Skincare Haul + Everyday Look Tutorial

I had my oil changed in my car today. I hate going to the auto shop thing without my honie because I'm totally ignorant when it comes to cars. I'll admit it, I'm a pushover in that atmosphere, I don't know when to say no when they go off telling me what I need to fix in my car.

I ended up having them change my oil and wiper blades. The man installed some rubber wiper blades by Michellin (sp?) because supposedly they last longer since they aren't metal and won't rust, and they are contoured for better performance... that sounded good to me so I said go ahead. When I looked at the quote or receipt thing they gave to me, it was about $37 for parts and $40+, yes $40+, for labor. God that pissed me off. I'm paying more for labor than the actual service. My honie could have changed the wiper blades for me... I'm a friggin idiot sometimes. Oh well.

One good thing is that I was telling the guy that my front, left signal light wasn't working, and I asked for a quote on how much it would take to rewire it... he laughed at me and said it prolly was just the lightbulb that was burned out. I told him I didn't want to pay anymore, I'd rather spend my money on clothes or makeup :) So I went off around the mall (I was getting my car done at Sears), but for some reason I had an idea that it would be so awesome if he fixed my light for me. Anyways, I came back after 30 minutes or so and was waiting to pay at the register, when I saw my keys in a vinyl bag, used to hold customers keys and receipts when the job is done. I saw two bulbs, one BLACK bulb and one new. I was thinking to myself that I didn't tell the guy to fix it and if he did, I wasn't paying for labor because I didn't agree to it, I just asked. I know I was getting worked up for nothing :P In my business law class, we learned about some involuntary service thing, so I knew I wouldn't have to pay. Anyways, the guy came out and told me he changed it for me for free, and all I had to do was pay for the bulb which is like $2... woot! I'm really happy... my car isn't ghetto now :D


Like I said, I had 30 minutes on my hands so I ran around doing some errands, then stopped by MAC. I got really good tips this past weekend so I decided to buy some skincare items. I've been looking for a new scrub so I picked up some Microfine Refinisher. I fell in love with the Fast Response Eye Cream sample I got, it made my eyes look more awake and moisturized them oh so well. Applying concealer is so smooth now... lovessss it! I've been lemming Strobe Cream for a while, but I've heard a few negative things about it, that it makes a person look like a disco ball. I'm going to try it and see how it goes. And finally some Wipes since I'm running out, and it's the BEST makeup remover I've ever used.

I tried out the Microfine Refinisher tonight, and so far so good! At first when I started massaging it on my face, it felt a little harsh. The particles are really fine, almost like sand... I know I know it sounds horrid :D but it's not. I massaged it in a circular motion and after I got used to the fine particles, it felt really nice. It didn't hurt, it was just very very fine. It felt like it was taking away all the nasty dead cells of my face. After I washed it off, my pores felt nice and taut, and my skin was very smooth. It didn't feel dry either, I really liked the results! The directions says to use it only 1-3 times a week, so I'll prolly use it every other day. I'll keep y'all posted on how it goes! *crosses fingers* Hopefully no irritations!


For my sweet & patient anonymous reader who is attending a wedding this Friday, I put together my everyday look that I think would be pretty safe for a wedding. I suggest glamming it up with some falsies, and chose whatever lip color you like. I hope this gives you an idea on what you may want to wear, and if not, let me know, and we'll figure something out :D

To everyone else, I've gotten tons of requests for my everyday look. And this is it. My two HG shadows right now are Tete-a-Tint and Typographic, both being from the Matte2 collection (permanent). It's great for work too, I usually wear this during my leadership program's activities when I don't want to walk around with colorful makeup... not that professional I think.

You can't really see the color in the pictures, but I do think in real life, they make a difference. It's very subtle, but I always get compliments when I wear this.

(All MAC unless otherwise stated)

Studio Finish Concealer (252)
Studio Fix Fluid (187)
Giorgio Armani Powder (150)
Emote Blush (168)
Sunbasque Blush (136)
Gold Spill MSF (168se)

Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader
Tete-A-Tint e/s (217)
Typographic e/s (217)
Ricepaper e/s (227)
Nightfish Fluidline (266)
Smolder Eye Kohl Pencil
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

Pink D'Lush Slimshine l/s

Anyways, I think that sums up my day, besides going to class which is nothing too special. Have a good night!


  1. just surfing thru.. i like this look. very simple and glowy. :-)

  2. Stephie, it was real nice of the guy to change your bulb for free. I'm a real pushover when it comes to facials :D I always get suckered into doing more than I intended, and spending more.

    Btw, I think its really sweet of you to have recorded the video for Anonymous. And you look awesome as usual!

  3. Hey Stephie, i am the same when it comes to cars i am so clueless :-( and need my boyfriend with me aswell lol. Thanks for another great tutorial your a star, i love them.
    Have a good nite :-)

  4. Hi Stephie
    I found your blog on youtube, love both of them! keep up good work! ^^

  5. Hehe, Stephie, you could have changed those wipers yourself. Last time, I got mine at target and just followed the instructions on the packaging. Cost me $16 for a pair, I believe.

    I hate taking my car to get serviced as well. I forked over $538 last week because my power windows were broken :( I suck at shopping around for good rates.

    I love this everyday look you did, by the way. One of my favorites of yours so far.

  6. Hi!

    I've been looking for new face products for a while now, because what I use right now isn't really making much of a difference, so I'll have to look through the MAC skincare range!

    I also love that look you have in the pictures. It's so simple and glowy, but it looks spectacular!

  7. i like this look. very simple and easy to do. thanks for sharing.

    btw, I have a few questions. how often and how do you clean your brushes? and what's your daily skin routine? oh and why do you use the armani powder and not mac?

    ever since i started reading your blog... im getting into buying mac make up now. it's kinda funny cuz i'm lazy when it comes to doing my face everyday... but i'm slowly starting to get on that track of getting all fixed up even though i'm only going to school or work. I just purchased a two eyeshadows and the viva glam warm heirloom and the fluidline. so I'm going to be trying those out since this is my first time actually using mac. anyways, how long do you usually keep your eyeshadows with you since I know they do expire (not sure how long?). and what's a good but versatile blush color?

    ooh and i know you have a lot of requests already but can you do one that's a good look when you go clubbing? thanks :)!

    sorry if this is too long.

  8. p.s.

    i was sad when i found out that the nordstrom close by my house sold out of the keepsake thingy they had over the weekend. i was wondering if you got a chance to purchase that too and what you thought about it? i'll prolly try and get it online if anything. hehe.

  9. sent you a email... hopefully it will become use to you!

    you should listen to the 'girls aloud' version of 'stand by you' its really good

  10. stephie, this look is gorgeous! i also was wondering if you ever used eyeshadow UNDER your eye? i seen some people do it and it looks really pretty but i wasnt sure if there was a "right" way to do it. hopefully u can help me out whenever u have the time. i know life gets pretty busy.

  11. Stephie, I am going nail polish shopping soon, and I am dying to know what nail polish you are wearing in your MAC Holiday '06 video?

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw7lDztGb8o

  12. Omg thanks sososososo much. Youre soooo sweet!

    Ill be sure to try this out on Friday with the makeup that I have because I dont have anything thats MAC :P

  13. Hi Stephie!!

    I've seen a lot of your FOTD's on specktra and enjoy your youtube videos too! Anyhoo, I love this look! It's very natural and fresh! Thanks for sharing it with us!! :)

  14. Hey Stephie, i like this everyday look:) I'm glad I have my dad and brother around so they can still change my oil with no charge:P I'd rather save the money and spend it at Mac. How's the fast response eye cream for dark circles? I'm like cursed with those!

  15. Hey Stephie. I'm a loyal reader to your blog although I've been lurking until now :) Your tutorials and application skills are constantly excelling with each new look/vid. Keep up the fabulous job. They are very inspiring!

  16. i loooove this look on you its so simple and highlights your best features(eyes, lips, & cheeks are them imo). your makeup=perfect as always.

  17. Dang, you got ripped off on the oil change and wiper blades. I work at a Honda dealership and the oil change is 29.98 including tax. Also, it only takes like 2 seconds to install the wiper blades and they do it for free when you buy the part. Anyways, I love your makeup! You do such a great job!

  18. Hi Steph! I was looking for the nightfish fluidline, but I'm not able to find it. Is it like the blacktrack? Is the nightfish off the shelf now?
    btw, this look is really pretty on you!

  19. Stephie, this is a really beautiful everyday look. It kinda reminds me of your neutral eyes and red lips tutorial. My bf told me that most places, like Kragen, will replace your wipers for free as long as u buy the part there. or you can do it yourself, but the hardest part (for me) is removing the old ones bc im afraid of breaking it. haha.

    $30 for an oil change at Honda! Man I got ripped off bc they charged me $40! grr....

  20. i love this look! it's actually my favorite one of yours! but that's just because for me, i like more classic looks for myself... i can never pull off the bold ones hahah! anyway, do the mac wipes burn around your eyes at all? because i've been using these aveeno ones, and around my eyes they really sting like crazy, no matter how delicate i try to wipe at my liner/mascara... it's drivin me nuts! so i don't know if i should risk the mac wipes... i have extra sensitive skin.

  21. Never go to the mechanic without a man.

    My friend actually told me a story about his friend who is a mechanic, and he fixed his car, but barely charged him anything.

    And my friend was all "Are you sure?" and the mechanic is all "Nah don't worry I'll just make up the lost income on some soccer moms".

    So yeah, it is a fact that women do get taken advantage of in situations like that.

    And I have to take business law... It sounds like you learn some useful stuff.

  22. I guess your post is one of the reasons why I have to get myself chauffeured around: I'm such a dolt when it comes to cars, even driving (but that's because I'm dyslexic).

    Anyway, do post about what you think with your MAC skincare goodies! I'd love to know how they rank up. Right now I'm using the phyto-black from Shu Uemura (really awesome for the start-your-anti-ageing-routine-while-young philosophy!)

    Thanks as well for your video! That's a nice, glowy, natural look you got going. :)

  23. I missed you pumpkin!! Haha yeah you should definitely get a job where I work! That would be awesome lol. I work for a search engine company, I deal with people that wanna advertise their website online, so we constantly travel and go to conventions in NY, San Francisco, etc to bring more awareness in the industry to potential clients, it's fun because I get to be online all day haha...and it pays well!

    I miss you! I love this look you are so cute and a natural beauty!

  24. hey stephie, i love all of your tutorials, i love the way you do your makeup, its just awesome! i look forward for your new tutorials. keep up the good job.

  25. hi ladies! thank you so much for the compliments and i apologize that i haven't gotten to your comments earlier. i've been working on some school stuff, and have been pretty darn busy. y'all are great and thank you for all your support! i know, i got ripped off like WHOA at the mechanic :( so learn it from me girls, don't get suckered!

    anne: i spot clean my brushes each day by putting some mac brush cleanser on the bristles and wiping them back and forth on a towel. i then deep clean every two weeks by shampooing the bristles and rinsing them out upside down so the water doesn't seep into the glue on the brush.

    my daily skin routine is in the AM i cleanse with clinique's cleanser (from the three step system), and tone with the clinique toner. i then moisturize with either MAC studio moisture fix or strobe cream depending on my mood and add some MAC fast response eye cream to my undereyes. then i add MAC prep + prime all over then makeup. at night, i exfoliate with MAC microfine refinisher, tone with the same one as before, and use clinique dramatically different lotion.

    i used to use my MAC blot powder to set before but when i was in LA, i bought armani luminious silk foundation, and got suckered into buying the powder. it's expensive so i want to use that all up before i go back to my MAC powder. i still use blot powder for daily touch-ups though. the armani powder has a slight shimmer in it, like the LSF, but other than that, it's just as good in my opinion as my MAC powders. if only i hadn't bought it... that was like $50 down the drain :(

    i've only started using MAC since january, and i've had all my shadows since then. i haven't even hit the bottom of the pan on any of them. i do believe you can keep the powder stuff for up to two years... or something, but don't take my word for it. i'll search around and get back to you on it!

    one versatile blush that i <3 is sunbasque blush. it's a beautiful peach color... one of my faves. i would have said afterdusk blush but it's LE from the moonbathe collection. it's amazing, it's a beautiful pink with highlight, i LOVE it! if you can find that one, get it, if not.... sunbasque or even prism aren't too bad :)

    i didn't buy the keepsake thing. i already have the blush and i wasn't jumping up and down over anything in it... oh well :)

    jusl: i got it, thank you SO much! you are amazing and generous! thank you thank you thank you!!!

    anonymous: i usually wear eyeshadow on my lower lashline, usually when i do a look with shadow, besides my everyday look. i usually use a MAC shadestick as a base and apply the color under my eyes with a 219 brush. i like to put shadow over my liner, if i decide to wear it for my everyday look. i'll have to start posting more fotds, because i'll more than likely be wearing it as you described. if you look at a few of my previous entries, you'll see it :P

    glamour girl: i think it's OPI in new york apple i think.... i'm not sure because i got it done at a salon... i SUCK at doing my nails.

    distinque: i'm still trying it out right now.... i'll post my opinion on it later... so far it's been okay, i'm still experimenting with it :) but it has made applying concealer SO easy if that matters at all :) i think it's been helping with under eye darkness, i'll be sure to post the results soon!

    hoa: i believe nightfish was LE from the Lure collection. i found mine at a Cosmetics Company Outlet. i think i also saw one at my local mac counter, you'll have to search around. nightfish is like a more toned town version of blacktrack. it's a black liner, but more on the lighter side, whereas blacktrack is a true black.

    nilty: i LOVE MAC wipes, they are my HG makeup removers! they are awesome, seriously. they don't burn at all, and are very gentle. i've even accidently wiped a bit on my eye, and it didn't sting or burn. try it out, i think you'd like them! my skin isn't that sensitive so i'm hoping they work great for you.

  26. Hey stephie,

    been a lurker for awhile. Was reading through your older posts when I came to this one - I really love how simple this look is, but how gorgeous it makes u look! ;)

    I'm a total pushover when it comes to auto as well. Haha, hun has to be there or else I get things done that i don't really need! Hope to read more from u soon


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