I thought I would share a few more pictures from my trip.

On the way down to Austin I wore a multi-striped tube top from H&M (my most favorite store ever... so mad they don't have it in Texas), jeans from the Gap, Coach sandals, and a mustard colored scarf from H&M to add a little bit of color.

For makeup I used:

Oil Control Lotion
Lighthearted Mystery Powder
Sunbasque Blush

Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader
Clear Brow Set
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero - lined bottom and top
Typographic e/s - smudged over liner with 219
Shiseido Mascara Base
Smashbox Bionic Mascara

Dervish Lip Liner
Ahoy, There! l/s

And here's a few random pics from the trip. Black tube top dress is from H&M, green/cream dress is from Express (on sale!!). I wore pretty much the same makeup combo, but added #7 fake lashes.

Me wearing our friends shoes... size 15 LMAO!

So in other news... I went on my first blind date yesterday... haha. And it actually went well! The guy is SUPER cute. Dark brown hair, hazel eyes, tall, mainly white with a little Lebanese mixed in. Anyways, not bad for a first blind date.

Any ideas on a tutorial I should do? Anyone?



  1. Your friend is gorgeous I can't stop looking at her glowiness! Does she have a beauty blog? :s Sorry I had to ask! :P

    As for tutorial, girl there is so many asian gurus now even pinays!!! You should check them out! You left and suddenly a whole variety of asians/pacfic islanders took over xD

    Isn't it too hot for a scarf in Austin o_O;? Can't get over how more natural and pretty you look with black hair! Don't change it! But I know you will lol :P *neener*

  2. Ngek I hit sumbit too soon lol Ahhh blind dates scare me! Glad you got a normal non awkward date gawd those are the worse! Glad to see you back :*

  3. Aw, Stephie, you look so pretty in your pictures! That tan definitely looks awesome on you :) I love that mustard colored scarf. I've been trying to find one but no luck.

    And what's this I hear, tutorials? Yay! Can't wait to see one from you, it's been a while. Do you think you could do a look suitable for a bridesmaid with a bride who wants her girls looking more subtle?

  4. does the oil control lotion help you out? i've been eyeing it for quite some time and am thinking about buying some. i get oily in my t-zone.

  5. SO glad you're back Stephie!

    Missed you and your tuts!!

    By the way you always look so stylish! H&M here in the UK is pants- i can never find anything like what you have.

    As for tutorials I would love to see a bronzey beach babe kinda look as summer is near!


  6. damn girl you look SUPER HOTT in that third pic!! I know I hate that h&m isn't in Texas. When I visited \New York, I wanted to be like "screw the statue of liberty...I want to go to H&M!!!!!"

  7. Girl, I love H&M to but they don't have it in Florida. Grrr... Your face looks gorgeous, as usual. It looks like you are using less. Meeeee too. Peace and happiness, queen. Have a wonderful long weekend!

  8. Girl, I love H&M to but they don't have it in Florida. Grrr... Your face looks gorgeous, as usual. It looks like you are using less. Meeeee too. Peace and happiness, queen. Have a wonderful long weekend!

  9. Haha @ the size 15 shoe! :oP I like the natural easy to go look you did in your pics! Great idea! I'm glad your first blind date went so well!!! Maybe you guys can hit it off well! :o) As a tutorial...I think you should "surprise" us with like your favorite look or something like that. Well see you around!!

  10. maybe a summer look? like bronzey and bright colors maybe? love the pictures!

  11. hey. you should do tutorial on how to get hair with big volume!

  12. can you do a makeup tutorial on some blue and brown? i'm going to be in a school musical next month called "hairspray" just like the movie. my dress is stripes of dark blue, yellow, and brown. i was wondering if you can create a tutorial video based on that to help me be inspired to do my makeup for the musical next month. hairspray is in the 50s going into 60s. thanks!

  13. Hey Stephie!
    Your blind date sounds cute! But... was he also a hairy lumberjack man? lol. ;)

    This may be a boring tutorial suggestion, but how about a bronze summer look.

  14. hey stephy! It's Helen lols I've finally got a blog =] I love seeing your new hair color. It matches you well dear! Thanks for the sharing the pics, you and your girl look lovely and having the time of your life =)

  15. your hair looks so nice black. i just started my own blog and i was wondering when you had time if you could send me a comment on maybe suggestions or comments you had. btw. loveee you blog

    <3 Christine

  16. You look hot with black hair!!! :)

  17. Stephie, I hope you do a tutorial for the Vintage Glam look. It's one of my favorite looks.

  18. hey girly!!
    glad your back!!
    anyways in your lash post with the blue eyes your lashes look amazing! do you do anything to condition them or did you do anything different from last time?!

  19. Your pictures are amazing and I just love all your outfits..

    Your lips look simply amazing, they look huge, very full, the lip stick is amazing on you..

    Hmm, tut ideas, maybe do something amazing, like rainbow colors or something

    Star Loz

  20. stephie i'm so happy you're posting again. you inspire me to update my blog lol.

    girl, you are crazy ass cute in ur fits!! and i really love your hair color.

    could you maybe do a summery makeup look? ;)

    Amen on the successful blind date! lol.

    luv ya ;)

  21. i have that dreeessssssss!!!!!! hahaha.. :) u look so cute im glad ur back.
    maybe a super spring look? very colorfull bright..cute haha :)

  22. Stephie, did I ever tell you that you have a great sense of fashion, girl? God, I've been lemming after some yellow/mustard-ish scarf since I saw this this rich girl wore it at my school, lol. Yours is damn cute too! I see you've been using your lighthearted powder lately, it's a tad too dark for my skin...gah. Oh well, I'll keep it for the packaging! >-<

    But anyway, lol, glad you had fun on your blind date. They're mostly hit or miss haha. God knows I've been in some pretty bad ones where I had to make calls to my girl to get me out lol.

    p.s. i don't care whatever tut you do, as long as you do them, I'm happy! :P

  23. hi stephie I`m so glad you are posting again ! you are absolutely adorable with your new hair color.it suits you so well ! ...
    I vote for a hair care routine video . your hair is so shinny and so healthy , I definitely wanna know the products that you`re using.

  24. you look gorgeous!
    do you do clothing tutorials?
    or i don't know, you seem to have great taste for it.. pics of you in your best outfits? lol
    i enjoy reading ur blogs anyway.
    love from a stephie fan<3

  25. can you make a look with sunset colours like corals, reds, or yellows next? :) love the pics, you're so pretty :D

  26. stephie could you please please make it so that when i go to your site your most recent post shows up first not the Bling All Around one? cuz then i dont know if you have a new post or not, i have to search. thank you so much!!!!!<33333

  27. Wow, first time to your blog and you are STUNNING!

  28. hey stephie !<3

    i love the black hair and i really loved the make up you had on, during the last post. the make up for the office kinda thing, yeah LOVE IT! its so hot. please do a tut hehe missed ya :)

  29. So glad to see you're posting again ^^

    How do you like the Smashbox Bionic Mascara? I've been wanting to try that after I've finished with my Plush Lash, which I still LOVE.

  30. i love you with black hair!! i have that same shade of colorr and it's awesome but i find that it's hard to do party looks cuz it looks too harsh with the black hair. at least in my case. could u maybe do a party look tutorial that's not too severe?


  31. Stephie you look sooo goood nowadays! I think you should do a vid on how you do your hair (straight style and curly). I'm so jealous of it right now. My hair needs to look like yours. ^_^

  32. so cute!! I've been in H&M but never actually bought anything in there.. maybe i should from now on lol. Anyways, LOVE this makeup.

  33. I LOVE YOU, STEPHIE :) :) :)
    huuuge kiss.

  34. Hi Stephie!

    I'd love to see some "simple" beach looks and maybe a brown look? I need something work appropriate which means no "crazy" colors (according to my boss this means anything bright :( ).

    I don't know if you have one, but if you don't a "how to get a flawless face" look would rock!

  35. Hey Steph I have a question
    Does wearing foundation/powers for years and years eventually cause wrinkles and a crater-face? The girl at the MAC counter had a crater face and she looked so old covered in all that makeup--it was awful. And Ive watched some guy on YOUTUBE do a tut on Contouring and HIS face had dents in it. IF so, Im afraid to use it! lol

  36. girl Im soo jeolous of your beautiful glow and tanned skin. I must say that your NEW DARK HAIR is much more sophisticated than your brown. You look haute couture now!
    Here in Canada we only get like 3 months of really HOT summers, so my summer tans don't last too long!

  37. Great you're back. I would love to see tutorials on office makeup!

  38. Glad your back I love your blog!!! And I am loving the dark hair look I am dying mine this weekend but it will be Cinnamon Red.

  39. glad you liked your blind date! =P and that you had fun. love your blog btw. thank you for giving us so many tips. ;)

  40. Hey Stephie! You look totally GORGEOUS, and I missed you and your great tut!!!
    I would LOVE to see your entire collection of MAC in a video :P :P Please pleaseeeee could you show us all your makeup? ;)

  41. hi stephie! firstly, thanks for all your makeup tips and tutorials! i'm always looking forward to more!

    for a tutorial, could you do summer look with not-so-dark colors? like pinks peaches, baby blues, etc? it would be very much appreciated!

  42. I'm an "older" asian and alot of m/u blog are too heavily handedly done. It's okay if you're in your 20's and 30's but older than that you'll look like a clown!! I love the way you do your eyes! No more than three colours and nicely blended and tastefully done too. Your complexion look impeccable. Keep up with gorgeous looks!!

  43. you're soooo freaking cute!!!! ahhhhhh you remind me of a cat sometimes :]
    and damnnn i love those dark hair light eyed boys... sexxyyy.. ;]

    i bought the soft black thing hair dye you used and dyed my hair black
    i love it!!
    i haven't gone dark in 6 years and im only 17
    thank you for the inspiration!

    i'm excited for your next video tutorial :]
    i hope you're not stressing out too much with academics.

  44. Glad to see there is people out there who are as obsessed with MAC as I am. I've added you to my must read list, hope you don't mind.

  45. hi! im new on blogspot and i added your page :) i hope you dont mind!

  46. HEY stephie, this is estherrxo from youtube and i was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how you get your bangs in the front like that. i've always wanted my long bangs like that but it never worked. it looks SO CUTEE!!(:

    ALSO.do you think you can do a tutorial on the look on your banner? the third one (the one in the center), where you're wearing black and yellow!. its SO CUTEEE. natural, but chic!.
    PLEASE!(: (:


  47. Hii.. your makeup is beautiful. Thanks for the wonderful tips! I was wondering what camera do you use?

  48. Hey stephie =) Love your pics especially your outfits! Looks like your summer is going great and you're having fun. I also like your tan it totally says summer. Anywho can i ask what you use to put your mineralize foundation on? Do you use a powder brush or the sponge that comes with it? Keep it girl.


  49. Ha right before i sent the comment i read that last sentence and i meant keep it real girl not just keep it. Lol =)


  50. Hi! Just stopped by and thought I'd say hello! Where in TX are you from?

  51. Hi Stephie! :)
    First of all - I love your name :D We have such name here in Poland but it is a bit modified.
    Secondly, I love your videos on youtube and the way you look like. Even without make-up you're beautiful and sweet :) I admire you for your passion and I think being MACaholic is extremely cute :D
    I hope you'll post something new soon. My best regards :) :*
    Adrianna, 19, Poland.

  52. stephie! I use to watch your videos on youtube... actually you're the one that got me into makeup. This is the first time i'm commenting on your blog. I really love your looks (oh so pretty). Hope you're doing well!


  53. I love your hair and your dress. how do you volumise your hair? any tips please?


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