Antique Gold Tutorial

Howdy y'all!

As promised, I did a tutorial :) Yay! It was really nice to get back into the swing of things. I made it over my New Years Eve look, that can be found here:


I did switch the purple shadows for neutral greys and browns. I was going to wear this out during the day so I didn't really want to go too dramatic, though y'all know I will go out with dramatic makeup during the day :) I hope y'all like the tutorial!

The Look

FACE (Done before the video)
Studio Tech Foundation (190)
Studio Finish Concealer (ring finger)
Armani Micro-fil Powder (150)
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader

Accentuate/Sculpt Duo - brown to contour (138)
Light Flush MSF - cheeks (188)

Blackground Paint Pot - all over lid (242)
Beige-ing Shadestick - lower lashline
Remotely Grey e/s - crease (224)
Antique Gold Relects Glitter - lid, dab then sweep! (239)
Rich Flesh e/s - lower lashline (219)
Showstopper e/s - outer lower lashline (219)
Rose Blanc e/s - inner corners (213) and highlight (227)
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Point Black Liquidlast Liner - upper lashline
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

3N Lipstick

The Tutorial

As I mentioned in the comments in my last post, I recorded another tutorial on Monday. I did my "fairy eyes" from the comment response video I did a while back, you know about Ebay brushes and such. Technically, they aren't fairy eyes, but that's what I'm reminded of. So I just need to edit it. That may take a few days so be patient :)

In other news, I'm going to pledge for some business fraternities. Some of my colleagues from my leadership program suggested I join their sororities, but I really don't think I have the time or energy to put into the politics and drama of sororities, though I'm positive they are amazing and fun places to be. I mean, I'm in my last semester as a junior, so I feel like I've missed the boat to create and maintain lasting relationships in a social greek organization. I feel that joining and being involved in a business frat will not only look good on a resume, but broaden my network of professsionals. In the long run, I do think it will benefit me. Also, the pledge process, from what I hear, is geared more towards introducing the pledge to the activites a brother would be involved in, and also it will increase my abilities in teamwork, conflict management, goal setting, fundraising, etc. So I'm pretty excited. It means I'm going to have to manage my time better, work, school, and pledging (and my blog + videos of course). I am pretty sure I will pledge for Delta Sigma Pi, and perhaps I'll pledge for Beta Alpha Psi. I'm not sure if I'm going to be overloading on the pledge process with two frats.... we'll see. In any case, I'm excited.

While I love dating and whatnot, I find more satisfaction from artistic and academic achievements (maybe because I haven't found someone worth my time yet? that sounds mean I know, but true....). I'm starting up on playing the piano again, it makes me really happy :) and of course doing makeup makes me happy. I'm currently working with a good friend of mine on her makeup for her wedding, so we are figuring out a bunch of different looks to do. Its exciting :)

So life seems to be going well for me. I feel like I'm getting back on track. Also, this morning at 7:30 I went to a stress management lecture, and I felt great afterwards. Stress management is something I need to work on for sure. But I got a lot out of my lecture :)

Ok, I'm going to go back to studying. I hope y'all are having a great day!



  1. Im loving your hair, the curls really accentuate the colour and this look is really good for daily wear coolness.btw i linked you :).

  2. your hair looks super cute in the video! and i always used my antique gold glitter with browns. i never thought of this! thanks~

  3. What made you decide that business was the direction for you? What about finance as a major?

    I completely agree that joining a business frat would look good on a resume. :)

  4. Hey Stephie!
    Go for Beta Alpha Psi! I'm only saying that because my roomie was in that frat. LOL. Is Delta Sigma Pi the accounting frat?

    I like the new hair color, but I think the darker color brings out your features, especially your eyes. At first, I thought your hair was a lot lighter, but after seeing your tut, it looks nice. I think your hair looks darker in the tutorial than in your pix.

    Good Luck Pledging!

  5. I miss that previous face! Miss you sis, glad to see you back in action and doing what you love. Enjoying life! You will find someone who is deserving of you!

    I was in a business frat (co-ed) actually Fei and are in the same frat just different chapters...Alpha Kappa Psi!

  6. never knew that by joining a business frat will look on resumes, maybe i should consider joining one

    anyway, love all ur videos!! hope you are doing well in all of ur classes =)

  7. bliss: thanks for linking me :) i'll definitely be checking out your blog and be sure to expect me to return the favor :)

    linda: thanks girl!

    anonymous: i chose business, i'm an accounting major, because the moneys good. well that was my main reason, but i also am interested in organizations and being part of a team. also, accounting isn't that exciting, but i'm looking into the auditing side of it. i think i would like the traveling as well as the work. i like to deal with numbers and processes so i chose accounting. of course i will pursue makeup artistry on the side, but accounting is my bread winner until i hit it off big in the fashion industry ;) since i can't be a model, might as well make the model pretty you know!

    Krystle: thanks! beta alpha psi is the accounting frat :) delta sigma pi is the business professional frat... i don't know too much of either at the moment, but i guess that's what pledging is all about :)

    ate: i hope i do find someone soon. someone that i deserve as well you know :) but yeah, there's more to life than that, so i'm trying to keep my mind on other things. alpha kappa psi? hmm... i'll look into that one. it would be awesome to have 3 abbers who are brothers :)

    missysnowee: yeah, its good for resumes as well as building your professional networking skills... i'm really interested in it.

  8. your nails last a long time! I see youre using proactiv, >;). how's it working out for you? it did not work on me whatsoever.. so i had to go to the extremes and use acutane.

  9. chloe: i used to use proactive about 4-5 months ago. i found that it didn't really do anything for me because i didn't have any acne and very seldomly broke out. those are just leftovers from when i cancelled my items. it was pretty nice but i don't like how the scrub was so harsh and i'd use it morning and night... too harsh for my skin.

    i know! the nails lasted so long! i got the solar nails so i guess they are supposed to stay longer. i'm going to get them done again soon once i find a salon with leopard print tips *crosses fingers* lol :)

  10. omgg u have no idea how much i ADORE ur videos =) theyree awesome<33 can u try some videos without music and u talking instead though? keep posting pleaseeee; thank you!!

  11. I totally love this look ! I have the Accentuate/Sculpt Duo also and omg it's amazing! I also have 3N and its my current fav. lipstick ! I went to the mac store today and I wanted 1N but it was toooooo sheer! =[ anyways I pick up a creme blush in blossoming ! greattttttt blush kekeke =]

    I LOVE the new color now! haha I'm attach to it after seeing it more and especially in the vid, it is gorgeous ! If you're going to redye I think you should do the top of your hair so it matches your bottom part! =]

    Good luck on the pledges! =]

  12. Hey sweetie. Glad to see you back and hearing that things are going good. You were missed! Love the look. Nice and natural yet sexy. Take care missy. Have a great week!

  13. Princess*Sparkle (london)January 30, 2008 at 2:30 AM

    one of my FAV looks to date! esp teamed wit the neutral pink lips- gorgeous. thanks for doin it (not sure if it was my NYE tuturial suggestion you took up but... lol) one of MAC's BRIDAL LOOKS pleeease!! xxx

  14. hello! i think your hair looks great curled =)

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  16. I missed your tutorials! Your hair looks really pretty when curled. I think you've convinced me to get the 138 :P LOL!

    I say go for Beta Alpha Psi if you are an accounting major. I was in BAP and let me tell you... BEST resources ever! You will get a job before you even graduate! I don't think I would have gotten a job as easily as I did if I hadn't been involved with BAP.

    All of the Big 4 firms hold leadership conferences during the summer. Attending one will get your foot in the door at a firm, which could easily lead to an internship that pays super well (I made about 15k from Jan-April) and provides a lot of insight into what you'll be doing on a day-to-day basis. If the internship goes well, you are basically secured a job! HTH!

  17. yay more tuts! keep up the great work! Keep em coming, the rest of us need help! :)

    not sure if a business sorority would do anything on your resume. Honestly speaking unless the hiring manager is from your organization I doubt they would think anything else about it. Its just filler like when recent grads put their gpa on their resume. But hey you should do what you want, and enjoy!

  18. Very pretty! You are very talented with eye makeup. I look all your looks. I was just wondering what kind of eyelash curler do you use? Thanks!

  19. Hi Stephie,
    It's me again. Your tut is great! Very helpful.
    In my last comment I asked you about pics of your collection.
    I'll be graceful if you make pics. Please.

  20. Hey Stephie!

    Sorry about posting again, but Anne has a good point about getting an internship this summer. I totally forgot that you were a junior. Anyways now is the time to look for internships, especially with the Big 4 (and since you also have ur eye on EY). My bf looked for internships during the spring of our Junior year and he landed one with the Big 4. He also did well and got a job offer at the end of the summer. Which meant that he cruized throughout senior year with the only worry about graduating. He didn't have to stress about looking for a job like the rest of us (I was very, very jealous). Like what everyone else said, as an intern you really don't do the stereotypical intern work, so its really good to see if you like it or not. My bf even said some people switched from audit to tax (or vice versa) because of the experience.
    Also, my friend who graduated with honors and was in a business frat didn't do an internship over the summer because she studying abroad during the spring and didn't have a chance to interview had trouble securing an interview with the big 4. So yea definitely do an internship. Plus they pay well, which means you can spend a tad bit more on MAC! lol.
    Hope that helps you out a bit. Just returning the favor since you are so sweet in doing all of these tutorials and looks. =)

  21. Good luck on going greek! Business frats are not void of the same kind of drama that social sororities have, but you are exposed to more business related matters and of course you're surrounded with like-minded people. I've never heard of BAP, but I know of DSP. AKPsi should be the oldest business frat... As for the GPA requirement, I know that each chapter has different sets of bylaws in addition to the national ones, so the politics of each chapter may vary. Whatever you choose will be a good filler for your resume for sure. Plus, you'll have a lot to talk about in interviews. It's always fun whenever you coincidentally bump into a brother from another school. Really gets those networking juices flowing since you've already got something in common.

    And you shouldn't be able to pledge for two at once. Once you're in, you're sort of in for life. You're not allowed to join another business frat once you cross over. Kind of a loyalty thing I guess.

  22. wow.. just tried shiseido lasting lift mascara.. it really good with shu uemura eyelash curlers and a base. awesome, define lashes and hold s curls all day.

    thanks for the recommended product!!

  23. Stephie the hair dye is making you go bald!

  24. hey girly,
    first i gotta say i LOVE your site.. i go on it all the time.. lol.. but i just cant help myself.. your skills and personality is just great!! keep up the good work!! i just started my blog.. nothing there now but hopefully soon!!

  25. i think ur new hair color makes ur lips less sticking out :p

  26. ah please dont tell me you curl your hair all the time now, thats so much damage. unless you use some sort of strong heat protectant, remember you have dyed hair. :) i like the color more on the like shaft(not roots) of your hair color. itd be a perfect al over color. a good way to decide is to jot down some ideas you thought were good(hair colors) and then do process of elimination, know your color options.

  27. great look. you do your liner really well on your uppper lashline.

  28. You're so beautiful!
    i love watching your tutorials and vids~ they're really helpful. ^^
    LOVE your new hair color!!

  29. I love your new haircolor and makeup! And good luck with pledging. I have friends that are in Alpha Kappa Psi (the University of Houston chapter), but I think that's a Marketing fraternity. Either way, good luck again and have fun!

    I'll be posting makeup looks on my blog soon so check them out and critique if you'd like. I'm still learning!

  30. hey stephie, i love your new hair colour i think it suits you more with the curls. love the MSF in Light Flush i've seen the swatches for it although N Collection is not out in London yet, can't wait to get it :-D looking forward to the fairy eyes tut as it's gonna be amazing as all of your tutorials are!

  31. Hey Stephie!!! I missed you!!! Haven't seen you over on ABB for the longest time! And I must say I love your new hair! =D It inspires me to go dye my hair light again. ^_^ Hope you're doing well! =)
    - Jenn

  32. Hi Stephie!!
    I wanted to say that i always read your blog. It's really fun and cool! You are really amazing with make up!
    About your hair, the new color is ok. It's not ugly, but it is also not really pretty. I think that darker hair suits you the best, because then your face pops! Good luck with school! I had stress management lecture too last week and it's really interesting! ;) Well keep up the good work! I'll be waiting for your next post =)

  33. Hi Stephie
    I've always enjoyed your tutorials and blog and i wanna say that this entry is really good :] i guess that i've been bumming over not having a bf and not just settling for any piece of shit and it gets frustrating but I think it's really good how you've made yourself better from your breakup and are focusing on academics. good luck girl!
    -Renee :b

  34. You're so pretty. Love ur tutorials.
    I'm following


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