Bling All Around

I want to start off by saying, I LOVE it when I'm right :) You're probably wondering what I'm saying... for those who instant message me on AIM, most will know that I generally am always logged in on my Sidekick 3. And it's really hard to type quickly on it. I thought I would share an interesting conversation I had with an obsessed person a few days ago that I think will bring a smile to your lips hehehe:

supremepreet: hey
supremepreet:BiTCh yOur Boyfriend is ugly andhis dick is Small and hes a FOB
me: hello (i typed it and sent it right when it sent me the last message)
me: Oh wow ur rude
supremepreet: u uglyass bitch
me: Would you like to say anthing else you pathetic lowlife?
me: How can you call me a bitch. You don't know me.
supremepreet: well it's true
supremepreet: and i dont care if im 'rude'
supremepreet: is that the best u can come up with
supremepreet: your boring
supremepreet: You have a boring life
supremepreet: thats why
supremepreet: Your going out with an uglyass fob
supremepreet: u uglyass
supremepreet: Now shut up
me: (it wrote all that while i was typing this) I don't need to "come up" with anything. This conversation is over.

*Blocks the loser*

LOL I am seriously so flattered that someone is so obsessed with me and my life to instant message me and tell me all this :) And I'm even more flattered that the person I was referring to in this entry did come back to visit me, since it is so obsessed :D Really I'm flattered, but it's time to move on. I'm not interested in you so go hide under a rock somewhere. I'll admit it, bitch I am, but obsessed loser, you are. Mwahs!

On the subject of bringing smiles to your faces, I thought I'd go ahead and share a picture that one of my peeps on youtube made for me... bahahahha when I first saw it, I seriously could NOT stop laughing! It's a still frame from my Stylistics Review video (linking it soon). If y'all haven't seen it, it's from a part where I'm looking at a brush and seeing that it's made in China.... needless to say I was surprised! Flabergasted more like it.... ahahahahaha I didn't know I looked like that until people started commenting on it... but this picture says it all :)

BAHAHAHAHAHA ..... ok now THAT's fug :D


I went out with my bff and another good friend to the new Cheesecake Factory that was opened at the mall recently. A while back Glamour Girl issued me a challenge to do a Vintage Glam look which was gold eyes and red lips. I decided to break out this look since I was going out. I really like it. I'm prolly going to wear this for the holidays. Tutorial will be done after finals, promise! :)

Studio Tech NC35 - all over face with 190se
Studio Finish Concealer NC20 - under eyes and cover blemishes with 252
Armani Micro-fil Loose Powder - set foundation/concealer with 150
Emote Blush - contour with 168
Tenderdusk Beauty Powder - highlight and all over apples with 181se

Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader - fill in brows with Shiseido #6 brush
Urban Decay Primer Potion - all over eye area up to brow
Beige-ing Shadestick - base for lower lashline
Uppity Fluidline - base from lash to crease with 242
Pure Ore Metal-X Shadow - over uppity fluidline with 224
Gorgeous Gold e/s - outline Pure Ore to help blend in and lower lashline with 219
Ricepaper e/s - highlight with 227
Blacktrack Fluidline - upper lashline
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Shiseido Lifting Mascara
Ardell #131s

Magenta Lip Liner (I still don’t have a red lip liner)
Classic Dame Mattene Lipstick
Racy 3D Glass

I did a few videos, not tutorials mind you. The first one is over my skincare items. I forgot to mention MAC Wipes, which I use for taking off my makeup... maybe I'll do a really quick one to add as a video response... but that will be later. Oh and does anyone have any recommendation for face masks? I have combo skin, oily in the t-zone mainly. Any recs are appreciated ;)

The second one is over the new MAC Stylistics Collection. I did a quick review, right after a nap for my headache lol so you can see the bags under my eyes... delicious right?

The new 129 is SO soft.... if you see the video, I can't get over it! LOL... damn it's so soft! hehehe ;) And I finally got me a lip brush. I can't wait to start using it. But I think it will be a pain in the backside to have to clean it all the time.

I didn't try out the lipglass before hand, but after I did the video, I wore the lipglass, and it feels like butter on your lips! I think they may be the same formula like the MAC 3D Glasses... so so soft! If you didn't get a 3D Glass, go and feel out the Stylistics lipglasses and you will LOVE it. It's not sticky at all and feels as smooth as a lip balm. FOR REAL! And I got two more glitter liners just because I love them (from the Metal-X Collection).

This is the Lighthearted Sheer Mystery Powder, it's the middle shade of the three shades. It feels so smooth, like the Matte2 shadows. I'm loving how MAC is using the same formulas like their newest stuff. The Sheer Mystery Powder seems like the best value to me. You get the cute compact with powder inside, plus a refill. The compact is uber adorable too.... so get it! :)

I bought the Solitaire Sheerspark Powder. It is such an amazing highlight. I put it right underneath my brows and on my cheekbones. The powder is highlight reflective and so pretty!


So back to the Vintage Glam look... I went out with my friends. On with the random pics!

With the bff Brenda. Every year the local mall puts up this HUGE Christmas tree.

Just me... I know I'm short, and the tall tree doesn't really help me :D

Kisses for my bff lol :)

Brenda, Loan, and I waiting for a table at the Cheesecake Factory.

With Loan's bf at our table.

I ordered the Shrimp Scampi. It didn't taste good at all.

I'm the only dumbass in the picture... gosh silly pics end up being "stupid Stephie" pics since no one gets into it lol... :P

Lovesss them!

New day. Waiting at the shuttle stop... attempting to make my thighs NOT look like hams. For some reason, sitting down pics are so unflattering.

Because I'm a dork like that.

I always see those uber cute shadow pics... my attempt made me look like a cow lol :D

The leaves on the tree outside of my house started to turn this beautiful yellow. I just loved it, so I had to take a pic :) And I'm always the dork.

Love him! And if anyone out there doesn't, I don't give a hoot. I'd still hit it ;)

So kiss my derriere, because I don't care!

Me, Emily, and Phuong (my honie's younger sister). It was Emily's last day at work, so we went out to eat after a 6 hr and 15 min shift. I'll miss you Chi Emily!

Oh, and earlier last month my dear friend Vega quit. Doesn't that say something about our workplace? Another girl quit a couple weeks before after working for just a couple of weeks. Anyways, I'll miss her too! Though we still hang out, it's not the same.


Anyways, is that enough of an update for y'all for today? I'm working on this five page essay for my leadership over "Who I Am, What I Believe".... gosh a research paper is such a breeze for me, but writing subjectively is harder. I have so many thoughts and to organize it is just frustrating. I've procrastinated enough. Have a great weekend!


  1. I love love love this look!

    my fav at Cheesecake Factory is Chicken Madeira. it is AWESOME. and banana creme cheesecake. you should definately try it!

  2. hey there, thanks for all the tutorials and reviews! don't mind the negative comments, you're a (very) pretty girl with lots of talents..

  3. hey there stephie.. my first time commenting though i've been chkin out ur vid tuts for a while now. they're awesome. and i <3 the look you did. red lips look awesome on you. i wish i could pull it off. you're gorgeous girl and i just wanna say don't let jerks like that stalker phase you at all.

  4. Hey, girl! I love your glam look. I also sent a request awhile ago very similar to this to your yahoo e-mail. I also used the term Vintage Glam and pinup girl and said I wanted to see it on you because we're both filipina. Don't know if you remember and/or received it, but I'm still so glad you made it. It's so perfect! I just want to thank you for always being so sweet & helpful to all of your readers/viewers. Remember, for every person who hates, you have a whole lot more who adore you! Happy Holidays, Stephie!

  5. i have that Coach bag that your friend is carrying.

  6. hello sis! don't you worry about them weirdo haters, you got them constantly checking you out to see what is going on in your life because they are jealous and wish they could be as talented and gorgeous as you. your BF seems like such a sweet guy, they are just sad people living a miserable life.

    I love your glam look, I was actually going to pull off a similar look to my company holiday party and now that I see it on you, I love it! I miss you hope you are having a great weekend. :)



  7. hey stephie...i know i havent commented on your blog in awhile but i just had to after reading your last post. i cant believe that this person is saying that kind of things!! && why are they iming you?? i think you do an awesome job and to be honest, ive gotten way into makeup even more because of you!! so keep doing what your doing...and your man seems pretty sweet and cute so that person is just jealous, lol.

  8. Stephie ! Thanks for posting up the skincare vid. ! I'm going to try the clinique toner cause I've been looking for one! =) I really really love your vintage look! you seriously can pull off the red lips. I have ladybug and yesterday I took a 2 hr bus ride to get seriously rich and flattering cause the nearest macys for me ran out! =[ The sad thing is that I'm asian with big full lips and I can't pull it off! LOL you think you can help me? I'm keeping it in hopes of using it once in a while for the right occasion and look<3 I also got 6th sin! OMG I just couldn't stop smiling LOL

    anyways, I'm glad you didn't go all negative towards those stalkers. she is just jealous seriously, but then of course who wouldn't be jealous of you! hehe^^ Keep up the good work girl!

    GOOD LUCK with your paper!<3

  9. Stephie, I knew your interpretation of this look would be amazing. Perfect. I also like that you brought the hair and outfit into it to complete the look. This look begs for a turtorial! This post made my day. I shall love you forevah. ;) Have a great weekend, and best of luck on your essay.

  10. hey girl! OMG! that girl was freakin rude! F**K that shit!!! i was born here and my bf is also from vietnam and i dont care what people think cuz he treats me good :) and im sure ur man treats u good too! hehe stupid haters! Anyways i love ur new look and ur so talented! never let stupid bi**hes bring u down!!! Peace! :P

  11. hey stephie! i love when you write long ass blogs! I always wonder why people bother to tell someone they dont know personally that they dont like them, if I didnt like someone I just wouldn't bother. Wow what is the world coming to?
    anywhoo I just went on a the body shop haul and picked myself up a vitamin c mask! I tried it on the BF and he liked it lol
    I will use it tonight and I'll let you know how it is in a few weeks.
    Other than that I se queen helen mint julepe mask which smells amazing! though I only use it for spot treating zits which works wonders) as its a pain to remove after it dries if I use it as a mask.

  12. caroline: my bff had the chicken madeira... damn i should have tried it! lol and i LOVE banana pudding and i love cheesecake so i'm definitely trying banana creme! lol....

    brenda: thanks girl! the negative comments don't bother me much anymore. i find them amusing. i would LOVE for a hater to give me a good reason to feel bad. like give me a real reason or instance i was a bitch. that would be an interesting conversation lol ;)

    terri: hey! thanks for taking the time to comment, y'all know how much i LOVE it :) anywho, yeah don't worry, losers like that don't phase me. if one of them gave me a valid reason to feel bad about myself, then i'd be impressed ;)

    jamie: oh yeah i did read your email *slaps forehead*... i'm really sorry for not replying earlier. i get swamped with emails sometimes, and a lot of them need time to answer so i get all caught up.... anywho i will for surely do the tut for you! gotta help out my fellow filipinas! mwah!

    anonymous: i loved her bag...

    ate: thanks! i know you'll look fabulous at the party. have a great time! love you!

    hina: hey! you just added me on myspace right? lol i just wanted to make sure, otherwise i'll have two hina's to talk with :) have a great weekend!

    helen: embrace your lips woman! lol.... but seriously, i think full lips are hot. like angelina jolie. i don't really know how to make them look smaller... i'll experiemnt and let you know but i think full lips look so sultry. i mean my lips are big too and i think it just is another asset hahaha

    glamour girl: i <3 you too heheeh :) thanks i need all the luck i can get for this one! :( tut will come after finals for sure :D

    ty: it's ok. i just thought y'all could have a laugh at it's expense :) have a great weekend babe!

    sher: lol i can never get my honie to try on masks for me. such a spoil sport. lol but i would love to hear how you like the vitamin c mask! i do use swiss ives mineral clay mask, but i want to try some new ones. i used to use the mint juliep (sp?) mask, but i haven't fallen in love with it.

  13. hey stephie,
    i love the gold eyeshadow on you, its beautiful, i got this gold eyeshadow stick thingy from rimmel and gosh it had more glitter to it than the actual gold color, i was like man what a waste of money. anywho. i dont like trying new things, scares me and most of the time it dont work for me whatsoever. anywho. i use that zapzyt acne treatment simply because its cheap and i think it works for me but it just dries my skin a tad-bit cuz i have real sensitive skin. but i like the product overall.

  14. I <3 cheesecake factory, mostly for the cheesecake though hee hee :)
    whats with the haters? guess you're uber popular now...
    love the pure ore on your eyes with the red lips :) Keep up the great work!

  15. Hey chica....you cracked me up in the Stylistics vid when you said, "Oh shit..." Sounds like somehing I would say. Cheesecake Factory is only the best thing ever. The Stuffed Chicken Tortillas are to die for. And I looove your pics. Beautiful trees.

    The packaging for Stylistics is indeed fab. I couldn't shell out on it at all but some of those items will definitely be on my Christmas list. Let us know what you think about those Mystery Powders! And red lips is absolutely beautiful on you.

    Peace and have a fab upcoming week.
    And keep shakin' those hatas off.
    You must be doin' somethin' right if they still got shit to say.

  16. I guess there where you live it's still quite warm. you're in short sleeved infront of the Christmax tree! wonderful!

    Here (in italy) is already quite coooold.

  17. Wow, hubba hubba! Those lips are AMAZING. And the eyes are so rich and metallic!

  18. Whoa the eyes are so pretty and vibrant! Imo you should sliiightly reduce the thickness of the gold line on the bottom. Idk why but I personally think it would look so much better. =) Either way it's hot!

    Thanks for the awesome update, must've tooken you forever! =D

  19. LMAO! stephie that chat is so funny!!! random person like talking crap bout ur boyfriend. and this person would know about your life how? no one posts their entire life on their blog, and clearly THEY'RE the ones with no life to attack someone they dont even know. if your life is supposedly boring. theirs is like off the charts. lmao.

    && talkin bout your man's dick? dude. what is this? sixth grade?

    lmao you should post more of that stuff. makes me laugh!

  20. wow, i love that glamour girl look on you. you look gorgeous in those pics!

  21. I love the Clinique 3-step System too! And I totally know what you were talking about when describing the toner...I can feel it working. =) Your blog is great...I'm 19 and right now I'm kind of just a mascara/eyeliner/lipgloss type of girl but I definitely want to try some of your looks! Keep it up!

  22. don't listen to that moron who IMed you. what a weirdo. they obviously don't have anything better to do. what is an FOB anyway? am i retarded or should i know this? hahhaa... i love your makeup blog/vids! i like yours a lot because you really talk to the camera and tell us all non-experts what we need to know about the makeup/brushes you're using in the vids... so thanks!

  23. you're so small and petite! so cute~ and i just went to the cheesecake factory for the first time last week. i loved it.. sorry you didn't like your dish. but i'll remember not to try it.

    oh and i already commented on your holiday look on abb. love it love it!

  24. i love all your posts and definately love your style. keep it all up!!

  25. Awww ... I'm sad that that person is talking bad about your boyfriend. :( What kind of nickname is Supremepreet anyways? What a loser.

  26. Oh I really like the red lip/gold eye look! Definately one to try out, my colouring is similar to yours!

  27. Loved the red lipstick!

    Don't worry about those people hating...They have no lives and are pathetic! Keep doing what you do girl!! =) You are very talented and those haters are just jealous!

    MmMm Cheesecake Factory! lol.

    Happy Holidays!

  28. Hey Stephie! It's me Leilani, but I am on my blogger account right now. You've inspired me to start a blog!

    Anyways, I love this look! It definitely is the holiday look and I cannot wait for the tut! Which reminds me...What do you use to edit your photos?

    I haven't eaten at Cheesecake Factory in forever! I love their cheesecake, but I hate looking at the rest of the menu because it is so overwhelming.

    Hope studying is going well!

  29. i use the purple colored clinique toner, too. whoot whoot.

    but yours has that cool pump thing on the top. where'd u get it?

  30. WOW I am seriously floored by this look on you!!! You look good with bright eyes, smoky eyes, and red lips...you can pull it all off! You are so pretty =) Can't wait for the tutorial...

  31. stephie i LOVE the gold eyes n red lips look on you!! it really is so holiday-ish. love it!! ;)

  32. I love the gold look stephie! Good luck on the paper and finals. Those haters just wish they had the beauty and talent that you do. Stay sweet!

  33. hey girl! i've only posted once before, but i had to again after this post. i don't know how people even begin to think that harassing people online will make them feel better about themselves. it's just sad.

    anyway, on to more important comments. i love the vanilla bean cheesecake at cheesecake factory! my friends and i used to go there all the time during my first couple years of college until we realized that their food is horrible and way overpriced. but the cheesecake is still worth it :)

    overall, i LOVE the vintage glam look on you. and, like other commenters, i have similar coloring as you and it's really nice to see that this look can be great on tan skin tones. however, i agree with the anon. poster above about the gold shadow under your eyes. it pulls attention away from the gorgeous lip color. I think with the whole bold red lips/muted eyes look that the shadow should be limited to the upper lid and all you need is thin black liner on the waterline below (but that waterline e/l is necessary because otherwise it looks too retro, imho). i have a deep red lipstick that i stole from my mom :P and I've never used it, but maybe i will during the holidays...

    in the stylistics collection, i was so excited for the sheerspark powders, but when i went to MAC i was so disappointed! i was hoping to get one of the pink ones to use as a shimmery blush, but they're so small and i didn't see any color-- only a lot of glitter. i ended up getting coygirl blush instead and i'll use my BB shimmer brick over that if i want shimmer. oh well. the sheerspark would be good as a highlighter though.

    wow, another GIANT comment from me :S

  34. Hey you know your crazy stalker? I've heard the slur or whatever thrown around but I didn't know what it meant. What does that mean, so I know if it happens again?

  35. Stephie, being allowed to kiss your derriere would be a priviledge ;P

    The Holiday Glam look is very hot. Seriously, if I could get away with it, I'd wear a look like that every day. Super-pretty look on you, and you look adorable as always.

    I checked out the Metal-X shadows at the MAC store the other day, but I just couldn't really justify buying them, even though they were gorgeous and shiny. I ended up buying another 15-pan palette (my 4th, sigh...) a couple of eyeshadows, a new StudioFix compact, and another Mattene lipstick. I liked the Sheer Mystery Powder too, though I still have mine from last year (and I'm not sure if I'm going to go for a new one - I mean, the powder is pretty friggin awesome, but I'm not sure I can justify the expense.)

  36. I think Stephie executed this look perfectly. And the undershadow is her personal touch that I have grown fond of. Every artist should have her own signature touch that makes her unique.

  37. I love love love the vintage gold look. you look fabulous in that combo! Holla from meiming at specktra ^_^

  38. sweetxtornado: i noticed it tried out my eye area a lot too. i had a blemish near my brow and i put it on it, but my eye got really dry and irritated.. other than that i'm liking it. it really dries them up though *thumbs up*

    etherealprey: i think i'll only be going there to get cheesecake from now on :D

    divine blackness: LOL we must be sisters from other misters :P hahah

    cuccy: it's cold in the morning then it goes up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoon. i want some cold weather!

    emily: lol thanks :P

    anonymous: thanks for the CC. i'll be sure to try it out later ;) the update did take forever and a half!

    dee: lol i'm glad someone else enjoyed it... i thought it was a hoot and a half :D

    mei: thanks girl!

    cara: it was SO hard for me to describe it LOL... i'm glad you understand now hehehe :D

    nilty: i didn't know what a FOB is until i started dating my honie two years ago.... i still don't quite understand it. at least i don't see it as a negative term but i guess it is supposed to be negative. it stands for "fresh off boat" like how people imigrated here on boats. i guess it means something like he's still not americanized or something. i don't know, i don't find it offesive but apparently it is.
    about the vids, lol i feel weird talking to a camera but then i try to picture talking to an actual person. i'm also just another non-expert talking to everyone :)

    linda: i'm glad you had something good though :)

    anna: thank you!

    linda: i know, LOSER. lol! but i'm not phased by it anymore. if someone would say that to my face i can guarantee you i'd bitch slap the ugly off their face!

    row: yeah defnitely try it out :)

    stephanie: happy holidays to you too :D

    krystle: yay for the new blog! i edit my pics with microsoft office picture manager to crop and resize, then paint to write my blog site on it.... i don't have photoshop and i don't really like retouching or fixing the color if i want to show the actual makeup. i would do that for myspace pics lol but i don't have the program.

    cha: i got the bottle with the pump at the macy's counter. it's a little more expensive but not by much.

    cindy: thanks girl! tutorial soon to come... after finals ;)

    thanks lani!

    shawnta: omg girl i need all the luck i can get. i have such a bad headache but i have to get the damn thing done! (and i need to answer the comments lol)

    ash: i LOVE your long comments :D i'm definitely trying out that cheesecake!

    mackeyan: i don't really understand the insult that much but it stands for "fresh off boat". something negative for imigrants. i guess making fun of the accent and customs or something? just some dumb thing LOL

    miss kittens: MEOW.... i would be honored lol... you're the only person to comment on that part. i expected as much which is a good thing :D lol jk ;) i was always wondering what the sheer mystery powder stuff was because i'd see it in your fotds... i'm glad to finally find it! i'm not sure how much i like it though, the shading seems a bit off. oh well :D hope all is well with you!

    glamour girl: thanks love :) it was nice talking to you online yesterday. hopefully we can again after finals!

    meiming: thanks girl! LOVE my specktra girls!

  39. Stephie! I love your haircolor!!!! What color is it? Brand??? Its so beautifulllll!

  40. hey stephie! how you been? that gold look looks pretty on you! that christmas tree is huggge!

    people are so mean to say something like that to you! they're always checking up on you because they're just jealous! whoever they are, hope they rot in hell!!!

  41. brightcoloredmakeupDecember 5, 2007 at 6:22 PM

    Ugh, don't you just love shit-talkers? I love em, they're great! *don't mind my sarcasm* :) Anyway, I love the look you did. It's simple yet the lips are just POW!! Too bad I don't have Classic Dame. I kept telling myself to go out and get it but my lazy butt didn't go! :( Oh & that shot of you with the silly face. Haha, I started laughing out loud heheh. Don't worry girl, you're still a cutie!! But yeah, mmmm I loooove Cheesecake Factory. I always get the Tostada Salad. I don't know why but that's like THEEEE best Salad I've ever tasted in my life. Haha :D Anywaaay.. just wanted to show some love. Take care<33

    <3 Tina

  42. Hey there! Love the Glam look on you - super festive and uber HOT for holiday! :)

  43. hey stephie! Thanks for the link! Don't worry I do not mind at all. Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't have tete-a-tint (my blog says why). And dont call urself and ass because I know you probably get tons of questions. so dont worry about it. =)

  44. marlyn: i really don't know the name. i got it done at a salon in cali... i think it was something like golden brown or something. i have no clue. but i'm going to get my hair dyed again soon to make it even lighter. i'll be sure to pay attention to the brand/name!

    dorksta: lol you're sweet :) i've been okay. finals are stressing me out. anywho, hope all is well with you dear!

    tina: i freakin know! i love having people obsess over me. it makes my feel great :D lol jk... they can kiss my a$$ from now on. i'm seriously ready to bitch slap someone, so bring it! heheheh ;) i'm going to have to try that salad. i was uber disappointed with the food, but i'm a huge salad lover. hopefully it will hit the spot :D

    nilla cookie: thanks!

    krystle: commented on your blog :) hope all is well dear :D

  45. Omg, that still pic is HILARIOUS. lol. And I don't know what you're talking about. Your sitting down pics are adorable!

  46. Hey Stephie

    I wanted to ask, was the pro discount eligible on the Stylistics range?


  47. fei: hahaha i'm glad you liked it! my nostrils can flare like no bodies business :D

    row: yes it is :) i was so happy. i was prepared to pay full price lol

  48. hey Ms. Lady,
    I just stumbled upon your blog looking for various looks with MAC shadows. And I happened to stumble upon this post... just read that little excerpt from some crazy person. This post is from 2 years ago, so it's probably a bit pointless to leave this note as well...BUT...i just HAD to say something -- Good on you for laughing at the 'crazies' in the world who wanna just bring you down! Seriously!

    I really like ur blog, and I'm gonna try to soak up as many tutorials u have up here as possible. Very cool looks.
    Annnddd... way to leave that air-kiss for the 'obsessed loser' :-)



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