Transition: From Blonde to Brunette

Howdy Y'all! Thank you to everyone who gave me advice on the hair color. I did a sort of in the middle color, its really dark, but not black with just a little sheen on red, just a little. I LOVE this color. I haven't been this dark in forever.

First a bit of housekeeping since I haven't posted FOTDs in forever. Like I've said, I've been a busy bee recently. Life is just SO fun and exciting, unfortunately it takes up a lot of my time. I'm really enjoying this semester. I am more involved on campus and meeting some amazing people. Seriously, dumping the ex was THE BEST decision I've ever made. I feel so free and liberated. It really is amazing.


I wore this out one night to a local club that our local Sigma Chi frat chills out at a lot. This was also the day I got my hair trimmed and styled. Just got my bangs done and more layers to add body. My stylist did my hair, and I am still trying to do it like she did... to no avail lol.

I don't really remember what I wore since its been so long, but if a lot of y'all REALLY wanna know, I'll edit this later.

And the rest are just random pictures from the past few weeks. I've mainly been wearing MAC #7 lashes (my fave), Armani Powder, the new Fafi Blush (the pink one), and liner.

And this was just for some ullzang or whatever challenge on ABB that I never posted lol... GOSH I'm SO behind!!!


And finally some leopard print nails that I FINALLY found at a salon :) too bad they were way too long, but they were cute :)


Like I said a while back, I recorded a video, that you can see is old from my hair color and nails lol, and I finally finished editting it. It was over the look I had in my comment response video for Ebay Brushes.


What I Used:

Accentuate/Scuplt Duo - (168 & 129)
Dollymix Blush - (136)

Rondelle e/s - inner lid & lower lashline (239)
Mancatcher e/s (from Lure collection) - middle of lid (239)
Earthly Riches MES Purple Half - outer lid & lower lashline (239)
Earthly Riches MES Grey Half - crease (224)
Blacktrack Fluidline - upper lashline & waterline (209)
Shisiedo Mascara Base & Lifting Mascara

Love, Henri Lipstick

I hope this makes some of y'all happy! I'm sorry I haven't been around, like I said, life is super busy so I don't have much time to devote to updating as often as I would like. I can't make any promises that my updates will become regular like day to day, but I'm making it a goal to do at least a post a week, how does that sound to you all? I'm hoping everyone is having a great week. Stay good and peace :)


Time For A Change


I've been uber busy recently. First, I have an accounting exam on Monday which I am NOT ready for, so me writing a new blog entry isn't really helpful (but I'll do it anyways because I miss y'all). Second, I decided to pledge for Beta Alpha Psi only, and maybe next semester I'll do Delta Sigma Pi, but as of right now, I don't have enough time to spread myself across two frats, a leadership program, schoolwork, volunteering, work, and of course my personal life.

So I've decided to dye my hair this weekend again. I plan on dying it dark, because I feel done with the whole dying hair thing lol. I haven't gone dark in years so I think its time to go back. I'm either going to dye it jet black or a deep dark brown, my friend keeps saying "espresso" haha... I love Hyori Lee so I'm getting ideas from her. Here are some pics:


Dark Brown

And here's Nan Zhang because she's adorable:

So do y'all think I should go black or dark brown?

Help me decide please :) I'll be doing it tomorrow so leave some feedback if you like. I'll be making another post later when I have the time with some makeup stuff I've done. Until then...