[Fixed] Comment Response Video - You Can Watch It Now :)

EDIT: Alright y'all, I'm sorry for the technical difficulties! I put them on public so hopefully they will work... please try again :)

Oh fine, I just ended up uploading the video to youtube :) This is going to be in two parts because I rambled on for 15 minutes :D I'll be uber surprised if anyone actually watches the whole thing! The first part goes over my opinion on buying MAC products (in particular brushes) on Ebay, & the second part is over Strobe Cream and Fast Response Eye Cream. So here we go!

Hello hello :) How is everyone today?

I made a video in response to some comments I've received in my last post. I hope this answers your questions :) and I'll reply to the other ones in that post. I really appreciate all the feedback and support y'all give me. Y'all are truly awesome! Oh, quick shout-out to all the readers outside of the US :) If I knew how to say hello in all your languages I would. Enough babbling, hopefully this video will work. I am only posting it on my blog since it's just to fill y'all in. If it doesn't work, then I'll just type out a response, but that's so tedious sometimes :D

Part 1:

Part 2:


I have another FOTD, obviously from today :) Here's what I used:

Strobe Cream
Fast Response Eye Cream
Studio Finish Concealer
Armani Micro-fil Powder
Fleurry Blush

Shimmersand Shadestick - base for lower lashline
Rondelle e/s - inner lid & inner lower lashline
Mancatcher e/s - middle of the lid
Earthly Riches mes (purple) - outer lid & outer lower lashline
Earthly Riches mes (grayish) - crease & outer v
Phloof! e/s - highlight
Blacktrack Fluidline - upper lashline & waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader

Energy 3D Glass


I went to the mall, telling myself I could not use more than $50. Originally, I planned to find out if my MAC store had the Mi Lady mes, I want it so badly! Neither the freestanding, nor the counter at Dillard's had it.... I'm so depressed. I pray that the Pro store in Dallas had it, otherwise I'm screwed. Anyways, one of the sales ladies told me that layering Frankly Scarlet Blush on top of Flammable Paint gives a Mi Lady dupe, just not as shimmery. Here's what it looks like:

So I got them both as well as a few more products. Here's the haul:

Frankly Scarlet Blush
Flammable Paint
Off The Radar Pigment
Gesso e/s
Chrome Yellow e/s

Have a good night everyone! Peace &


  1. I love chrome yellow! It's gorgeous isn't it? You look lovely Sis!

  2. It looks great Stephie. I was going to pick up the Earthly Riches MES and decided not to and got only Mi'Lady. I'm thinking I need to go back and get it, lol!

    Oh, and to answer your question, yes ma'am, I am filipino :)

  3. You're totally amazing with your tutorials and I love your pictures.

  4. Hey, Steph :)

    Lovely FOTDs!

    Eek, Chrome Yellow e/s & the Frankly Scarlet Blush looks bright. I don't like bright colours, lol.

    Oooh. Gesso e/s. How do you use that? I have it but I have no idea how to incorporate it?!

    Thanks for the video too :)

  5. G

    Really ....Great!

  6. Awesome FOTD Stephie!! I can't wait for Antiquitease to release here so I can buy Earthly Riches!!
    I also love Off The Radar pigment, it's great as a blush too, an awesoem warm not too bright orange, with shimmers, it brightens your whole face!

    BTW hello in greek is "Geia sou" LOL

  7. i might be the only one but i can't see the video/comment response thingy :-(

    and thank you, i've been thinking about what to do w/ Earthly Riches. :-))

  8. Hi Stephie!

    I loved your McQueen tutorial and your FOTDs are just beautiful!

    I can't see the latest video you posted, hope you get it up and running soon!

    Keep up the great work! :o)

  9. Your eyelashes look really long and curled. I tried acheiving this look and it takes such a long time. Do you send a while applying mascara; if so, do you ever run into trouble-liking clumping and smudging?

    My worst problem is losing my eyelashes. After a while, I'll lose like three lashes with each eye. It's horrible.

  10. hmm.. is this a youtube prob or a blogspot prob with the video???

    anyways.. this will be a strange request but i like to see your lashes without the mascara... i can never get my lashes like yours... and i use primer to make it stay put!!!

    also another request since you work in a japanese restaurant, can you let me know what brand green tea they use to serve customers, the ones i buy taste a bit bitter!!!

  11. looking good as always....i think blogger's being dumb today, i tried to upload some stuff too and its not working...its not you, its blogger...hopefully they'll fix it...keep up the great work!

  12. wow stephie im so loving this look .. and your lashes are heaps long especially ur bottom lashes ..
    whats your tip on applying mascara to the bottom lashes? I always get clumps or i always end up getting on my undereye >< ..

    thank you

  13. julie: i used it today in the inner corner. i bought it especially to use as a lid color, and to blend a bright color into the crease... i'll have to work it out first. the formula isn't the best, since it's matte and sort of chalky... it took a bit of packing to make it show up.

    anonymous: hmm i think it takes me between 5-10 minutes to apply mascara. when it smudges, i dab at it with a q-tip. once in a while it will clump and i brush it out with a clean mascara wand. i lose my lashes too, except i'm the one doing it lol i have a problem with picking at my mascara so i'll accidently take out a few :P

    jusl: it's a blogspot problem. i uploaded it using the blogspot thing, and it shows up in the preview. i don't know why it doesn't on the main post, piece of poo! i'll post a pic of my nekkid lashes ;) i'm not sure what the brand of green tea is, when i'm at the restaurant i'll check it out, k?

    kathy: i usually have my face leaning forward & it seems to work for me. i hardly get any smudges, when i do i gently remove it with a q-tip.

  14. Thanks Stephie, you definitely do too! We should work together one day and come up with a bomb ass look.. haha Your skills & mine put together.. we'd rule. LoL I'm kidding. Just being stupid. Anyway, my real name is Thoa. Pronounced like Twa. Tee+Hoa=Thoa get it? I'm retarded huh? hehe.. I did a similar if not the same look as yours today! How funny.. but no I don't mind at all that you add my link to your page. I was roaming around and trying to figure out if I could subscribe to you here on blogspot but I guess it's not like Myspace or Xanga so I think I'm going to have to do what you do and link you as well. If YOU don't mind.

    The MAC pigments and lip sets are coming out tomorrow.. are you planning on getting your hands on them? I am!

  15. Hi Stephie

    I love the way you put on your eyeshadows! I was wondering how do you use the MAC fluidline to line your eyes and how much of your waterline you line so you don't end up looking like a panda?

    love your blog!

  16. Hello, it's anonymous again. (I have yet to get a public blogspot.)

    Anyways, I wanted to thank you for posting up all these videos. You're really helpful; I especially like how you personally respond to each and every comment left for you.

    I really do hope you become a great makeup artist at MAC one day.

  17. I Love how you do your make up!! I always love watchin your videos. you inspire me to get into the whole make up situation! i love it! thank you soo much for all your tutorials. they help a bunch!

  18. I want to watch the video too :(

    Well I just tried adding you in my youtube account. Umm please add? hehe.

    Btw, I hope you read my email already >.<


  19. Lovely FOTD...I can't watch the video tho:( it says 'We're sorry the video is no longer available' Stupid youtube.com

  20. can't watch the video.

    it says video no longer available.

  21. I think this review is great. You might've saved someone out there the hassle of being hoaxed from Ebay!. It sure would've made a difference to me if I would've seen something like this earlier before I bought my pallete from Ebay. -.- errrrrrrr.

  22. Hola!, I´m from spain, I read all days your blog, I´m learning a lot with your tutorials. Kisses from Spain.

  23. Yay! I can watch it now. Thanks for the review on the fast response eye cream sis!

  24. hihi.. i love this particular look you've created ^^ keep up the good works =D

  25. hi stephie,

    can u pls compare the strobe cream & the lorac luminizer? w// do u prefer and y? thanks a ton.loved the vid.

  26. I love the FOTD. It's a really beautiful cool-toned eye. I have a very similar skintone as you (NC30, but I'm Indian) and my skin is so warm, it can be difficult to pull off silvery colors, but now I'm going to have to experiment. And you got really good color payoff for Rondelle-- it never shows up so intensely on me. Anyway, this is one of my favorite looks of yours. :-)

    I also am wondering how you put Fluidline on your waterline. Just with a 266 brush? And does it stay put better than a pencil? (Sorry, I know this is a long post)

  27. Thanks for the review on Strobe Cream. I've been quite afraid of trying it because I have really oily skin (and I don't like the disco ball look of glowy moisturizers). I think I'll give it a shot though. Hopefully, the MAC counters here have sample-sized sachets of this.

  28. hey stephie,

    After watching your reviews and such i'm planing on gettin a few items from mac. I was wondering how i can get a pro card .. hehhee cause i have no clue..thanks


  29. Hey Steph, I couldn't find the user honganhkelly on eBay. :(

    Oh and I'm not sure if you got my question from your Mod Doll post but I was wondering what lipstick you were using. I went to the store and they were all saying that they've never heard of the lipstick "Brew" but they have "Fresh Brew" (or something like that. Could that be the name of the lipstick you used?

  30. Tina from BrightColoredMakeupNovember 15, 2007 at 3:29 PM

    Aww well I hope you find Mi'Lady e/s. I still gotta get me Flammable paint. Ugh, geez.. that would totally make the red e/s POP! the paint + the frankly scarlet brush is pretty darn close to Mi'Lady but like you said, minus the whole shimmer.

    Oh & I keep my receipts too. So you're not the only one. (except I don't put them on spreadsheets) :D They're kinda fun to look back on though. Shows how much of a big spender we are, huh?! Hehe. Well can't wait for your next tut. Take care<33

    <3 Tina

  31. Stephie, what is that yummy looking drink in your background??

    I've been meaning to ask you for awhile now, what is your favorite charged water?

  32. (doniad101)

    Thanks for posting this Stephie! I appreciate it. I'm probably going to go buy the Fast Response eye cream next week :o) Oh and I have a quick question, How did you get a pro card? I want one so bad but I thought you had to be a makeup artist or w/e to get one? PLMK. Thanks!

  33. hi chi tee-hoa :) i know a few viet girls with the same name (thoa) and i never can pronounce it right :) girl, we would totally rule! ;) hehehe i don't think i'm going ot be buying anything this time, surprise surprise right? i'm trying to save up for the stylistics collection, they are so expensive but so sexy! i want i want!

    suzie: i use my 209 brush to line the whole waterline with fulidline. it doesn't smudge at all, but it does come off once in a while at the corners. i don't like to use it often there though because kohl pencils are more safe for the waterline :)

    anony & lessah: aww thank y'all :) you guys are awesome!

    anne: i did :) i'll try to do a look soon, i'm just a bit busy but i'll try to get it done tonight!

    anonymous spaniard: hola bonita! :)

    anonymous: i will do a comparison soon :)

    ash: hey, no comment is too long in my book :D i'm notorious for leaving pages of comments (exaggerating but you get the drift). i don't use the 266 for my waterline, since the waterline is very sensitive. i use the 209 brush since it's tapered and smoother. fluidline does stay on longer, but it's not safe for the waterline.... if only they made a kohl fluidline... i only use fluidline on the waterline very seldomly these days.

    jane: yeah i'm sure they can give you sample! i have an oily t-zone and it doesn't make my skin greasy.

    other jane: you can go to macpro.com to see the application. it gives all the requirements on there :)

    asianshell: hey girl! the seller is hoanganhcali and i found his store for you. here's the url http://stores.ebay.com/PRO-ARTIST-PRODUCTS and i'll prolly put it up on the post too since he's like the only person i'll buy from on ebay :)

    and the lipstick i used was called "Brew" i believe it isn't available anymore since it was part of the smoke signals collection. i think fresh brew may be similar though.

    lol tina i'm glad i'm not the only one :D i feel even closer to you hehehe

    chiara: its a raspberry lemonade from frullati, i always get it when i'm at the mall. yummmm i love lemonade! hehee my fave c/w is renewal defense. it smells the best, though they all seem to do the same thing.

  34. I love your hair. what do you do to it after you wash it? do you use a hair dryer? any products before you blow dry? flat iron? products to use before flat ironing? please tell me.

  35. Hey stephie, I was wondering how do you get a pro card, and how would you be able to get accepted for that pro card?

  36. Hey Stephie

    Its me again. So i went to the macpro.com and i read the requirements. Since i'm new to makeup i dont have any proper professional documentations like business card with name and specific profession or professional licence. And you need to include 2 piece of professional criteria. So i was wondering what documentation did you send in?


  37. your video was so cute with your sound effects an everything!

    anyways... i do the same thing with the receipts and inputting it in Excel. helps me keep track of my spending before my credit card bill comes in the mail. and i thought i was the only one who did that. my bf thinks i'm crazy for doing it and wonders why wont i just sign up online to view my activities. i think it's an accountant thing.

    btw, i was looking at macpro.com and it's asking for proof that you're a MU artist, model, etc. or going to school for it? how are you able to get past that?

  38. stephie, you need to make some sort of archive which lists all the fotds + tutorials you got! it'd be so helpful for whenever someone was looking for a particular look and easier for you so you wouldn't have to repeat your looks if you ever forget after the countless make up looks you've done. :)

  39. Thanks for posting this video! It was really helpful. Now you have me eyeing my brushes because I bought a few off ebay. So far they look real hehe..anyways, I would love to see a video on which brushes you think are essential to have. It would greatly help. Thanks!

  40. hey have you gone to dallas yet? b/c they do have it there. . . in the pro store as well as the dillards in North Park. . . i work there (NP) on the weekends so let me know if you needed me to ever pic anything up for you, i know how far it is & w/ gas being so expensive we could meet halfway or something!


  41. hey stephie! i loved your video even though you thought it was you rambling, it was fun to watch, haha. i'm thinking about getting that strobe cream now cuz i'm soooo lazy in the morning that i don't even wear make up, so if this strobe cream can make me look even a little better with no work, then shoot, that's what i need! thanks again =)

  42. i've been reading your blog for some weeks already and you are really good!!! having to wake up at 730am every morning means that i'm very lazy in my make-up routine these days... but seeing you gives me motivation!!! :)

    keep up the good work!!

    elsie from singapore

  43. hey girl,

    Just wanted to say I love your youtube videos (you and purse buzz) the only ones I can actually stand watching...some ppl are just kinda anoying hahahah. Well I'm going to comment on the whole youtube thing. Funny cause 15 mins ago I wanted to buy the 187 duo brush and 168 contour brush off ebay...hahahha But I decided not to because I really want the small size ones in the holiday set for traveling. IT sux that so many sellers ripped you off. The person I was gonna buy from is : foxygirltu. She's got SOOO many to sell, I wonder where she gets them and how much profit she makes. Anyways, thanks for all your FOTD looks they are great and I really enjoy how you post a close up of your eyes so we know what it really looks like. You have inspired me to try out bolder colours. It's pretty embarrassing but I've been to both my MAC stores so much that they all know me already, plus at one of the stores an aquaintance of mine from where I used to go to school is the manager hahaha..oh dear I need to stop shopping

  44. omg i can't believe you did a whole video about my question!! thanks so much! you are absolutely wonderful!

    It's interesting that you noted the handles of the authentic MAC brushes are matte coloured b/c my authentic 190 foundation brush that I bought from MAC has a slight glimmer to it. It is a very very fine glimmer but you can still see it. Maybe Canadian MAC brushes are made differently? lol.

  45. Thanks for the well wishes! I'm slowly gettin' over the flu. And damn, I wish Strobe Cream worked well on me. I like the concept of it but it seriously doesn't do too well on darker skin tones. HA! Or maybe it's just me. Love your vid....you had me crackin' up. "I only buy books on Ebay." Meee tooo. Good luck with finding Mi'Lady. I didn't like it when I first got it but spraying some Fix+ on my brush has turned it into one of my favorite shadows! And I love the FOTD...hotness. And Off the Radar pigment...that's pretty too with the Fix +. Do you have that? That stuff seriously works magic...or maybe it's psychological? I don't know. Either way....cop it! From rambler to rambler...haha! Be 'roun later. Muah!

  46. ya i actually grabbed my 266 brush and looked at it and there's actually noticeable shimmer on it...and i'm sure it's authentic since i bought it from a MAC counter
    but my other ones are matte...weird lol

    PS i love your tutorials!

  47. to all the ladies asking about the pro card: i've gotten so many comments here and on youtube, so i'm just going to record something :) it seems a lot easier than trying to type it out for everyone... i'll try to do that today!

    hoa my: i usually shower at night and let my hair air dry. i've noticed a substantial difference in the health of my hair just buy cutting out the hair drying process. i'll blow dry once in a while, but not often anymore. while my hair is still damp, i work some Bed Head Ego Boost (i think that's what it's called) leave-in conditioner all over my hair besides the roots.... in the AM i'll spray a little bit of John Frieda's Shine Spray, then straighten my hair with my Revlon hair straightener. i plan to buy some heat protecting hair products since i don't currently own any. and that's pretty much what i did. i attempted to tease my hair yet again, then i straightened it, which is how my hair turned out in the video :) i don't know how it looked good, but it did.... the damn thing never works for me two times in a row!

    yingna: thanks for the suggestion :) i was actually trying to make something like that similar to Makeup For Lifes archive but i can't figure out how to do that. i know it would prolly help people out more if i did. i'm just re-working the labels so that they can be easily found :) hopefully i can get it done this weekend!

    michelle: omg girl you are the sweetest person ever :) thank you but they just restocked the mac website, so i'm just prolly going to order off there :) but i totally appreciate the gesture, we should go shopping together sometime! ;)

    bgirldisko (sp?): i would highly recommend it! it's been so much easier to do my makeup in the AM now... but i will slap on some foundation when i have the time :D

    elsie: hello :) thanks for the greetings. i'm super lazy to get up and do my makeup sometimes lol...

    christal: hey! i think a lot of us need to stop shopping :D hehehe yeah right though with all the sales coming up on black friday.... it's a shoppers paradise <3 lol

    anonymous: i meant to say in the video that a slight glimmer was fine. i've heard a lot of people say it's supposed to be matte, but all the brushes i bought from the MAC store are slightly glimmery, but it's not like large flecks of glitter, as can be seen on fake ones.... they don't reflect though, the ones in my brushes :) i'm glad i could help!

    divine blackness: i'm so glad to hear your feeling better! my mom subs for elementary schools and she gets sick often with the kids sneezing and coughing all on her :P i guess it's worth it though to help them! i have charged waters, so i'll definitely try that out when i get my mi lady... i'm ordering it off macpro right now since they just got back in stock! :D

    lina: a slight glimmer is fine, all of my brushes i've bought from MAC are like that but they aren't large chunks or anything. i heard about the whole matte thing but i think if its not noticeable, it's safe. my fake one is so conspicuous.

  48. Hi Stephie!=)

    You're so cute! I love your earthly riches look. What kind of brush do you use to apply it?

    oh, do you know where i can buy some mac pigment samples. i found this one site called "thebodyneeds.com", but wasn't sure if they were reliable...

  49. Hi Stephie,

    I'll tell you upfront don't reply to this because I think it's awesome that you reply to all your comments and I can only imagine how much time that takes. Just wanted to drop you a note to say that I really like your blog, not only because of your makeup skillzzz but because you just seem like such a cool and chillin girl. Anyways keep it up :)

  50. anonymous: i use my 239 brush.. i always use it for shadow placement. oh and i've bought piggie samples off thebodyneeds.com the lady is such a sweet lady (forgot her name) and i love my samples. i also think her prices are awesome too, in my book she's reliable! also you can get some piggie samples from my ate vanessa at nessassarymakeup.com

    gabi: i just had to reply since you're genuinely a nice person :) thanks for the support! :D

  51. Hi stephie, thanks for the review on the fast response eye cream. Love the FOTDs:)


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