I Love Parrot!!!!

Even though I haven't been posting much, I have done a few hauls in the past three weeks or so. For starters, I did this look a couple days ago when I went out with one of my best friends. Parrot is such a gorgeous color, as many of you know. Someone once described it as similar to Steamy, and it does look like that in the pot, but when applied on your skin it is in its own realm. I can't get over how gorgeous Parrot is, and I'm glad I bought a back-up. I planned on swapping it on makeupalley, but I am just going to keep it :)

Warning: My skin is DISGUSTING right now. It must be stress or something because I broke out all over my t-zone, like majorly! But it's going away now, so hopefully things will calm down so my skin will haha

Armani LSF 5.5 - (Armani Blender Brush)
Armani Micro-fil Powder 2 - (150)
Global Glow MSF - contour (168)
Gold Spill MSF - highlight (136)

UDPP - base for brow bone (ring finger)
Greenstroke Paint Pot - lid base (ring finger)
Parrot e/s - all over lid (213)
Atlantic Blue Pro e/s - outer v and outer half of crease (217)
Bio Green Pro e/s - inner half of crease (217)
Rose Blanc e/s - highlight (227)
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader - brows (266)
Engraved Powerpoint Pencil - upper lashline
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

Tenderbaby Tendertone Lip Balm
Masque Lipstick

Peace :]


  1. I totally dig this look Stephieee !! I can't wait to try this look with NYX shadows haha.

    I hope things are slowly going back on track girl!<3

  2. ive read a lot of bad things about parrots texture. how is it? i love the color but the texture (which everyone on specktra doesnt like) is making me not want it.

  3. looking gorgeous stephie ;) love the colour combination here! glad to see you back with a vengeance :P

  4. OMG stephie... When originals first came out, I checked out parrot and it is as pretty as everyone said it is! But I used self control and didn't buy it because I do not see myself really using it. *sigh* But as I am seeing everyone using it in their FOTDs, I want to get it now. anyways...

    Gorgeous FOTD. I think its a great FOTD to kick off the new year!

  5. so pretty stephie!!!
    you look amazing! i looove the scarf! :) love the eyes too! :)

  6. Oooh that look is so pretty! I've been getting into greens and blues this past year and my friend actually bought me Parrot for Christmas so I'm going to have to try out this look and improvise with the colors I have. I can never get good pictures of my makeup to email to you but one of these days I will. Have a great week!

  7. oh my gosh, stephie, this is gorgeous!! you are seriously so talented! i love it, it makes me want to buy parrot now hehe :) please share the rest of your hauls with us, i'd love to see what else you bought!

    p.s. im so glad you're back! :D

  8. i <3 parrot too! ive been pairing it subtlely w/ some neutrals lately--it turned out better than i thought lol. i love the color combo you've got here!

    hope you're feeling better btw! :)

    p.s. for the breakouts, take a green tea teabag, soak it in water (like u would if u were going to drink the tea) for a few minutes, and directly place the bags onto the area of blemishes. kinda like a green tea facial. i swear by this, it works so well. of course, u can make urself the tea, drink it, and then use the bag as well. sometimes, i'll put like 3 teabags in a pot of boiling water, and after it cools down, i wash my face with the green tea water.

    i know it kinda sounds a little strange and whatnot, but green tea is SO good for breakouts. its safer and less abrasive than using benzoyl peroxide. green tea has the same anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents as BP, and is more potent...thus, more effective!

    i discovered this while overseas, since all my cousins in korea are obsessed with skincare like myself lol. its been working well, and its always been my little secret to clear skin lol. i hope it works for u if u decide to try it! :)

  9. I love Parrot too! Very gorgeous color, a great dupe of it is actually Covergirl's eyeshadow in "Aqua Paradise", verrrry similar! You look gorgeous as always SIS!

  10. very pretty!!! you always look so polished...i'm so jealous!!!! and i love your scarf!!! where'd u get it from??? =)

  11. Hey Stephie, I am loving your eye makeup more and more each day!! They are just so pretty!

    *2thumps up for you*

  12. cuute scarf! where'd ya get it? Aahaha.

    i read somewhere that makeup expires every 3 months.. so how do you take care of all your makeup, since you have so much of it... you probably dont use one eyeshadow frequently. some of my eyeshadows, ive had for years and i still continue to use it! :\

  13. yayyy, ur back!!! and i love parrot too, although i have to admit i've been cheating and using the so called parrot dupe - the l'oreal hip duo in "showy", but this looks really good on u! and don't feel bad, i have a huge zit on my cheek :(

  14. Hey stephie! You're looking gorgeous as always! I've been a lurker for quite awhile now but just started commenting. I want to go buy parrot now cause it looks stunning on you =) Btw where did you buy your scarf at? It's sooo cuteeee


  15. So so pretty! I think you may have convinced me to return to buying MAC eyeshadows, haha.

    Hope things are getting better for you! I subbed you/favorited you on my blog...I don't have anything beauty related on it just yet since I've been stressed. Love the looks!

  16. that's a seriously fierce blue. Not sure if I could pull that off, but you look good. you should do a tutorial on this, a quick 10 min parrot eye. :)

  17. Stephie, Parrot is your color. Glad to see you're back posting again. :)

  18. hi stephie, love the parrot look! hope your okay, thanks for posting! also love what your wearing esp the scarf!! have a great day xxx

  19. hi stephie ! I love your blog and I think you look just like a doll.I became addicted to read your blog and those weeks when you didn`t wrote anything I was so frustrated,because I wanted to see more and more tutorials from you,without thinking that you have a life,or maybe some problems.:) I adore the look you made with the parrot,and your hair looks so shinnyyyyy ! :D I would like to find out your hair care regim,if it`s possible.

    P.S. : excuse me if I make some mistakes in english,but I`m not american,either an asian girl,I`m from Europe.

  20. helen - they are, i'm feeling more and more normal these days. perhaps its because school is about to start up again.... but i'm feeling good :)

    anonymous 7:45 - i actually love the texture. frosts are probably my fave anyways from MAC and i haven't had any problems with applying parrot. i thought it was going to be a lot drier, but it goes on smoothly for me.

    blue - thank you babe!

    krystle - i'd highly recommend getting it if they still have some in stock. i mean, when is the next time you will be able to buy it, you know? i thought it was all hype, but when i actually used it... omg it's my fave by far.

    lynav - thanks dear :)

    alice - just play around with the camera, i'd love to post some of your work on my blog :)

    cinderellie - i will definitely be sharing the hauls, i'm just taking pics of them right now :) i'm glad to be back too!

    ate lynne - salamat <3

    chris_j - i'll try that out for sure! thanks for the tip. oh and things are getting better, thank you :D

    ate vanessa - thanks ate hehehe <3

    hanh - thank you girl. i bought it at h&m.

    andrea - i appreciate it!

    chloe - i bought it at h&m. as far as makeup expiring, i've heard that powdered makeup has a longer shelf life than liquid. liquid items usually have a label on them saying how long they are good for, like 6 months, 24 months, etc. so i just keep watch of the liquid things mostly. for shadows and powder, i don't really care much because i know they have a good year or so left in them if not more. lipsticks, when they start changing color i think that's the time to chuck them. i think the 3 months thing is mainly for mascaras.... i have to do more research on this subject & i'll get back to y'all on it.

    lesley - thanks hehehe i'm happy to be back too. i hope our faces clear up soon!!!!

    xoshellie - thanks for starting to comment :) i bought the scarf at h&m.

    mandy - i should prolly feel bad for your wallet lol... i'll be checking out your blog, i <3 reading everyone's blogs hehehe

    nilty & glamour girl & b love - thanks y'all!

    etherealprey - i will do a tut most likely... hahaha fierce huh?

    mandy - your english is fine :) i'll definitely do a hair care regime thing later, k!

  21. Hope you're feeling better hun and more like yourself :)
    Loving the look, Parrot is such a pretty colour but I love turquoise anyway so I'm biased :P i'm thinking of buying parrot but i spent £100 on MAC last week and I'm now £90 away from my overdraft limit - eeeeek! I live in the UK and recently discovered the London Pro store - trying so hard to resist and now I see you're using Pro colours too, fuel for the fire!!!
    How weird, I'm breaking out too and I rarely breakout... maybe it's something in the ocean... :P

  22. What are you must have eyeshadows (I have Christmas money to burn =D).

  23. hi stephie! i've been a longtime fan and reader of your blog..keep up the great work!

    I saw this article and thought I'd share it with you and that it'd be useful. Who knows, maybe you know about cutting open UDPP to get more product out already? Thought you might want to share with your readers =)


  24. so flawless!! and i love your scarf! i love pink and prints by itself and together~

  25. oh yeahhhh! one more thing.. when i use mineral type eyeshadows, they always fall on my cheeks? do you do anything to stop that from happening? :\

  26. So glad to see you're back! The makeup is flawless as usual and I'd love to go out and buy parrot but I think I'm going to give my poor wallet a little break for now haha.

  27. Glad your back I missed your tutorials. HOLLA

  28. hi stephie some thing that has helped me with pimples is burt bees blemish roll on,,,something in it has cause my skin to behave quite nicely after i went through 2-3 tubes, i hardly get pimples any more hope that helps :)
    i get one like every 2 months or so'

  29. lovely as always, seriously is there something that DOESN'T look good on you at all!!

  30. I love Parrot too! such a pretty color!and your pink Leopard scarf so cute!

  31. Looks great! I've yet to see someone bring shame to using Parrot. :P

  32. looking gorgeous as usual! i really love parrot e/s too! but i can never figure how to apply it properly to make it look cute, like yours. btw, i'm in love with the pink leopard scarf you have on, can you please tell me where'd you get it? thanks in advance! :D

  33. Oooh your eyes look so pretty! I really didn't know what parrot looked like since we don't have a MAC nearby and the swatches on the MAC website suck, but I think I may get it now, haha. And that's an adorable scarf, where did you get it?

  34. people! she got the scarf at h&m. all it takes is reading a few other questions and looking for her response. she's answered more than once. don't be lazy, help stephie out a bit!! love the look, stephie. we're all glad to have you back!

  35. parrot is a special color isn't it? i'm loving your pro blue color too - it's HOT! i'm sure you're having loads of fun looking as beautiful as you do. enjoy the times now before life gets serious. i loved my teenage / early 20s and still miss it it's good to try out everything you can while you don't have the pressure of full-time work, paying bills making a career etc.... i'm sure you will be fine since you seem very mature and sweet at the same time!

  36. How amazing are you?!?!?! I wish I can just teleport to where you are so that we can both do makeup all day long forever and ever! :D


  37. Hi Stephie.. Love the parrot look.. Greens looks really pretty on you.. I've been going thru your blog and I think all the looks you created and colours you use looks so pretty. And I agree with one of the people here, you're so cute n pretty like a doll.. I'd also like to ask you which look is it (cos I havent finished going thru your older posts) the middle look on your primary picture (the one that looks like you're just wearing eyeliner and pink lipstick). Tq.

  38. ;)

    anything would look nice on you.

  39. i am a 20 year old asian girl with pretty oily skin. i never wear any make up (mostly because i dont know how to =( other than a lil lipgloss. to combat oily skin, would you recommend pressed or loose powder? ive done a bit of research and i have come across L'Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Makeup, MAC Blot Powder/Pressed, and MAC Blot Power/Loose. what would you recommend? is it okay to just wear a little bit of powder with no foundation or anything..just to cover up the oiliness from shine?

    thanks so much! and keep up the good work! =) i looove your tutoritals and you are absolutely gorgeous! =) take care <3

  40. your eyes are pretty i really like the pro colour looks nice on you.. by the way just wondering you havent actually said why you removed the last recent post? i love your tuts!

  41. Hi Stephie,

    There were so many comments on your last post so I decided to just post mine here! Even though I do miss reading your blog and seeing all your FOTDs, I am glad you are taking some time to just enjoy life!!

    But another thing I wanted to say was that your NYE look is sooooo pretty! Can that be a video tutorial candidate?

  42. i love love love your scarf :) it's really cute! xx

  43. Hey Stephie,

    I loooove how you do your MAC-up. =) You brought back my love for MAC again. I just went crazy at the MAC store this weekend!!! Haha...well I was wondering since you loved leopard/cheetah print stuff so much, where would I go to find a cute leopard/cheetah print tank top? I've looked almost everywhere! :( I hope to hear back from you soon! Good luck in school, and good shit on being able to keep your blog going. I'll be checking back always.


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