Flirty With Pink Eye + Stinky Faced Mask

Just kidding! No I don't have pink eye.... I was inspired by my girl Rosebud 143 to try out a look using pink eyeshadow. I tend to stay away from pink shadows, but she looked super cute... I couldn't help but try it.

And my verdict?

I LOVE it! I'll definitely be trying this look out again. Thanks Rosebud for the tutorial :)

MAC Loose Mineral Foundation - Medium Dark
MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NC35

MAC Accentuate/ Sculpt Sculpting Powder - contour (109 brush)
MAC Afterdusk Blush - apples (136 brush)

MAC Porcelain/ Browning Brow Shader - brows & highlight
MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot
MAC Tete-a-Tint e/s - crease & outer v (222 brush)
MAC Pink Ingot Metal X shadow - lids (sponge-tipped applicator)
MAC Rapid Black Penultimate Liner - upper lashes
MAC Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline & tightline
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara
Ardell Lashes #105

MAC Magenta lip liner
MAC Energy 3D Glass

This is what I wore to work today. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my job! I'm doing accounting and dressing casually... its PERFECTION! LOL ;)

I bought this dress last year from Forever 21 and dug it out from my closet. I added a belt to my waist since it just drapes and looks like a sack of wheat on me. Also, I wore this with my Coach sandals that are golden.

Mike has been exploring YouTube videos ever since he found out I made videos (LOL) and he found a tutorial for a face mask that is STANKY. It is amazing though! Bubzbeauty on YouTube created this DIY Acne and Scar Reducing Mask video which uses apple cider vinegar, honey, sugar, and green tea. I was extremely skeptical. I mean, I can hardly stomach the smell of apple cider vinegar so the thought of it being on my face really turned me off. However, this mask is PHENOMENAL! Mike and I used this mask last night and we saw instant results. Right after washing off the mask, my skin felt extremely soft and clean. Then this morning, I noticed a few blemish scars faded away. I highly recommend this mask!! Mike and I are going to be using it from now on :)

I made another tutorial this past weekend. Its a mermaidey blue tutorial. I have to edit it still, but it should be up in the next couple days. Until then!



  1. Cute pink look. It's so girly and feminine. OO, I wanna try bubz' mask now! That's so cute Mike does skincare stuff with you, I'd have to drag my bf to put products on his face.

  2. ooh pretty! ive always been too afraid to try pink eyeshadow.. ill have to do this!

  3. This is so simple and pretty. Any color suits you. You really know how to work it Stephie. haha You and Mike are beautiful together! <33333 Can't wait for your mermaidey blue tutorial. I'm definitely looking forward to it. =]

  4. i love you guys, seriously :] the pictures just radiates happiness =]

  5. Ooohh I need to try that mask! ANyways, pretty look. You and Mike look good together <3

  6. hi steph! lol love the funny faces with the mask. I think I'm going to try it out, I also hate the smell of vinegar..bleh. I'll be posting something on eyebrows soon, check it out. Love the FOTD

  7. you and your guy are too cute together! i love that look too! the color on the lips are very flattering on you :)

  8. love the regular posting :)

    you're so cute stephie!!

    im getting hot rollers tmr, thanks to your lovely tutorial!!


  9. Miss Stephie! Welcome back!!

    It's an honor to get a comment from you! ^_~

    Thanks for stopping by ~!! It means a lot to me <3 You were one of
    the first bloggers I used to read when I was a lurker! haha that was
    so long ago!

    I'm not sure if you have been by my jewelry blog, DSK Jewelry? www.dskjewelry.com

    Feel free to stop by ~!! :)

    I'd love to send you one of my pieces as a gift <3 I've sent most of
    the bloggers who have been influential on me in the past a piece of my
    heart through my jewelry ^_^

    I can't believe I have such a great blog network now, it's like a
    small family ..hehe well..kind of a big small family lol!

    But please check out my blog, and let me know if any piece catches
    your eye!

    And please let me know your mailing address! I promise I won't stalk
    you ;) I have hundreds of bloggers address on file and no complaints


    Love ya Stephie!


  10. Awww you look super cute together!^^

  11. haha how cute!!!

    i love those ardell lashes on you!!

  12. HOW CUTE!
    a couple who does facials together
    stays together!

    hehehe =)
    will definitely try the pink look.
    thank you.

  13. Pink eyeshadow actually looks STUNNING on you girl! Sooooo...when's the wedding??!

  14. i loooove this look! :)

    definitely something i can wear in the office.. it's subtle yet it brightens up your eyes..

    just followed u btw.. been a lurker for a while..

    love ur blog girl! :)


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