Emerald Eyes Using 6th Sin Tutorial

Howdy y'all :)

I seriously am counting the minutes until I'm DONE with this semester. I have my last two finals Thursday morning. My finance final is at 8AM (probably will get to school by 6:30) and accounting is at 11AM....

I'm a dumbass because yesterday I was so lazy. I studied for half the day, then editted my tutorial video. Oh well, I still have all today to study, and one of my good friends took the accounting exam already, so she's giving me a heads up on what to focus on.


Do y'all remember this look using 6th Sin? I taped this tutorial.... on Saturday and just didn't have time until yesterday to edit it. So many of y'all have asked me to talk during my makeup tuts, and I tried... unsuccessfully. I think it's because I blab way too much when I talk LOL. Oh wellio. So don't laugh (too hard) when you see my lips moving to the music.

The Look:

(I was snap happy that day...)

The Ingredients

(All MAC unless otherwise stated)

Fast Response Eye Cream (b4 video)
Prep + Prime Skin (b4 video)
Strobe Cream (b4 video)
Studio Tech NC35 (190se) (b4 video)
Studio Finish Concealer NC20 (152) (b4 video)
Armani Micro-fil Powder (150) (b4 video)
Emote Blush (168)
Quiver Pearlizer (181se)

Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader (Shiseido #6) (b4 video)
Urban Decay Primer Potion - lash to brow base
Lucky Jade Shadestick - lower lashline base
Stormwatch e/s - crease (217)
6th Sin Metal-X Shadow - lid (242)
Wondergrass e/s - inner crease (217)
Newly Minted Matte2 e/s - lower lashline (219)
Swimming e/s - inner corners (219)
Rose Blanc e/s - highlight (227)
Jealous Kohl Power - upper lashline
Lime Dandy Glitter Liner - over Jealous
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline (forgot to show in video)
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm (b4 video)
Poise Mattene Lipstick

The Hush Sound - Magnolia
Paramore - Franklin
The Hush Sound - Don't Wake Me Up

The Video:


Hang in there everyone! We're almost done, then we can chill :D


  1. Do you suggest wearing this look during the day time?

  2. My sister..gorgeous as always! Good luck on your finals, you have the cutest nose ever! I miss ya!

  3. that was beautiful! i have a problem though with putting colors on my lower lashline.. i feel like i look like a ninja turtle or something (you know how they have those eye masks). lol

  4. This has got to be my all time favorite look on you!!! The pics are breathtaking...I love not only the make-up but the hair, necklace, and lace top!!! The whole package is just WOW. Your honie is one lucky guy...I hope he tells you how gorgeous you are everyday :)

  5. I dont think we would mind the rambling :)

    thanks for squeezing another tut in the midst of all your studying. oh and your top looks so cute. it goes with the makeup.

  6. I even love your nail polish and Hello Kitty mirror compact lol

  7. I love reading your blog! You are definitely are one of my favourite blogger.

  8. I definitely love all your tutorials. You're so beautiful and your personality is super fly!!

  9. you are SO freaking pretty esp with THIS look! is it OK to hate you?! lol im kidding....sending love from tha UK...peace (lol)

  10. stephie! i love your top ! and your hair! u should definitely put it up more often! u should do a tutorial on that hair style!

  11. What a beautiful look, love. Great tut....wish I could pull off the Metal X shadows but my lids are too oily....I'd have to use 49 bases just to get it to stay. Many blessings on those exams!!! You're almost doooone!

  12. Love the look hun. You did a real good job. (= By the way I'm lovin the Hello Kitty necklace. Well, you're lucky you're almost done with finals. My finals start next week. )= Oh well, I'm counting down the days as well. Good luck on the rest of your finals. Take care<33

    <3 Tina

  13. yay! you got done with the 6th sin vid. i love it!! i need to try that.

    i love how you're so natural in front of the camera. i just started so i'm a lil camera shy. i started to edit my tute last night, well this morning actually, and i have to re-do my intro because i was whispering! at the time it was like 130 in the morning so yeah. but anyways, keep your vids coming, i love them! and good luck on your finals!


  14. i've never left a comment before, but i read your blog all the time and i love it. this has got to be the most gorgeous look you've ever done--and there are a lot of them!!! it goes so well with your hair and outfit too.

  15. wow, this is a really good look for you! the up-do and lace top is romantic, like you're going to a picnic at the park and the MU just look fresh but with and edge.

  16. Hey Stephie! Good luck on your finals tomorrow! I emailed you where my bf works. You are so adorable in your intro when you talk and say the stuff about your mouth moving. Awesome tut (b/c i now want to get 6th sin, but am refraining) and even cuter hair! I love the curls in the ponytail.
    After finals tomorrow to take a nap! You look pooped out and stressed out. So take it easy, set aside time for yourself and have fun!

  17. BEAUTIFUL! I love that shade of green and I need to find a dupe for it ASAP! Because i'm not too fond of cream shadows :(

  18. The first thing that struck me when I saw the photos was how well your blush and lip color go with the green eyes. This is one of my favorite looks of yours!

  19. My all-time favourite!! The green looks poppin against the pinks. I love your nail colour too. Great job on this one! Good luck with finals :)

  20. Green looks good on certain people and you're one of them. It's so gorgeous on you!!! :)

    I also want to mention the Hello Kitty mirror is so cute. Can I ask where you got it?

    Good luck on the finals!

  21. gorgeous as always. Good luck with your finals.Love your lace top and the Hello Kitty mirror...

  22. it doesnt look much like the emerald eyes you did the first time, i felt like you took away from the metal x shadow by using so many other shades of green that didnt compliment it well. =/ but i still thought it looked lovely on you and your so photogenic, im definitely picking up poise after seeing how cute it looks on you! =] you could definitely pull off light gray smokey look! =D

  23. Hey em.. I love the look, video and all!!!! The new setting seems to work out very well! On your bed right? The angle is perfect! I love this look.. maybe I will try this look and submit to you! =) Btw.. pretty nails! & Blouse! You're too pretty! =)

    If you don't mind.. how did you block out you talking during the tutorial but still able to play the beginning of you talking? & what setting are you saving your videos as? Thanks babe!

  24. Oh.. & yay no more finals!!! Cheers to that! Time to party and celebrate!!!! =) have a wonderful winter break hun.. cause you know winter term is coming right up! =/

  25. cathy: i definitely would wear this in the day or even the evening. it is one of the looks that are more versatile, in my opinion.

    ate: thanks love :) last night i only got 3 hours of sleep before i left for school at 6AM.... damn i was tired but i slept after my exams :) i'm still pooped though.

    linda: lmfao, i know what you mean. i felt the same way, maybe it takes some getting used to?

    cindy: aw thanks girl :) i originally had my hair down curled but it was so hot that day (like 80 degrees) i had to put it up.

    anne: lol i plan on putting up a vid on blogger just to show some funny ramblings that went on :D

    anony & kalma lee: thanks y'all!

    c00kie: 'ello my uk friend :) it's alright to hate me, as long as we have a love/hate relationship.

    dee: thanks, i think i will :)

    divine blackness: thanks love! i'm so happy to be DONE! for this semseter anyways...

    tina: good luck on your finals next week! at least you'll be done afterwards :)

    ate lani: salamat :) i still feel weird talking to the camera but then i try to pretend that there's someone on the other end ;) as long as no one else sees/hears me recording, i'm fine :D

    angela: thanks for taking the time to comment :)

    aquadisia: i felt really romantic that day! :) too bad all i was doing was going to work :(

    krystle: thanks dear! i didn't realize i LOOKED tired... but i am. i'm exhausted from the past two weeks..... ugh! i didn't sleep much for the few days, and last night i probably slept 3 or less hours... so damn tired! i'm definitely going to have to catch up on sleep! thank you for noticing and caring :) <3 you!

    anna: thank you :D

    petitebelle: i know, the green is adorable! i'm going to try out the emerald green pigment or landscape green pigment from MAC and hopefully they will be a dupe!

    ash: thanks! i wasn't sure if it all worked out, so i'm glad it did!

    maricris: we talk on myspace right? or am i thinking about another maricris? anywho thanks, and your vids are great :)

    gabi: thank you :) the nail polish is maybelline express finish in pink shock :)

    alyssa: i bought it in chinatown LA :) but i think i saw it on the sanrio website for really cheap!

    rachel & anony: thank you!

    anony: i do agree with you. i think i should have stopped before adding the wondergrass and swimming in the inner corners/crease.... but thanks for the CC, i always appreciate it! :D

    chi tee-hoa: it took me a while to figure it out, but on the windows media maker if you edit the strips from the timeline (like where you add the music with the three rows of clip, music, subtitles) just select all the clips you want and go to the "clip" tab on the top near the file, edit tabs. go down to "audio" and a tab will pop out that says mute and that's all you need to hit :)

    as far as saving goes, i save the whole WMM project then go to the file tab and hit the "save movie file". after pressing next two times, you will see the movie setting thing. i hit the "best fit to file size" circle and you can adjust the amount of MB you want to save it as. since youtube limits it to 100MB i usually scroll down if it's above 100MB. not sure what that does to the quality of the vids but it seems to work for me :) i think i'm going to do a video tut on editing a video just for fun later :)

    oh yeah and it's on my bed :) i think the lighting is okay from that place even though i'm not recording next to the window anymore... but it seems to have worked out if i record during the day. oh and i don't have any winter term this year YAY!!!! :) gosh i need some sleep, i keep having to retype stuff since i make typos right now :D good night chi!

  26. that green looks great on you
    so beautiful

  27. this has to be my favorite look on you and your top n hair looks perfect with the makeup! great job!

    oh and a quick question, do you think i could get away with using plummage instead of stormwatch on the crease or will that ruin the look. i want to do this look for a party n dont have time to run out and buy stormwatch!

  28. sushii: thank you!

    nets: i think plummage would go great with 6th sin :) i hope it turns out great for you :D

  29. hi sweetie, love the all-over look and glad you had some time to tut it :)

    i keep playing w/ my tarte but i'm not getting gorgeous stephie lashes :( i think mine are just super stubborn because the only way mine stick up like that is if i curl AFTER mascara. do you consider the shiseido lifting mascara to be lightweight? and do you only curl before mascara?

    good luck on finals! you'll ace 'em sista :)

  30. i miss seening you always posting new fotds, tutorials, tips, etc.

    anywho, i hope the finals went well! =) and i hope you will be back soon!

  31. hey stephie! that's a pretty look (:

    i have a suggestion: when you want to do a talking video, maybe you could finish one eye and that way you wouldn't have to go over the 10 mins limit.

  32. great look (I think I told you this about 6th sin before) but I can always tell you again!

    On my blog I tried your "everyday look"
    if you want you can go look! (I don't have the best pictures) but I tried!

    have a wonderful night : )

  33. hey stephie, this is my first time visiting your blog and I really have to say that your make up is gorgeous! I really love the look you have on your profile picture. I was wondering if you can give some tips on the natural-but-chic-look. I'm a make up whore and I wear the smokey/black eye shadow every day and I'd really like a new look (partly bcus the daily make up routine is taking tooo much time.)

    I know you're busy with many things so I'll be sure to come back and check up on new tutorials! In any case.. no need to rush on my request! Thanks in advance.


  34. Love the hello kitty's necklace!

  35. Wow, this is very pretty! the whole look from the eyes to the lips. You're so gorgeous. First time stopping by your site and I have to say your makeup skills are wonderful.


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