Happy Belated Everything!

Howdy everyone!

I'm sorry for not updating, and I need to apologize in advance right now because this entry isn't going to be makeup related or picture heavy. Oh and I probably will make a bunch of grammatical errors, but I just wanna vent and talk straight...

Here's the deal, I understand the frustration from some of y'all about me not updating. I used to get that way with other blogs that I read, but after going through what I'm going through, I understand some people's lack of updating. Life right now is busy, and while I do have some down time, I usually am exhausted or lack inspiration to update. I do check on the comments, just to see what's going on, but can some of you guys just cut me a little slack? It's not like I'm purposely blowing y'all off, I just need a breather. I need time to LIVE life.

I'm sure y'all wonder what I'm doing. From the last entry I posted and deleted, some know that I ended things with my boyfriend of two years. That was the longest relationship that I had been in, and the most serious considering that I started to date him when I was 17 and I'm 19 now. This is the FIRST time in my life where I have had the chance to go out and actually be single. I can actually go to clubs, on dates, or chill with my friends without someone badgering me about it 24/7. If anyone out there knows how that feels, how freeing it feels, HOLLER!

Like some know, I was dating a new guy, nothing serious. I haven't heard from him in a few days, and while it bums me out, I think its okay. I haven't been single, independent, in forever. When I was 17, I didn't even have a drivers license and my parents were really strict. Compound that with a controlling boyfriend and that gives you NO life, no experiences to learn from. So now I have the chance to go out, have fun, make mistakes and learn from them.

I finally went to a club a week or so ago. I had been to one with my ex and a couple of his friends on my 18th bday, but we ended up standing there, doing nothing. I didn't know how to dance, and he didn't either. But I went out with the girls, got my groove on, and had a blast! Pictures to come later...

Then I've been dating the beast, and we had a lot of fun with his friends. New Years Eve was a blast, and though I didn't spend it with the beast, I had fun. Pictures will come later as well. I've actually been able to let loose, and I'm learning how much is too much and how much is too little for me.

One more thing I think I need to address, for those who I added on myspace, don't think you can just go on there and insult me because I won't take name calling from anyone. Listen up, New Years Eve is a night to have FUN, and just because I was having fun and joking around doesn't make me a slut. I really don't care much for name calling, but seriously, if you are some kid 15 year old who hasn't lived life whatsoever, don't be calling me a slut (I have nothing against my younger readers, just this one kid who decided to judge me). People like that make me want to delete my blog!!! Argh!!! Ok enough of my frustration...

So that's what I've been doing, just having fun. I really am fine, and I appreciate all the well wishes and support from y'all. I do miss writing on here, and I'm sorry if I've been missing. To some degree, I kind of feel like I'm losing myself, but I'm guessing its a phase that I hope I'll get over. This breakup hasn't been easy for me, in that I lost a big part of my life simply because I didn't feel any love for him anymore... it makes me think that I won't ever find true love, no matter how idealistic that idea it. I think my dreams are totally unrealistic, and it's hard to get over them since they drove me for so long when I was young... but hey we all go through it I think. And I've had a great support system with my friends, family, and y'all. So thank you all! I will try to get back to y'all soon. With pics and whatnot... I haven't even been wearing my makeup recently, just my liner and mascara because you know how important I think eyes are hehehe... Ok I changed my mind, I will end up posting a pic or two... Here it is!

Here's my FOTD from Dec 30th, my dad's and sister's birthdays. You see, I did keep y'all in mind, otherwise I wouldn't have taken the pics... I just planned on posting them later lol... I don't remember all the items I used, but I'll take a shot at the eyes.

UDPP - base
MAC Bio Green e/s (Pro color) - all over lid (239) .... this is a gorgeous color! I did a pro store haul as well, I'll have to take a pic.
MAC Humid e/s - outer v and crease (217)
MAC Beige-ing Shadestick - base for lower lashline
MAC Newly Minted e/s - lower lashline (219)
MAC Engraved Powerpoint Pencil - upper lashline and waterline ... I was lazy to use another liner on my waterline.
Shiseido Mascara Base & Lifting Mascara
MAC Ricepaper e/s (I think) - highlight (227)

Before I got dressed up and did the hair....

Curled the hair...

My New Years Eve FOTD:

Armani LSF & Powder (Armani Blender Brush)
MAC Emote Blush - contour (168)
MAC Lilicent Cream Blush - apples (136) .... did a haul or two, will post later...

MAC Reflects Antique Gold (from Originals collection) mixed with MAC Gel Mixing Medium - All over lid (242) .... it was really hard to work with!
MAC Fertile e/s (I think) - crease (217)
MAC Shroom e/s - highlight (227)
MAC Engraved Powerpoint Pencil - upper lashline
MAC Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base & Lifting Mascara

MAC Hyper Chic (from Stylistics)

My good friend Alan & I... Do I seriously look like a slut in this picture, since that kid thought I did? Obviously if y'all think I'm loose like that, you don't know me. NYE is a time to have fun, and I don't regret anything since I didn't do anything to regret!

Alright, I need some dating advice... damn this dating business is so annoying! The last time I went out with the beast which was Thursday I think, he told me he'd call me... and he hasn't. I prolly should forget about him, huh? I mean he didn't even call or text to say happy new years :( I think I should just enjoy being single for a while, I think deep down I was hoping for something more, but he told me a few weeks back that he didn't want a girlfriend because he has other priorities at the moment..... I should forget him huh? Note: I've been on 5 dates with him I think....

Oh well. My New Years Resolution, besides not spending so much on MAC!, is to stop taking life so seriously. To enjoy life instead of overanalyzing every situation. It's something I think I need to fix, and I plan to do that for the New Year!

Happy Belated New Years everyone! I hope this update suffices for a little, but I hope to come back to y'all in full force again. Thank you for the support!


  1. Happy new years!

    NO u'r not a slut!
    N i will also add look gorgeous in the picture with your friend Alan.

    You only went on one date right?
    Don't worry you just gotta see him more often. He's prob busy with the his new year celebrations.

    He'll prob call u soon.

  2. granted, i don't know you that well and only recently started reading your blog, but you seem like a cool chick and honestly? you shouldn't have to put up with all that b.s. and trash talk that people may be saying about you. they don't know any better, and have a lot more growing up to do - you're better than that. moderate your comments if you have to, to screen out any disrespectful comments, but don't let it discourage you from writing/posting.

    also - your pics look great! i wish i had the skills you have to create such gorgeous E/FOTDs.

  3. thanks for updating stephie! im the same age as that stupid immature that called you a slut. you are so NOT a slut and that picture is totally normal..smth wrong with that kids eyes. even though im pretty young im pretty mature for my age.

    anyways i lovelovelove your blog even when its not about makeup because my personality is a lot like yours & i think a lot like you..aka too much! lol!

    sorry my comment is so looong but anyways keep updating and just ignore that little idiot!

    =) happy new years too!

  4. "stop taking life so seriously" is a good new year resolution for you. You're an adorable and seemingly sweet girl, but does it ever occur to you that just may be your ex and the person you are currently dating is reading your blog? Certain things should be kept private. And why care about that 15-yr-old kid? He doesn't know you. You're going to get extremely frustrated and hurt if you let people get to you like that. This is the online world. You're lucky - you haven't yet have a stalker. Good luck. Stay sweet.

  5. thanks y'all. i'm not writing the entry to broadcast my problems, because yeah they are personal and i haven't even said half of what's going on. as far as the boys looking at my blog... i doubt it. well maybe the ex because he got stalkerish after the breakup but i think i scared him off.

    the only reason i got all uppity and bitchy in this post is because a lot of people were asking why i didn't update, and after a few nudges (see comments in the last entry) i decided to, but i was venting, so i didn't proofread what i wrote. maybe tomorrow when i'm in a nicer mood i'll fix it, but i'm just trying to talk to y'all straight without sugar coating anything. it's tiring being nice all the time and if i'm prodded to much, my frustration can lead to bitchiness so i'm sorry.

    but yeah i like to think i'm a pretty nice person, just sometimes i can get mean, just like any other human being....

  6. private reader: and you're right, i am frustrated with all the mean comments, and i need to grow a thicker skin, i've known that since i started writing on asianbeautyblog.com... i'm adding that to the new years resolutions!

  7. Hi Steph! So I commented a couple weeks ago without having a blog and now I have one...lol. I gave in! =) Happy New Year to you! Enjoy being single..Enjoy life! I can feel where you are coming from in regards to being young and in a serious relationship. I was with my ex for 6 years (I was 15 when we got together and broke things off when I was 21). Since then, I was able to go out with friends and have fun being young, single, and just being me! Now I am in a relationship with a great guy. Things change and some relationships aren't meant to be...It's all about growing up and becoming your own person without depending on others. So with that said..NO you don't look like slut in your pic with your friend...You look pretty as always and I the top is waaay cute! Loved the green FOTD...Keep doing what you do!=D

  8. Whatever you do - remember to take care of yourself. Let all the negativity slide off you. You look tired in your pix. Even your pix of your eyes - your eyes seems sad. And don't stop believing in love. Yeah - I know it sounds cheesy - just be realistic - that's all. Night.

  9. ur new yrs eye makeup looks amazing, when i try to blend colors my eyes look bruised

  10. you look great! i know how you feel about the over-controlling boyfriend situation. i'm currently like that now, and the one week he was away, and i was able to hang out with my friends without having to consult someone, FELT GREAT!

    as for not taking life so seriously, i agree on you with that. one of my realyl good friends gave me a slap in my face when i turned 21 last year about how serious i was with life, and that i needed to enjoy myself more. now that i try to since its my senior year in college, (i'm an accounting major too!) my boyfriend is giving me lots of grief about it, saying that its not me and blah blah blah about how i have changed, but all i want is just to BREATHE a bit.

    well anywho, you're still young. and beautiful! so you have time to find love. but you should definately do what you like to do. and worry about yourself first before anyone else.

    take care! happy new year! :)

  11. You are definitely NOT a slut..

    I love reading up entries.. :)
    Keep it up..

  12. 1) LOL to the comments in your last entry. Seems most people have forgotten that this is a MAKEUP blog, and not a life blog. Whoever "angry reader" is needs a life, seriously. OMG 15 DAYS, TWO WEEKS AND A DAY! lol.

    2) I don't think any of this has to do with thicker skin. It has to do with which parts of your private life you choose to reveal. When you write personal entries such as breaking up with a boyfriend or dating a new guy, you're going to get comments. Some will be supporting comments, but there will be some that will be negative. When you write about personal things in your life, or accept strangers' requests to be friends on Myspace, you're revealing parts of your life that might be better off kept between your friends. Myspace is especially interesting because whether you know it or not, there are ways to view private profiles and the pictures...and some of the pictures on your myspace are better off shared between friends, quite honestly.

    I enjoy reading your makeup blog, but in the future, think twice about what you post, or be prepared for comments. I hate to see you getting attacked for random things in your life that are personal. Just some constructive advice - I hope it didn't come across as rude, and if it did, I apologize.

  13. Hi Steph!
    Like stephanie, I commented you before without a blog, and now here I am caving in heheh. On a more serious note, I remember feeling the way you do about the ex boyfriend after we broke up. Even though I didn't love him anymore (and I knew I was never really IN love, but I loved him), it was still really hard because I felt a void in my life where he had been my best friend for 2-2 1/2 years. Coincidentally, (after we were already broken up) I met this guy who really wanted to hang out with me, "talk to me" etc, only to have him not call one day? LOL. It wasn't anything serious neither, I think I just liked the fact that I could get the tinglies for someone, lol, had almost forgotten how it felt. Anyways, enough of the lengthy ramble! I just wanted to let you know I know how you feel babe =)
    Also, I loveee all kinds of greens and blues on you--You look gorgeous! Even though I really want to try it out, I'm still working up my courage since I'm so used to browns/greys =X

  14. Hi Stephie! Happy New Year! You shouldn't feel pressured to update your blog if you don't want to, it really is your blog, not a job!
    You are a very beautiful girl, so I don't have any doubt on how much fun you're going to have in the dating scene. Like you said, go out, enjoy, and don't take life so seriously. It's a great thing that you feel this way at a young age.
    I was in a string of relationships, with one being for five full years (high school to part of college), and dated a few other guys. I was single for the first time in 7 years during my senior year in college. I learned so much about myself, but above all, I learned to value and love myself (I know it sounds kinda weird and corny, but perhaps you'll understand).
    Anyway, thank you for updating. It's a privilege for us to read your blogs, not a right. ;) Go out and live life.

  15. Stephie,
    Sorry to hear that you've been through so much. But I'm glad you seem to be taking things in stride! I love the two looks! Especially the purple look for NYE! I tried purple+pink for NYE and it turned out kinda brown lookin' somehow... Anyway, keep up the creativity and good work!

  16. Oh and one more (I know it's already lengthy as it is =X), NO, it is not slutty. I have a lot of guy friends who are just that...friends! They are like brothers to me, so yes, we hug, and even though I've heard those "she's slutty" comments, it doesn't bother me because they just don't know. Stay strong girl! You know what you did and didn't do, so don't let the online community get to you =)

  17. Re-reading my comment makes me realize that it does sound more like criticism rather than constructive criticism. I definitely do not want it to come across that way!

    Just be careful. :) You're a beautiful and talented girl, and it's sad (and annoying) to see you getting attacked for non-makeup related personal things, since this blog is, after all, focused on makeup. You shouldn't have to defend yourself on anything that you do, so I guess just be cautious about what you post about, or add on myspace. :)

  18. Hey there girl. I recently stumbled on to one of your makeup vids and i've been addicted since! I know how you feel being sheltered and never have gone clubbing or any of that. I'm the exact same everything! But you'll love the freedom and you're so cute! Keep it up sweetie.

  19. stephanie: hey girl! i'm checking out your blog right now :) i'm glad someone else understands, i mean damn 5 years, especially five of your growing years... i'm glad to hear that life goes on afterwards. it's hard to think of right now, but i'm sure i'll get over it soon enough. thanks for the support and advice!

    private reader: thank you... i haven't felt like myself for a few weeks, and i didn't realize it was noticeable.

    anonymous: thanks! it was really hard to work with the mixing medium and glitter, the glitter kept trying to clump on me!

    caroline: yay for another accounting major! thank you for the advice girl... y'all are making me feel better.

    anonymous: haha thanks. i know i'm not, i just wasn't sure if that's how people perceive me. it's one thing to think of myself one way and find out people think another way, but i think the kid just had a "shock" to see me having fun.

    ja: i took it as cc, so don't worry. i appreciate the honesty and the fact that it was constructive, not rude and degrading. i do agree with you, i need to be careful with what i post, and not let my emotions overcome me. i've decided to delete a lot of people on myspace, it's true, some things are meant for just friends.... i didn't realize they could look at profiles that are on private! anywho, i used to not add anyone i didn't know but since i started this blog, i did... oh and just to clarify, i'm not sure that my blog is a makeup blog... lol when i started it i kind of just wanted it to be a whatever comes to mind kind of blog, although makeup takes up quite a lot of it hahaha... thank you for the advice though, you having nothing to apologize for!

    neverlosefaith: girl i love long comments hahaha... but seriously, i feel the same. i think with my ex, i loved him but wasn't IN love... guys can be such a mystery. you think they are into you and they do a complete 360.. oh well! and yeah i just wasn't sure if that really is how i present myself. sometime you think you act fine but others see something else... but i see now that the person was just being rude and dumb... or just lacked critical analysis skills. i'm checking your blog as well hehehe :)

    leelee: you don't sound corny at all. i've noticed that i need to start valuing myself more and be more independent, i do feel like i'm learning more of myself, although i feel lost a bit... but it's just something i need to work through. thanks for the support.

    barbie: that sounds really cute, purple and pink! i hate when the colors get muddy as well, it does that to me too!

    anyways, thanks everyone. i don't mean to write this entry as a bid for pity, sometimes i just need to vent, so don't be surprised if parts of the entry are deleted tomorrow after work! lol good night y'all!

  20. hey i just want to say that you def NOT a slut!....face it that girl is 15 and probably doesnt even know what a slut is. lol
    and happy new year, im so glad you posted i missed your blog because i love how you do your makeup!

    annd i just had a question, i always notice that you never use MAC foundation, i just wanted to know why because ive been thinking of getting it but i wont if you say that you dont use it because it sucks! lol

  21. People are stupid sis, they are losers who have no life, hating on someone they have never met. You going out and having fun doesn't make you a slut or anything less...you are a wonderful, strong-minded person and all you need to do is to keep telling yourself that! Have fun and enjoy life! You are young and life IS a party!

  22. Beautiful looks as always! I've always been a follower of your blog, and have recently just started mine. I hope you'll take a look when you get a chance,

    Anyway, I think everyone's pretty much covered everything there is to say, but just remember that sometimes the things that we want the most/expect to find comes along when we least expect it. :)

  23. It's good to know that you've been doing well and having fun. As you know I'm a huge fan and I wish you all the best =D

    Don't let the negative people get to you. You can't please everyone. You're such a sweet girl...I don't even know how anyone could say such mean things to you.

    I love your look for NYE...very ethereal.

  24. hey stephie!
    yay im soo glad you're back! ive been checking back almost every day for a new entry, but dont worry, im not a stalker! ive just been bored & missing your cool tutorials and FOTDs haha. anyway, i just wanted to tell u that i love the way ur green FOTD came out & that u dont look like a slut AT ALL in that picture! i think u look cute (and maybe a little drunk?)lol. keep up the great blogging, i love to read what you write & i hope u come back in full force again soon! :)

  25. I went through a break up similar to yours a couple of years ago. It was really hard for me, but it was honestly the best decision of my life. One of the major things that got me back into the game was the book "It's called a breakup because it's broken," sounds lame but I promise you... it will help so much! There is so many people in the sea, if one guy seems to be faulting, move on. My motto was to find a guy thats into me as much as Im into him.... took more than half a year but I found an amazing person. Im sure with time you will too.

    P.S. No you don't look slutty, looks like your having fun and living it up. Don't let anyone bring you down! -Alltheglitters

  26. we missed you!!!

    happy new year!!

  27. hey stephie:) I'm happy to know nothing serious happened to you. Happy Belated Everything to you too. Enjoy being single, it feels good living life for yourself and pleasing yourself. As for the beast, let him make the move...don't text him or call him. If nothing happens, then nothing happens. I can understand how nerve racking it can be to be dating since it has been so long for you. I went on my first date last year (2007) and I'm 21. I damn near cried! lol just enjoy life and don't look for a relationship. It'll come to you when you least expect it.

  28. stephie,
    a little down time is good for everyone. sometimes u just need to get away (even from makeup lol) to take care of yourself, be with the girls, and DO YO THANG. lol. i went MIA too, i needed a little down time as well after a breakup. one time, i indulged in a gigantic haul, and told myself that it was okay bc it was a present to myself hehe.

    the most important thing is your hapiness.

    there's nothing wrong w/ having fun, booty shakin, and dating. i know that you'll be doing all that tastefully (dont pay attention to the haters). :)

    im 21, going on 22...getting ready to graduate. im not ready to date, but love going out! we're all so young...this is the time in our lives where we need to be experiencing and living.

    the things that u may be feeling right now, and going through...are the stepping stones into learning something even greater. there's a reason for everything, and in the end, you'll have learned a great deal about urself and ur life. this is the time to try the things u havent, meet new people, go to new places, and most of all...be who u are.

    good luck with everything :)

  29. I loved everything about your new years look, girl! Seriously, that kid from myspace needs a life. I hate when people whom you've never met before feel like they have the right to judge you based on PICTURES and whatnot. (Btw, that picture is no way near scandalous -_-) Anyways, I love your blog and ignore all the haters!

  30. Awww hon, you're looking lovely as always! I think you're doing what you should be doing: being a young lady and having some fun. Enjoy yourself. Really, you're young and you're meant to go out with your loved ones and have a good time. Just be careful and keep safe! Don't worry so much about what other people say. If you're living your life to the fullest, making yourself happy, and you're not intentionally causing harm to others, then it's all good. Don't apologize, don't regret, don't take back your words. You have a right to express yourself, that's the whole point of the blog. Disclose what you feel comfortable with, and leave it at that. If people have problems with it, then they'll stop reading. :)

    Here's to a fresh new start! Heppy New Year!!!

  31. You look lovely on NYE stephie! :)

    Missed you btw! I hope everything is much better now.. Trust me, I've been through pretty much the same things with you. It's tough But eh, that's life for you. :)

    Ps. Cosmo Martini's a Peach Bellini's for your girls night out ;) Super fun! :D

    Wishing you a happy 2008 :)

    Love, Lyn!!

  32. Hey Stephie!

    Don't worry about updating your blog as someone else said it's your blog not your life :-)

    We all love you-best wishes for 2008 xxxx

  33. Hun, you're gorgeous and whoever's calling you names are crazy. You're young, nineteen; you're basically in the start of your prime so go out, have some fun with the girls and look hot doing it!

    I know how it can be to be in a serious relationship at such a young age and then going from someone constantly there to being free is a feeling that will take some getting used to, but you'll get through it. My advice is stay single for a while and just appreciate the extra time with your girlfriends tearing up the dance floor at the club.

    As for the boy, don't completely forget about him, just don't let your mind dwell on only him. Live your life freely while you can.

    Happy New Year!!

  34. Regarding the comments from your previous entry, I think some people should just relax. Yes, as a reader, I was getting worried about you but I just thought, 'Maybe Steph got over blogging. Or maybe she's really busy.'

    Enjoy life, Stephie. This blog shouldn't be on the top of your priorities!

    Don't worry about the little things ! Have as much fun as possible. If the guys don't call, move on cos there are more guys out there :p

    Sorry if this is a personal question but umm who's the beast? I'm a pretty new reader to your blog so I'm not sure if you've mentioned him before, lol.

    I'm not that much older than the immature kid who called you slut. I've come to realise that kids these days (and some mature 'adults too) like to call people "sluts", "hos" etc without really knowing what the words mean or without knowing the person they're bagging out. I understand how things like name-calling can frustrate you and it's hard to NOT let it affect you. Over time, you will be able to grow a thick skin and when you look back, you'll just laugh! :D

    Yay for changing your mind about posting your EOTDs! I love both looks. The NYE is very GLAM!

    Hehe, that picture of you and Alan is cute but you DO NOT look like a slut. That 15 year old needs to get out and learn more about life before calling someone they don't even know personally a slut!

    It's a given that females tend to overanalyze everything. Sometimes, I would lie in bed analyzing what I did during the day and what I should've done/said. :(

    Love, Julie xx

    PS: Sorry for the long ass comment! LOL

  35. omg whoever is saying u look like a slut in that pic is TRIPPIN. you do not look like one dont worry about it babe :]

    and jeez people can be demanding. but it means that we looooooooovvvvvvvvvveeee you! lol <33

    i hope you're feeling better..!

  36. hey stephie, happy new year's love!

    well, im sorry to hear you're going through some hard times. just know that we're all here for you girl! rest assured because you are going to make it through! = ]

  37. you don't look like a slut in that picture.

  38. You are veeeery pretty, and NOT a slut! Im 18 havent been single since i was 14.. I know the feeling. Kepp living!

  39. aww, i missed your post. !! so happy to hear from you again ^^. fist off im wishing you a belated happy xmas and new years :D and heh ! you had fun so its a good thing. now i remember the saying in the movie i just saw nammed ALFIE and he said its a bad thing to break up within the period of thanksgiving to newyears because you love to have somebody around you at those festive moments and so on so really ! take your time and go out and have fun. i for one totally understand what you are going though. I broke up with my boyfriend of a year and 7 months in summer and had like a ... sort of weird breakup since i dint know if id want to be back with him cauz i felt lost !! and i totally understand the protective parents and bf thingy hehe im viet so my best advice is to go with the flow :) i mean !!! me too i still have the feeling like ill never be in love again, but look out girl your only 19 !!! and you have all your life to fall in love and find your partner. so thats what im saying to myself all the time :) just go with the flow ;)

    the second thing is the beast haha, me too i started dating this guy he was the complete oposite of my bf, he was understandable, really open, an party animal and so on. And sometimes i was upset of how he dint call me and so on. But come to think about it i loved it cauz it wasnt like my old bf who like made a fuss when i dint holla him every hour... and i went with the flow and now were a couple :D and i adore him !!

    sooo GOOD LUCK ! i hope youll have the best ^^


    a fan in canada <3

  40. Aww Steph, I support. Don't let any of that negativity get to you. It's your life and not theres. They are probably jealous b/c you have an interesting life, while they do not. haha I do understand that once you get a boyfriend, especially when you're in a committed relationship for a long time (in yrs) you do feel like you're losing apart of yourself, and that your life revolve around the bf. I'm going through it right now.

    I hope you enjoy your life to the fullest right now. Being single is fun!!! Trust me, I haven't been single in sooo long.

    Good luck dear.

  41. Hey love. Happy New Years to you.

    I first want to apologize for the email I sent wishing you a Merry Christmas. I mentioned the greetings to include the bf and I feel like a jerk for doing so because I didn't know.

    Nonetheless my dear, I am sad to hear about what happened. It's never easy being in a relationship with restraints but you're a strong girl to have gotten out of something like that. In this experience alone you've definitely toughened up your skin :) Plus girl, life will go on for you. Live it up, have a good time and just let yourself be free.

    My first real relationship was over 5 years (started dating @ 15). When that ended, I had no idea who I was because that was a huge chunk of my life that I never spent alone. In the days after, I discovered who I was and also was able to do AND ENJOY things that was normally frowned upon during my relationship. But I don't ever regret that time in my life because I believe it made me a better person. And I know for you, you'll look back at this and know the same :)

    And although it's always nice to know what's going on with ya, people need to understand AND RESPECT that you are a person with a life behind this blog. That is just plain rude that people don't respect that. I say take ALL THE TIME you need. If you post, you post. If not, then that's cool to.

    Ok sista. I've definitely rambled on here. But glad to know you're doing well. Live it up and have a fantastic time. People will always talk but you're the one that gets to enjoy the experience, not them :) Happy New Years again love!! And as always, you're looking gorgeous.


  42. hey (: i've read your blog a few times since i've been recently trying to figure out make up your youtube led me here (haha i never knew the internet teaches you how to be girly!)

    with that aside, i don't know what it is that made me read your whole entry but i'm glad i did, it was almost like i was meant to read it. yeah, it sounds dumb. but it reminded me of how i felt after my ex and i broke up. we were basically going out for 3 years and he decided to "break up" with me senior year by cheating on me with a sophomore. nice huh? at that point i had a really hard time adjusting with everything. and like you said i felt like i sort of lost myself. senior year was supposed to be all about fun, it was supposed to be the best part of high school. and looking back on it, it was still the best part of high school for me. not in the conventional way, but because i really did a lot of growing and learning. it's easy to feel lost after having something/someone there for so long, it becomes routine. but just keep taking things DAY BY DAY and just let go, be free. after i got over the break up (trust me it took a really long time) i wanted to try to date other people since i've never really dated before. and it was frustrating because i too am an over analyzer. but you just gotta learn to roll with the punches and if it's meant to be it's meant to be. i at one point really believed that i would never go out with someone again and that i was incapable of a relationship, but really, the best healer of things is time. (and going out a lot & keeping busy!)
    so go ahead, cry your eyes out, you're allowed to! just make sure that it doesn't consume you. and it already looks like you're having lots of fun so just keep it up!

    good luck with everything & i'm sorry this is such a long comment haha


  43. No, you don't look like a slut. Who cares what others think as long as you know who you are and you're living life the way you want it. Amen to getting rid of controlling boyfriends!!! I know the feeling. It really is liberating and at the age you are now, being single is the best thing. There's so much fun to be had that you won't be able to enjoy years from now, so get your freak on. :p Come back to L.A.! We should get a bunch of girls together for a night out and get trashed. LOL.

  44. hey stephie!

    glad to know your ok... firstly i think what you post is totally at your discretion and in no way warrants rude comments from anyone especially people who don't know you! so post what you want!

    remember girl it ain't nothing but a hair flip *flips hair* lol
    so don't let em get u luv!

    happy new year!

  45. and as for the "beast" remember its his loss and not yours! x

  46. hey, I know what you mean! Enjoy single life, hang out! party! go clubbing! Go dancing! ENJOY IT! I went through what you did, new found freedom is awesome and scary but u have nothing to hold you back. No one to nag you, no one to harass you. Live it up! More power to you! If you need to take some time, go ahead, and come back when you're ready.
    So many haters out there, you must make them feel really ugly on the outside and inside if they're being like that.
    Don't pay that guy another thought, you're uber young, you got LOTS of choices. kinda like going to the candy store, you have lots of options now...
    The lavender/purple looks awesome on you as always! And no you don't look like a slut, the first thing anyone says is you're either a slut or fat, how unoriginal...
    holla back when you can babes....

  47. Stephie you are the best, you have done a great job in helping me especially in the wonders of makeup and i understand that u needed some off time whilst there is a lot of stuff going on in your life. You look gorgeous and not even slutty at all.Thanks for all your makeup tips you have been giving :)

    Happy New Year 2008.

  48. Hi, Stephie! U don't have to spent time on those stupid people's words. They're not even known u.

    BTW, I'm big fan of ur make-up tutorial.they a amzing.

    happy new yr~

  49. ok so...i think you have obvious talent and are very cute and very sweet.

    i love the y'all thing.

    also I am a flip just like you!
    filipinos unite!

    anyhoo it may be too soon to tell if you'll get back with him (ur ex)

    or not..but i have to be honest and i hope later you look back and not say i'm an ass...but you are way too cute to be with someone who looks
    like he cant speak english and works at a nail salon.

    for real...he's fugly.
    and if thats not the reason you
    ended it than congratulations coz ur braver than me.


    wish i knew how to put eyeshadow on like you.

    i do not know how to work with my weird eyes!

    really weird eyes...maybe you can help me.


  50. hey stephi!
    im a silent reader of ur blog, i just wanted to say i know wor ur going thru and happy new year!

    take care hun x
    p.s cnt wait for the makeup updates

  51. enjoying life is what you should do Stephie : ).
    Don’t listen to mean people! they choose to say mean things about you out of ignorance or jealousy. Probably both.
    and for that picture you don’t look like a slut at all! They should shove it! that purple top is so cute!

  52. stephie! i love your first makeup look! i wish i could just fly over to texas so u can do my makeup. lol. i'm glad ur finally living up ur lifee! thats funnie bout the club thing with neither of u guys knowing how to dance. hehe. u guys didnt go to homecomin n prom back in high school? i dont mean for that to be offensive, i'm just curious. cuz that's wut me and my friends look forward to the most. hehe. n that turquoise/blue shirt u have really works for you! more natural, pretty makeup please! whenever u have the time of course. cuz we're a busy girl, n that angry reader person. wow. lol. just wow.

  53. new to your blog and just wanted to say I seen some of the comments here and was shocked! What the bloody hell with people demanding entries and tuts?


    Live life don't worry about a buncha people on the internet demanding you post!


  54. hey stephie! i'm glad you're back. you were my inspiration to get into makeup and i was a tad sad when i didn't see you around. but i understand stuff happens.

    well you're looking better than ever! good luck with everything.

  55. happy new year stephie, hope things work out for you. i'll keep checking your blog haha

    p.s. that top you're wearing is reaaally cute

  56. Hi there! I just start seeing your vids and stuff recently, and I loved it so much I added you on myspace.=)
    And wells, to be perfectly honest, I think your really great. I can't say your a model for me, since you seem too perfect and I'm not sure make up is my thing yet, since I don't care about looks that much. But, I must say, as a person I think you are wonderful. As for this blog, I saw you broke up with your guy. I can't imagine what that is like for now, since I have been with my bf for 10 months now and still going stronger. I hope we last forever.[: But, Im happy you found your freedom and is happy, which is all that matters.
    As for your blog...please don't delete it!:[ Everyone have a life, so everyone just should chillax a bit. As for those haters calling you names or whatnow, just know that your a better person and they're just stupid enough not to think straight.

  57. Hey Stephie! I'm so glad you updated cause I was worried about you and I totally feel you about the whole single thing. letting yourself loose is fine as long as you're conscious of what you're doing =] I hope you feel better dear on the breakup. You'll get over it soon enough! Dating is the first step to forgetting teehee* Don't let anyone's words hurt you! OKAY!

    Anyways, on to you're date,"the beast", how cute LOL. Do you have interest in him? Do you see yourself in a relationship with him? If not and you're just dating, don't worry about him. If he doesn't even call you back like he said you would and even doesn't wish you a happen new years something is definitely up! He's not worht your time then. I would say give it a few more days, then maybe text him once and see whats up. If you think his excuses are fishy just forget the beast.

    I wish you the best of luck stephie. Take it easy and do update whenever you want ok! I was reading your comments and I hated how ppl were asking you to update in such a rude tone! jeeze would it kill to ask nicely or show some concern for the least?!

    Take care love! Mwas*<3

  58. I too missed you posts! I'm glad your back and cheers to a new yr

  59. Gorgeous FOTD's, you looked lovely on NYE as well. :D Happy Holidays! And not to bring up Ricebunny and start anything big or anything , but everyone can really learn from her! Like she has sooo many fans yet she still has her head up and is dealing with things bc she likes to blog. Ignore the rude fans bc you have WAAY more supporting fans that care for you and love what you do. So keep doing what your doing you are amazing at it. I am learning so much from you and you've gotten me to not be afraid of makeup or experimenting with it, I used to wear boring colors but now I realized how much I like having colorful eyes. Your tuts are so helpful and inspiring.

    Lol sorry for all that corny-ness but it's the truth. :D Glad to hear from you.

  60. OH YEAH NOT TO BE RUDE BUT IM SOO GLAD THAT YOU TOOK OFF YOUR MUSIC PLAYER, IT GETS IN THE WAY OF ME LISTENING TO YOUR TUTS W/O BEING ANNOYED. :D AGAIN NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE! :( SO PLEASE dont be lol sorry for caps im too lazy to rewrite. I hope you can do a mini tut showing how you did the NYE makeup like on the back of your hand or something it looks like something I'd want to try. Anyways goodluck with everything take careee.


    (i usually hate reading blogs but yours and ricebunnys are by far thee most interesting I've come across.)

  61. Heyy glad to hear your ok & happy new years. I was wondering why do you use different eyeshadows as a highlight for diffrent looks and not just ONE eyeshadow for all? :]

  62. Hey Stephie! Been reading your blog and I must say I love all your makeups and FOTD!

    Hope that 2008 will be a better year for you and move on with life! Take care and hope to see more of your FOTDs soon :)

    Blessed new year!

  63. Hey Steph... Soooo glad ur back... I don't know you like that but I am an avid reader of your blog and watcher (?) of your tuts on youtube... U r so no a slut... LOL... Just glad ur back and glad that all is well... Don't get to hung up on the guy because there will be others... I think if he really wanted to get wit you... he would really man and effort? Not to be negative or anything... But thats my opinion... Love ya girl... Didn't know how u felt about Myspace request but I requested anyway... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  64. Hey Stephie! :)

    Nice to see you back girlie!!
    About the "beast", I'm going through something similar.
    Only, I call him "tough guy" lol.

    If you like him, don't waste any time. Text him or surprise him and call him!

    Guys are funny creatures. I'm guessing he thinks he doesn't have a chance with you or is even afraid to call you.

    I would text him and if he doesn't reply back then let him go. "Whats meant to be will always find its way."

    *hugs & kisses*

  65. for one, don't apologize for having a life, screw these assholes.. It's YOUR blog, you update when YOU want to. Nowhere does it say you'll be updating everyday.. and these STALKERS need to get over it. As for the kid who called you a slut?! Are you serious!? No honey, you aren't even close.. and don't look anything like it in that picture. So brush off the haters and keep living your life. :) Much Love!

  66. wow Stephie, I just read your latest entry and I just have to say that I just went thru the exact/similar thing as you. I just broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years who WAS a controlling boyfriend and couldn't let me really live in the way that I deserve to..so I can feel what you're going thru. And I also feel you when you said that u feel like you won't ever find true love! But looking on the bright side, at least you're still 19.. you're still able to be in that partying phase..you're still young! I'm already 23! People my age aren't partying as much anymore. Not that partying is important but all i'm saying to you Stephie is that you're still young.. you still have alot of time to enjoy life. So cheer up okay? We all learn from relationships and of course breakups are never easy, even if you don't really love them anymore but you'll still miss the familiarity and all that you had. Stay strong and look forward. I'm sure you have many new opportunities and chances ahead so don't let this stop you. I have to add that the picture does not look slutty,, and even if u were to take slutty pictures I think its YOUR life.. YOUR choice. What is it to them? Just ignore the negative comments. Its just the way things are these days cuz everyone is anonymous and behind the computer they think they can say anything. I really love your blog so keep doing what you do and take as much time as you need to chill since you just went thru a breakup.. You have loyal readers but that doesn't mean you have to blog 24/7! Its your blog so you make the rules. If there are people who'll stop reading your blogs just because you don't blog as much as they expect you to then its THEIR loss. You're giving us so much information and we should all thank you and support you for it! Alright, I should end this long post so you can get back to work :) Take care Stephie!

  67. wow Stephie, I just read your latest entry and I just have to say that I just went thru the exact/similar thing as you. I just broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years who WAS a controlling boyfriend and couldn't let me really live in the way that I deserve to..so I can feel what you're going thru. And I also feel you when you said that u feel like you won't ever find true love! But looking on the bright side, at least you're still 19.. you're still able to be in that partying phase..you're still young! I'm already 23! People my age aren't partying as much anymore. Not that partying is important but all i'm saying to you Stephie is that you're still young.. you still have alot of time to enjoy life. So cheer up okay? We all learn from relationships and of course breakups are never easy, even if you don't really love them anymore but you'll still miss the familiarity and all. Stay strong and look forward. I'm sure you have many new opportunities and chances ahead so don't let this stop you. I have to add that the picture does not look slutty,, and even if u were to take slutty pictures I think its YOUR life.. YOUR choice. What is it to them? Just ignore the negative comments. Its just the way things are these days cuz everyone is anonymous and behind the computer they think they can say anything. I really love your blog so keep doing what you do and take as much time as you need to chill since you just went thru a breakup.. You have loyal readers but that doesn't mean you have to blog 24/7! Its your blog so you make the rules. If there are people who'll stop reading your blogs just because you don't blog as much as they expect you to then its THEIR loss. You're giving us so much information and we should all thank you and support you for it! Alright, I should end this long post so you can get back to work :) Take care Stephie!

  68. Hi Stephie! We love you, we don't think your a slut wtf $%^£&!! you look amazing in your new years eve pics, i like your top. Quick question.. "STEPHIENESE".. how is that pronounced :P? Happy new year xxx

  69. OMG that pic is so fucking SLUTTY
    ur dirty!! NOT lol..
    just playing..wow people are fucked in the head..seriously dont listen to them..I guess she doesn't go out often..just ignore people like that seriously
    you're not doing anything wrong..
    I'm not sure why you broke up with your boyfriend i just started reading your blog recently so don't know all the details but everyone has their ups and downs in relationships..i've been in one for 4 yrs
    and again I don't know much about the new guy your seeing..now he oculd be either really busy with family/friends/relatives visiting/getting ready for school/work
    or he could be an asshole and if he doesnt call back soon screw him..you are very pretty and theres tons of guys who would die to be with you
    also i know it might be hard for you right now cuz your not used to being alone and it feels weird and your confused but it will all pass soon..all you should be doing is focusing on yourself, hang out with friends as much as you can so u dont think about ur x and stuff..keep busy..go out have fun
    you're young..enjoy life..don't try to rush things again
    the worse thing you can do right now is jump into another relationship cuz you might feel lonely and stuff..
    rebounds dont work..not a good idea
    hope this helps..sorry if its too long lol

  70. Hmm, so many comments already, I'll just keep it short and sweet. No advice or anything, just enjoy and treasure each moment, and remember that for every hater you have out there, you've got 100 fans to support you :) Happy New Year, and please don't delete your blog!

  71. Oh, and I forgot to add, you looked GORGEOUS! :)

  72. Happy New Year Stephie!
    Like others, I miss your updates but figured you were busy with the holidays. Just update when you want to update, not when others are demanding you to update. That is just downright RUDE of them to tell you to do such a thing! It is your blog and you can do and say whatever you want.

    I wish I had some dating advice for you, but I don't. But I do have some single advice! Enjoy it! Have fun hanging out with your girls because girls just want to have fun! College is an awesome time for that. I am just saying this because I miss the freedom of college. I mean all you do is study, work and play. Its like the bachelor party before going out into the grown up world! haha. Also, don't rush into the next relationship. Take the time to discover yourself and find out what you want both in yourself and in the next relationship.

    Lastly, I do not think your pix is slutty. I also saw the album on myspace (thanks for accepting the request) You look like you are having fun. Who cares about what a 15 year old says. Don't let the negative comments bring you down. Forget about the haters! I know its hard to forget what they say, but just remember how many people love your blog because of what you do. You inspire them to go out and try bolder colors, give them advice about makeup and allowed others to share their love for makeup with one another. Look at the impact you have! =)

    Just remember...
    "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~ Dr. Seuss

    sorry so long, but I dunno if you receive the emails I've sent you in the past.
    =) Krystle

  73. your new years look is AWESOME - i love that smokey eye. looks great on you! don't listen to what people say to harass you on the net.. they've obv got nothing better to do... also ps i started vlogging i added you as a friend today on youtube... its not much yet but i'm just learning how to use the webcam and stuff like that/... so we'll see!

  74. Stephie, you look so adorable in purple.

    I know exactly what you mean about freedom. I recently also just got out of a 3 year relationship & was soooo heartbroken. But now I absolutely LOVE being single. Hey, we're only 19, we should be enjoying life & not held back. No you are not a slut, you're enjoying life. Who cares whether or not that was NYE or a random night. The point is, you're doing YOU and no one should tell you otherwise. Brush those negative comments off your shoulders because those people have nothing better to do. Chin up baby girl, you don't deserve to feel anything but happy. Oh and about the beast haha, I think you should forget him because it's way too soon for you to hop into another relationship. Just have fun & date around before you decide to settle once again =]

  75. I am glad to see your recent blog and I have to comment you look great with both makeup!!! :) On the other hand, I am glad you are going out having fun. I think that is more important than keeping up with your blog. You are young and you should enjoy it while you have it! Happy 2008!!! :)

  76. stephie i missed you!!
    happy belated NY.
    Hope everything is ok with u and u r soooooooooooooooooo not a slut!!
    omg how dare he say that abt u!!!

  77. Happy New Year Stephie! First of all, people just love to hate and say dumb shit and call you a slut just cause they're either jealous of you or because they're just losers with nothing else to do. Some people just feed off of drama and hate so screw them. There are these twins Teena and Tiana that I know and they're nice girls but people would always say shit to them not to their face but always online saying they were sluts and one person even accused them of using photoshop to make their boobs look bigger and shit like that. It's just lame they thrive on saying ignorant things to people they don't even know. And now that I rambled on enough about that, I hope you enjoy your time being single. Luckily my boyfriend isn't too overprotective so I still have my time with my girls and he's fine with that and he trusts me if I'm hanging out with one of my guy friends and I'm ok with him hanging out with his friends that are girls although a hint of jealousy may arise here and there haha. As for advice on that guy you went on some dates with, I would give some words of wisdom had I not had such bad luck with guys before my current and very first boyfriend. Take care and good luck!

  78. woah lighten up man!

  79. ur back! happy new years! cant wait 4 more fotd's!

  80. I don't understand RiceBunny thing. I don't mean to be mean to RB. But I think you're so much better than her. There's something about her that seems so not genuine and insincere. Can you say condescending? You're real and your foundation actually matches your body. Sorry if you guys are friends. I mean no disrespect. It's just my observation.

    And why are fabulous girls with guys that treat them badly?

  81. Hey. I've been lucky in that I haven't been with a controlling boyfriend but i will say this...and it may come off rude...but it's a good thing you ended it when you did. What I mean is, it hurts much more staying with someone you don't love anymore and being unhappy. Breakups suck but in the end, you have to do what's best for the relationship and yourself. You can't make another person happy if you aren't happy yourself. You should be able to go out sometimes and have fun, boyfriend or no boyfriend, and just live life. How are you going to learn from life if you can't experience it, you know? I've been with my guy for 3 yrs and there were periods where I wanted a break because he was ALWAYS around. In the end, we just realized that it's great to be together but he needs his guy time and I need my girl time sometimes. Hang in there and keep your head up...love will come to you. True love is out there and it'll come when you least expect it. This is all my opinion anyway.

    I'm a frequent reader of your blog. I'll be blogging more on my blog and if you'd like any dating advice, beauty, or whatever, feel free to message me. I've enjoyed meeting new people on Blogger so far. I'm sorry my comment's so long...I hope the rest of your week is a great one!

  82. Not to mention, you're HARDLY a slut

  83. thanks everyone for your support! it's really hard for me to try to comment all of y'all so i'm not going to try hahaha...

    y'all are right, i don't need to jump back into another relationship right now. i think i was getting all angry at the beast for not calling/texting because i expected our dating to become a relationship, but now i don't think i should. i want to enjoy life while i can, so if "the one" comes my way, i'll change but i'm going to live and have fun!

    oh and about RB, i look up to her and respect her... she is one of the most inspirational ladies out there, in my opinion.

    & no one apologize for long comments!!!!! it's nice to see so many different perspectives on issues so if you have something to say, say it! haha ok night y'all. i'm fixing to do something tomorrow to post, so hopefully i'll get it done!

  84. i'm glad you spoke up about being stuck in a relationship where you felt trapped.

    a few of my friends are in that sort of situation. where they have controlling bf's. they need permission to see their friends, dye their hair, not allowed to wear tight jeans, short skirts. I cant seem to give my friends the wake up call they need. They just think they're in love.

    your young, live your life, and get back your lost time with just having fun!!!

    no, dont think that pic looks sluty at all.. i seen worse.

    anyways this is your blog you can do what you want!

    i agree with the RB thing, i like both your blogs, but sometimes i find her fake and act like a know it all.
    But she gives good tutorials!!

  85. p.s outfits and make up looks HaWT as always!!!!!!!!!

  86. hi guys.
    its me,Hung, Steph's ex. the 2 years one.
    first of all, i respect all of the thoughts, ideas, and advices from you guys for Steph. Steph is right. i admit i was a controlling boyfriend sometimes* during our relationship,i hadnt been a good bf recently, that's why things changed. i agree that everyone should have his/her own decision, life and freedom ...and i am glad that you guys support her and give her advices. And here are some of my thoughts about them. not everyone has the same situations, and everyone has different perspectives the way of living his/her own life. yes, i know we should enjoy our lives, but there are some limits for it though. sometime you have to consider life seriously. you want to have fun now and dont care about what happend next? what about having fun now and also thinking about what will happen later? many of you said that you have a lot of dates and bfs. but hey,generally guys dont like that. i mean if we see more things in the future, do you want your husband/wife having a bunch of exes? and do you think it will affect your marriage later on? you know what i mean. i know i talk so out of the issue . but you still have your choice, freedom while being with other half that you really want to be with. you still have fun and wont reget later. and if you break up. hey its worth doing so. like Steph implied she want to find her true love. and i would like see her happy with her truelove whoever that will be.
    second, for the one that called Steph a slut, think before you say that word. you dont know her. i was with her for 2 years and i know, at least, some about her. she is a good moral and ethic person. you weren't there and you should not call people bad name by just looking at the pics. do you think that i want to date a s...t for 2 years? and i am her ex, if i dont see it as a bad behavior, then why you do? so i think you should appologize to her.
    and third, for those who used to curse at her for nothing. fuck, you better grow up. you cant just dig up others's personal life and talk shit about it. save it for youself. if you do upset with your life then go fuck it yourself. stop picking on people and talk negative stuff about them. do you bastard have a brain to think? if you have gut, talk to me.
    P.S for the one that talked bad about me, think. you dont know me, you only looked at the picture. you cant judge the book by its cover. and if i work at a nail salon im gonna be the boss; and well if you come, i will double charge you :)(*_*)

  87. y'all are entitled to your opinions on RB, but i really would prefer if you kept it to yourself. for one, i'm a fan of RB and have been for a while, and two, i don't want any unneeded drama to come about from the phanatics. its hard to judge someone over the internet, so why even bother? fake or not, we all should at least admit that she has so much talent! i seriously have been thinking about buying one of her artworks lol but i need to save my money first. but yeah, as i said, she's an inspiration and a really nice lady.

    and as far as my exes comment, i posted it because i feel that y'all should hear both sides of the story. it is my personal life, but i think it's only fair to hear his side. so yeah, that's why.

  88. anonymous 11:53 AM: hey girl, i appreciate your support, but i don't like the superficial judgement you made upon my ex. sure he may not be the hottest man out there, but there's no need to call him fugly and stereotype him as a nail salon worker. he has a great personality and is a sweet guy, he just isn't the one for me. and no i didn't break up with him because he was "fugly". i did it because what i was looking for in a relationship wasn't there...

    i hope you don't take this as a personal attack because i'm just trying to set anyone else straight who decides to insult him. i didn't know he looked at my blog, and i don't want him to be bashed unnecessarily.

    but i do appreciate where you were coming from, no matter how contradictory i may sound right now >.<

  89. I think that many of us who love Stephie kind of took it overboard with the ex thing. I never said anything bad about Hung but I thought it. I'm sorry Hung. And may be Stephie should keep it private.

  90. happy new years! i miss you stephie and i'm glad you updated.

    everyone needs a break here and there and girls just wanna have fun! yeah, relax and inhale* exhale* ... chill :D you're such a sweet heart.

    muahs xoxo <3

  91. welcome back stephie! Looking more forward to your posts and tutorials!

    You've made a good come back, better than britney;)

  92. hey babe.

    i've been reading your blog for a whilee but i've never commented.
    i don't think you should think your a slut. i used to blog alott when i was younger so i know how it feels to have bad comments and rude visitors.
    infact, i closed my blog so many times cause i was so upset over these rude people :|

    now that i'm not so into blogging and that i've let go of my blogging habits (you'll see that i hardly blog after you see my xanga), i have learned to realise that its not that much of a big deal. there are so many people out there. some like you, some love you, some don't mind you and some hate you.
    but look, there are 3 categories of people who do not share the hatred with you and only 1 category who does.

    so cheer up!
    single life is greatt! and you should enjoy it as much as you can. i went through a similar situation but i couldn't stand it once i turned 18! i just HAD to club, go out with my friends etc! so i'm abit different to you. i'm 19 now and i'm free as ever, but i do have boyfriend who share this freedom with me! you just have to find the right person!

    sorry for the longgggg post. its because of your longggggggg entry that made me decide to comment :P

    hope i made you feel better *hug

  93. you definitely don't look like a slut!
    if that was a girlfriend, noone wouldve called you a slut... but since it's a guy everyone's up in your alley about it. just ignore them because it IS possible to have guy FRIENDS, and you've proven it! =]

    anyway, about that boy... just let it simmer. he'll chase because you're hott. and intelligent. =] hahaha

    just have fun out with your friends.
    lovee from another steph. =]

  94. Completly off the drama-topic: what kind of hair products do you use?

    I assume you curl/straighten your hair often, but somehow it still looks nice , shiny and healty.

    So...what's your secret? XD

    reen <3

  95. Keep your head up girl. Everyone needs time to live their life and just be. Hang in there! Forget the haters- you've got hundreds of people who love everything you do on here.

    Looking forward to the new year and what you'll do with the N, Fafi, and Heatherette collections!

  96. Hey, love your blog, your eyes are always amazing, I feel so inspired when I check out ur blog.
    So, in return, I'll share my thoughts with you.

    You were right to end your relationship when you did. There's no point living a lie, all it does is hurt the two of you more. It's always hard in the beginning and that's because you've spent a long time with each other, being with each other, being in love. Love is never without pain. But it will get better with time, reflection always helps to heal. I'm sure you will look back and say it was the right thing to do, especially if you didn't feel any love for him anymore. To stay with him would have been to string him along and that's not fair on him. Mourn your relationship and then you can let it rest. It's hard but it's something we just have to get through and I promise you, it WILL get better.

    Dating situation: the guy said he doesn't want a girlfriend so try not to expect too much from him. Maybe you should stay open about this and not get too deep, have some fun, breathe again now you're single. Maybe things with him will change and develop, maybe they won't but for now, just have fun.

    Also, you didn't look anything like a slut, in fact you looked hot! (as always!) You've just come out of a long serious relationship! You're allowed to have some fun. You said you didn't regret anything because you didn't do anything you would regret. So it's cool, as long as you're happy with yourself and your own actions, f*ck what everyone else thinks. I know it's hard, I go through the same thing everyday myself, wondering if people think negative things about me and wanting them not to but you have to let go of that and listen only to yourself. You're amazing hun and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise :)

    Also happy new year! Don't fret about not updating, you do have a life outside of your blog y'know!

  97. I give your ex props for posting on your site. It shows that he respects you and that he still cares for you as a person. Stephie, I was in a relationship like yours a while back. I'm 26 years old now. I met my ex when I was 17 and we were boyfriend and girlfriend till I was 21 years old. It wasnt an off or an on thing ... it was a true relationship. We were together for 4 years and a half. By the time I was 21 years old, I thought that I wanted to get out and have fun. After all, like you I was raised by strict Filipino parents whom wanted me to focus on school so much. BTW.. I had a 3.9 gpa in college. Same situation as you. I focused on school so much and never really got out much. Back to my story, we broke up when I was 21 years old. I went out did my thing..he was still asking me to get back with him, but I was not "in love" with him anymore. Last year, after relationship after relationship, I realized that my ex was the only one who really truly cared about me and showed me true honest love. By then, it was too late.... he just got married this year to someone else. :-(

    Just advice...
    yes... you may want to go out and do your own thing... but ask yourself...

    is that what you really want?

    We make decisions in life that are sometimes just brought upon but not really thought out... then we realize it was a mistake.. but by that time... its too late.

  98. Screw all those haters! You're living your life and you're not doing ANY wrong. I'm glad you're enjoying life and even though we all love reading your entries, its understandable that you're busy, and people should understand that instead of giving you a hard time. It's not like they're paying you to write! Anywayz, we all adore you =)

  99. this is anonymous 11:53 AM

    it's cool no big..bastard bitch i am..no offense taken!

    i just love bashing men,and women too..lol!
    i actually am not superficial at all...i just have my days ya know.
    whatever-he does'nt know me,nor do i know him and i really don't care what he thinks.

    anyhoo as for you dear stephy
    as long as your happy it's cool.
    chillax and have some fun!

  100. bulaclac07: omg!!!! you're a bulaclac as well? i am too :) hahahah maybe we're related? that's interesting, i haven't met many bulaclac's out there.... just something random i had to shout out at hahaha

    and to everyone, thank you again for the support. i can't say this enough! i love each and everyone one of y'all and i'm feeling more like myself. i'm coming back y'all :D

  101. Lol! My grandma used to call me her flower... but "bulaclac" cause I'm Filipino. She recently passed so I thought it would be a good tribute to her. :-(

  102. i love all bulaclac. especally who know who

  103. Hey there Stephie. I have to say you are absolutely gorgeous! You're a talented girl and I love your makeup tuts and all.
    With your ex bf situation.. I know what it feels like to be with someone who's controlling though you don't care because you care about them so much. You're young and you should enjoy life just like you said for your NY resolution. And with the beast you don't need to worry about him yet. Just take it easy and you'll know what's right for you.

    Enjoy your new years and hope to hear from you soon =)


  104. Just dropped by to let you know that I enjoy your blog. Great make-up.

  105. Ur much too young (and pretty!) to be tied to one person anyways! Have many boyfriends...and have fun! :)

    ~ coming from a 28 year old mother of one 2 year old. ;)

  106. hey stephie i always come to check out your blog. I cant believe how your life is sooo similar my friends and I. Very Freaky..
    I said 2007 was the year of the break ups. It was all sooo random and out of the blue.
    All my friends and I have been in relationships for 2-3 or more years and we all broke up with them just in the last few weeks. I never realized how controling having a bf was. Im not going to lie but its true when ur just right out of high school its nice for someone to drive you around. All those things we take for granted when we are in the relationship. Its hard because you hold off on alot of things and it feels like you haven grown as a person. We all have this relief that we all never felt before. honestly it was soo hard to break ties with the guy we alway feel like the emotional attachment was soo strong that we let ourself became weak. We all forced ourselfs to move on with the support of each other!!

    No your not a slut which also my friends have been called. I told them to live up on the attention
    " at least they can be a slut ". hahahhahahaha jk

    So ya take advantage of this time to move on. Feel if as though you will do whatever it takes to make urself strong. In the end you will find someone even better!!!
    You have a great support i wish you all the luck
    ps sorry about any spelling or grammar im in a rush before school =)
    peace woman

  107. yo re so young! you should be abled to learn about yourself and just live! people will always judge each other, just dont listen to it. And take time to learn to know yourself, you still have till you re 38 to have babies, so why hurry for a boyfriend ? ;)

  108. hihi stephie. no i don't think u look like a slut at all, ur far from it don't worry! and i know how hard it is for you right now, me and my boyfriend broke up a month ago too and it was mutual, but the worst thing was he only wanted to remain friends with me so he could rub it in my face about all the other girls he was meeting and it honestly made it very hard for me to move on. I've woken up now and i've made my self just detach myself completely from him and i have so much freedom now, i can see guys without him getting angry and i don't have him there to put me down and make me feel bad about myself. What i'm saying is that although life may seem really difficult and lonely now, things honestly will get better. Just hang in there :D

    <3 bel

  109. Dude, I was expecting some photo with you dressed like a skank. There is nothing wrong with that photo. Are you kidding me, comments like that based on absolutely nothing aren't even worth your time. This just looks like a normal photo with a friend.

    Keep up the good work with the makeup photos! I love seeing them! =]

  110. giirrll you do not look like a slut. that kid just needs to grow up.

  111. So glad u're back! I missed my TX gal! Best of luck with the dating thing. I met my fiance at a bar and like a best friend once said, that's like finding a needle in a haystack. Being single, independent, flirty is fun so live it up and I hope you find someone who supports you and loves u as much as we all do! xoxo, Lorie

  112. live life and don't worry too much about find "the one". i was in your situation too and after ending a 4yr relationship, i felt as though every new guy i dated had the potential to fill in that space- if you will... but now is the time where you will really experience and see who and what you like. never sell yourself short and set the standards high because you ARE worth it. screw the dumb kids with the rude comments- cause hey, somehow you're important enough for them to go out of their way to comment! enjoy this time and party like a rockstar babe <3

  113. i can totally relate to being with someone for two years then being back in the dating game =(
    its such a bummer at times.
    but woo for being free!
    it does feel like a breathe of fresh air!

    i was facing the same problem as you.I'm used to be with this guy when i was 17 and we broke up after having this two years of relationship.It's really hard for me to forget him till now eventhough my friends told me there are so many fishes in the sea.It is great to be single,but sometimes it can be such a bore.Just one thing for sure,please take care of yourself.Look at the bright side of life.:)

  115. Hmm... I think the photo does give a wrong impression. I guess you guys were just fooling around.
    Gosh... I didn't remember you being this young! *LOL* But seriously, ... spend your time building on friendships instead. Guys... seriously, they can wait. Speaking from experience. On hind sight, I feel I've 'wasted' my 20s over BGR issues. I should have spent A LOT MORE time traveling, hanging out with friends, starting new hobbies, etc.
    Well, enough of rambling from an 'old lady'!


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