I'm at the office right now... I was going to post my "I like to procrastinate during finals" looks today, but my internet was down... poo.

But I figure its time for some kind of update and pictures. I really have not been wearing my more than what I have on in the following pictures. For the most part, my day to day look for the past few months have been:

Strobe Lotion (I'm really loving this, especially for summer. I love my Strobe Cream, but I find that it is a lot heavier in the summer, and the lotion gives me the "Strobe Cream" look without the added moisture that I would need during winter.)
Prep + Prime Protect with SPF 50 (This really helps me foundation stay on all day. The Prep + Prime Face really didn't do the trick for me... which is why it will be going on sale or swap pretty darn soon...)
Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation Loose in Medium Dark (I like to buff this on my face not with the applicator that it comes with, but with my Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush.... one of my new fave items ever!)
Solar Riche Bronzer

UDPP (Base for eyes)
Engraved Powerpoint Pencil (Line upper lashline)
Graphblack Technakohl Liner (Waterline)
Typographic Matte2 Eyeshadow (Smudged eyeliner for that "smokey, not so perfect" look with my 219 brush)
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader
Clear Brow Set (My new fave eyebrow item EVER!)

Either one of my Tendertones or my Strobe Kiss Lip Conditioner. I don't really like the smell of the Lip Conditioner, it kind of smells like lipstick, but it really keeps my lips moisturized.

That is pretty much all I've been wearing. So that's why I don't have any fancy FOTDs... I doubt you'd want to see the same thing over and over (and over) again.

So here are a few pictures:

I really feel like the smallest touches can make a big difference. In makeup and in life. Before I go off on a philosophical role, I'll show you what I mean.

This is one of my really close friends, Jennifer. Super cute girl, not really into makeup. She is still gorgeous without it.

In this one, we went out to a new club. I look hella sweaty and gross, but I added eyeliner and shadow (like how I described earlier) on Jennifer. She is cute without makeup, but her pretty blue eyes looked stunning with the eyeliner. I think maybe it has something to do with the contrast of light and dark... but it didn't take much.

The partners from my firm were all out of town, so after work, my close friend Adaeze and I decided to go out after work. No, we didn't wear that into the office! Maybe I'll have to do an entry on business casual... my way anyways. I know I need help with ideas too!

This is my friend Rachel. She's super sweet. And my face was broken out from stress of finals and such. Oh well. I'm really thinking about going back to ProActive. Funny how when I wasn't breaking out I used it, but after I stopped, I broke out. Ugh.

This is my friend, Kentuckie Nickie. I absolutely DESPISE the Texas heat.. isn't he cute? :) But we're just friends. So if y'all would like to holla at him, lemme know. He's single! Haha.. Oh and I'm wearing heels in this picture.. which just shows how short I am, and how tall he is.

Us muggin at Social House (for you Uptown Dallas goers)... I don't know who those other two guys are, but they wanted in on our pic. And I'm not wearing heels... haha I'm so short compared to Nickie.

And the girls and I at Social House. There's my BFF Helen, btw. She may have to make an appearance on one of my videos... She's a monolid so I can experiment on here. Also, she's a talented dancer. Only been dancing like two years and she's been on our university's dance team, made it to the finals of the Dallas Mavericks Dancers tryouts, and will most likely make it to the Dallas Desperados Dance Team. Yeah, she's pretty awesome.

So what else can I update y'all on.... hmm...

Well Helen has a new boyfriend now. He's really nice... name is Cassidy. As for me... I've been living the single life.. and love it! There is someone who holds a special place in my heart, but he's moving away for work. Sucks how that happens. I find him completely gorgeous, though my friends don't think so. But you know that quote by Sam Keen - “We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly”, that's how I feel about My Ryan. But as I said, he's leaving. And his ex really did a number on him because he's so guarded and doesn't trust anyone. Oh well..... bleh.

And just because I found this on Yahoo pictures... its too darn cute :)

Well, my birthday is coming up... July 27 :) We're going out on Friday so there should be lots to tell later. Once I get home I'll have to post those other pics. Hope all is well with y'all!


  1. glad to see you're updating again. i hope you post on blogger swap =) it's been a lot of fun and the girls have felt pretty comfortable swapping on there. how did your final go?

  2. woah.. that's pretty close to my day July 31st.. yeh for Leos! =) have an early bday!

  3. LOL. Yeah, I'm really short 2 compared to my guy friends. How tall are you?

  4. thanks for linking me and visited my blog. I already linked you :D I don't think I can be your study buddy though, I'm not an accounting major :)

    Glad you're blogging again, love your blog!

  5. awesome! I've been lurking on your blog for a bit and thought you stopped blogging. great to see that you've updated! I love your looks... they're always so fresh and clean. Oh, and happy early birthday girl!

  6. Happy birthday then :))))
    Here's something for you! http://www.zeberka.pl/art.php?id=1540

    Nice photos :)

  7. Love the subtle look. It looks really great and perfect for everyday!

    xoxo jaimie
    dont forget to check out my new contest!

  8. hi honey,
    missed you! glad to see you back and super tan, lol...i was like, she's wearing med dark? that's what i wear! he he...you sound like you're doing great, looking good and having fun...can't wait to hear more about your office adventures :)

  9. Juicy is just so lovely! Thanks for linking me =) I love your simple look and it looks like you've been having a good summer. And happy early Birthday! =)

  10. stephie! you're gorgeous!! i love that picture with u and ur guy friend. where did u get ur shirt?

    n i'm kinda going through something similiar of what you're going through with your guy that's leaving for work . hope it all works out for you babes!

  11. hi sis!! happy early birthday to you! may you be 21 forever ;D

    i'm so glad to see you enjoying yourself. i'll live vicariously through you since i cut college short to work and even shorter by getting knocked up, lol!

    you and your gals are so cute! and you are very right about the eyeliner. i think it always makes a huge difference for something as simple as a darken outline.

    anyhow, keep enjoying yourself love! glad all is well :D

  12. I totally broke out during my finals in May! At one point, I didn't even bother with concealer because it would have been a wasted effort since I needed to study. That implies, though, that during heavy procrastination period, I did do make up ;)

    When my actual exams came up, I had to stand up 1h early so that I could do my "look of the day". I swear, the lecturers thought that I must be such an air head for going to exams with going-out make up. What can I say? Applying make up is my way of meditation and calming down. I'd rather do make up to chill than smoke...

    Love your blog and have been following for a while.



  13. Happy B-day Stephie! Hope you have a good one!

  14. Happy Birthday Stephie!
    Hope you have a great one :)

  15. Happy Birthday Stephie!
    Hope you have a great one :)

  16. I check on your site once in awhile. Keep writing!

    I can relate to your proactiv situation. When you don't use it, you break out! So I just use it's cleanser in the mornings.

    I also use The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil. for my when I break out.

    Have a happy birthday!

  17. I love your outfits. Very cute!


    How was your birthday? Fun? Enjoy it, because once the 22nd bday hits its not so much fun. lol. I've been kinda MIA with blogging too. No inspiration/nothing to interesting to blog about. Also, I've lost interest in makeup and gotten into painting my nails and golf. hehe. Are you interning at an accounting firm? Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

  19. I miss your updates! Keep those posts coming. =)

    And Jennifer looks really cute. lol.

    I guess love will come when it's time.. All the best babe!

  20. Could you make a tutorial of how you do this look, pretty please?

  21. eeww...you link xiaxue..yucks.

  22. yes plz! videos experimenting on girls with monolids! i always have trouble with putting makeup on my eyes..


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