Bling All Around

I want to start off by saying, I LOVE it when I'm right :) You're probably wondering what I'm saying... for those who instant message me on AIM, most will know that I generally am always logged in on my Sidekick 3. And it's really hard to type quickly on it. I thought I would share an interesting conversation I had with an obsessed person a few days ago that I think will bring a smile to your lips hehehe:

supremepreet: hey
supremepreet:BiTCh yOur Boyfriend is ugly andhis dick is Small and hes a FOB
me: hello (i typed it and sent it right when it sent me the last message)
me: Oh wow ur rude
supremepreet: u uglyass bitch
me: Would you like to say anthing else you pathetic lowlife?
me: How can you call me a bitch. You don't know me.
supremepreet: well it's true
supremepreet: and i dont care if im 'rude'
supremepreet: is that the best u can come up with
supremepreet: your boring
supremepreet: You have a boring life
supremepreet: thats why
supremepreet: Your going out with an uglyass fob
supremepreet: u uglyass
supremepreet: Now shut up
me: (it wrote all that while i was typing this) I don't need to "come up" with anything. This conversation is over.

*Blocks the loser*

LOL I am seriously so flattered that someone is so obsessed with me and my life to instant message me and tell me all this :) And I'm even more flattered that the person I was referring to in this entry did come back to visit me, since it is so obsessed :D Really I'm flattered, but it's time to move on. I'm not interested in you so go hide under a rock somewhere. I'll admit it, bitch I am, but obsessed loser, you are. Mwahs!

On the subject of bringing smiles to your faces, I thought I'd go ahead and share a picture that one of my peeps on youtube made for me... bahahahha when I first saw it, I seriously could NOT stop laughing! It's a still frame from my Stylistics Review video (linking it soon). If y'all haven't seen it, it's from a part where I'm looking at a brush and seeing that it's made in China.... needless to say I was surprised! Flabergasted more like it.... ahahahahaha I didn't know I looked like that until people started commenting on it... but this picture says it all :)

BAHAHAHAHAHA ..... ok now THAT's fug :D


I went out with my bff and another good friend to the new Cheesecake Factory that was opened at the mall recently. A while back Glamour Girl issued me a challenge to do a Vintage Glam look which was gold eyes and red lips. I decided to break out this look since I was going out. I really like it. I'm prolly going to wear this for the holidays. Tutorial will be done after finals, promise! :)

Studio Tech NC35 - all over face with 190se
Studio Finish Concealer NC20 - under eyes and cover blemishes with 252
Armani Micro-fil Loose Powder - set foundation/concealer with 150
Emote Blush - contour with 168
Tenderdusk Beauty Powder - highlight and all over apples with 181se

Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader - fill in brows with Shiseido #6 brush
Urban Decay Primer Potion - all over eye area up to brow
Beige-ing Shadestick - base for lower lashline
Uppity Fluidline - base from lash to crease with 242
Pure Ore Metal-X Shadow - over uppity fluidline with 224
Gorgeous Gold e/s - outline Pure Ore to help blend in and lower lashline with 219
Ricepaper e/s - highlight with 227
Blacktrack Fluidline - upper lashline
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Shiseido Lifting Mascara
Ardell #131s

Magenta Lip Liner (I still don’t have a red lip liner)
Classic Dame Mattene Lipstick
Racy 3D Glass

I did a few videos, not tutorials mind you. The first one is over my skincare items. I forgot to mention MAC Wipes, which I use for taking off my makeup... maybe I'll do a really quick one to add as a video response... but that will be later. Oh and does anyone have any recommendation for face masks? I have combo skin, oily in the t-zone mainly. Any recs are appreciated ;)

The second one is over the new MAC Stylistics Collection. I did a quick review, right after a nap for my headache lol so you can see the bags under my eyes... delicious right?

The new 129 is SO soft.... if you see the video, I can't get over it! LOL... damn it's so soft! hehehe ;) And I finally got me a lip brush. I can't wait to start using it. But I think it will be a pain in the backside to have to clean it all the time.

I didn't try out the lipglass before hand, but after I did the video, I wore the lipglass, and it feels like butter on your lips! I think they may be the same formula like the MAC 3D Glasses... so so soft! If you didn't get a 3D Glass, go and feel out the Stylistics lipglasses and you will LOVE it. It's not sticky at all and feels as smooth as a lip balm. FOR REAL! And I got two more glitter liners just because I love them (from the Metal-X Collection).

This is the Lighthearted Sheer Mystery Powder, it's the middle shade of the three shades. It feels so smooth, like the Matte2 shadows. I'm loving how MAC is using the same formulas like their newest stuff. The Sheer Mystery Powder seems like the best value to me. You get the cute compact with powder inside, plus a refill. The compact is uber adorable too.... so get it! :)

I bought the Solitaire Sheerspark Powder. It is such an amazing highlight. I put it right underneath my brows and on my cheekbones. The powder is highlight reflective and so pretty!


So back to the Vintage Glam look... I went out with my friends. On with the random pics!

With the bff Brenda. Every year the local mall puts up this HUGE Christmas tree.

Just me... I know I'm short, and the tall tree doesn't really help me :D

Kisses for my bff lol :)

Brenda, Loan, and I waiting for a table at the Cheesecake Factory.

With Loan's bf at our table.

I ordered the Shrimp Scampi. It didn't taste good at all.

I'm the only dumbass in the picture... gosh silly pics end up being "stupid Stephie" pics since no one gets into it lol... :P

Lovesss them!

New day. Waiting at the shuttle stop... attempting to make my thighs NOT look like hams. For some reason, sitting down pics are so unflattering.

Because I'm a dork like that.

I always see those uber cute shadow pics... my attempt made me look like a cow lol :D

The leaves on the tree outside of my house started to turn this beautiful yellow. I just loved it, so I had to take a pic :) And I'm always the dork.

Love him! And if anyone out there doesn't, I don't give a hoot. I'd still hit it ;)

So kiss my derriere, because I don't care!

Me, Emily, and Phuong (my honie's younger sister). It was Emily's last day at work, so we went out to eat after a 6 hr and 15 min shift. I'll miss you Chi Emily!

Oh, and earlier last month my dear friend Vega quit. Doesn't that say something about our workplace? Another girl quit a couple weeks before after working for just a couple of weeks. Anyways, I'll miss her too! Though we still hang out, it's not the same.


Anyways, is that enough of an update for y'all for today? I'm working on this five page essay for my leadership over "Who I Am, What I Believe".... gosh a research paper is such a breeze for me, but writing subjectively is harder. I have so many thoughts and to organize it is just frustrating. I've procrastinated enough. Have a great weekend!


More Metal-X Looks and Review + MAC Pro Video!

Howdy howdy howdy!

To start things off I wanted to let y'all know I made (finally) the MAC Pro Membership video. I've gotten so many requests and questions regarding how I got the card and how y'all can get it, so here's my answer! :)

For clarification, a few sweet people have messaged me on Youtube and have apologized about asking me about the card in a way that they thought I found offensive. So to clear things up, what I said in the video, about not needing to explain myself and my frustration was not directed at anyone who sincerely asked me about the card and how I got it; instead, I was getting these rude messages and comments, ones I deleted, saying "how the f*** did you get a pro card?!?!?! you f***ing poser.... f this, f that blah blah blah poo poo poo" ... okay the poo poo poo part is my own but THOSE were the people I was trying to address in that part. I just cleaned up their language since evidently they know a handful of curse words at best ;) And I'm sorry that I wasn't clear beforehand. I LOVE y'all to pieces, and I don't mind answering real questions, not questions posed just to mess with me and belittle me. So if you asked me about the pro card, and left out obscenities, I wasn't referring to you in my bitching part :P Here it is!


Has anyone tried to cookies at Starbucks? You know, the ones that have cute shapes and yummy frosting? They usually have a new shape and style each season.... anywhoodle, right now they have one of my fave animals, no not leopards or kitties, but PENGUINS! I don't know why I love penguins, maybe because my friends say I walk like one.... hahaha... but yeah I love 'em. This cookie was almost too cute to eat. ALMOST.

I scarred my stuffed penguin for life! I've had him since my 18th bday and still haven't named him :( lol... yeah I'm still a kid, don't hate :D

And I was messing around with my bangs.. what do y'all think if I wear my bangs straight down? Back in May I got a horrendous haircut. Originally the stylist was giving me straight down bangs, but he cut them into little strands of hair (?!?!?!?!?!). That's why most people of ABB and Specktra saw my pics with a hair pouf, to hide the HORROR! I'll have to post a picture sometime hehehe


I also did a review for the Metal-X Collection. I hope it's helpful!

Part 1

Part 2

As promised on the video, here's the swatches!


Pink Ingot Metal-X Shadow

When I was putting this on, I was so disappointed. It went on so sheer, no matter how much I packed it on. It reminded me of Fresco Rose Paint Pot. I had to layer on a pink shadow just to have some color. Like I said in the video review, it may just be my skintone which is why it blends in like nothing. *shrugs* I tried it on as a cheek tint though.... LOVES it! Pink Ingot gives a subtle pink flush with just a little bit of shimmer. It saved itself from being sent back to the MAC store :)

Revitalizing Charged Water
Strobe Cream
Fast Response Eye Cream
Studio Fix Fluid NC30 - w/187
Studio Finish Concealer NC20 - undereyes w/252
Studio Lights Frangipan - undereyes patted on with ring finger
Armani Micro-fil Powder
Fleurry Blush - apples blended up and out towards hairline with 136

Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader - filled in brows with Shiseido #6 brush
Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) - base all over lid to brow
Pink Ingot Metal-X Shadow - lid up to crease with 242
Pink Freeze e/s - over Pink Ingot with 239
Post Haste e/s - crease with 217
Phloof! e/s - highight with 227
Nightfish Fluidline - upper lashline with 266
Photograveure Techankohl Liner - waterline
Embronzed Glitter Liner - just below the lower lashline
Shiseido Mascara Base & Lifting Mascara

40s Pink Mattene Lipstick


Plum Electric

This is the one I wore in the videos I made. I was expecting it to be very vibrant, almost like amethyst. It didn't turn out that way though. It's pretty, but it doesn't impress me like 6th Sin. Also, it was a bit more clumpy than 6th Sin. Still a pretty color though and this one didn't crease too badly. Like I said, it only creases on my right eye near the corner because my eye naturally folds there, it's not noticeable unless my eyes are shut, if that matter at all :P Oh I put this on in the evening since I went to the university around 7:20 and all I wore was liner, mascara, and Strobe Cream set with powder. That's why I look all dead and sleepy :P

Renewal Defense Charged Water
Strobe Cream
Armani Micro-fil Powder
Emote Blush - contour with 168
Pink Ingot Metal-X Shadow - apples blended up and out with fingers

Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader
UDPP - base all over lid to brow
Beige-ing Shadestick - base lower lashline
Plum Electric Metal-X Shadow - lid to crease with 242
Satellite Dreams e/s - crease with 217
Parfait Amour e/s - lower lashline with 219
Rose Blanc e/s - highlight with 227
Embronzed Glitter Liner - upper lashline
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base & Liftin Masacara

Soft Lust Lipstick



Out of all of the shadows, this one gave me the most trouble. Maybe it's just mine, but this was SO clumpy, not smooth like 6th Sin and the others. I literally had to moosh the clumps on my lid, which then left gaps of skin on my lid. Too much of a hassle and the color wasn't even that impressive. Oh well.

Youth Aura Charged Water
Fast Response Eye Cream
Studio Moisture Fix
Studio Tech Foundation NC35 - w/190se
Studio Finish Concealer NC20 - undereyes and cover blemishes with 252
Armani Micro-fil Powder - set foundation
NARS Laguna Bronzer - contour with 168
NARS Orgasm Blush - apples blended up & out towards hairline with 136

Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader
UDPP - base all over lid to brow
Beige-ing Shadestick - base lower lashline
Metalblu Metal-X Shadow - all over lid with 242
Electric Eel e/s - crease with 217
Freshwater e/s - lower lashline with 219
Ricepaper e/s - highlight with 227
Blacktrack Fluidline - upper lashline with 209
Embronzed Glitter Liner - over Blacktrack
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base & Lifting Mascara

Pucker Tendertone


On to TV... I love watching TV. Anyways, I'm semi disappointed with the results of the Dancing with the Stars. On the one hand, I love Julianne (or whatever the blonde pro dancer's name is). She's so cute and spunky. But I'm a lifelong Spice Girls Fan (that's right!) so I wanted Scary Spice to win. Oh well. Gosh has anyone tried looking for tickets for the reunion tour of the Spice Girls? They are completely SOLD OUT! I want to try and find some, since who knows the next time they'll all be back together.

And lastly, please vote for Sam & Nicole! Or whoever you think should win... but I'm voting for Sam & Nicole!!!! :D

Anyways, have a great night y'all!


Black Friday....

..... is overrated. My Honie & I planned on waking up around 4:30 AM to drive over to the local Fry's Electronics, but we ended up sleeping in until 6 AM. We got to Fry's and the sales weren't worth the effort of getting up early. Later, my friends told me Best Buy would have been better, but oh well. We ended up buying an external hard drive and a couple of DVDs. I wanted to find a GPS, but I didn't really find one that I thought was worth the money.

We then went to the mall, searching around for some good deals, but again, nothing. Empty handed, we were about to leave when I remembered that MAC had a new collection. Considering that I had saved some money to shop majorly on Black Friday (and none of it had been spent), my Honie and I went over to the MAC Store :)

I really like the Metal-X Collection. I'm into shimmery and glittery things so of course I was in love. I wanted all the shadows, but I only picked 5. I don't own any glitter liners, so I decided to try them out.... they are my fave items from the collection! I plan on getting more later.


Metal-X Shadows

I was expecting the shadows to be more on the cream side, but in reality they are a lot drier. If you've ever felt the cream blushes from MAC, I thought they would be like that, or like Studio Tech. Instead I'd describe them as a hybrid, in the middle of a powder and cream form. The reason I say this is because when I was applying the eye shadow with my 242 brush, some parts would come off like powder residue. However, they smoothly went on like a cream. They are shimmery and jewel-like, which I'm loving right now. Overall, I really like them. They are unlike any other eye shadow I have from MAC. They don't crease and are long wearing. I wear a base under them... just don't confuse these with paint pots. The Metal-X Shadows are more opaque than paint pots... I recommend them!


Glitter Eye Liners

I don't have any glitter eye liners, so I decided it was okay if I bought a couple to try them out. These are the pick of the collection in my opinion. They are so easy to apply, and they last so long! It comes off fairly easily with my MAC Wipes. I can't say enough about them, I'm definitely buying more if that's an indication of how much I love them :) I like wearing them over my liner on the upper lashline.


I was back in bed at 8:30 AM, and got up around 1 PM. I had to work that afternoon, so I had to sleep! I was so excited to try out my new goodies, so I came up with this next look. It reminds me of emeralds.

Oh, and someone requested that I take pics of the products I use. It looks like a lot LOL, so don't hate ;)

What I Used

Renewal Defense Charged Water
Studio Moisture Fix
Fast Response Eye Cream
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Studio Tech NC35 - all over face with 190se (not shown)
Armani Micro-fil Powder 2
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader - fill in brows with Shiseido #6 brush
Emote Blush - contour with 168 brush
Sunbasque Blush - apples of cheeks blended up and out with 136

Studio Finish Concealer - under eyes with 252 (not shown)
UDPP - base for lid to brow
Beige-ing Shadestick - base for lower lashline
6th Sin Metal-X Shadow - all over lid with 242
Stormwatch e/s - crease with 224
Newly Minted Matte2 e/s - lower lashline with 219
Shroom e/s - highlight with 227 (not shown)
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Blacktrack Fluidline - upper lashline with 266
Lime Dandy Glitter Eye Liner - over Blacktrack
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm
Flattering Mattene Lipstick


Today I took another crack at shopping. I went over to Macy's because my boss told me about some good deals going on over there. I've been in dire need of new fragrances, I've only had my Vera Wang Princess for over a year. I went with two of my co-workers, one of them my awesome guy-loving guy friend... he's the best to shop with :) Anyways, Hung (my friend) knew one of the ladies at the Estee Laudere perfume counter since she's a regular at the restaurant. She helped us with some gift with purchases. I was so happy with the one she hooked me up with. This Baby Phat bag is supposed to be given only to purchases of Baby Phat perfumes, but she got the lady at the Baby Phat counter to give me and my friend a bag. We even got our bags monogramed for free! I was uber happy, especially since the bag is leopard print.... and y'all know I'm a leopard whore :)

My friends helped me pick out two (actually three) fragrances. I got LAMB and DKNY Be Delicious (red & green in one pack). I like the Red DKNY perfume better than the green one. The LAMB perfume came with a lotion and full-size fragrance. I like them both... I love sweet smelling perfumes so I'm really happy :) My fave smell ever is Moonlight Path from Bath and Body Works, but their smells usually don't last all day.

Anyways, I have to finish up a presentation I'm giving on Monday. It's over the leadership style of Attila the Hun. I'm not even done yet... oh well! I think I can make it work though. Night y'all!