Frankie's Weekend

Hey y'all!

I thought I'd share some pics from my weekend. We went out to one of my fave sports bars in Uptown Dallas. Really fun atmosphere and a lot of my friends work there. I went with Mike, Myra, and a couple of Mike's guy friends. It was really nice to kick back and relax after a 55+ work week.

I kept my makeup pretty simple. I can't remember the last time I work something vibrant. Its just not feasible for me to wear it often with my job/ field. But one day when I'm off, I hope I will lol. Here's what I used:

Armani foundation (I stopped tanning so often so my color has gone back to semi-normal lol)
Clinique powder
MAC Sculpting powder - to contour
Nars Orgasm blush

MAC #7 falsies
The new MAC Felt-tip eyeliner pen... don't know the name lol
MAC Ricepaper e/s lower lashline and just above liner on upper lid.

MAC Lipgloss

I didn't take a close-up picture, but you can pretty much see that I'm just keeping it fairly simple. And yes Mike and I like to match.... it's just what we do :)

I was wearing 4" heels.... but he's still a bit taller than me. I love it!

He has the prettiest blue eyes.... :)

Just being silly together... I love that we can be complete dorks together.

My bestie, Myra.

Our signature pose together lol

The group at Frankies.

Yep, that's pretty much it. Been working really long hours and all I wanna do on the weekend is have some fun :) And workout since I hardly have time during the week. Anyways, that's all from me at the moment. I'll get back to y'all when I have something new to write about. If there's anything y'all wanna know or have questions about, feel free to ask. I don't really know what to write about these days, but I still want to stay in touch! Bye for now!


  1. u going to upload anymore videos!??

  2. Gorgeous as ever, Stephie :)

    Good to see you're doing well. You and your bf look cute!!

  3. glad to hear about your life! looks like your wicked happy.
    awe im so jealous i would like to find someone to click with..
    wanna know something?
    ive NEVER had a boyfriend...... sad eh?
    p.s i love that black top

  4. Hey Stephie! Glad things seem to be going well for you :) You look amazing in these pictures!

  5. Hi!
    Just came across your nice blog!
    You look fabulous in these pictures! ;)


  6. awww, thanks for keeping in touch! If you don't mind, can you continue to take close ups of your eye makeup like you used to! Thanks!

  7. you and mike are adorable. glad to see ur happy. =]

  8. Ah! It's been so long since I checked any makeup blogs :) I'm glad to see you're having fun Stephie! x

  9. steph, i love that look - u look great like this! less is def more! ;)

  10. you're so gorgeous! amazing makeup too!

  11. You look so pretty and glowy!<3
    Must be the love?^^

  12. Woohoo yaay! glad to finally see you updating. I really thought it was the end of Stephienese )= *sniff sniff*

    Thanks for the love on my page. I totally left xanga to join blogger for all you beautiful ladies. hehehe. Anyway, hope to see more updates from you missy!!

  13. you really look like you're having a good time in these pics. you look so happy and carefree! sucks you're not able to do more makeup related posts. but these posts are great too!

    btw I love your voluptuous body! most asians are really thin and small.really refreshing to see one with real curves!

  14. I love the group picture, your pose is FIERCE! You and Mike look so cute together!

  15. you are soo gorgeous! i miss your videos!

  16. YOU are truely great with makeup! I'd let you do mine if I weren't so far away.


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