Pink + Purple FOTD 11.04.07

Thank you to those who gave me support in my last (deleted) entry. I decided to delete it because I posted it in the heat of the moment, at a time when I felt vulnerable and hurt without thinking much about it. Thick skin is still growing... but whatevs, it's just a hairflip ;P

I didn't have time yesterday to post my FOTD, I worked all day... very tiring. Thank you everyone who gave me advice on the whole job situation. I think I will apply for MAC, hopefully as a part-time/freelance worker. I'm not sure when, but I'm not really sure I'll blog about it if I don't get the job... lol that would be embarassing like WHOA! I think I'll try sometime next year, after I gain more confidence with my bolder looks on my clients & friends. It's getting there though.



Select Tints mixed with
Astral Rays Glimmershimmer as foundation
Giorgio Armani Micro-fil Powder to set
Mellow Rave Highlight Powder to contour
Prism Blush
Star! Iridescent Powder as highlight


Fresco Rose Paint Pot as base
Post Haste Matte2 e/s all over lid
Satellite Dreams e/s in crease
Hepcat e/s on lower lashline
Shroom e/s as highlight
Blacktrack Fluidline on upper lashline
Smolder Eye Kohl Pencil on waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader


Perfectly Pink Lipglass

Quick Review

I've been using the Smolder Eye Kohl Pencil for a couple of weeks I believe, ever since my sweet Graphblack Technakohl Liner ran out. I hear that Smolder is almost the blackest black, second to Feline Kohl Power Pencil (that I LOATH).

My expectations of Smolder however have not been met. My Graphblack was great, it stayed fairly long, and didn't smudge as easily as Smolder. Smolder runs pretty easily and smudges like hell. It's not as bad as Feline, but it does have many of the bad qualities that Feline has. I'd say Smolder is second to Feline as far as blackness goes, and in smudging. Feline is #1 in runnning, Smolder #2 in my book. I'm going to head over to MAC sometime soon, hopefully to the MAC Pro store in Northpark this Saturday *fingers crossed* to pick up a few items, Graphblack being the first. My list which I anticipate will grow:

-Graphblack Technakohl Liner
-Brush Belt
-Lip Eraser
-Mixing Medium
-A Few Pigments:
~Bright Fuschia
~Clear Sky Blue
~Pure White
~Emerald Green
~Primary Yellow (or Chrome Yellow e/s)
-Whatever the scrub is called... forgot off the top of my head
-(Possibly) Cold Cream Wash... I've never tried a cold cream before so I might give it a whirl.
-Blot Film

Sounds like a lot huh? I don't know if I'll make it though, so we'll have to see! :D If I do, I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Thanks for the love and support y'all! Night!


  1. about lips, i have really red lips, and it changes thru out the day, depending on my body heat. i find that a light lip stick never shows on my red lips. so in the mod doll look you used MAC Studio Finish Concealer, do you recommend to put that on your lips first b4 putting on a lighter shade of lipstick?


  2. Stephie! How should I do my makeup to the wedding on Friday? (yes, Ive already commented and asked you to help me with a look) Sorry if I sound so pushy but Im just very clueless about what my face should look like :P

    My dress is cream with brown flowers on it and Im looking for a classy look to go with it.

  3. stephie,

    i heard that MAC lip eraser isnt that great. guerlain lip lift has a higher rating..though it is more pricey. ($27)

    i just ordered mine off sephora with the friends & family discount (code FF2007, expires in a couple weeks? not sure) and can let you know how i like it when i get it. check out MUA productville & boards for reviews, seriously! it might be cheaper, but its better to not waste your money on something you might regret, i think..

  4. oops, that was me, blueprint. i typed the name in but for some reason it didn't show up?

  5. love the look! look pissed in the first pic though lol. who cares for those who talk smack..i mean..who doesn't..and also because of jelousy. girls will be girls. and don't delete your posts because you have lots of admires who loves your work. i go on your blog like everyday because your so creative! i bet a lot of girls think like me too and when you delete your post, how are we going to learn?!!?!? =] keep your head up

  6. anony1: i would recommend putting on a lip moisturizer and letting it soak in for a few minutes, then apply concealer and then your lipstick. the lipstick should come out as it's true color. i have the same problem too :)

    anony2: omg i so sorry! i'll get on it soon... let me think.... oh i know, i'll do a tut tomorrow. what i'm thinking is using tete-a-tint e/s in the crease, typographic e/s to smoke out the outer corner lightly, then apply some natural falsies to add some drama for your mama... and pretty lips :) lol i'll do a tut tomorrow for you!

    blueprint: hey girl! good talking to you on aim :) i'm going to try out the lip eraser, i know i'm such a mac whore, but if it doesn't work out,i'll return it and try what you suggested. hopefully you'll get it soon and lemme know... thanks for the suggestion though!

    makeupxlover: don't worry, it wasn't a makeup or instructional entry... just me bitching for a couple of sentences... the only thing i would prolly teach y'all is that i can have a dirty mouth when i'm mad :P

    lol i do look mad in the first pic, huh? that was yesterday, maybe i sensed that i would get some drama again lol :D

  7. I really, really, really love you did the purple shadow. I would never be able to pull off a pink/purple look though, cos my eyelids are too puffy :( Once again, great job!

  8. hi Stephie! Your makeup is so so AWESOME! You're a great guru for makeup. Can I ask you something please? For the 25th October post, in regards to your FOTD on Silver Mineralized Makeup.. what fluidline did you put on? Is it Nightfish?

    I love that look so much! It's my all-time favourite!

  9. Stephie, you know how I feel about what you take time out of your life to do for people interested in makeup tutorials and makeup looks. And you really are helping. I rocked your Femme Black & Gold look on a date and the guy couldn't stop complimenting me on the look.

    Continue to do what makes you happy and what is fun for you. As long as you're teaching, I'm learning. :)

  10. hi stephie! i love reading your blog and i have linked you on mine! hope you don't mind?!

  11. I think you'd be a shoo-in for the MAC job. You've definitely come far from just mascara and liner!

    Girls will be girls. Life is full of drama, but you learn to deal with it. *hug*

  12. very pretty!! - looks like you duped mi'lady with what you already have in your collection. i know what you did is pink & purple but when i first saw the pic i thought you used mi'lady.

  13. I hear that MAC usually looks for previous makeup counter experience, but you should definitely let them know about your position as "a reputed makeup blogger whose focus is on MAC products" (it's all about how you word it). As I've said before, don't forget to tell them you have "professional experience as on-campus commissioned makeup artist for university-affiliated events" etc... You should even provide printouts of some of your makeup blogs.

    Impress them with your knowledge of how familiar you are with their products. You obviously believe in their products and that should be a plus factor when you're selling them.

    Don't forget to mention you also won that tutorial contest at Specktra! Word that professionally, too. Make everything sound impressive. You are WAY qualified for the job. It's just about how you sell yourself, Stephie.

    Last but not least. If you don't get this job this time around, it won't be because you don't qualify. In your case, it's because they have no idea who they are dealing with. So, don't be ashamed if you end up not getting the job. Nobody will judge you or feel pity. These things happen! We don't always get the position we'd qualify for!

    Also, don't forget to apply at other department store counters as well! MAC is supposed to be pickier about experience than others like Dior and Origins etc... Once you've had some experience with these other places, then you can try for MAC again - if you don't get it the first time around, that is ;)

    So good luck and best wishes!!!

    Yaaaay, Stephie!

  14. I dont know how you do it. You're pretty awesome for multitasking with the tutorials and accounting. Seriously, I don't know how you can handle accounting (I would know since I got out of it). But I just want to say your tutorials are amazing.

    I was wondering if you can do a tutorial in the future that can be a simple, but a good a everyday look? Thanks :)

  15. You look fab with Hepcat! Very ironic that I'm wearing that and S.Dreams today too. Definitely a great color on you. Keep up the great work, love! And if I may say so, "Screw the hatas." People always got somethin' to say when they're jealous. Obviously you're doing something RIGHT.

    Peace & positive vibes

  16. I love this look on you! You're always so gorgeous no matter what color your eyeshadow is :) I was wondering, where can I get Red Cherry falsies?

  17. hey babe, loove that purple and pink look! my 2 favorite colors!!! anyway, i have no idea what that post you deleted was about b/c i was busy cramming for midterms. in any case, you'll always have my support!! ^-^ oh and im definitely sure u'll score that MAC job! no luck needed. :P

  18. ooh sorry, and one more thing if it's possible can you share us how you take care of your skin?

  19. hey stephie! yet another great look!! i love purple &&pink together...i just bought a bunch of mac pigments because they were so pretty...anyway, now i dont know how i should apply them because when i brush them onto my lids, it just looks like sheer glitter. any advice?? thanks!

  20. good luck Stephie! I stopped using MAC a few years ago but after I stumbled upon your blog I'm now once again a MAC fiend!!! You have that effect on people...making them buy everything! I bought everything from your hot lips post.

  21. this look so pretty on you!

    i'm sorry people are always starting drama. people are really pissing me off on youtube because they keep mentioning the same thing. i was about to blow up at this one person & wanted to cuss her/him out but i didn't. life is just a bunch of drama. but yeah it's just a hairflip. hahaha (:

  22. That is a very pretty look! I hope that you do get a job at a MAC counter, they'd be lucky to have you really. Alienman is right, it's all about how you word it.

    About the technakohl liner, is that the one you use for your waterline that does not smudge? I bought their powerpoint liner because the MA said that it had "great lasting power" and "does not smudge." Right...I only use it for when I am doing a smoky look and the smudging is part of the look haha. Oh, it was also very good for my Jack Sparrow halloween costume (Jaquline Sparrow maybe, being female and all). :D

  23. Hey Stephie, luv the look!I'm glad your not letting those haters get to you. Unfortunately they will always be around no matter how good of a person you are. Oh wells, what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger.

  24. melissa: hey girl :) i think i used Nightfish... i'm sorry i can't remember from that far back..... i'm pretty sure it was nightfish though because i generally like to use it for more subtle looks, and blacktrack for more pop.

    anne: did it :)

    divine blackness: thank you girl! :) i hope it's okay if i link you to my blog :) that way i can see yours often :D

    tram: i bought mine in China Town LA... i don't know where to find it now though :(

    angie: don't worry about it, just me bitching is all :) thank you for your support!

    hina: i use my 239 brush to first dab the pigment on a certain part of my lid and ensure it's packed on there. i then sweep it. dab, then sweep is what i do :)

    d0rksta: i hate people like that... at least we know we have supporters, so don't sweat the petty... just a hairflip :D

    simply: yeah it's the technakohl liners that don't smudge as badly as other kohls. it does fade after a while, but hardly smudges.


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