I thought I would share a few more pictures from my trip.

On the way down to Austin I wore a multi-striped tube top from H&M (my most favorite store ever... so mad they don't have it in Texas), jeans from the Gap, Coach sandals, and a mustard colored scarf from H&M to add a little bit of color.

For makeup I used:

Oil Control Lotion
Lighthearted Mystery Powder
Sunbasque Blush

Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader
Clear Brow Set
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero - lined bottom and top
Typographic e/s - smudged over liner with 219
Shiseido Mascara Base
Smashbox Bionic Mascara

Dervish Lip Liner
Ahoy, There! l/s

And here's a few random pics from the trip. Black tube top dress is from H&M, green/cream dress is from Express (on sale!!). I wore pretty much the same makeup combo, but added #7 fake lashes.

Me wearing our friends shoes... size 15 LMAO!

So in other news... I went on my first blind date yesterday... haha. And it actually went well! The guy is SUPER cute. Dark brown hair, hazel eyes, tall, mainly white with a little Lebanese mixed in. Anyways, not bad for a first blind date.

Any ideas on a tutorial I should do? Anyone?



UPDATE I just quickly wanted to let y'all know, I changed my email address to stephienese@gmail.com
For those who would email me at my yahoo email, I'm sorry for not writing back. The reason is that I would receive 100 or more (no joke) spam emails a day so it's too much of a hassle to search through it all. Hopefully I will have better luck with gmail.

I went to Austin this weekend. It was sooo much fun! My bff, Helen, and I drove down on Friday and stopped at the San Marcos Prime Outlet Mall. We both are crazy over Juicy Couture so we had to go to the outlet there. I only ended up buying a terry cloth tracksuit, but still, I was happy. Then we bought some things at Burberry, Polo, and JCrew.

I haven't shown y'all the start of my Juicy obsession, huh? Well, I bought this purse a few months ago and am in LOVE with Juicy. I need to find a new bag for school... time to go shopping again.

That was at Medieval Times in Dallas. SOOO much fun. I love that time period so it was real fun.

But I digress. After shopping we went out to 6th Street. Unfortunately, the friend who we were staying with was out of town on Friday. We ended up going to Dirty 6th, which was still a lot of fun. We didn't know it was called Dirty 6th until the day after. What is really fun though about the East side of 6th Street is that they close down the whole street so you can walk on the streets. And its packed. So much fun. Helen and I are used to the Uptown Dallas crowd, so we were way over dressed :) Oh well.

I don't have many pictures at the moment, they all are on Helen's camera so once I get them I'll post a few more. The dress I'm wearing is from H&M and Helen's is from Forever 21. I'll update soon again.

P.S. Since I'm posting again, y'all know I like those comments :)


Y'all Should Be Blamed...

... for my eventual bankruptcy. I'm kidding... sort of :)

I've been a real good girl recently. The last collection I bought stuff from was the Fafi collection. That's right. I completely skipped Heatherette simply because I didn't find anything interesting enough for me to purchase. Yes I loved the packaging, but I really don't need more makeup. The Strobe collection looks pretty interesting to me. I might pick up a lip moisturizer and maybe the lotion. Later.

Anyways, I did stop by the store yesterday. It was really funny because my fave artist there, Nina, told me that some people had come in and asked about a girl who did Youtube videos on MAC. Nina asked, "Is she asian and named Stephanie?" LOL Its weird when that stuff comes up in real life. I never really thought anyone in my area saw my videos... but I guess I'm wrong.

That's besides the point. I saw the Naughty Nauticals collection. Cute name, cute products just not cute enough for me to part with too much of my money. I did buy a few things though.

Some basic products that I ran out of:
- Wipes: my favorite makeup remover in the whole wide world.
- Clear Brow Set: I need to get a waxing, but I've used it today and it is amazing.
- Dervish Lip Liner: Perfect pink lip liner.
- Oil Control Lotion: It's summer time so time to control my oiliness!
- #7 Lashes: My fave lashes ever.
- 222 Brush: I've always wanted this brush, just never got it. But I figure if I buy it, I'll want to do makeup more, which helps all of us :D

And a few things from various collections:
- Mineralized Loose Foundation in Medium Dark: I've been laying out a lot recently and so I've gotten a lot darker. And during summer I get SUPER oily. Therefore, bye bye liquid foundations, hello powder!
- Steppin Out & Bare Necessity Dazzleglass: I really like these! Kinda sticky, I was hoping for more of a 3D Glass consistency, but it looks so good. The glitter really makes your lips pop.
- Ahoy, There! Lipstick: Such a cute color! I think its really similar to Bombshell lipstick which is permanent, but I can't say no to a pretty pink lipstick.

I could have gotten more from the Naughty Nauticals collection, but I really couldn't justify to myself buying more eyeshadows or pigments. I mean, I'm already trying to get rid of a lot of my eyeshadows, why get more you know? So I decided to try my hand at using products I already have to recreate (somewhat) a face chart for Naughty Nauticals, the Ensign face chart.

And my take... I'm getting my brows waxed today so sorry for their grossness.

Lighthearted Mystery Powder - buffed onto skin with 183
NC35 Concealer - dabbed on with ring finger and blended
Whim Blush - swept onto cheeks with 136

UDPP - all over lid with ring finger
Clear Brow Set - brushed onto brows
Archival Technakohl Liner - all over lid with 242 & lower lashline
Freshwater e/s - over Archival with 252
Flashtrack e/s - crease with 217
Claire De Lune e/s - highlight with 227
Prussian e/s - lower lashline with 219
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero - waterline and upper lashline
Shiseido Mascara Base
Smashbox Bionic Mascara

Dervish Lip Liner
Ahoy, There! Lipstick

And here is a little something I did for work. I'm trying to figure out some good makeup looks appropriate for office type jobs.

Lighthearted Mystery Powder
NC 35 Concealer
Prism Blush

Satin Taupe e/s - all over lid with 222
Showstopper e/s - crease with 222
Same Eyeliner and Mascara

Bare Necessity Dazzleglass

Then I quickly vamped it up after an 8 hour work day to go out and have some fun :) I added:

Ardell's Hotties Falsies
Sunbasque Blush
Oak Lip Liner
Bare Necessity Dazzleglass

If you hadn't noticed, my hair changed... again LOL. I like black the best so I'll prolly keep it. And yes I did do it by myself this time. I figure you can't go wrong if going dark. I used Garnier Nutriesse Hair Dye in Soft Black. Saved me a good $40+ than going to the salon woohoo! Will make a separate entry later on hair color change. See y'all later!