Peppermint Eyes

I felt like trying something new today. I saw a piece of peppermint lying around the house, waiting for some pie ;) and I was inspired to create something like that. Mind you, it doesn't look that great, but it was the first time in a while that I've gotten inspired to do something.


Renewal Defense Charged Water
Studio Moisture Fix
Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
Armani Micro-fil Powder
Emote Blush - for contour
Dollymix Blush
Tenderdusk Loose Beauty Powder - highlight

Fast Response Eye Cream
Studio Finish Concealer NC20
Frangipan Studio Lights
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader
UDPP - all over lid for a base
Fascinating Eye Kohl - smudged all over lid as base for Gesso
Flammable Paint - base in crease
Gesso e/s - all over lid
Frankly Scarlet Blush - crease
Rose Blanc e/s - highlight
Nightfish Fluidline - upper lashline
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

Softnote Tendertone
Oak Lip Liner
Out to Shock Lipstick
She-Boom Lip Gelee



My Pandamonium Quad has been collecting dust so I decided to break it out. What I used:

Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader
Blackground Paint Pot - all over lid
Pandamonium e/s - all over lid
Up Til Dawn e/s - crease, outer v, and lower lashline
Violet Trance e/s - outer v and lower lashline
Cloudbound e/s - highlight
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara


Thanksgiving Kisses :D


  1. Hey steffie!

    i LOVE your peppermint look. its a great holiday look! aw....i wanna go buy all that red eye stuff now. eh....maybe later...

    ok cya!

  2. hey stephie...i looove your peppermint colors on your eyes!! it looks awesome...makes me wish my skin was just a little lighter so that i would be able to pull this kind of look...anyways, happy thanksgiving girl!! xoxo hina

  3. oh my goodness! that peppermint look is jsut soo.. yummy looking! i love it! i would have never thought of that.

  4. Hey Stephie..

    you are so creative..!! the peppermint look rocks my socks off.. Kudos to you, Stephie!

    Stephie, you are now officially my new guru!

  5. tina from brightcoloredmakeupNovember 22, 2007 at 10:59 PM

    Cute looks!! I love them, especially the peppermint eyes. Now that's what I call bright coloredmakeup!! :D Hope you had a happy thanksgiving. Take care<33

    <3 Tina

  6. stephie!! i'm in love with ur peppermint look! so simple but icy-spicy at the same time lol. can't wait for your pro card vid. =)

  7. wow i absolutely love the peppermint look!!!! your skin looks absolutely flawless!! i'm loving both of the looks!!!

    btw, tenderdusk is barely noticeable, but i'm assuming the flash probably washed out the highlights? and also, how do you like frangipan!?

  8. Awwww, I love the peppermint look! Very creative. If I had a white eyeshadow, I think I'd try to do that for fun one day. I reallllly wish I could have snag that Pandam quad. I loooove it! Happy Thanksgiving from NYC! Hope you had a great one!

  9. i really like that peppermint look, it actually looks really good on you

  10. goodness i LOOOVEE the peppermint eyes! love love love it!

    and happy thanksgiving to you too hun! we had ours a month ago.. lol (canadian)

    but guess what?!? i partied too much last weekend (got super drunk) and went out to the club and lost my camera :( so i cant take pictures or do any videos until i buy a new one :( so sad....

    anyways take care hun!

  11. o0oo luvin the peppermint eyes! the colors look really nice on you...i dont think I've ever seen anyone pull anything like that off! LOVE IT!


  12. I love all your looks! may i ask what kind of camera you use to take your pictures? cuz the colors come out so clear and good and i'm looking for a camera! hehe thanks so much!!! :)

  13. Happy thanksgiving! Wow, I looove that peppermint look. One of my favorites of yours! The lips are awesome, too. I hope you're having a relaxing holiday...you deserve it, it sounds like. Btw, would you mind telling me where you got your sweater? I freaking love it so much :P stephie's got style!

  14. that peppermint eye look is awesome!!

  15. The peppermint look is totally gorgeous. The colours look so hot!

  16. i think the peppermint look is gorgeous. It really suits you. hehe
    Also, i heart your hair. 8D
    You hair always seem to look shiny and well....gorgeous! HEHEHE i'm very envious of that.
    Out of curiosity, how often do you wash your hair?? The only reason i ask is cos i recently dyed my hair, and its even more annoying that my hair is ultra oily after one day of washing. *ggrrrr* lolz
    So i'm just asking whether or not its advisable 2 wash my hair everyday or every other day?

  17. ouuuuuuu!

    i'm diggin the peppermint look! you should do a tutorial on that for a christmas look, it should get people in the spirit lol. what does ur boyfriend think of this mac addiction lol, i know mines just sighs & rolls his eyes..lol

    have a good day gorgoues!

  18. the pepermint look is so cuteee <3
    i love it (:

  19. happy thanksgiving ladies!!!! <3 thank you for the feedback! i wasn't feeling my application, it looks sloppy to me, but i appreciate your feedback! :D

    sooji: i put the tenderdusk b/p earlier in the day before i took pics so it may have come off.... i'm not sure. and the frangipan is alright.... i'm not seeing too big of a difference right now, but i'm going to wait before i make any assumptions & i'll definitely make a review on it :)

    lyna: *hits forehead* gosh i totally forgot you were in canada hehehe well i guess that's happy (belated) thanksgiving to you :D awww that really sucks about your camera!!!! i was wondering where you went, i miss your videos and updates! hopefully your bf can help you get a new one ;)

    anonymous: i use a sony cybershot dsc-w70 digital camera 7.2 mp i think it is.... although i don't have the setting on 7.2megapixels, i usually keep it at 3 megapixels.

    blueprint: hi love! happy thanksgiving to you too :D i got that sweater from american eagle i think like a year ago... it's been cold the past few days, and i was rummaging in my closet and found it :)

    anonymous: i used to wash my hair every other day, but when i wouldn't wash it, it felt really oily and nasty so i have been washing my hair every night. since i cut out the blow drying and let it air dry, my hair has been more healthy. i don't know if it's good to wash it every day or not though... it just seems to work for me.

    leepsz: ahahaha my bf is the same way, he used to roll his eyes and pester me about it. but now i just don't tell him to save him the trouble :D we did go together today since we were out black friday shopping and he actually have me some money to buy it :) he still rolled his eyes hehehe

  20. this is to the anonymous that was wondering bout stephie`s hair...

    my hair used to get really oily to after just one day, & its such a pain, but a long time ago my hairstylist told me a little trick, and it sounds VERY odd, (maybe you`ve heard of it..not sure) but it sure does the job!

    when your taking a shower or w.e instead of getting your hair wet and THEN washing it, wash it while its dry.. working the shampoo into your scalp in like a circular motion, dont really focus on the ends or anything, just the roots.. leave it in for a minute..and then wet your hair, and wash the rest of it, and then rinse it all out..
    sounds weird but it word magic for me, i wash my hair every other day and it never gets oily..

    anyways just thought id comment.. maybe that`ll help!

  21. Steph can you answer some of the questions in the previous post. Some of us who leave questions late get left out. Thanks.

  22. anonymous: i did, sorry for taking so long!

  23. I love the peppermint look! So bright and sweet. =]

    Hey, do you think you could do a foundation/concealer tutorial sometime? Or do you not wear either that much?

    Looking forward to your next post!

  24. That is such a cute look! Love the peppermint eyes! i have a question, out of all the mac foundations, which one is your favorite and why? thanks! :)

  25. Stephie. Cute peppermint look. I like how the black liner captivates the look.

  26. actually, i think your peppermint look is one of the coolest you've done (no pun intended, i promise)

    srsly, i'd call it an award-winning look

  27. Hey Stephie.How are you sweetheart>? me im good good good.I have a question.you know the picture with bright pink in the crease and the white over your lid.well its a line over your lash line and on your lower lash line there's white too.I wanted to know whats the name of the pink you chose for this look because id like to purchase this pink colour as well.all i know is that its from MAC>could you let me knoe ehat colour it is.(the name of it)please..just to make things easier for you to know which one it is..its the one over the comment page and on top of the pic its written Thanksgiving Kisses:D im sure youll figure which one it is.cant wait for you to reply.
    jojo198324(my name) talk to yah soon luv xo


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