Happy Thanksgiving!

What are y'all thankful for?

One thing I'm thankful for is that it's FINALLY cold in Texas! *raises the roof* lol ;) As some of you may know, I'm a cold weather lover. It's been around 80 degrees or above for a while, and finally today it dipped down to below 50. I'm so happy :) I woke up at around 6 AM and got to school around 7:20 AM. It was about 70 degrees. When I got out of class at 9:50, it went down to 50.... LOVED it :) I can't get over how nice the weather is. I especially love cold weather because it's the best time to cuddle, so y'all grab your honies and stay warm ;) hehehehe

I've been lacking in updates because... well, life has gotten the best of me. It's the last stretch before finals and the last chance to do something about my grades. I'm not too worried, but I realized that when I bring my laptop to school, I get way to distracted. So I've stopped bringing it with me, and therefore my updates have lessened. I'm just too tuckered out after class to update, I'm sorry y'all! I do plan to get back into things soon. Hopefully I can get the dang Pro Card video going soon.

What do I have to share? I have a couple of looks from this past weekend. Truth be told, I have been wearing just liner, mascara, a bit of blush, and powder each day. I just have been too exhausted to try and piece together a colorful look. I also have a teeny haul to show. I guess the new Metal-X collection is already out, I saw an entry on Asian Beauty Blog with someone's haul. Y'all have to know by now that if I miss a MAC Collection release, I must be very busy ;) hahaha I plan on getting my hands on them this Friday.



My skin has been acting up. I broke out like crazy all over. I'm thinking its the MAC Microfine Refinisher. I've been using it daily for the past week or two, though it says to use it only 2-3 times a week. Is there such a thing as exfoliating too much? Does it cause break-outs?

Also, my camera is all messed up for some reason. My pictures are all coming out fug.... oh well!

[u]Silversmith Mineralized Eye Shadow[/u]

I forgot who, but one commenter suggested using Other Worldly Paint Pot under Silversmith MES.... I haven't even touched the Silversmith MES until I did this tutorial. I do like it though. I like how it's very icey looking, however I'm not that in love with all the shimmer.

Youth Aura C/W
Strobe Cream
Armani Micro-fil Powder
Blush (forgot)

Fast Response Eye Cream
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader
Haunting Paint Pot
Silversmith MES
- light color all over lid & inner half of lower lashline
- dark color in out corner and crease & outer half of lower lashline
Highlight (forgot)
Engraved Powerpoint - upper lashline
Smolder Eye Kohl - waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

Forgot :(


[u]Silver + Teal[/u]

I got some pigment samples from Ate Vanessa and still haven't used them! So I decided to try out the teal pigment she sent (thank you <3 :="" also="" and="" as="" blended="" br="" cumulus="" damn="" e="" gross="" hate="" i="" instead="" it.="" it="" just="" layered="" looks="" lost="" mauvement="" me="" much="" my="" of="" on="" out="" over="" pigment....="" pigment.="" pigment="" plain="" s="" seriously="" silver.="" silver="" so="" teal="" that="" the="" think="" too="" tried="" turned="" turning="" using="" vibrancy="" was="" whatevs="">
Revitalizing Energy C/W
Strobe Cream
Armani Micro-fil Powder
Global Glow MSF

Fast Response Eye Cream
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader
Mauvement Pigment - all over lid but didn't show up so I layered....
Cumulus e/s - all over lid
Teal Pigment - above cumulus
Engraved Powerpoint - upper lashline
Smolder Eye Kohl - waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

Bendel Girl l/g



I finally got around to hauling away at the MAC Of Beauty collection. I went on Monday and I wasn't that excited for anything besides the 183 brush. I bought:

- 183 brush
- Tenderdusk Loose Beauty Powder
- Frangipan Studio Lights

I really like the Studio Lights I bought. Its supposed to brighten your eyes. You apply it over your concealer and it's supposed to blend into your skin naturally. I'm sure if you wanted to buy a darker shade and use it on your cheeks or something, it would turn out fine, but I doubt anyone would wear a dark brown under their eyes when their skin in lighter. There are, I think, five different shades of it. Frangipan is a yellow based one, so I got that over the pink based ones.

I already own two or three pressed beauty powders, but I decided to buy Tenderdusk which is a pretty light pink color. It's great for highlighting, and I like this one because it's pigmented enough to be used just as a blush. It's fairly shimmery though. It depends on your taste really :)


Well Happy Thanksgiving! Is anyone excited for Black Friday? Waking up crazy early and pushing your way through crowded shopping areas, trying to grab up the best deals.... ah, nothing else screams HOLIDAYS like Black Friday shopping :D

Anyways, I hope y'all have a great one, and be sure to eat up all that pie ;)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Stephie! Yah I've been busy with school too. Crazy! I like my studio lights too. I ordered a back up:) I think that your skin is irritated by too much exfoliating. You already got great skin sis! don't do too much to it. Looking forward to your upcoming videos

  2. happy thanksgiving ate :)

    i'm thinking you're right about the exfoliating.... i was trying to think what i changed in my routine and that seems to be the only thing. i haven't been overly stressed either... i guess i had better stick to the directions on the cleanser ;)

  3. hey, love your two new looks! the second is my fave. fyi, for sure you are overexfoliating. 2-3x week is the most you should do, else your skin will react all angry-like. I learned that the hard way :P. Have a happy thanksgiving and good luck on your finals, though I'm sure you don't need it!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving :)

    We don't have/celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia and I am so 'American-ised' that I feel sad about missing out on Thanksgiving! Gonna live vicariously through you :P

    50 degrees....fahrenheit?? That's about 10 degrees celcius! Tha's crazyyy! It never gets that cold in Sydney unless you're up in the mountains with the snow!

    Hope you do well in your finals :)

    The Silversmith Mineralized Eye Shadow look you did looks really good! Your hair looks so luscious.

    The Silver & Teal looks awesome. It's such a nice shade.

    May I ask, what's Black Friday? I'm gathering it's got sales, lol.

    Sorry about the long comment!!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving. :) Thanks for the FOTDs, I like the Silversmith on quite a lot.

    Hmm I think you did exfoliate too much. It's probably stripped your skin of some protection, which is why you broke out. If you're still breaking out, don't use the scrub until the last of the blemishes goes away. You might end up aggravating what's already there. :o

    I'm looking forward to the Pro Card video! Hope you can put in a short anecdote of how you got yours too. :)

  6. yay your bk looking hot ;) hmm whats thanks giving?

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Stephie!
    Even though Thanksgiving already passed in Canada, Lol.
    How do you like the new 183?!
    I WANTTT ITTTT *jumps up & down*
    Hopefully I can go get it today, I've had my eye on that brush ever since I knew it was coming out! lol
    And I hear you about being busy! I completely got side-tracked & forgot the Metal-X was coming out yesterday, ahhhh.. I'm still distracted with my holiday sets lol

    Anyways girl, Keep us updated as much as possibleeee..

    & Have a great Thanksgiving!

  8. hey Steph! ive been reading your blogs for a while now and im addicted! I love those looks! also since youre stressed about finals, the breakouts could also have something to do with that as well. id say cut it out for now and see what happens :)

  9. Hey Stephie,

    Happy thanksgiving to you too! I too am excited about the Metal-X collection...I was trying to hold out till after x-mas cuz i've dropped over a G in makeup in the past two weeks, yikes! But we'll see...do you know if MAC is doing anything special for black friday? Also, what do you use your 183 blush for...I know Vanessa seems to use it for her mineralized foundation, but right now i'm trying to use the cream and airbrush types I just got from MAC, holla at a fella filipina! :)

  10. tina from brightcoloredmakeupNovember 22, 2007 at 11:37 AM

    happy thanksgiving!!
    Are you gonna go shopping on Black Friday?! I know I am!! :D
    Anyway, good luck on your finals. I know it's stressful for me too. I love the looks you did & your hair-do was suuuuper cute!!

  11. Hi Stephie,

    Happy thankgiving... I was browsing your entries at abb
    and found this look that i love...


    humid e/s
    swimming e/s
    knight divine e/s
    rose blanc e/s

    Can you tell me how u use this on ur eyes..like which color goes where...thx

  12. hmmm... steph.. i once had a real bad breakout and i was using clinique 7-day scrub, i went to the clinique counter and the guy told me over exfoliating is bad for my normal to combination skin. i stop using it everyday and slowly my skin cleared up.

    ah god.. i just spent $40 on ebay on mac stuff to try out!


  13. LOL that's actually pretty awesome that cold weather in Texas is only 50°F! That's actually "warm" when it's this time of year here in Canada!

  14. hi my darling. happy thanksgiving to you too! i miss cold weather here in the islands. being from CA and going to Tahoe during boarding season, a little cool down here would be nice :)

    love the FOTDs! you're always looking gorgeous. i LOVE teal! i have yet to get some, but i've seem a few tuts on them and the color is amazing. have you tried using mixing medium for your pigments yet?

    as fas as exfoliating goes, sorry to hear about the breakout. i guess we now know why it says to use 2-3 a week. i actually exfoliate daily with a face scrub and i don't break out. but probably just depends on what you use.

    nice haul! i got a couple metal-x shadows. the colors are nice but i'm not head over heals. i think i'm going to save my money to add more color to my palettes :)

    anyhow love. good luck on finals and have fun shopping tomorrow.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I love your skin! I wish I could get that dewy.. look. I love the way you do your blush too! I agree with distinque up there ^ its probably because you exfoliated too much. Have a wonderful day.

  16. Stephie, I like both looks, but the second look is my fave.

    Stephie I have a color combination I'm obsessed with right now, and I call it Vintage Glam. I'd like to see your interpretation of it. It's gold eyes and red lips. Are you up for it?

    Happy Thanksgiving. :)

  17. Happy Thanksgiving gorgeous! You look so pretty! I miss ya and lovely haul, the beauty powders are awesome and I guarantee you will love the Metal-X collection, I bought mine yesterday and it's pretty!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving Stephie! i love all the looks you posted.. its funny because i just got mauvement pigment 2wks ago and when i applied it to my lid i saw nothing but shimmer.. and i want to love it so bad! o well.. i think i might try some mixing medium with it?! also.. your skin looks fine in these pictures!! if thats what you call a break-out. you are LUCKY! lol..

  19. Hi Stephie! Can you tell me the differences between MAC'S BLOT POWDER and GIORGIO ARMANI'S POWDER? I want to know since the Armani powder is a bit up there with the price. Also, how/where do you store makeup? You have so many! :)

  20. happy gobble gobble! Girl don't use the MAC microfinisher every day! It can be damaging to your skin to over exfoliate like that. Seriously! It feels like sandpaper on my skin and I only use it once a week cause of that. It's A LOT better than the St Ives one, that one is way too harsh. Your skin is probably irritated from it. just chill.
    How are you liking the studio lights? Does it really work? Do you think it's better than the YSL touche thing? :P take care!

  21. stephie.. have you tried using the navy blue color from silversmith, wet?! it's the most gorgeous shade of blue ever! that's how the MA sold me on it .. give it a try if you haven't already~ =)

  22. julie: i was sure to eat enough pie for the both of us :) now it's your turn to work off the weight for us both :D lol black friday is like the kick-off of holiday shopping. people get in line extremely early, like the afternoon before friday, because stores open up really early.

    jane: i sure will :)

    elizabeth: thanksgiving is a US holiday (canada also celebrates it but earlier than the US) that celebrates what we are thankful for... it originated back in the day when pilgrims shared the feast with american indians... i suck at the whole history of it so you can always google it :D

    leepsz: i think it's so so soft, i love the 183, i use it to apply powder and it feels so smooth going on. i'll try to keep y'all updated as much as possible, but i've got a few projects due that i really need to work on. i may be missing a little longer though!

    renren: i heard that MAC never does any discounting or sales like they have in other stores... which sucks! haha... ironically enough, the only thing i bought today WAS MAC :D

    tina: i did go shopping. it was such a disappointment though because the sales weren't even good. i just picked up some MAC.... which made me happy :D

    anonymous: i'm not quite sure but i'll try my best to remember :)
    swimming - blended all over lid and above crease
    humid - blended up to crease
    knight diving - blended on lid and below crease
    rose blanc - highlight
    i hope this helps :)

    jusl: yay :) i can't wait to hear your thoughts on the products you got :D

    anonymous: OMG i don't think i could last a winter in canada! i love cold weather just not THAT cold. it was below 40, but above freezing today.... damn cold imo :D

    mrs.lynne: i have yet to buy mixing medium. the pro store is so far from me and i'm too lazy to pay for shipping online :D hahaha but i think teal pigment will look a lot better with it! thanks for the tips though :)

    glamour girl: vintage glam huh.... you're on :D this sounds like so much fun! :D

    anonymous: at that angle you can't see my break out :) hehe but they are the under the skin type break-outs... the worst imo!

    anonymous: i prefer the blot powder over giorgio armani. blot powder gives a matte finish, whereas armani gives a slightly luminous finish. i bought the armani powder on a whim, and regretted it... so i have been using it up to get my money's worth. i do think blot powder gives just as good results besides the finish.... and it's cheaper to boot! i have some of my makeup in a train case and the rest in a plastic shelve storage thing.... i have to buy another :D

    etherealprey: i've never used YSL stuff before so i'm not sure. i like the studio lights, i still have to use it more to make an informed opinion on it.... i will do a review soon, once i find conclusive data on how well it works :)

    ihita: i havent tried that yet, but thanks for the tip, i definitely will try!

  23. The microfine refinished broke me out too. I used it one day and again 2 or 3 days later. I got tiny little bumps all over, and some were white-ish. Too bad cause it left my skin like a baby's butt, oh well :/

  24. Hey girl, Mia88 here from specktra.net :) Looove following your looks and your haulage! I was just wondering what you thought of the 183 brush before I think about gifting itself to myself? :) Do you find it similar to buffing with the 187 / 182? keep up the great looks by the way!


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