fault but i believe that as the owner of the blog, she has the power to moderate comments made by her readers. i'm sure she reads them and sees how offensive they can get so it's beyond me why she's not taking action. the thought can be far-fetched but in a way the readers reflect the personality/attitude of the blog owner. that sounded weird but that's what i honestly think. hehe.. :) just don't mind them, i know it's hard but it's probably what we/you can do. i admire that you don't "fight" back and i'm glad none of your readers do too. let them be affected and rot in all their negativity while you would just be happy happy happy in all your prettiness and gorgeousness and smartness.

    sorry for the super long comment. i just had to say these things.

    stay happy forever stephie!!!


  13. Very cute Stephie! Goodluck on your exams, I remember how they're a pain in the rear to study for haha.

    Take cares~

  14. Hey Stephie, good luck with your exams. :) I'd totally miss your tuts when you go off to study. :D Your sticker pictures look like so much fun and I'm missing the days of just getting these stuff randomly.

  15. i love your eye makeup. can you do a tutorial using halloween colors?

  16. Now I'm hungry for Korean food... lol~ I am sad you didn't have a great experience with Korean food. When you come to LA, you should try out the Korean dishes at K-town.

    I was wondering if you're Vietnamese. All this time I thought you were Filipino.

  17. I loooove HK! She's adorable. Your friend is so pretty. :D

    The whole RB thing will eventually blow over I give it a few weeks max with a few random things thrown out after. Hopefully it all blows over and everyone(including you!) forgets about all that nonsense. It's not worth your time I think her fans were just trying to see if you would be affected by it. =/ And I have to agree with the cmt above me about the whole thing that RB can do something about the cbox thing. She seems to not care much in my opinion, yeah she pretty and helplful but how helpful that she can't even at least TRY and do something about it. But whatev's thats her prob. if thats how she wants to be viewed. I find her to be somewhat rude(i have talked to her via cobx before and hated the attitude she gave which is why she just lost another fan...again) Sorry for the long paragraph.

    P.S- JW but do you own anything from the Blue Storm collection? I'd love to see a look done using it.

  18. skye & ruthie: thank y'all for the encouragement! i have to clear something up with y'all though so no one has any misconceptions about RB not saying anything on her chatbox. after a week (i think) of some of her fans' bitchings, i emailed her telling her i was upset by the whole thing. she then wrote on her chatbox to stop the comparisons... however, some of her more hard-headed fans didn't listen to her. i did see a noticeable lessening of flaming towards me after she spoke up though. it did take an email from me to get a reaction, but seriously, she's busy with life so she probably thought i didn't care or checked it. i think just from that, she's a sweet person.

    its hard to get a person's real meaning over the internet (unless they are cursing at you :P). and she is a busy lady so she may not have the time to comment back on each item in the chatbox since there are so many people on there. i do love it though when big-timmer bloggers (like pursebuzz :D) take the time to actually write to a specific person, it makes me feel special :P. but hey, to each his own.

    of course the flamers wanted a reaction from me, but i'm not rude enough to invade RB's blog and prolong the defamation of my skills and character. it'd be one thing if they did it on my blog, or abb, or on my youtube channel where my response would be appropriate. and i won't lie, i was hurt simply because i'm not made of stone. it surprises me how some people can just forget their manners over the internet.... it's disappointing really. oh well, it's just a hair flip LOL ;)

    my sister: ohhh the buffer looks great, i have that small baby one from the novel twist collection lol :) i'd love to hear how the buffer works for you! <3

    lastoneout: OMG i would love to try REAL kimchi, it sounds like fun lol :D of course i'd try it once and prolly never again, but still, it would be a nice experience!

    pursebuzz: wow thanks for checking out my blog :) i love hk, i got them from bonane in korea town... maybe if you ever visit texas, i'll show it to you! :)

    alyssa: i am filipino :)

    i'll definintely do a look on blue storm and if i have time b4 halloween (i don't think i will with the exams, i'm so sorry!) i'll try to do another look. thanks for the well wishes on my exams.... i'm going to be a busy lady! <3 y'all, y'all are the best ever out there!

  19. stephie!! your pix with ur friends are soo cute! i just wanted to say, i followed ur moonbathe tutorial for a day downtown with my friends && i LOVE it. ur makeup tastes are AMAZING!! keep the tutorials coming!!
    <33 em!

  20. I <3 your blog Stephie, your guy friend is pretty cuttee :D

  21. oooh i took bus. law two semesters ago, (i'm a business major) so i know how hard it must be. it took some getting use to, with all that law talk and courtroom language lol. you probably know what i mean. anyway good luck on your exams!!! hope you ace them.

    that chris crocker vid made me laugh, it was so funny i watched it twice.

  22. You look great i am loving your makeup, and good luck to your friend :-)


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