It All Has To Go!

EDIT: Thank you everyone for the interest shown and support. I just wanted to answer a few questions before I get everything set up.

1. I'll be setting up a PayPal account pretty soon, and will probably only accept it through there since its the most secure. Like I said, this will be done in the next week, so I will make a new entry with all the items and info later.

2. No, my blog isn't shutting down. I am also not stopping doing makeup tutorials and posts.... its just that I haven't had the time to make videos and edit them, so I don't want y'all to think I'm giving up on it all, I will get back to into when other things settle down. I don't want to say something's coming soon, because honestly I don't have much planned besides making it through my current semester. But I'll see what I can do about talking about other things, I just don't think y'all would be really interested in my life, besides the makeup aspect lol...

3. So far I've pulled 30 items, not including what's in my eyeshadow palettes. I'm probably going to put two or three of the 15 pan palettes (not including shadows), I just need to decide what colors I want to keep.

Hello everyone!

I don't have any pics to put up because honestly I haven't been doing much as far as makeup goes. Just my everyday thing, which can get boring if I were to do an entry on it everyday. I've just been so busy with school and work that I don't have time for much else... well yeah, time for hanging out but that's a part of life. Anyways, I'm giving y'all a heads up.

I'm selling a majority of my makeup.

Yes that's right, it has to GO!!!! I've had this epiphany that I think many makeup bloggers get, especially those in college when money is tight, that I really don't need 15 shades of green. Or that I don't need 10 different paint pots when they are just going to waste in my collection.

So over the next week I will be getting together all the items I am selling and take pics and whatnot. A lot of them haven't been used more than 5 times... so yeah. If you are interested, start saving up because I will post them during Spring Break next week.

I hope everything is going good for y'all.