It's Just Business

This past week has been a stressful, yet fun week. I had an accounting test on Thursday that I think I bombed on :( But I'm trying not to freak out, and just take it one step at a time.

In my leadership academy, we have had some amazing opportunities to learn about various businesses, and to become exposed to leaders around the country. This Wednsday some of my cohort was given the opportunity to tour the JcPenney Home Office located in Plano, Texas. I was fortunate to go. It is an amazing building! I wish I could have taken more pictures, but I didn't want to run around snapping pictures you know.... it didn't seem all that professional to me :) Oh well, next time I suppose. This is the makeup I wore to the JcPenney tour. I wanted to keep in professional, so it's my everyday look, with some Typographic e/s on the bottom lashline to smokey it up a bit. This was before I got a huge migraine. In my later pictures, my head hurt like WHOA, which is why I looked all washed out. My migraine was one of the reasons I bombed on my accounting test. I was indisposed when I got home due to it, so I couldn't concentrate and ended up falling asleep at 9pm. I HATE migraines!!!!!!! It was chilly that day so finally I got to bring out my pashminas!

We met with the Executive Vice President of HR, and we sat at a huge room that was used for the board of directors meetings. It was so impressive! The room was huge with floor to ceiling windows on one side. In front of each seat was a small rectangular box that we later found out was a microphone. The speakers were in the ceiling so where ever a person was talking, you could hear it. The EVP was so kind and helpful. I was able to ask him about what he looks for in interns. He said he looked for breadth, meaning a student wasn't just sticking with the staight and narrow, but was reaching out into various activities, more than what was expected. He gave a lot of great insight on leadership as well, and I was surprised at how kind he was, since I always thought corporate big shots would be pompous.

We then went on a tour of the facility, which was amazing. Everything looked so posh and professional. I loved it :) Anyways, I was able to snap a few pictures. This one is the JCP initals cut into some shrubbery. The first one was taken from the vantage point of the board room, and the second was from the downstairs.

This is the whole group that went to the JcPenney tour. We were taking a picture in front of Mr. Penney's statue, but he got cut off in this one. The group was a mixture of the junior cohort and senior cohort, with a few liberal arts majors who came along.

I wanted to get a picture of just the junior cohort so here we are :)

This was supposed to be our "silly/random" picture, but it didn't turn out that way :)


Today I was really lazy to put on makeup. Sometimes you need a day off, you know :) I ran out of time to do my makeup since I tried out Lyna's Teasing Hair Video which you can find on her blog. I still have to practice, but my mediocre results were better than my normally flat hair, so thank you Lyna!!

Y'all should know that everything I wear is MAC unless otherwise stated... so I'll just assume y'all know from now on, so I don't have to repeat this over and over and over :P

What I'm wearing:

Strobe Cream
Fast Response Eye Cream
Armani Micro-fil Powder
Afterdusk Blush

Jealous Kohl Power Pencil - It smudged a lot on my right eye because that eye has been folding a lot recently for some odd reason. I'm really trying to like it, I am! I don't want to waste all 4 Kohl Powers I have :(
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm

I bought these new shoes last week that I never got around to take a picture of. I got them at DSW, and I love the animal print detail. It looks like it's a zebra trying to be a leopard, and y'all should know by now that I LOVE leopard print :) And it has a cute satin bow detail on it, LOVE it too! And I finally dug up one of my fave sweaters. It's an oversized sweater I bought at the GAP for like $5 last year. It was too large, but there's something about slim pants and top with a baggy sweater on top that allures me. I don't know, maybe I'm a weirdo, but oh well!

Then at around 4pm, I had to attend a reception for a guest speaker, Dr. Stacy Blake-Beard who is an expert on mentoring. She is an associate professor for the only USA-based women's only business school, the only other in the world is located I believe in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (thank you for the clarification! :D). She was such a sweet lady, and gave a lot of amazing insight on mentorship, as well as information on pursuing a graduate degree. I plan on getting my MBA so I was uber excited about her information. She was nice enough to take a picture with a few of my fellow junior cohort. I only added some Family Silver MES and a bit of Typographic to smoke it up. My hair looked a fright since I tried to fix it *shrugs*


Anyways, I have to study for a marketing exam on Monday. I plan on taping my McQueen tut tomorrow, as well as either my Q&A video or top products video. We'll see, but I'll be sure to let y'all know about it! Have a great night!

Peace *chunks up the deuces* (if only y'all could see it hehehe)


  1. you're so cute stephie- you look awesome in the booties!! i just got home from a wedding and i wore one of the looks from your awesome tuts! i'm really glad to hear how interested you are in all the things you are learning at school- i hope you have lots of fun..and i'm sure you did fine on the exam- don't worry, you're a smart cookie!

  2. You wear the most adorable outfits! All your makeup looks are gorgeous and I'd like to say that you have the most amazing lashes!!!

  3. Stephy. I love your coach bag. Hehehe =) I also love your ballet flats too!! >.<

  4. What type of Camera do you use? Great makeup!

  5. Those booties are too cute! I was just wondering what skincare products (moisturizer, wash) you use and would recommend to others out there.

  6. one thing, Dubai is in the UAE, not Saudi Arabia-- a HUGE difference when it comes to business :)

    also, I've never commented before, but I really like your blog and your tuts have taught me a lot about eye makeup application and have encouraged me to spend an obscene amount of money on MAC in the past months (just one example: I went out a couple weeks ago and bought 5 paint pots :p ).

  7. Hey Stephie! That's great that you got to tour the facilities and meet the important people behind it all. What an opportunity! Plus the look you chose was very professional. Sorry to hear about the migraine. I used to get them when I was younger but my husband gets them on and off and it definitely is a pain.

    When you get a chance, can you please let me know how the Fast Response Eye Cream is working for you? And in your opinion, do you like the Shiseido mascaras more than MAC?

    Well my dear. Have a great weekend! Keep up the great work!

  8. Hi, Steph!

    I have been a lurker for a long time. I love reading about your face of the days. I have a small bur growing collection of MAC eyeshadows that you have helped me make the most out of.

    I love the booties! They're really cute :)

  9. thanks sis! I wasn't used to the red lips but it grew on me after wearing it all night haha...I love your new shoes! DSW is awesome, they have the cutest flats and ballet shoes!

  10. anonymous: i use a sony cybershot dsc-w70 digital camera :)

    sarra: i used to use proactive, but for the price and quantity, i didn't think it did any better a job than the clinique that i just started using. i currently use clinique liquid facial soap, clinique toner, and either MAC strobe cream or studio moisture fix in the morning. at night i use MAC microfine refinisher, same toner, and clinique dramatically different lotion.

    anonymous: thanks for the clarification! i wasn't sure :) i just remember something with arab in it :) i'm sort of glad to hear your now a makeup lover :) i just feel guilty for your wallet! hehehe

    mrs. lynne: hey girlie! so far i'll definitely do a post on the fast response eye cream! i'm still deciding it's pros and cons right now, but i'll be sure to do it!

    as far as mascaras go... let me just tell you, you prolly know by now that i am an absolute MACaholic. however, their mascaras do NOTHING for me! i'm very passionate about their products, and their mascaras don't miss out on any passion... i'm passionately against them :D the reason being that since my lashes aren't inherently curly and thick, the MAC mascaras don't help me. i've used zoom lash, loud lash, and plushlash. all of them don't give me great definition, volume, curl hold, or length. in my opinion, if you don't have naturally fantastic lashes, the mascaras won't make your lashes look amazing.

    shiseido is the only mascara that i've found, and fell in absolute LOVE with. i've been on a constant mascara hunt ever since i started wearing makeup (like when i was 13 but i only wore mascara and liner, no foundation), but i must say, since i found shiseido mascara base and lifting mascara, i haven't looked for another. why fix something that isn't busted you know? so yeah, i absolutely recommend shiseido base & mascara.

    anonymous: DSW is a shoe store. they recently opened up a store at my local mall, so if they hadn't i would never have known about it :)

    hey julie! thank you for commenting :) i'm always happy to get comments, even though i appreciate people looking at my blog i always love feedback :D

    ate: that just adds another store on our shopping list :)

  11. Thanks mucho Stephie for answering my Q's! I just got Plushlash last night and have yet to try it out. If it doesn't work out for me after a trial run, I'm going to return it. I've always wondered about Shiseido since I know you mention it in all your looks. I'll have to check out the counter here. I just want something that doesn't weight down my darn lashes once applied. Hello? I curled them for a reason, lol.

    Also, congrats to you and bf on accomplishing another anniversary =)

  12. Hey stephie,
    hows it going? Loving all your tuts and keep them coming! I have finally created my personal blog also and just letting you know i have added you :)
    take care!

  13. awww thanks again for linking me! :D im glad i kinda helped you out with the teasing hair! :) practice makes perfect! lol and i LOVE your booties! i have soo many booties! when it finally snows over here im planning to make a video of me in my fav winter outfits and boots lol along with great winter mu colors! im so excited!! lol well talk to you laters hun! you and yuor bf are the cutest!

    ps love all your outfits! :D

  14. I love reading your blog! The strobe cream looks good even though you said some people don't like it.

  15. Heather/ebonyamberjadeNovember 11, 2007 at 2:40 PM

    I love those leopard/zebra flats....
    It's so cool that you got to go to the JC Penney headquarters... I'm a business major too, don't know if I told you.... I'm surprised to see that there are far more women in your group than men. Don't get me wrong, I'm not like Miss Man Hater Feminist or anything like that (lol) I just think its cool to see that so many women are studying business. And mad props to you for wanting to get your MBA.... that's awesome!

  16. not to be mean but have you ever thought about getting braces? its not bad but just wondering :D

  17. Ahh those booties are very pretty on you and I love the outfit! Also that scarf is cute as well. =D Thanks for always updating! You've helped me bunches & have turned me into a macaddict lol i just sadly dont own any yet since im broke at the moment BUT x-mas is near and so is my b-day hehe.

    One question: Whats your favorite eyeshadow color from mac?

  18. heather: lol you're funny :) yay another business major!!!!

    anonymous: i actually plan on getting them. right now my parents and i are working out a way to finance them. this past summer i had my wisdom teeth taken out which was a lot of $, plus university isn't inexpensive either. i do plan on getting them though :)

    anonymous: i'd have to say.... mythology is my fave. it's such a beautiful color, sort of peachy, goldy, browny.... lol it's hard to explain, but i think it's my fave even though i don't wear it enough.

  19. my teeth looks almost exactly like yours thats why i ask i don't mean to offend you in any way. i agree they are expensive and i'm getting them soon. if you do get them i bet youll look cuter!

  20. My left eyelid sometimes fold in a weird way too. There's nothing I can really do about it, and my eyeliner smudges. Although sometimes, when it's puffy and only half my eyelid is showing, I blowdry my eyelid with a blowdrier, on low heat and low speed, holding up the eyelid, and sometimes this works. I know this sounds totally bizarre...

  21. Looks like you had fun! And, girl, you are a total leopard-whore. lol. This post just reminded me... I should pick up a pair of boots!

  22. I absolutely love your blog, you're gorgeous and you do amazing makeup.

    btw, i like your background. how do you edit your background? i just got a blogger account and i have no clue what to do. i would love if you left me comments :)

  23. Stephie I love your clothing style! You always look so pretty!

    I replied to your comment on my ABB intro thread. I think you should go and grab Mi' Lady because people say it might become the 'new' Parrot. I think you would look gorgeous in it since you know how to mix and match eyeshadows so you shouldn't worry whether you might use it or not.

    After I bought the blush palette and those 4 blushes.. I tried to depot my Emote (big mistake already!!) and I end up cracking it around the edges in the pan. So I'm going to the freestanding semi-pro MAC store on Tuesday to grab another Emote and one of Ablaze. I tempted to get Prism since you said it made your friend's cheeks pop.. do you recommend it and what other colors would you recommend? I'm literally on a blush hype right now because I'm thinking of getting NARS blush/lip gloss sets at Sephora.

  24. anonymous: don't worry, i'm not offended :) you don't seem like a mean person! yeah i can't wait til i get my braces, i've been planning on it for the past year, but the money just hasn't gotten together. i think if worse comes to worse, i'll get it after college when i can finance it myself. i think my braces are going to cost $4000+.... gosh that's almost as much as tuition for one semester.... yeah so i can't wait though :)

    lorim65: lol it does sound a little odd, but hey i'm going to try it! :D i don't know why my eyelid has been acting up!

    feifei: i know, i'm such a leopard-whore hehehehe :) i don't know why i love it, i just got obsessed!

    audrey: hey girl! i checked out your blog :) i can't wait to see more posts from you!

    as far as the background goes, if you go to the "template" tab, then hit the "edit HTML" link. when you scroll down in the box, you'll see something that says background-image; url (*******). just replace whatevers in the parenthesis with the background url you want. i hope this helps :)

    hang: ok i'm getting it asap :) i love emote and ablaze! they are two of my fave blushes. i really like sunbasque, dollymix, and afterdusk (which is LE so i don't know if it's still around). i also like fleurry blush. i like NARS orgasm/laguna duo. it's the only NARS product i have, but i like it :)

  25. I have been wanting them all my life and since I'm in college and working I figure I can do payments and they are $4100 :-/ ... But your teeth isn't that bad I mean your like gorgous with or without lol. Whatever happens good luck! I bet you can get braes if you sell all ur makeup though!! loL!

  26. wow you are soooo pretty! i love watching your tutorials..maybe you've seen mine? haha idk. I LOVE that sweater in your anniversary pic..where'd you get it?

  27. Steph, thanks for your compliments and checking out my blog again! Am currently working at The Body Shop over Christmas, but hoping they'll keep me on after that. Planning to do a course in Makeup art when I save up the money too! Midterms eh? well you need to chill out and stress less girl, how did your accounting results go? Don't worry hols are almost here!

  28. anonymous: bahahha i don't think it would finance my braces completely, but i think i'd be half way ;) yeah i'm currently paying off the wisdom teeth surgery in installments, so after that's done i plan to do the same with the braces. you're nice though :) i know how it is to work and study. sometimes it's really stressful, but we gotta do what we gotta do right?

  29. What shade is your foundation? It always looks perfect even when you have the flash on. I think I have the same skin color as you but when the flash is on, my face looks so white.

  30. hello~ just dropping by to say hi. Love all your tutorials and FOTD. You've got very luminous skin. Glad to see someone loves GA Micro-Fil powder as much as I do.

    I'm going to try the Shisedo base and lift mascara as you've recommanded.

    Glad to see you are so strived in your studies and yay to another business major. I was a Finance major cus I hated accounting. But I ended up in an Accounting oriented job regardless. Word of advise, when you graduate definitely try to land a leadship program or some sort of post graduate program, preferrably the ones that let you rotate in positions every 6-8 months. It'll look great on your resume.

    Not sure if that's how it works down there, but NYC (where I work) has a lot of programs. I have 2 analysts that's in it and I think they will be in a better position years down the road.

    As far as getting your MBA. If your senior year isn't too busy, try to get GMAT out of the way. You won't have enough time to study once you start working. I wish I had followed through. But I got caught up doing CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). CPA would be a great certificate for you to have if you are sure about the accounting profession. Do your hours, take the exams and certified. It'll be valued greatly down the road.

    Anyways, hope that helps. =) keep lookin' pretty~!

  31. Hi Stephie! I just wanted to let you know that YOU were the one who got me crazy over makeup! haha. I first saw you on youtube and then I ventured onto ABB and now I'm completely hooked. I also like the fact that you take the time to reply back to all your readers. Can't wait to see what you're going to post next.

    Take care!

  32. anonymous: the same happens to me sometimes, espeically around the hairline area. you can't really tell though when i have my bangs down, when i wear my hair in a pouf you can see :) i wear either NC30 or 35 in MAC & 5.5 in Armani. the powder i use from Armani is shade 2.

    cutiebebe: thanks so much for the advice! business seems to be interesting to me and i'm liking accounting so far. i hope to be an auditor for ernst and young someday *gazes off dreamily* ehehehe.... i'm so jealous of you, already in the corporate world! i hope to go straight through school with the MBA.... i may start working but we'll see :) i'm sure i'll be coming to you for more advice if you don't mind :)

    linda: OH GOD I AM SO SORRY!!!!! lol i'm kidding :) i am sorry for your bank account as well as mine... it gets pretty expensive don't you think? in any case, i am so honored with the people who read my blog. i didn't expect to have many people read it & i always feel happy when people leave comments and feedback. i personally get po'd at people who just brush off comments from people like it doesn't matter. seems pompous to me... so i won't name names ;) i always respect bloggers who take the time to look at other people's blogs and realize they aren't the only ones with a perspective on makeup or what have you. so i'm trying to follow their example (one in particular being Pursebuzz!). in any case, that's me rambling :) and thank you for reading!

  33. I'm just stopping by to say hi to my fave makeup blogger. Hope you're doing well and are less stressed. Smooches.

  34. i love your sweater & tights! :D


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