Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Barbie Girl Tutorial

I was trying to get ideas for my next tutorial and wasn't really sure what to do. I started to look through my old FOTDs from 2007, hoping something would inspire me. I came across this:

Or as I used to call it, my Asian Barbie look. I forgot exactly what I used, so I improvised. And of course, renamed this look as just a Barbie Girl look.... you don't need to be Asian to wear it LOL

Here's what I used:

FACE (applied this before my video to save time)
MAC Loose Mineral Foundation - Medium Dark
MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NC 35

MAC Accentuate/ Sculpt - contour (109 brush)
MAC Softdew Beauty Powder - cheeks (129 brush)

MAC Porcelain/ Browning Brow Shader - brows
MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot
MAC Shroom e/s - highlight and whole eye area to brighten the look
MAC Azreal Blue Pigment - lid (239 brush)
MAC Freshwater e/s - outer half (239 brush)
MAC Steamy e/s - middle of lid & lower lashline (239 brush)
MAC Flashtrack e/s - outer v & crease (217 brush)
MAC Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline & tightline
MAC Rapidblack Penultimate Liner - upper lashline
Revlon Fantasy Lashes
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Distinguish Mascara

MAC Flattering Mattene l/s

And, of course, Juicy had to say hi. She's such an attention whore ;)

I'll be doing a few more videos over the weekend. Probably a few updated hair care and skincare videos. Until then!

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  1. The blue e/s is so nice against your black hair. Love the look :) And Juicy is adorable...

  2. LOVE this look and im so conceited when i saw that picture of your dog the first thing i noticed was my twitter picture hahaha

  3. I really love how you are able to experiment with different colors, Stephie. They really accentuate your features very nicely — I wish that I was bold enough to try out something different but I guess I will work on baby steps first.

    By the way, Juicy is so charming — though for some reason I can't help but picture her in an oversize bag. I think that would make a very adorable picture.

  4. Gorgeous look, very sophisticated!

    Lauren x

  5. I love how proper Juicy is! lol arms all crossed-too cute!

  6. Juicy looks so cute. Love the blue FOTD

  7. aweeee so nice!!!! so barbie indeed!

  8. you are absolutely beautiful! i love watching ur videos, and im glad ur back into making them! =]

  9. I love this look on you! It really compliments your eyes =)

  10. You look so have the most beautiful eyes!

    You're absolutely right about Armani's worth EVERY penny!


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