Prussian Blue FOTD

Hey y'all!

Like I was saying in the last post, I have been on a blue liner roll. I think blue brings out brown eyes nicely. Here's an FOTD I did a few days back.

MAC Strobe Cream Lotion
Prescriptives Camouflage Cream Concealer
MAC Medium Dark Mineral Powder
MAC Accenuate/ Sculpt (to contour)
NARS Orgasm Blush (on apples of cheeks)
MAC Belightful Iridescent Powder (to highlight)

MAC Prussian Powerpoint Pencil (liner)
MAC Prussian Matte2 Shadow (smudged into liner to lessen harsh lines)
MAC Moonflower e/s (inner lower lashline to brighten eyes)
MAC Engraved Powerpoint Pencil (tightline upper lashes)
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara

MAC Moonbathe Lipglass

I went a little snap happy.... hey it's been a while since I did an FOTD!! lol...

Anyways, I am trying to figure out the next tut that I'm going to do. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

Until next time...



  1. yay so pretty, i love it!!! I'd love to see a Tempting/ cabon look :)

  2. Wow I like it! You're like a walking advertisement! Now I'm going to hunt down for my perfect shade of blue eyeliner :)

  3. it's been awhile girly!! can't wait to see ur next tut.. =) bc of you, i've actually started out my own yt beauty channel: labellemel31 so check it out when you have some time. =)

  4. I've soo been on a blue kick as of lately too! I even bought this hot blue dress (cost me $200 owf) because it was such a beautiful blue! haha Gorgeous as always! Do you ever do a smokey blue eye?

  5. Gorgeous - the blue liner does bring out your eyes beautifully.

  6. that flower is sooo stinking cute!!! this looks is so nice on you!!!!

  7. Looks that bring out brown eyes!

  8. i'm so glad you are posting agaain! i have been following you since your early days of specktra and i finally have my own blog!

    hope to read more of your entries!

  9. Hey Stephie! Looks like you're doing well. Keep up with the FOTD's and updating your blog! :)

  10. blue with brown eyes is always pretty! the flower in your hair is cute! Can you do a look with cutting the crease?

  11. I've missed you! :) Nars Orgasm shows up really well on you, I'm surprised because I've heard people complain about lack of colour payoff.

  12. Hey! Love it! But where did you get your hair piece? I like it!

  13. this is quite random, but i love your brows here!

  14. I did blue lines some time ago and it looked quite good. I'm looking forward to seeing your tutorial :D Whatever it would be.

  15. Hey Stephie! I'm glad that you are doing well! Your puppy is adorable and it sounds like Mike makes you very happy! Congrats on the job!

    Doesn't blue do a better job at bringing out brown eyes compared to purple? Have you tried teal pigment as a liner? It's beautiful. Also UD 24/7 liner in Flipside is awesome to use too!

  16. hey Stephie i've missed your blogs. congrats on your cute new pup and the job! also im loving the pics of you and your man, you guys are so cute together.

  17. I also love blue very much! This is such a pretty and easy look and you look so gorgeous, too!

  18. Oh mi gosh, all this time I thought you stopped blogging... hehe~ I'm so glad to see you back since I love your look and of course your makeup. I always thought of you as a Filipino Lee Hyori... hehe~

  19. Hey, gorgeous Lady!
    Love the look!
    Also Love your live tutorials on You Tube!

  20. So glad that your posting a FOTD, blues are so pretty on you <3

  21. Prussian is definitely a beautiful colour! Looks very pretty on your eyes!

    And I'm envious of your long lashes! ;) Especially your bottom lashes! Hehe...

  22. Ugh!! You are so beautiful! I was just reviewing your work on Specktra. I totally love all your looks. So happy to know I can come here to see your work. Thanks! -Rbella on Specktra

  23. hi steph!

    love this look! it looks simple enough for everyday wear!

    i was wondering how do get your mineralize loose powder to not look so orange like? i have trouble with it i love it but it looks orange on face.
    do you combine it with anything else?


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