Y'all Should Be Blamed...

... for my eventual bankruptcy. I'm kidding... sort of :)

I've been a real good girl recently. The last collection I bought stuff from was the Fafi collection. That's right. I completely skipped Heatherette simply because I didn't find anything interesting enough for me to purchase. Yes I loved the packaging, but I really don't need more makeup. The Strobe collection looks pretty interesting to me. I might pick up a lip moisturizer and maybe the lotion. Later.

Anyways, I did stop by the store yesterday. It was really funny because my fave artist there, Nina, told me that some people had come in and asked about a girl who did Youtube videos on MAC. Nina asked, "Is she asian and named Stephanie?" LOL Its weird when that stuff comes up in real life. I never really thought anyone in my area saw my videos... but I guess I'm wrong.

That's besides the point. I saw the Naughty Nauticals collection. Cute name, cute products just not cute enough for me to part with too much of my money. I did buy a few things though.

Some basic products that I ran out of:
- Wipes: my favorite makeup remover in the whole wide world.
- Clear Brow Set: I need to get a waxing, but I've used it today and it is amazing.
- Dervish Lip Liner: Perfect pink lip liner.
- Oil Control Lotion: It's summer time so time to control my oiliness!
- #7 Lashes: My fave lashes ever.
- 222 Brush: I've always wanted this brush, just never got it. But I figure if I buy it, I'll want to do makeup more, which helps all of us :D

And a few things from various collections:
- Mineralized Loose Foundation in Medium Dark: I've been laying out a lot recently and so I've gotten a lot darker. And during summer I get SUPER oily. Therefore, bye bye liquid foundations, hello powder!
- Steppin Out & Bare Necessity Dazzleglass: I really like these! Kinda sticky, I was hoping for more of a 3D Glass consistency, but it looks so good. The glitter really makes your lips pop.
- Ahoy, There! Lipstick: Such a cute color! I think its really similar to Bombshell lipstick which is permanent, but I can't say no to a pretty pink lipstick.

I could have gotten more from the Naughty Nauticals collection, but I really couldn't justify to myself buying more eyeshadows or pigments. I mean, I'm already trying to get rid of a lot of my eyeshadows, why get more you know? So I decided to try my hand at using products I already have to recreate (somewhat) a face chart for Naughty Nauticals, the Ensign face chart.

And my take... I'm getting my brows waxed today so sorry for their grossness.

Lighthearted Mystery Powder - buffed onto skin with 183
NC35 Concealer - dabbed on with ring finger and blended
Whim Blush - swept onto cheeks with 136

UDPP - all over lid with ring finger
Clear Brow Set - brushed onto brows
Archival Technakohl Liner - all over lid with 242 & lower lashline
Freshwater e/s - over Archival with 252
Flashtrack e/s - crease with 217
Claire De Lune e/s - highlight with 227
Prussian e/s - lower lashline with 219
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero - waterline and upper lashline
Shiseido Mascara Base
Smashbox Bionic Mascara

Dervish Lip Liner
Ahoy, There! Lipstick

And here is a little something I did for work. I'm trying to figure out some good makeup looks appropriate for office type jobs.

Lighthearted Mystery Powder
NC 35 Concealer
Prism Blush

Satin Taupe e/s - all over lid with 222
Showstopper e/s - crease with 222
Same Eyeliner and Mascara

Bare Necessity Dazzleglass

Then I quickly vamped it up after an 8 hour work day to go out and have some fun :) I added:

Ardell's Hotties Falsies
Sunbasque Blush
Oak Lip Liner
Bare Necessity Dazzleglass

If you hadn't noticed, my hair changed... again LOL. I like black the best so I'll prolly keep it. And yes I did do it by myself this time. I figure you can't go wrong if going dark. I used Garnier Nutriesse Hair Dye in Soft Black. Saved me a good $40+ than going to the salon woohoo! Will make a separate entry later on hair color change. See y'all later!


  1. Holy shit you're back! Dun dun dun! You look so good with natural black hair girl ;)

    Eh MAC has become on the 'repeats' side, similar colors just different names/collections, know what I mean? I've recently been digging a hole in my wallet finding great other brands. There is so much more to makeup than MAC. Plus the wallet and MAC don't get along too much anyways LOL My favorite look is your last one ;) You look like such a doll.

    P.S. You missed so much on ABB, you slacker! haha

  2. You look so beautiful!I love the three looks on you!
    I've heard great reviews about Dervish lipliner..
    I should look into it:)

  3. I got dazzleglass in Steppin Out too! its sticky and not like 3D which i totally <3 but its still sexy :P

    Good to see u posting again! That blue is really popping!

  4. Hey Stephie!!!
    I just wanted to say that i love your videos and your blog. you explain things so well and you are so down to earth. I LOVE the black hair. I also really liked your work look in this post, and how you only added a few changes for going out. you should do a video on that!

    i def. miss your videos on youtube, but i totally understand how busy you must be around this time. I am also a college student AND an accounting major! haha i loved your last post about it!

    kepp up the good work! <33

  5. Hi stephie! Thanks for the tip for the wedding i went to I absolutely loved my makeup! Your recreate og naughty nauticals is so pretty i'm gonna try it on myself =) BTW you're looking gorgeous as always! And i love your skin color lol =P

  6. I'm glad to see you back. I sign onto your blog almost everyday hoping to see new pictures of makeup. I love how you do your makeup (one of my favorite makeup blogs)! :)

  7. You look ahhh-mazing,
    Beautiful as ever been!
    The black suits you. :D

  8. yay! this is so exciting you're back! You kinda left when I decided to come out of my lurkdom. I've always admired your fotd/eotds...Anyways, pretty looks I like the neutral office look. I just wanted to ask you how you get your eyelashes like that? I thought they were falsies.

  9. very cute sis! love all the looks and your office attire. hope all is well :)

  10. Your makeup looks are always gorgeous but I have to say I also love your fashion sense :) Love that bright scarf against your gorgeous dark hair

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  12. yay she's back! hehe, you're my favorite, stephie! you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pics :)

  13. simply gorgeous! i love all the looks. and i think you're totally right about cutting back on purchasing more eyeshadows. your creation of the naughty nauticals is just as good! wonderful job!

  14. Sissy cakes! I miss you, you look gorgeous as usual, and I love your dark hair! Much better!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. you look gorgeous in the last pic!! Ahh im so glad i picked up the same dazzleglass as you in Steppin' out :D

  16. it's so good to see you back! you seem more refreshed now and like a break really did you some good! i hope to see you back in beauty action because i have a lot of beauty gurus i adore, but i'm honestly most inspired by you.

    p.s. please tell us what you think about the mineralized loose foundation!

  17. You look tanned o.o

  18. I love all your makeup bloggings!!
    you're really talented.

  19. o my!! i'm such a lurker on your youtube channel! i totally love your looks and the recreation of NN. love the last look. :)

    great to see you blogging again. :)

  20. i love the black hair! makes your features pop! :)

  21. Welcome back girl! I can't wait for your next video, and I love the black hair, you look awesome and it really brings out your eyes.

  22. Yay, I can't believe I'm actually seeing your fotd's!! It's been a while but I miss seeing your pretty face, babe!! As always, love all the looks and definitely did notice your dark locks! Yup, you can't go wrong w/ going back to the original color lol. I didn't get the Naughty Nauticals either, wasn't so interesting to me. So it's a good thing you have that blue look using stuff we already have! Anyway, the semester should be ending for you, I hope. I just recently graduated so I'm free! :P Hope to see you back more hun!

  23. love the second to last look with the satin top, you look really cute/classy. like the hair colour on u too x

  24. So glad to see your fotds again! I'll try that work look you did, at least this time I have those colors. Btw, how's UD 27/7 on the waterline compared to the technakhol you used to use before?

  25. hey you're back! nice looks and you've given me some ideas for work makeup

  26. Its been forever since you updated! Soo pretty,like always.

    Have you been sitting in the sun? different lighting? NICE tan!

  27. uve inspired me to dye my own hair black. i havent gone black in about... 5-6 years!

  28. Hi Stephie! Yay you're back! I've missed you! I really love those look! Your hair looks cute! (:

  29. ahhh! you made me wanna dye my hair ur color! it looks sooooooo good on you. it really suits you!!!
    i think i'm going to buy the soft black dye soon
    hopefully it looks as good on me as it does on you! lol

  30. I love these looks! I'm going to use the office-safe look for school :P


  32. Glad to see you back Stephie!! :)

    You look gorgeous in your photos. I love your vamped up office look with the falsies. That hot pink scarf is <3!

  33. STEPHIE!
    Your lashes are very long & defined.
    What eyelash curler &mascara do you use? :)

  34. totally lurvvvvvve that last look in this entry!

  35. Love these looks..
    Your hair looks great dark..

  36. Are you wearing a blue Duke tee? <33 I just graduated from there and I miss it so :-)

    Love the dark hair btw!

  37. Nice!
    The later photos looks darker for eyeliner...esp. bottom, is it a gel liner you did over pencil to make it stand out? I want a dark look like yours not a pencily light black.

  38. I was just wondering, how did you put the leopard background ?? Btw I love how you do your makeup, you're really missed on ABB =]

  39. you are very pretty girl !!!<3 i find your blog from y tube. i have to say you are VERY good to make up. i hope some day i am as good as you are ! btw i live in sweden so my english sucks !!:D


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