Asian Barbie

Happy (belated) Halloween y'all! I hope everyone had a great one!

Me you ask? Oh I did nothing really :D hehehe I had a finance exam I had to study for. I bombed the first test, receiving my first ever C in anything :( Ugh it sucked. But I studied my ass off for this second test. I was at school this morning at 6AM and my test was at 9:30. I'm pretty sleepy right now, but I felt like making an entry before I sleep.

I did go out to eat at Olive Garden with my honie and BFFs last night. It was our Halloween and farewell/good luck dinner. My girl Brenda left for Cali this evening to do the Miss Vietnam USA pageant. She'll be gone for 13 days, and do the pageant up in Las Vegas. I'm thinking about driving over there to root her on, but my parents would never let me... oh well, I'm with her in spirit.

Like I said, we ate out and as the camera-whore I am, I took pics. I used to love Olive Garden when I was young, especially their tiramisu, my absolute favorite dessert. But they had a pumpkin cheesecake that I had to have, it's seasonal so it's justifiable :D Anyways, the salad & breadsticks were good, and so was the peach tea, the best ever! But the entree was mediocre. I had their seafood alfredo, nothing special about it, and I really didn't care for the scallops up in my sauce. It was just normal, not like when I was young and would get all excited over it. Man it sucks to become jaded after a while.

On with the pics!

We look weird lol :D But some guy was about to step in the middle of the picture so we got caught in a weird moment hehe..

My sweet honie was exhausted, but he sucked it up and came with us.

LOL if you look at Brenda's thumbs, they are the cutest things ever. So we always joke with the thumbs up thingie.

Random camera-whoring.

Brenda said that in the pageant, they wanted the girls to pose with their legs crossed... how weird. So I was trying it LOL, and it wasn't pretty. Especially in my wedges, I'm so clumsy in anything other than flats! And it just shows y'all another reason I could never model, besides the fact that I'm uber short and prolly wouldn't meet standards, I always confuse "fierce" with angry or pouting. So that's why I stick to camera-whoring.

Ahahaha good times....

I was just joking y'all! But for some reason, Trieu and them thought I was for real.

Love my BFF, Go Brenda!

Happy Halloween y'all! My honie and I are pretending to do our strutting and posing at the pageant hehehe I can't wait to see a video of the pageant.


You're prolly wondering why I titled this entry Asian Barbie. Well, since I didn't have a chance to dress up, I did my makeup today after class (and nap) in what I call the "Asian Barbie" look. Pale pink lips and blue eyes. Not a typical combination, but I sort of like it. I've done this before, and initially when I did it (months ago), I was inspired by Mistella's post on Specktra. I don't have the products she used, but I went with the basic shape and style. I'm planning on buying the colors she used though because they are just so beautiful! And she is one of the few Asians that I see who brings the color up really really high, up to her brow. It looks amazing on her, and she even brings the color low, like just above her cheekbones, and she still looks great!

Anyways, I think it turned out okay, besides the fact that one of my lashes are coming off lol :D Seriously though, Mistella has got some crazy amazing skills! If y'all haven't seen her work before, you need to look for real. Go to her website, her skills amaze me and she inspires me! Her Website

GA Powder
Emote Blush
Fleurry Blush
Cloudbound e/s to highlight

Stilife Paint
Rondelle e/s
Ricepaper e/s
Aire de Blue pigment
Moons Reflection e/s
Marine Ultra pigment
Blue pigment
Bang on Blue e/s
Blacktrack fluidline
Smolder eye kohl
Covergirl Lash Exact
Red Cherry Lashes

Studio Finish Concealer
Out to Shock l/s
Gadabout l/g

Ok, this face I was totally trying to mimic Mistella in the last picture of the post I linked. Seriously, she pulls it off amazingly, and I look plain weird hahaha


On the subject of other Asian women, I was watching some of Tila Tequila's episodes of her new show, A Shot at Love, and she seems like a really sweet girl. But then other times she seems so fake. For instance, in the last episode, one stalker guy was kicked off the show and he assaulted Bobby, the guy who stayed instead. Anyways, Bobby ended up going to the hospital, and Tila narrated it by saying something like she could tell she had feelings for him since she was so worried about him (she rode the ambulance with him). The way she said it though sounded so fake and unnatural. I'm guessing its because she's narrating it in retrospect, so the actual emotions connected to that situation may have... faded? In any case, I do find her show entertaining, besides the guys fighting in the fourth episode. It scared me, I hate violence. Anyways, if y'all want to check it out, I just googled it and it brought me to MTV where you can watch them all. If you have freetime, like I did today FINALLY! Night y'all!


  1. nice eyes. zomg i was watching that telia show too on mtv.com i cannot believe some of the stuff that goes on! its crazy...yeah she acts fake and plastic at times and then well yeah...i'm so hurt that everyone thought my feelings and me coming out as a bisexual was a joke, let's make out....did i miss something here? sigh....

  2. I love your eyes stephie. I love your tutorials too. Every one of them.
    Good luck to your friend running for Miss Vietnam USA!

  3. my sister is looking hot to trot as usual! OMG I love peach iced tea too!!! I actually met Tila in person when I used to model, and yeah she wasn't so friendly....lol

  4. Stephie cakes! Thanks! I just wear colored contacts as an accessory, even though I do need to get an eye exam because at night I am blind as a bat, so I might need some glasses!

    I think I am going to pass up on the keepsake bag because I don't think I really need it, and I think I might just wait till the Finery bags come out....makeup is getting too expensive so im trying to scale back on what I want to what I REALLY want! LOL!

  5. oooh!!

    can i ask a question - what's so good about an eyeshadow being really pigmented? what is pigmented????

    your eyes are so massive - they look good

  6. I'm digging the blue e/s on you girl. Yea, I do agree with you that A shot at love is like a train wreck...it's horrible but you can't seem to stop watching it. She seems like a girl who would be fun to kick it with, go shopping, and stuff...but the whole show just makes her seem fake. I'm not sure if the producers tell her to act/feel a certain way or whatever. Regardless, that dude who lost it has some serious issues.

  7. You're such a beauty! Thanks for these tutorials... I'm going to try to start experimenting with my eye makeup some more. Wearing the same thing day in and day out can be such a drag. I wish your model friend all the best!!

  8. omygosh! please PLEASE do this as a video tutorial, i'd love to try it out! PLEASE!!

  9. honesly i don't like this look! you have really nice eyes and cute face and it seems like the makeup is totally wearing you. =/

  10. what a cute look! the funny thing is, i actually DID pretend to be an asian barbie for halloween! lol. it was a long shot and no one really "got it" until i told them who i was but ohwell- it was still fun to try something different. www.myspace.com/msanniemal

  11. vanessa: i'm so jealous that you met her! :D

    ying_chick: pigmented means that it has a lot of color in it... at least that's what i think it means. i like more pigmented colors because they show up more and pop better :)

    bananaz: i know what you mean about the makeup wearing me. i wouldn't wear this out on a daily basis, and it barely passes for a club look. i was just showing a look that i made a while back :D i thought it was fun.

  12. i think you pose really well in them pics, very pro!!!

    i havent seen tila's show yet, need to find it on the net!

  13. wow i love that look its gorgeous, very intense and sexy. =D but i have to agree i wouldnt wear it everyday but makeup is a hobby of mine and i love creating intense looks just for fun and to take pictures. =]

  14. woah i love those blue eyes! more ethereal than barbie, in my opinion ;)

    i didn't know you were in Arlington! I thought it was Austin... that's pretty cool! yeah, i'm ALWAYS on the I-20; it's pretty much the only way to get around.. heh heh...

    the iphones were $450 each...kinda steep but worth it i think... :) good luck with that!!

  15. You are such a pretty, pretty, pretty girl!!! Plus you have the personality of pure gold. I don't know what kind of personality pure gold has, but I imagine it to be quite a sweet disposition and, yep, you have that :D

    Keep blogging!

  16. stephie! hii! i really enjoy watching your tutorials. youre so lovely and talented for posting up these things to help people like me out! thanks girrlieee <3 loll.
    weells anyways, i just wanted to know which brand you used for your lips because i wanted a color like that. i used to have somethttin similar which was "voluptuous"-lola
    amazing stuff but i wanted a change. so if you could post the brand of it. i'd be happy ! lol is it mac cuz i looked at the site and searched for it but it never popped up. maybe i'm just really oblivious. okk well thanks so much! keep on going iwth the vids! cc yaa!


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