Wedding Bells!

Edit: Add items I used on myself and others...

Howdy all!

The wedding was a lot of fun. I can't even imagine how my wedding (if I ever have one) will be like... I mean, I was just doing makeup for the maid of honor, and I was majorly stressed out... from all the girls in the room, and the wedding time approaching super fast... if I were the bride, I would be freakkking out!

I went with one of my bestest friends, Adaeze. She's Nigerian btw... unfortunately, I wasn't able to take many pictures since I had to keep the girls shine free during the photos before the wedding... but at least Adaeze and I had a good time.

We both bought our dress at Nordstroms.com for less than $30... and I wore these super cute Jessica Simpson patent pumps... one of my new obsessions... shoes! Anywhoodle, on with the pictures..

The gorgeous maid of honor. We stuck with a simple smokey eye and nude lips... I don't quite remember what I used... sorry!

I think I used Satin Taupe e/s all over lid, Carbon e/s to smoke it out in the crease and outer v, highlight (forgot name of shadow). Graphblack Technakohl liner on waterline, Blacktrack Fluidline on upper lashes, Shiseido Mascara Base, and another mascara.. forgot name. I applied Brew to her lips, Emote Blush to contour and the coral colored blush from the Fafi Collection on her apples.

And since I had some extra time, I did Adaeze's eyes and cheeks. I wasn't all too prepared with her skintone... otherwise I would have packed more blushes.. but we made due with the things I brought. I ended up using Scarlet Red blush on her apples, and smokiefied her eyes... and she's been generous enough to allow me to record her in an upcoming tutorial... but that's later (tease I know).

And some extra random pics...

What I used:

Strobe Cream
Studio Tech NC37 (yep I've been tanning)
Studio Finish Concealer NC35
Solar Riche (I think that's the name) Bronzing Powder to contour
Spaced Out Blush on apples

Brule e/s all over lid & highlight
Typographic e/s in crease & outer v
Graphblack Technakohl Liner on waterline
Engraved Powerpoint Pencil on upper lashline
#32 lashes
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara

I forgot... lol

And of course... can't forget some of us acting a fool...

I was going to post some stuff about shoes but I can't find the right pictures online. I'll have to take pics when I get home. Anyways, hope this suffices for now... hope y'all have a great day!


  1. You did a beautiful job! I really love that dress and am quite jealous you found a fabulous dress for cheap! I have a wedding to go to in August, and am still hunting for a cute and cheap dress.

  2. Sis ang ganda dress mo! :) Ikaw ba nag makeup sa bride din or yung brides maids lang? :)

  3. Glad you had fun at the wedding! The maid of honor's makeup is simple but pretty. And how the heck did you find such an awesome cute dress for $30?? Grrr..I'm jealous too lol.

  4. Soooo pretty!!! :D What did you use to edit your pics? I've been trying to put my blogspot name on my pics but I don't know how! :(

  5. Love the design on your dress! Nordstrom do have some great deals when they do have a sales! You should have taken a pic of your shoes. I would love to see them since I'm a shoe addict myself! LOL

  6. you look gorgeous! i'm lovin the dress and your hair- its so long and shiny!

  7. stephie, you are beautiful.

    random, but seeing the "# deuces" at the bottom of each post makes me laugh - i always tink of poop.

  8. Great job :) And funny photos^^ You girls are crazy :D

  9. awesome job and you look great! do you mind telling me what you used on your eyes as you brought them out really well (when you have time of course) and are you wearing falsies?

    thanks :)

  10. thanks y'all!

    adriyah: i actually just use paint... add text and that's it.

    rs: i will definitely be posting about shoes very soon. i need to take pics and they'll be up and running.

    blueprint: glad i could make you smile :)

    anonymous 6:31am: i'll update the post with what i used :)

  11. Miss you sis! You look beautiful!

  12. Awww very nice FOTDs. Looking forward to the Tut!

  13. w00t! Looking good as always! bridesmaids dresses with a giant bow on the chest. there's a definite new one.

  14. aww that dress is so cute! especially for under $30!

  15. Hey I have the same dress! Nordstrom? You look beautiful in it

    Great blog btw!

  16. CUUUTE freaking dress and makeup Stephie!! You did a fabulous job :)

  17. hey! ;] just wanted to let you know that you're such a inspiration to me. i found you on youtube and your videos and make-up tutorials are so great. i'm sure you get this all the time but you really don't know how many people you help. thanks so, so much! hugs&kisses from new york city, liz.

  18. hey Stephie!
    could you do some pin-up makeup? of course if you have time.

  19. I love your makeup... your eyes look smoldering! gorgeous!! :)

  20. Greetings! found you via youtube. nice videos btw.
    See ya round.


  21. Looking good in your black hair! totally miss your tutorials so much!

  22. Awww you guys look pretty. Great makeup.
    Product Junkie Diva

  23. we can have a pow wow when you come down if you'd like :). I'm sure a lot of people will be excited to meet you!

  24. i've missed you stephie! weddings are fun :) i can't believe you got your dresses for less than $30...i honestly wish there were better and cheaper sales in Canada for clothes! :S

  25. heyyyy ms. stephie, you're back with a post!

    you look great with the dark hair!

    as usual, excellent job with the makeup... i am awaitin' more vids from you. i think u are effin' good at what you do!

    oh, and good luck with the accounting... eh, i was a staff accountant for the military (private properties) and that shit drove me crazy.

    be well ma, xoxo ~L

  26. You look so cute in that dress! The bride looked beautiful and you did a great job with the make-up on the maid of honor.

  27. Hey
    i love your youtube tutorial videos and so i found your blog.. and WOW love how you do your eye make up.. i can't make it like that.. still practicing..

    and weddings are fun ^___^

  28. Gorgeous makeover on all the girls including yours! :) I just wanted to tell you I gave you an award on my blog.

  29. love ur dress, and u look gorgeous as always, I've been lurking on ur blog and many other for awhile and u guys really inspired me to start my own.

    I hope u don't mind i added u on to my blog list.
    come drop by when u get a chance www.vietnameseqt.blogspot.com :)


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